Sweet Magnolias (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Hold My Hand

1 You don't owe me One more minute of your wasted time You act like it's all fine It isn't hard to leave Knowing that I'll be getting life On track I wanted to believe I've gotta make a destination Find where I belong This time I've got no hesitation And I'll be movin' on To where I belong I'll be movin' on Over the line I've drawn I'm already gone [TYLER.]
Is it time for my break yet? [MADDIE.]
You've been here less than an hour.
This is some really exciting work.
Well, that is what happens at a job.
And I told you, we just need your help until we can find some bodies.
And cue the anthem of the downtrodden working men and women, by which I mean 9 to 5.
That reference is before his time.
And besides, Bill was very anti-Dolly Parton.
What? When did you find this out? And why did you not leave him right then and there? I mean, it's Dolly.
She is country music.
She has triumphed over adversity.
She is [SIGHS.]
Hey, Ty, why don't you take these towels of many colors to the cleaners? And Dolly would tell you to ask for a raise.
It's true, though.
If I'm gonna be running all these errands, I might need a car.
To drive four blocks? - [DOOR OPENS.]
- Cal! Dolly Parton, for or against? For? You don't sound sure.
Why are you not sure? What makes you so uncertain about where you stand on the greatest singer of all time? - I'm sure.
- Are you just saying that because you're my best friend, and you know how passionate I am about country music, and you know I've been trying to increase your music literacy? My mom had a dog named Jolene.
- Oh, yeah! - Ah! Ah, not to get you in trouble with the boss, but, uh, take it easy on that arm, Ty.
Now that the college scouts have handed in their reports, it might not be a bad idea for you to sit out a few.
Okay, well, not against Castlewood, right? It's the biggest game of the season.
We'll talk.
Here, let me give you a hand with that out of respect for the golden arm.
- See ya.
- Thanks.
- So - Hmm.
You here to check on Ty or me? I thought I would surprise you and take you to dinner.
I wish I could.
So much going on around here, I can't get away.
Even for you.
Well, how about Saturday night? Dinner, my place, I'll cook? You can do that? [CHUCKLES.]
Come and see.
Seven o'clock.
I get it.
It's pretty out here, but you know where else is pretty? - My bed, which I should still be in.
It's good to get out in nature.
Quiet your mind, your soul.
I lost track of that.
But I'm back on it.
My father used to take me and my brother hiking.
How to spot the local birds along the way.
Uh, my dad's idea of bonding was balancing the checkbook together.
He was an accounting professor.
I thought you didn't know who your dad was.
Oh, my birth father, or my birth mother.
I was adopted.
All I know is my birth mom left a note saying she was from Serenity.
You think he was, too? He seemed like he could be.
So, I thought I'd move here and see if I could find him.
And because I couldn't fill in all the blanks in your life I thought that I hoped I'm sorry.
Oh, no, no.
I understand.
But you need to be careful with your poking.
I will be.
Are you and your adoptive family close? Yeah, I mean, we were.
We had to be.
A mixed-race family in Columbus 20 years ago.
It felt like it was the three of us against the world.
But you're not anymore? Uh, my mom passed a year ago.
I'm sorry.
And after that, [SIGHS.]
things got hard with Dad.
Seemed like he didn't want me around, so here I am.
Making mistakes.
You're making friends.
Opening up.
Ready for more? [CHUCKLES.]
And when I was there, all I could think about was my baby brother.
I swear.
I didn't do it.
No more questions, Your Honor.
Nice job, both of you.
You can sit down.
All right, next time we're gonna do opening and closing statements.
Now, remember, remember when you're making an argument, you want to state a thesis and then cite evidence to support it.
Now, after you're done, you wanna make an emotional appeal for ethos to drive home whatever it is that you're trying to get across.
And, gang, Ms.
Decatur starts the trial tomorrow, so from now on, practice is at 7:30 sharp.
Seven thirty? Who's bringing me coffee? Leaving the house before sunrise is against my religion.
I can't do 7:30.
Well, I'm sure the good Lord will make an exception.
Y'all have to go on without me.
I still don't understand why the baseball team didn't award Dana Sue the MVP award our senior year.
I mean, if not for her, Castlewood would've won that game.
My break-up with Tommy Nickels had nothin' to do with that game.
You shouldn't have been dating a Castlewood boy, you wild thing.
