Sweet Magnolias (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Dance First, Think Later

1 You don't owe me One more minute of your wasted time You act like it's all fine It isn't hard to leave Knowing that I'll be getting life On track I wanted to believe I've gotta make a destination Find where I belong This time I've got no hesitation And I'll be movin' on To where I belong I'll be movin' on Over the line I've drawn I'm already gone - [RAIN FALLING.]
Glassware: check.
Vases: check.
Chandelier: check! Skeeter, it's beautiful.
Hope it doesn't get ruined.
Hey, we got enough storm clouds out there.
Don't need you being one too.
Champagne glasses: check.
- Massage chairs - Check.
Helen! Are you relaxing? Oh, recharging.
Skeeter will move all this into the salon after we christen this place with a very, very special Margarita Night.
Come on.
Sit down.
- Rest your weary for five minutes.
- [SIGHS.]
Test the amenities.
I want to be testing Dana Sue's menu.
Where in the world is she? Wherever she is, she's got it under control like she always does.
Plus, Skeeter has got the electrical, the plumbing, and the HVAC all up to code.
Petey will come by tomorrow for his final inspection.
He will sign off.
And then, we, my dear, are a go for Saturday.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yes, we are.
The only difficulty is I cannot sit here all day and wait for Petey.
Well, I can wait for him while I write my speech.
When did you decide to give a speech on Saturday? Oh, no, no, no.
Tomorrow night at the baseball fundraiser.
You know, "open your hearts and your wallets.
" - Maybe something a little more subtle - Subtle.
but have I had a chance to work on it? No.
- [HELEN.]
I was getting worried about you.
It is wetter than a submarine with screen doors out there.
- [HELEN.]
I know.
Oh, I can't wait for y'all to try brie bites with pecan.
- Mm.
- Erik Whitley, what he can do with a dough.
- Erik Whitley.
- Yes, please.
And here's to the most important element of Margarita Night.
That's the three of us, right? Oh, yeah, that's what I said.
You take this, you have to drive.
That's right.
- Look.
- Give her a lot.
- Thank you.
All right, ladies.
Let's pour it out.
- All right.
As much as I want to enjoy every second, I will be so happy when this weekend is finally in the books.
Oh, yeah? Freeing up some time for a fling with the shirtless wonder? [DANA SUE LAUGHING.]
I don't mean to tease too much.
No, really, honestly, it would be daunting.
Not having been intimate with anyone other than Bill in over 20 years? - Well, okay.
But, listen, I empathize.
What about you and Ryan? - Eh.
Any fling-worthy news to report? Ryan's out saving the world.
We talk and we text, but I'm not sure when next we'll be together long enough to have a fling.
The marvels of modern technology, you can still talk even when he's halfway around the world.
- Mm.
Hey, you.
Oh Two blocks away.
He's, like, right across the street.
She what? She what? No, thank you.
No, I I mean that.
Okay, bye.
If you'll excuse me I've gotta go see a girl about a grudge.
- Ms.
Maddie, let me take your umbrella.
- Oh, thank you, Nellie.
- Then I'll tell Mama that you're here.
- Okay, I appreciate that.
I know she's busy, but I just need a few minutes.
She'll be so glad to take a break.
She gets herself so stressed when she's entertaining.
Yeah, well, her parties are always very memorable.
It's super important to her that everything's perfect.
How's Kyle doing with the play? They never give parts like that to freshmen.
I know.
He's He's pretty excited.
He's so talented.
Will he be at the fundraiser? He would've been, but I need his help down at the spa so [MARY.]
Maddie! You look rode hard and put up wet.
Mary Vaughn.
Nellie, go on and let the adults talk.
I suppose this visit has to do with our unfortunate scheduling conflict.
An uncanny coincidence, isn't it? The forecast for tomorrow calls for terrible rain.
I had no choice but to move our outdoor baseball gala - to Saturday night.
- Opposite our spa opening.
Seems like old times.
I can't imagine what you mean.
Your sweet sixteen? This has nothing to do with that.
Why would you think it does? [SCOFFS.]
Because you've never gotten over it, no matter how many times we've apologized over the years.
It was an unavoidable scheduling conflict.
- As is this.
- For a good cause.
- As is this.