- [HELEN.]
- I broke up with him because he was an ill-mannered lunk.
- Mm-hmm.
- And maybe I waited until right before the big game to tell him because I knew that it would destroy his confidence, - and wreck his game - Yes.
because I am a Bulldog [BARKING.]
through and through.
Oh, oh, but speaking of great victories Okay, you two scare me when you do that.
What are you up to? Each and every time we gather together - Yes.
- it is a cause for celebration.
- I agree.
However - Oh, no.
Listen! Oh, yes! And tonight, I have something very, very special.
- Okay.
- I have something that, might I say, is extraordinary.
What is this? My divorce papers.
Tom dropped them off today.
And I thought that tonight would be a lovely opportunity for you to sign.
Well, Bill finally signed.
Bless his heart.
Bless you that his heart and everything else is still intact.
All you have to do is sign those and your marriage to Bill Townsend is officially over.
Doesn't seem real.
Just one signature, and it's all over.
- Who has a pen? - [HELEN.]
Oh, I thought you'd never ask.
- That scared the crap out of me.
- [HELEN.]
She did.
Sign it like you mean it.
- To new beginnings.
- Mmm.
To new beginnings.
Should we focus on a house where the nursery is closer to our room? Or is down the hall okay? I mean, I want Peanut to have his or her own space, but we should be close if something happens.
Sounds good.
Which one? - Hmm? - Bill.
Are you even listening to me? [SIGHS.]
I'm sorry.
Did you have a bad day, honey? No.
No, not bad exactly.
- Noreen, today I went down to, um - [KNOCKING AT DOOR.]
You expecting somebody? No.
Garth! - [LAUGHS.]
How are you, Neen? What are you doing here? Can't I come visit my big sis? Oh, of course, I'm just hormonal.
Mom and Daddy wanted you to have this.
And I wanted to be the one to bring it to you.
What is that? Oh, Bill, this is my little brother, Garth.
Garth, this is Bill.
Sorry we haven't had the pleasure till now, Doc.
Hey there, Garth.
This is our family cradle.
Our names are burned in when we're born.
Look how far this goes back.
Here's mine.
There's Garth's, and this is our older brother, Aaron's.
Kind of like the family Bible.
- Here, Bill.
- [BILL.]
All right.
Come on in.
So how long are you here to stay? [GARTH.]
Not long.
Annie! You're gonna be late! [PHONE CHIMING.]
What are you doing with my phone? What What do those emojis mean? Did you go to a party? Some baseball players hung out after the fundraiser.
It's no biggie.
I got to go, or I'll be late.
Love you.
Love you.
Have a good day.
You got other responsibilities.
Yes, sir.
I know, I just thought You hear me, Caroline? I ain't gonna say it again.
I Good morning, CeCe.
Uh, you were truly missed this morning.
Where were you supposed to be this morning? Nowhere, Daddy.
- Oh, Mr.
I'm - I'm Mr.
It's Russ.
R Russ, I'm Helen Decatur.
- I'm a lawyer, and - Lawyer? - What kind of trouble is she in? - No.
No, no, no, no, no.
No trouble.
No trouble.
I'm, uh I'm helping CeCe with a project that meets before school.
Caroline ain't got time before school.
She's got her brother and sister to get ready.
I, uh, gathered that you didn't know that CeCe is participating in the school's Mock Trial program.
And And that could be my fault.
I'm new.
And, uh, I should've talked to our parents.
But your daughter is extremely bright, and I Caroline.
Go to class.
- Russ, I - Been working all night.
I'm goin' home.
Mary Vaughn.
Hey there.
So, listen, I had Skeeter run by that colonial on Dogwood, it needs a little work, but no big problems.
Well, one.
The bank.
How do you mean? Hazel had to rerun everything because it's been a few months since you filed your first mortgage application.
Uh, you weren't approved this time.
Well, that makes no sense.
What's different? - Well, you didn't sell Maddie's house.
- Right.
That and the final child support changed all the numbers.
I knew that was gonna be tight.
All right, well [SIGHS.]
Listen, um you didn't tell Noreen about any of this yet, have you? Oh.
No, that is not my place.
I appreciate that.
But now, don't you worry.
Hazel worked up some new numbers, and I have found some options that you and Noreen will be just as happy with.
We're gonna make this work.
Did Ty tell you anything about a party after the fundraiser? No.