And just as your little hurricane relief bake sale had Dessert auction, and it raised over 1000 dollars for families - that were displaced by the hurricane.
- had no effect on my sweet sixteen, neither will your spa party have any effect on my fundraiser.
We're sure to draw very different crowds Saturday night.
Anyone who cares about our boys will obviously be here.
It's a shame you won't be.
Oh, I'll be here.
To help with the set-up.
Doing my part as a Bulldog Booster.
Bless your heart.
Such the busy single mother.
Was there something else you wanted to discuss? [MADDIE.]
Look at this ridiculous sunshine.
She did not have to move her party.
It's gonna be clear and dry tonight.
You know what? Chin up, sweet pea.
Last night, Annie helped me do a social media blast.
- That's right.
I blasted.
- Okay.
And we targeted all the women in town.
Not everyone is associated with the baseball team.
Okay, well, we've gotta get off to a strong start because all of our projections, they will be invalid and we will be on thin ice, Dana.
- So I'm telling you.
- Okay, listen, we are not gonna let Mary Vaughn ruin this, all right [HELEN.]
Ma'am! - Oh, my God.
- Oh, what in Sam Hill [HELEN.]
We have an opening tomorrow night! You gotta get somebody over here to Listen, this is a city tree, so it's a city responsibility.
We've been telling you for weeks that this was sick! When? Yeah.
Fine, thank [SCOFFS.]
It was only a matter of time.
What'd they say about getting this mess outta here? Oh, they cannot anticipate.
Trees are down all over town, they've got electrical shortages and flooding.
Municipal services are completely overwhelmed.
Petey could be here any minute, and you know he won't sign off on this.
- Maddie.
- Well, I'm pretty sure Ronnie's chainsaw's still in the garage.
So let's get going.
She's gonna chainsaw it.
- Who's gonna chainsaw? - I'm not chainsawing.
- This could've killed someone.
- My Lord! Ryan! What're you doing here? Flew in this morning.
Hey, Maddie.
- [HELEN.]
Thank you.
- Figured you might want an escort to the grand opening, but it looks like you might need more than that.
Dana Sue just went to get her chainsaw.
- I can help with that.
- Okay.
I should be able to have this cleared in a couple of hours.
- What time is your inspector coming? - You never know with Petey.
Well, we lost power, ladies.
Are you kidding me.
Grid problem.
City doesn't know when it can come out.
- [SIGHS.]
- Lord, what else? Oh, please.
Do not test the Lord.
Well, I better call Erik and get the perishables back to Sullivan's.
If we don't get power back at this spa, we're gonna have to rethink this whole menu.
All right, what do you think? Crudités by candlelight? Mm, we can be a little more creative than that.
- Okay.
- I'm thinking dessert-heavy.
And a prayer that the city comes through.
- Genius.
Isaac, pull that box of ramekins out of storage, will you? You got it.
I'm scared to ask what else can go wrong.
Thank God Ryan showed up when he did.
Who is this Ryan guy anyway? Overheard y'all mention him once or twice.
Oh, he's Helen's first and greatest love.
Frances is his aunt.
He used to spend his summers with her.
Helen would conveniently not be in a relationship every June, and after high school, they chased each other across the country for a while, but fate had other plans.
So, you know, some might say that he's the one that got away.
Looks like he didn't get away completely.
How long were he and Ms.
Helen together? All right, you know what? Does my shirt say Helen's Diary? [DANA SUE.]
Listen, history lesson can wait.
It always repeats itself anyway.
Looks like everything is up to code.
Cute little venture you have on your hands here.
So you'll sign it off? Just as soon as you clear the rest of this equipment and the rest of that tree.
- It's a fire hazard.
- Okay.
- On it.
- Skeeter! - [MADDIE.]
Are you okay? [GRUNTS.]
I'm all right.
I'll just walk it off.
- That's a problem.
- Well, it's just a small, little hole.
With a whole lot of exposed wire.
We'll fix it.
Skeeter, this can't take long.
Can it? Well, I I'm not sure we have another sconce.
These were special order.
But But we can patch this.
I mean, if this was drywall, I'd do it myself.
But [SIGHS.]
But it's plaster.
So I'll call my guy.
If he's not out on the lake, - maybe a few hours' work.
Petey, if you come back end of day, we will be right as rain.
No can do.