Why? What'd you hear? I don't I don't know.
I When I asked Annie about it, she just ran off to school.
Oh, she didn't tell me because there was alcohol there.
No, no, no.
No, Annie is way too smart to be drinking at a party.
Yeah, I thought so too, but that text Said she was drinking? Ugh, how do I even know? I mean, it was just a bunch of damn emojis.
Why can't our kids use words instead of symbols? Like they're Neanderthals just painting on a cave wall.
Ty, come in here, please.
- Hey.
- Morning.
The truth.
How much alcohol was at that party after the fundraiser? Um Look, Annie was okay.
As soon as Jackson got all heavy-breather on her, I got her out of there, and it was chill.
Jackson did what? Nothing.
He, uh He did nothing.
Annie was drinking, and Jackson did something to her? He didn't.
Gabe and I kept an eye on her all night.
So she was drunk enough that you had to keep an eye on her? No, I didn't mean that.
Um Come on, we're gonna be late.
Can't be late.
What the heck? [TYLER.]
You should've come in earlier with Annie and missed all that.
Are you kidding me? First of all, she had mock trial, and we didn't.
Second, you're lucky I'm walking with you.
What? I don't know what's worse.
The fact that Jackson slobbered all over Annie, or that you stuck your tongue down her throat - after he did.
- I didn't kiss Annie! - I heard the message, Ty.
- She kissed me! [SIGHS.]
- Mrs.
- Hey there.
I was just congratulating Coach Bixby on his sweet new baby girl.
And now I wanna congratulate you both on what a fine season we are having thus far.
It has been a while since we locked up Regionals this early.
- The boys have worked hard.
- [MARY.]
Yeah, I explained to Mrs.
Lewis that every single player has been given the opportunity to play at his highest level - all season long.
- But the season's not over.
- Hmm.
- No, ma'am.
It is not.
And you're not from around here, so I'm not sure you appreciate just how important tomorrow's game against Castlewood really is.
I teach all my players to treat every game the same.
Lovely advice for them.
But, Coach, in many ways, this is the biggest game of the season, and it has been ever since Harlan here single-handedly defeated them his senior year with a grand slam.
It was the kind of underdog upset that somebody ought to make a movie about.
One RBI sac fly that turned into a in the house grand slam because somebody tripped.
Whoo! [LAUGHS.]
Now, because of the importance of this game, Jackson should start.
He understands the stakes better than anybody.
Especially since his cousin Clint is Castlewood's star player.
Now, have you seen Clint's stats this season? No, I can't say that I have.
Every time I talk to my sister, she won't stop going on and on about all of his RBIs and homers.
You need to get into that boy's head, and neutralize him from the get-go.
Jackson's the only player who can do that.
Well, I appreciate your input, Mrs.
Thank you for stopping by.
Jackson is every bit as good if not better than Tyler Townsend.
And if you weren't dancing in the sheets with his mama, you'd see that.
I want to win tomorrow's game as much as anybody.
And that's the only reason Ty is going to start.
Let's just see about that.
That's bizarre.
How have you never heard of Clone Wars? - I don't know.
- Star Wars, animated.
Pew, pew, pew.
- You are such a boy.
Hey! Annie.
Look, I need to tell you, your mom came over, and [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
How's it going? As good as it can be with Mary Vaughn here.
I saw Helen last night.
- Sorry that we're here, folks.
- I'll tell you later.
My office isn't big enough for this gathering.
So why don't we sit down? [SIGHS.]
Uh, Coach Maddox.
It has been brought to my attention - that the Boosters - Boosters? are worried that you're demonstrating favoritism in selecting your starting lineup because of your, uh, personal relationship with some parents.
All right.
All right, we're not gonna horse around here, okay? You two just admit that you're pissed off because Tyler is more talented than Jackson.
Well, how would anybody know since Coach Maddox keeps Jackson on the bench? It appears that Coach Maddox has a vested interest in keeping the Townsends happy.
My coaching decisions have nothing to do with my personal life.
- Maybe we can bring - You give Ty extra attention! - He's our starter.
- And ignore other boys who are asking for your help.
No, ma'am.
No matter what your son tells you.
How can you expect any of us to believe that you're unbiased given the indecent way you and Maddie have been carrying on in public? What's she talking about? Okay, now you're just trying to spread gossip, Mary Vaughn.
No, I am trying to make sure Serenity wins, and to make sure that my son doesn't suffer because of your boyfriend's hormones.
Hey, are you gonna control your wife here? [SCOFFS.]
At least I have one.
The only person you're trying to help is yourself.
Hold on.
If the Lewises, or, excuse me, the Boosters think that I can't be objective, I'll just take myself out of the equation.
But you can't skip the game.
No, but if the concern is that I'm partial, Harlan can pick the starting lineup.
I'll coach whoever he puts on the team.
Well, that's a fine idea.
Um, Harlan, is that acceptable to you? Yes, ma'am.
Ty's starting.
Thank you all for your time.
Go, Bulldogs! I'll remember this when it's time for the school board to renew your contract, Coach.
Coach? Walk with me, please.
I signed the papers, too.
Best of everything in your next chapter, Maddie.
You too, Bill.
Man, I forgot my chemistry book.
- Hang on just a minute.
- All right.
How am I supposed to hold up my head at the family Fourth of July picnic when my sister starts testifying about her blockhead son being God's gift to baseball and you can't even get up off the bench? [SIGHS.]
You best be comin'.
- Sorry, dude.
- You're good.
Isaac, cinnamon.
- Yes, Chef.
- Isaac, where's that rice? - On it, Chef.
- The jambalaya's almost done.
Isaac, I need it.
Come in here.
I know about the drinking.
And you are grounded.
No after-school activities, no friends, no youth group, no photography, no social media, no work, nothing.
Just school, home, and church, and if you don't want me to take away the very air that you breathe, give me your phone right this second.
Give it to me.
You are pushing me, Annabelle.
- It was only one, and I didn't - I will see you at home.
So why do they call soccer the beautiful game? Oh, buddy! You've been doing outside reading.
I am so proud of you.
Are we truly not gonna talk about Maddie's divorce being final? 'Cause we don't have to if you don't want to.
I like to know what elephants are in the room before I go banging around in there.
It's better for my chi.
Hey, Ashley.
- Hey! - Hi.
Sorry I'm late.
I had a patient with an emergency.
Oh, babe, is everything okay? Yeah.
Yeah, you know.
One day at a time.
- Okay.
- Let's order a beer.
Catch me up.
- Yeah.
- Oh, it's scoreless.
It's always scoreless.
No, I was talking about the run-in that you had with Mary Vaughn this afternoon.
Oh, good.
Changing the subject, yet again.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
No, no, no, no.
It's fine.
Since we'd already won our season, I was always gonna let Jackson start.
But then she came in and demanded it.
I am not about to let Mary Vaughn or any other parent tell me how to coach.
And then Harlan and I dug in.
I have known Mary Vaughn and her five sisters since we were little.
You know, making trouble, that's just It's like a family trait.
I wouldn't worry about it.
But would you worry about how we're not paying attention to the fact that Cal's girlfriend signed her divorce papers and he doesn't want to talk about it with his best friend? [CHUCKLES.]
Speaking as your friend, Cal, not as a therapist.
- Yeah.
- Fine.
What would Dolly Parton do? [CHUCKLES.]
I'll grab that crystal.
See, you're moving your whole body! [LAUGHS.]
I don't know how to stop.
Leave 'em up.
Excuse me, Coach.
Don't you have plays to strategize, or anti-Castlewood voodoo spells to cast, or whatever it is that you do before a big game? I usually kick back with ESPN.
Oh, that sounds strenuous.
The remote doesn't lift itself.
So I heard you signed your divorce papers.
Well you should've heard that from me.
I'm sorry.
I just I was trying to find the right time to tell you in person.
It's okay.
I wanted to tell you at that ridiculous meeting, but Bill was there, and, just Mary Vaughn, and just You don't have to explain.
But you should have this.
Erik's cinnamon ice cream.
If you feel like celebrating, this is perfect for that.
But if you feel like sitting by yourself and crying, this'll work too.
And there's nothing wrong with that.
No matter how excited you may feel to get rid of Bill, the end of a marriage is something to mourn.
I've been there.
You don't talk about it.
So I get it if you don't want to.
Take your time.
And tell me what you do want.
- I'm working.
- Yes, sir, I can see that, but I wouldn't interrupt if it weren't important.
I just need a moment of your time.
I don't know you or what you want, but One moment.
Please let your daughter do mock trial.