Full schedule today.
We would consider it a personal favor.
One that we would happily return with a full membership for your wife.
You're not bribing a city official, now, are you, Mrs.
Townsend? Uh Mr.
Martin, allow me to draw your attention to that sick tree which made the mess out front, which the city repeatedly ignored.
Shall we discuss where the liability attaches if anybody should get hurt while clearing it? - I'm listening.
- Yes.
Allow me to propose a quid pro quo.
You return at the end of the business day and we won't pursue the city for negligence.
I'll be back at 4:45.
Day ends at five.
And I don't work weekends.
Bill and Howie donated a wellness visit for the fundraiser, but I just wanted to make sure the winner had something to carry home.
There's vitamins, a first aid kit, that sort of thing.
Oh, how thoughtful! Presentation is everything.
Looking forward to seeing you Saturday night.
Thank you, but I won't be coming.
Of course.
Bill will come to us, and you'll go to that spa opening.
I actually wasn't.
I don't think I'd be very welcome there.
Nonsense! Pregnant and on your feet all day? You deserve a little pampering.
You won't have time for that sort of thing once the baby arrives, that's for sure.
Put yourself first while you can, okay? Go on and get a foot rub.
Oh, hi, darling! - Mama.
- I thought I'd check the light one more time in the yoga studio, just to make sure that it really is the best place for my latest creation.
Yeah, it's the only place for your painting, especially considering I'm not quite sure what statement you're planning on making.
Oh, ye daughter of little faith! It's perfection! You'll see! [CHUCKLES.]
All right.
Hello, ladies.
Well! You're a sight for sore eyes.
Mary Vaughn let you out of volunteer prison? Oh, the queen bee has plenty of worker drones.
I thought I might be of more use here.
Yeah, actually could you help Ryan with that tree out there? Oh, but don't strain yourself, darlin'.
You need to be in tip-top shape for the auction tomorrow.
I intend to bring my checkbook so that I can bid on a date with Coach Cal.
No, I was very clear with Mary Vaughn.
It is a lunch.
Not a date.
- Of course it is, darlin'.
Oh, boy.
- It's just a lunch! - Uh-huh.
It's just a lunch.
Thank you both for, uh, helping out.
- We couldn't have managed without you.
- [RYAN.]
Happy to help.
Yes, thank you guys so much.
Now I can make it to my baseball mom shift at Mary Vaughn's.
Oh, you are so welcome, and I am so sorry.
I was looking forward to going to the opening with you.
Well, I was looking forward to seeing you all dressed up for the fundraiser.
Maybe it's better that we aren't both at the same function.
- Yeah.
- Less distractions.
The problem is you are very much a distraction.
Whether you're with me or not.
Excuse me, Maddie.
What time is it? Uh it's five o'clock.
Five o'clock? Petey's nowhere to be found.
- Wait, Petey Martin? - Yeah.
He's in Mary Vaughn's.
I passed him on the way out.
Excuse me while I go quid his lazy pro quo.
Jackson, darlin', drape the streamers.
We are not out here hanging laundry! Mary Vaughn.
We expected you 30 minutes ago.
I got caught up.
And I warned you I had a hard out at five.
Well, I got a hard out for you.
After you didn't hold up your end of our agreement, I had no option but to call your boss, who just happens to be a former client of mine.
A former and grateful client.
And she would like to have a word.
This is Petey.
Mary Vaughn - my apologies for the interruption.
- Yes, ma'am.
Peggy, I will bring my donation to the newspaper tomorrow morning.
Thank you so much, Helen.
I didn't know you were a baseball fan.
I'm a fan of whatever matters to the children of Serenity.
Yes, ma'am.
Come on, Petey.
All right.
How dare it still be wet? - We can't paint it like this! - I know.
It's bad enough that there's no sconce, [STAMMERS.]
but this is just plain ugly.
All right, listen.
We will not stumble at the finish line.
Okay? We just have to cover it.
- Somehow.
- With what? [DANA SUE SIGHS.]
We could hang a a quilt.
All right.
Thought we were brainstorming, not every idea's a winner.
- You said a quilt! - I know! [PAULA.]
Yoo-hoo! - Girls! - Oh, dear.
The artiste is here.
- [HELEN.]
Paula! - Oh, hi! So who's gonna be a dear and help me carry this to its hiding spot? Oh, I mean, its place d'honneur.
Um, Ms.
Paula, I think we can help each other.
Well, well.
Hey there, Maddie.
Party planning isn't for the faint of heart now, is it? Well, since I won't be back tonight to help, I thought that I would bring by a few extra auction items.
Including some spa memberships.
I suppose we call y'all the Sweet Magnolias for a reason.
And I brought you one of Dana Sue's homemade scrubs as a gift.
There might've been a time in our lives where we would have looked at something like tonight as a competition.
Just isn't it nice that we're past that now? I really hope that your event is everything that you need it to be.
- Have fun.
As far as I can tell.
- [HELEN.]
All right.
Um your painting's supposed to go in the yoga studio.
Oh, uh, we had to do something.
The plaster's still wet.
So are you ready to see it? I don't know.
Oh, Ms.
- It's - Perfection.
For my Sweet Magnolias.
See what happens when you allow yourself to dream? Look at the stars Look how they shine The night might be dark But baby I've got some light [ANNIE.]
All right, come a little closer.
All right, one, two, three - [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS.]
- There we go.
That was a good one.
It's finally happening.
We have come a long way from that lemonade stand.
And this is only just the beginning.
- Oh, dear.
- Is 15 guests a beginning? Oh, it's early yet.
Fingers crossed the baseball moms will be able to slip away.
- We're good.
- All right.
Trotter, strike a pose.
Look at the stars - Welcome! - Hello! Come on in.
Nice to see you! Hi! [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS.]
Hey, regionals.
- You know what I'm saying? - You ready to go? Gonna go, right? Okay.
I'm gonna get some drinks.
Sometimes I hear A mockingbird sing Such a sweet little melody You know, the baked brie can use a little more fruit garnish around it.
When I said fruit, I meant the not-green kind.
On it, boss.
Where are you, kiddo? [ANNIE.]
Still here.
I'm supposed to be shooting photos for the baseball fundraiser, and I thought Mom would let me leave by now, but she's way too wrapped up to notice.
It's a pretty big night for her.
- And for you.
I hear you.
- It's just Simon's counting on me to take pictures for the newspaper, and Ty is And time is slipping away.
I get it.
Listen, Isaac and me have everything under control.
- Really? - Really.
Go talk to your mom.
If she says it's okay, then off you go.
Thank you.
Thank Thank you.
So all of our scrubs are handmade and hypoallergenic, so you're Mom? Uh, and all of our products are organic and locally sourced.
Excuse me, Mom? [DANA SUE.]
There's nothing in this that you have not been around your whole life.
- [HELEN.]
Besides her expertise, of course.
- Excuse me, Chef? You know what, pardon me.
Just one moment.
- Excuse me.
- Yes? Have you left your manners at home, young lady? It's almost nine o'clock.
What? What am I forgetting? Me taking pictures of the baseball thing.
- For the school paper.
- Right.
I gave Simon my word.
I can't let him or the newspaper down.
Okay, listen, I was hoping that you and I would have some time together tonight.
Okay, I understand.
Thanks, Mom.
This is the place! Oh, there's the champagne! Hello! Ooh.
Come on.
- Hi, welcome! - Hi.
How are you? - [DANA SUE.]
Hello! - Welcome.
Hi! Hey! Hi! Hi, hi! [CHUCKLES.]
Mama? I might've mentioned your venture to a few friends of mine in Charleston and perhaps they mentioned it to a friend or two.
It's called advertising.
- Thank you.
- And they are fabulous.
And they are all yours.
I have got to dash off to this baseball thingie.
Spend some money.
- Ms.
Paula? - Yeah? - Can I catch a ride? - Of course, sweetheart.
Hey! Text me when you get there and back by 11:30 to help clean up.
Thank you.
That was great fun.
Oh, I'm just gonna say hi.
Hey, how are you? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
I'd like to thank y'all for coming out tonight and supporting these fine boys.
And a special thank you to Coach Maddox for taking such great care of our boy Jackson.
And also best wishes to Assistant Coach Harlan Bixby who couldn't be here with us tonight because that darling wife of his is in labor! [CHEERING.]
All right now, let's get down to business.
But I am just the mayor.