This could be a real-life lesson for her, and I think that she could have a career as a lawyer.
Anybody that thinks Caroline could be a lawyer don't know my daughter.
Well, I may not, but I've already seen a tremendous amount of potential.
And even if Even if she doesn't go into law, this can open her eyes to see what she could do with her future.
Her mom and I figured that out for her.
Well, a program like this will look really great on her college applications.
Matneys don't need college.
We got along fine for years.
You know, I've seen a lot of children through my work.
So it's really clear to me that you and your wife have done a magnificent job with CeCe.
Well, we're real proud of her.
What you've taught her is part of what makes her so great at mock trial.
She's well-mannered and respectful.
She's She's got this fire that none of the other kids have.
- That's the Matney in her.
- Yeah.
The team needs that.
The world needs that.
I wish you'd give her a chance to share that gift with us all.
Good night, Mr.
You didn't even let me tell my side of the story.
"I'm sorry, Mom!" I had one drink.
And I didn't even like it.
I don't want to have to find out what's going on with you from Maddie or Ty or anybody else.
Oh, so I should've just come to you and tell you that I had vodka at a party? Is that what you did with Grammy? [SIGHS.]
Well, your grammy and I I've heard the wild child stories.
Which is why I know all of the things that can go wrong.
Even when you think you're in control, bad things can happen.
I was with friends.
Nothing was going to happen to me.
Oh, sweetie, listen.
You don't know what a boy is gonna do.
Especially if you both have been drinking.
Anybody could If Ty had not been there Don't you get it? Nobody thinks of me that way.
- What No.
- I'm not you! I know.
And believe me, I thank God for that every night.
Because you are sweeter, and you're kinder, and you are better than I ever was at your age.
Then why are you so upset? You made a mistake.
Right? You're gonna do that.
We all did that.
But you tried to hide it from me.
Don't do that.
You can tell me anything.
Come here.
Whipped cream vodka is really gross.
- I don't ever want it again.
Well, I'm glad to hear that.
But you're still grounded.
You hear me? Hey, Gabriel.
You memorize that deposition? Close.
- Your daddy change his mind? - He sure did.
I told him if I worked it out so that if I dropped the rugrats off at the Baptist Church for breakfast, and Pastor Mosley will be taking 'em to school.
And I can come do this.
- And he's okay with that? - Yes, ma'am.
I stated a thesis, I cited evidence to support that thesis, then gave an emotional appeal for ethos to try to drive home exactly what I was trying to say.
- And he was so impressed.
He told me to come give these kids a dose of that Matney fire.
All right, team.
Let's get goin'.
Now keep in mind that persuasion presentation is 50% of our job here.
Nita, don't worry.
- We're gonna win.
- You better.
Carl and I do not want to have to cook dinner for Principal Everett and his wife if we lose.
Excuse me? Coach.
What's the matter? Uh, it's my shoulder.
I woke up this morning and it's bothering me.
I feel like I might have to rest it.
Today? Does that mean Jackson starts against Castlewood? No.
Ty, call your dad.
He can get you a cortisone injection.
- Only you know how much it hurts, Ty.
- A lot.
Looks like Jackson's gonna start after all.
Sorry, Coach.
Does that mean I have to cook for the Everetts? No, no, no, no.
I have faith in our bench.
Isaac, come here.
Let me show you how to measure this.
Fill up your measuring cup and then take a knife and slice away everything extra.
Yes, so it's all neat and uniform.
It's kind of soothing.
Like coloring.
You know, this saved my life a few years ago when I lost a family member.
Everything was falling apart.
But then one day, I found one of my grandmama's old recipe books.
I picked the first recipe I saw, and I tried it.
And for the first time in weeks, there were instructions for what to do and how to do it.
And when I followed them, everything turned out exactly the way it was supposed to.
For months, all I did was bake because it was the only time I was in control.
And eventually, I felt safe, even when I didn't have butter, sugar and flour in my hands.
See, everyone grieves in their own way.
Don't give up on your dad.
Maybe I should drive up and see him.
That's your call.
But if you do, let me know if you want company on the drive.
You're sad.
Uh, maybe.
Well, I'm gonna be sad with you.
Trotter, I don't know what to say.
People are usually surprised to find that I'm capable of being still and introspective because I'm usually so quick to offer support and advice and the occasional excellent joke.