The real boss, as I'm sure y'all are quite aware of, is standing beside me right here and I'm gonna let her take things from here.
Thank you, honey.
Good evening, Serenity! Well, I don't know about you, but I am so thankful the weather held.
You know what they say, God smiles on the worthy.
So drink up, and let's start our auction.
Our first item is a marvelous offer: a wellness visit with one of Serenity's finest, Dr.
Bill Townsend.
Who would like to start the bidding? Now, I don't need to remind you that Dr.
Bill held an illustrious record for the 1998 team with the third most RBIs that season.
Thirty dollars.
Sold! Thirty dollars to Peggy Martin.
Thank you, Peggy.
Our next item on the auction block: a date with Coach Cal Maddox.
Well, my, my, aren't we living in high cotton.
- Let's start the bidding at 50 dollars.
- Fifty dollars! - Thank you, 50.
Who will bid 75? - [WOMAN.]
Seventy-five! Thank you, 75! - May I join you? - [MARY.]
How about 100? - [WOMAN 2.]
One hundred! - Sure.
- [MARY.]
Let's hear it for 150.
- Happy to have the company.
- [MARY.]
Thank you 150.
- Oh, you can't be that desperate.
The most embarrassing thing to teenagers is being seen with their parents, so [MARY.]
How about 250? - [WOMAN 3.]
Three hundred dollars! - Oh, $300.
My, my, what splendid generosity! Excuse me.
Do I have 350? Five hundred dollars! [CHEERING.]
Five hundred dollars.
Well, well, thank you, Ms.
Paula! - [MARY.]
Will anyone - I doubt it.
Yes, ma'am.
Going once, going twice, sold for $500 to Ms.
Paula! [MARY.]
Our next item is a Grand Slam Pizza Party, donated by Grace and Neville Wharton.
How much do you love them? The wellness visit, it's good for the whole practice? Sure, I'll tell Howie.
Nice touch with the cute basket this year.
Yeah, that there was all Noreen.
Oh, I don't doubt that for a minute.
Thank you, 50! How about 75? Thank you, 75.
Who will bid one [SIGHS.]
I'm so sorry.
I didn't know.
I just needed a moment to Mm.
Me too.
I gotta say, I'm I'm surprised to see you here.
Why? It's the hottest ticket in town.
Let those boys have their baseball, right? And us girls You chose the most glorious paint colors.
This room is peaceful, but it's not too sleepy, you know.
It was our yoga studio.
Really? Oh, are y'all gonna have some prenatal classes? 'Cause I hear it's so good and I just [SIGHS.]
I want what's best for the baby.
Like any mother would.
Look we don't have to be enemies, Noreen but we're not gonna be friends.
Noreen was just complimenting us on our calming choice of colors in here.
It It's beautiful.
The whole spa is.
Um, I I think all the ladies of Serenity should come enjoy it.
We hope all the ladies of Serenity do come enjoy it.
Well, I'm just gonna mill about a bit.
Hey, Noreen.
Make sure you pick up one of Dana Sue's scrubs.
It'll feel great on your feet when they puff up.
Mighty gracious.
Thank you.
Bless her heart.
What'd she say? All the wrong things.
But, honestly, what could she say? [SIGHS.]
Hey, y'all.
I am moderately pleased to announce that we have raised just a bit over $3,000 tonight! [CHEERING.]
But we are still shy of our goal of what we need to send our fine boys to regionals.
Perhaps our biggest money-earner of the night, Coach Cal, might have some idea of how we might be able to make up the difference.
Perhaps another date? [CHEERING.]
Seeing as how I have stepped way out of my comfort zone this evening, I think it's about time these boys stretch a few new muscles of their own.
So how about a car wash? [BOYS BOOING.]
Come on, Coach! Coach Maddox, don't you think with all the studies and practice, these boys deserve a little bit of a break? - Huh, guys? - There you go.
How about a bake sale? [BOYS BOOING.]
[BOY 2.]
I don't bake, Coach! That should be enough to cover the bus and accommodations to regionals.
Well, with this very generous donation from Dr.
Bill Townsend, - we have met our goal! - [CHEERING.]
And then some! Dr.
T! Dr.
T! Dr.
T! Dr.
T! Dr.
T! Dr.
T! Dr.
T! Dr.
T! Good technique.
It's really kinda fun.
Yeah, it's all about finding the zone.
Now, pastries might not seem cool, but they can be the fastest way into the heart of a woman.
Something on your mind, Kyle? [STAMMERS.]
I just H How do you make someone like you? No, man.
That's how stalkers think.
- You can't make someone like you.
- Well, that sucks.
All right, you wanna win in love? Live your best life.
It'll happen when it's meant to.
You're a great kid.
- You're great, and you're not married.
- Well, I was.
Man, you're divorced too? Everyone I know is divorced.
I mean, what's the point of even liking someone? Let's, uh, get this cake finished.
I know one lady who's gonna be thrilled to have it tonight.
I remember Ms.
Frances couldn't keep you to a playpen - with duct tape if she wanted to.
Man, that's nothing compared to the ruckus you caused with Helen once your whiskers poked out! [STAMMERS.]
Y'all wanna make me blush? Well, we knew you were gonna travel the whole world.
But where's your next stop? South Africa for a regenerative farming conference.
The project we're looking into aims to restore the natural biodiversity to a couple of hot spots in Zambia and Madagascar.
- That certainly sounds important.
- It is.
You gonna be gone long? Uh, after the conference? I don't know.
I gotta reevaluate.
Might not need to be boots on the ground for every project.
Well, I'll tell you what, we sure do hope that you be back real soon.
- That's right.
- Yes, sir.
That's the funny thing about Serenity, I never realize how much I miss it till I'm back feeling so at home again [MAN.]
Speaking of.
Uh, I'm really happy that you menfolk have had a chance to catch up.
But there are empty glasses - in every corner.
Every corner.
- We're getting back to work right now.
- Go on! - Right now.
- You're cute! [LAUGHING.]
- [RYAN.]
You look so beautiful.
- [HELEN.]
Thank you! [MARY.]
Now I want to introduce you to my niece.
She just graduated from college.
And - Mary Vaughn! - Ms.
Paula! Ah.
Thank you for a lovely evening.
But it's time to kick it up a notch.
- Or three.
- Ms.
Paula, are you headed to the spa? - You need a ride? - I do.
- Well, come on then.
- Okay.
- And this is good night.
- Good night! But don't think for a minute that this replaces our date together.
No, ma'am.
I'm hiring a car for our lunch.
Coach Maddox! - Leaving so soon? - [CAL.]
I have a, uh another commitment.
Thank you for everything you did for the team tonight.
It's greatly appreciated.
Five hundred dollars! It means the world to us that you would all be here tonight celebrating with us.
But none of this would've been possible if not for one very special lady: Ms.
Oh, my, thank you.
This spa was originally the home of Frances Wingate and honors all the dreams that were dreamed sitting on the front porch of her home.
Oh, my stars, you girls! [CHUCKLES.]
We could not have done any of this by ourselves.
Nobody in Serenity does anything by themselves - for better or for worse, right? - [LAUGHTER.]
Oh, Ms.
You have inspired us from this very front yard to dream our biggest dreams.
And, uh, with that said, on the day of your birth, a mere [MUMBLING.]
years ago, [LAUGHING.]
we present to you Gentlemen! - The Frances Wingate Memorial Bench.
- Oh.
So that everyone in Serenity will always have a special place to dream.
A throne for our queen! [CHUCKLES.]
- [HELEN.]
To Ms.
- [ALL.]
To Ms.
Frances! Oh Oh, my dear Sweet Magnolias.
Thank you.
Thank you for passing the torch from my family to this beloved community.
This night, on so many levels, is the best birthday ever.
Thank you.
Oh, hell's bells! Let's not burn the place down now! Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Could you all huddle up a bit? Even if that is for football.
Where are all the other mothers? Hey, "State" on three, boys.
One, two, three.
All right, I got it.
Thanks, guys.
Yeah, man.
Can you send me that picture? If we use it in the paper, I'll make sure you get proper credit and payment.
I would love that.
Thank you, Ms.
Of course.
Okay, time for the real party.
Want a ride? Yeah Sure.
Excuse me, would you like to dance? - Uh, yeah, sure.
- I'm Trotter.
I'm Noreen.
- [BOTH.]
Nice to meet you.
Whoo! Congratulations, girls! That was one fine evening! Oh, thank you, and thank you for reaching out to your friends, Mama.