But I know how to be quiet too.
And I'm even willing to be sad with you, because we're all entitled to be sad, but no one should ever be sad alone.
I signed my divorce papers.
And you're sad that you signed them? No.
I'm sad that I had to sign them.
I mean, I was raised that marriage is till death do us part, like my parents.
But their journey is not yours.
I know.
And frankly, I'm I'm glad that Bill and I are over with.
It was just It was something that Cal said.
I've been working on him to open up.
Please tell me he said a good thing.
I mean, I think so.
He said that I had a right to be sad about the end of my marriage.
I'm so proud of him.
Because you absolutely do.
And we are talking Patsy Cline on repeat sad, and you would still be justified.
I know, but that's just it.
I haven't been that sad, and I just I feel like You think you might be skipping a step, because it seems like there's this almighty checklist in some etiquette book somewhere that tells you how a proper lady grieves.
Yeah? Mm.
Well, I'm standing beside you to remind you that there are no checklists, no finish lines, no final exams, measuring tapes.
It's your life, your loss, your gain.
You deserve to feel whatever you wanna feel whenever you feel it.
And as easily as it would be for me to advocate on behalf of my dear friend Cal, I understand if your feet are feeling the tiniest bit cold because now that you're officially available, it shines a slightly different light on everything.
But nothing nothing changes the fact that you get to decide what you want and when you want it.
I want to hold hands in the mall.
Excuse me? One of my earliest memories was walking through the mall with my parents, and my dad would hold my hand, and he would hold my mother's hand.
And it [CHUCKLES.]
From that moment on, it was like everywhere he went he held her hand.
All the way up until the end.
It was like he never wanted to let her go, and [SIGHS, SOBS.]
I want that.
I do.
And I have really strong feelings for Cal, but what if he's not that guy? There's only one way to find out.
Great swing.
The tree might even support a tree house.
And it looks like there's enough room in the backyard for a jungle gym.
And even a jumpy house for birthday parties.
You like it, Neen? I think so.
No, I I do.
I do.
It's just a little different than what we talked about.
But it's cute, and it's big enough for a guest bedroom, - which means you can come visit.
And I love that I found it myself.
- Well, me and Zillow.
I don't need Mary Vaughn telling me where she thinks I should live.
I'm so glad you were able to come and meet Bill.
Feels good to have a little part of home here.
We missed you.
I still can't believe you waited two months to tell us you were pregnant and getting married.
I was worried about what everybody would think.
They're out of their minds excited they're gonna have a grandbaby is what they think.
You know, Daddy will get over Bill not coming to ask for your hand once he gets to hold the baby.
So where do you want to go now? Maybe we could grab some coffee with your friends.
I'd love to meet some.
No coffee for me.
And no friends.
I spend almost all my time with Bill and his kids, being a stepmom, stepfiancée, whatever you wanna call it.
It's hard.
Are you happy? I mean, it's a beautiful little town.
That's not what I meant.
Does Bill make you happy? He's my fiancé.
I know this isn't what Mom and Daddy wanted for me, but it's just not that simple.
And at some point, you have to own the path you're on.
If you wanna come home, we'll do everything we can to help you.
So I'll ask again.
Are you happy? I'm gonna be.
All right, fellas, three up, three down.
Jackson, your cousin's up first.
Let's strike him out.
Come on, hustle up.
Move! Move! Hey.
When you throw the pitch, picture Clint's face in the mitt.
That's right! You're going down, Clint.
Not lower than your IQ.
All right, Jackson! Time! End this play, Jackson! [MAN.]
Too easy, Jackson.
Whoo! [SPITS.]
That's how you do it, Jackson! You send those Castlewood boys home in a burlap sack! [MAN.]
You got him, Jackson! Come on, strike him out! - [BOYS BARKING.]
Now that's what victory looks like.
I sent that stuck up, worthless loser back across the county where he belongs! Yeah! I think you have a long career in front of you as a pitcher, but if you change your mind, you'd make a good coach too.
Good game, Coach.
I just want you to know that your son is going to be a very fine man, Maddie.
Thank you.
You know, I, um I have been thinking a lot about what you said at the spa last night.
And I meant it.
Take your time, I am not looking for anything.
Dad, you trade in your car? That was a heck of a season, kid.
Whoo! Wait Wait.
Is this for me? [TYLER.]

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