- They really brought the party.
They know how to do that! But did they open their wallets? - Oh, yeah, all but one.
- Yeah.
She is one stingy woo-woo.
- All right, well, honestly this was more successful than I ever imagined.
True friends.
Hey, turn it up! [BOY 2.]
Pump up the bass! Shotgun! Whoa! Whoo! I brought provisions! [BOYS EXCLAIM.]
Whoo! You're welcome.
Uh! Phones in the bucket, paparazzi.
What happens here stays here.
So I'll be taking that.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Give it back.
- I won't let nothing happen to it.
My legacy pics are on this thing.
If that boy had an idea, it would die of loneliness.
Thinks he's gonna be mayor one day like his daddy.
Is it okay that we're here? Yeah, we do this all the time.
Want a swig? No, I think I'm good.
Might help you explain all the butt crack pics you'll find on your camera later.
I'm sure he's taking real good care of your camera.
Jackson's an idiot.
Not a hoodlum.
Besides, I got your back.
Take a slug.
Not as sweet as having someone as fine as Ty as your brother from another mother.
Or more.
N No, we're just friends.
That's all.
I'm just teasing.
CeCe! Reinforcements! I'll be back.
Come on! [COUGHS.]
Ever since I met you I've got colors in my heart Oh.
- Okay.
- Go on.
And life has given me A brand new start - Oh, sorry.
- It's okay.
Look at this crowd.
You know, I should probably check in with Dana Sue and Helen.
Thank you for coming, though.
Whatever you need.
I'm not going anywhere.
Show me your moves, Cal.
You make life feel Bright and so gay Well, my sweetheart [DANCE MUSIC PLAYING.]
In the midnight air [CECE CHUCKLES.]
Do you feel it Ooh, la, la, la In the midnight air Gonna feel it there In the midnight air Uh, uh, uh! Hey, now.
Jackson's got you.
I got you.
Annie can do just fine on her own.
Gravity says otherwise.
- Let's get you home, all right? - My camera! Gabe, get her camera.
- How much did you drink? - [JACKSON.]
Prince Ty coming to the rescue.
Annie, you okay? Just friends, my ass.
Come on, let's get you home.
Grab your phones.
- [TYLER.]
Here you go.
- [CECE.]
Someone can't handle it.
I'm gonna get you home, all right? Come on.
Hold on to me.
I'm sorry.
Hey there.
Did you go to Maddie's party? I did.
Is something wrong? Ah, it's just you know, some people might find it strange, you showing up at my ex-wife's new business.
I have just as much a right as any other woman in Serenity to enjoy the spa.
And I had a very pleasant chat with Maddie.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm just dying to try this scrub.
All brushed and my clothes are in the hamper! Okay, yeah, let's get you to bed.
Whoa! There you go.
Okay, so, you're probably not gonna remember much tomorrow, but, um, make sure just to drink water.
Hey, small sips, okay? - Yes, sir.
- Also, take two of these.
Um, where's your phone? Right.
I'm gonna text your mom, okay? Thanks for looking out for me.
I see you too! You'll never need a filter.
"Sorry to miss clean-up.
So tired.
Going to bed.
" All right.
All good.
Here you go.
I, uh, I wanted to create a space for my heart and my world to meet.
I know where that space is for me.
Did I mention that my mama lives in Florida these days? [LAUGHING.]
So you're telling me that she's not right behind that door waiting to flick the lights on and off if I try and kiss you again? Oh, bless her heart.
She is not.
You want to come in? Mm.
My baby girl.
I don't tell you this often enough, but I am so proud of you.
All of your talent and hard work.
I hope you got everything you wanted tonight.
You deserve it all.
Thanks again, Ty.
You're just so great! No, delete.
You're amazing.
And that kiss Oops! But, for real, best kiss ever! I get why they say you fall.
You, love emoji, kiss emoji, send.
You're amazing.
And that kiss Oops! But, for real, best kiss ever.
I get why they say you fall.
You, love emoji, kiss emoji, send.
So what do you think the Serenity rumor mill is going to make of our dancing together tonight? Tongues will be wagging.
That's for sure.
But I had a really good time.
Well, if everyone's already decided that we're a thing who are we to disagree? [INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING.]

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