Sweet Magnolias (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

So Much to Say

1 You don't owe me One more minute of your wasted time You act like it's all fine It isn't hard to leave Knowing that I'll be getting life On track I wanted to believe I've gotta make a destination Find where I belong This time I've got no hesitation And I'll be movin' on To where I belong I'll be movin' on Over the line I've drawn I'm already gone Hm.
Do you like having your office in your house? You know, I do.
I'll admit that I was not happy when my landlord said that he was gonna sell the building that my office was in.
Here you go.
I shudder to think what he's gonna put in its place, but I enjoy the extra level of privacy that this affords my clients.
And the commute is quite pleasant.
Have a seat.
Now tell me what you know about your birth parents.
Not much.
Tina and Eno are my real parents.
They told the adoption agency they wanted a baby who looked like he belonged with a white mom and a Black dad.
Mom loved to tell the story of the night they got the call.
When the nurses handed me to her, she started sobbing, and she didn't let go for 21 years.
She sounds like a wonderful woman.
Um, my birth mother did leave a Bible for me, with a note saying she was from a town called Serenity, and she hoped that's what I would find with my new parents.
- How long have you been looking for them? - I mean, I was always curious.
But a couple of years ago, I I did a home DNA kit.
What did you learn from that? Zip.
No matches.
Which was fine, but after Mom died, Dad and I were always fighting.
I needed to get out, and I thought of Serenity.
I didn't even tell him until Erik and I went up last month.
But Dad said that he understood and Mom would have too.
- Well, I'm glad you had a good visit.
- I did learn something new.
- I was born in Gulfport, Mississippi.
- That's great.
- Not Ohio.
- Okay.
I assume that you had an amended birth certificate? Yeah, after a while, I I just stopped asking questions.
I was afraid I'd hurt their feelings.
It's a delicate walk, to be sure.
Um, if if you'll fill this out, I'll send it to Mississippi Vital Records.
Then we Give me one second.
Hold on.
Good day.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Is it your birthday? Mm, no.
That's beautiful.
Wait, is that a candy bracelet? I haven't seen one of those since I I am gonna walk out with you.
Uh, okay.
- All right.
Let's go.
- All right.
Oh, my grandson, what a joy to have you back with us.
Thanks, Nana.
The house seemed darker without your smile.
Do I really have to stay down here? Until you can get on crutches and get upstairs.
Isn't there anywhere else? Like, maybe some place with a door? Unfortunately, no.
What about your house, Nana? Can I stay in your guest room? This is not an ideal situation for any of us, but we will make the best of it.
- And we will talk about how we got here.
- What do you want me to say? First of all, you haven't even told me why you took your brother's car.
Do you realize how dangerous that was? You could have hurt Nellie.
Or worse, one of you could have died.
Mom, I gotta go, or I'll be late.
You're picking me up after my French final? Uh, can CeCe? No, she doesn't want to She's got her own finals to worry about.
I'll come if your mom is busy.
- Okay, do you want me to take you now? - No, I can go.
Thank you, Nana.
Mom, I'm fine to walk this morning.
Hey, listen, take it easy, and tell Ms.
McCall if your arm hurts while you're writing.
- She'll give you extra time.
- Yeah.
I got it.
Mom? I got it, darling.
Thanks, Nana.
- Oh, thank you so much.
- Mm-hmm.
Sweetheart? What happened with you three? Think of State as just any other game.
Don't let the pressure get to you.
Don't listen to what anyone else is saying.
- Mm-hmm.
- But take it seriously.
You'll set the tone for the entire team from the mound.
That's a huge responsibility.
Hey, we wouldn't be letting you do this if we didn't think you could.
Okay? Go, Bulldogs! These look great, y'all.
Thanks so much! Shut up, Ty! Ow! Ow, Jackson, don't hurt me anymore! In what world is that funny? - Scarlet Magnolia returns! - Hi, Trotter.
Everybody's gonna be really excited you're back with us today.
- Some mail you may wanna take a look at.
- In a minute.
There's a public hearing notice you may wanna look at first.
- Okay, I will.
Are they in there? - Oh yeah.
Here she comes.
Corner Spa, how may I help you? Oh, sure! I am so sorry.
I'm sorry! We should never get so lost in our own pain that we can't notice someone else's.
I love you.
I love your boys.
And everything just got all whipped up together, and I was dumping it out before I knew it.
- It was a terrible night.
- Yeah.
But the night has passed! Aw! I hate to interrupt.
Lester is on the phone.
I asked if I could take a message, but the message she gave me is not one I'd like to convey verbatim.
That woman is set off by a light breeze.
What is it this time? - A parking ticket.
- A parking ticket for what? I don't know, but she insists on talking to you.
Put her on hold.
Let her calm a bit.
Again, sorry to interrupt your flower show? You know how some people call us the Sweet Magnolias? I might have heard a passing reference.
These are the Sorry Magnolias.
Why I didn't see that right away.
When we were in the second grade, we had a big fight, the biggest one we'd ever had.
And for some reason, Maddie and Dana Sue were unable to recognize what I always knew to be true.
Tenderheart Bear was clearly superior to all others.
And because Dana Sue could not stand the quiet, she decided to fix it.
Whenever Daddy made Mama mad, he bought her jewelry to make up for it.
So I just I mean, I just thought that that's what you did! So I I, like, dug into my Easter basket and and pulled out three candy bracelets.
Yeah, she gifted them to us, and the fight was over.
So when the bracelet's gone the fight is gone and we move on.
I've witnessed something sacred.
Thanks for that.
I'm gonna get back to Mrs.
Lester! - Good luck.
- Good luck, thanks! All right.
You know what? I better get going as well.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Before you go Mm.
we do have something else we need to talk about.
- Helen.
- What's wrong? Tell me what is wrong.
- I'm pregnant.
- You're what?! Newly deaf! Shh! How when You just decided to have a baby last week! I mean, that happened fast.
That that's impressive! The good Lord moves in mysterious ways! And in old-fashioned ways.
Oh my heavens! With? It happened before you-know-who left town, but I I did not know until Howie told me at the hospital.
Does you-know-who know? Oh, definitely not.
When are you gonna tell him? For right now, this stays between us three.
We're having a baby.
We're having a baby.
Oh my God! I hate to bring up business in light of your heart-pounding, earth-shattering, baby-celebrating news.
But? - Uh, Micah called yesterday.
- Huh.
- His brother's worse than we thought.
- Oh no.
Complications? - Not health-wise, financially.
- Oh.
The bill vultures are already sniffing around.
They need the money in less than a month.
- Dana Sue, that's not a lot of time.
- I know.
I know! I need you to make that divorce happen faster than a knife fight in a phone booth so I can get that small-business loan.
Well, my skills may be many, but not even I can change the laws of the great state of South Carolina.
Dana Sue, it takes 90 days to get a loan, and when all that's said and done, it's close to that for a divorce.
What are my options? Go to Tractor Supply and see if they're selling money trees? I got an idea, but you're not gonna love it.
What? A second mortgage on your house.
I've been in that house for years.
It's nearly paid off! And now you are suggesting that I take out a big fat mortgage payment two years before Annie goes to college.
Uh Wow, this could not be any worse.
Or could it? We need to talk about State.
Yeah, it is important you come with us.
To watch from the bench? I don't want people to go through the motions just because they feel sorry for me.
No one's doing that.
This championship is the end of a pretty terrific season, and a big part of that is because of your contributions and efforts.
- Coach, I appreciate that.
I just - And you're the captain.
- Yeah, but Jackson is starting.
- Everyone will look to you for leadership.
They've heard the haters doubting whether Jackson's good enough.
I'll do anything for this team.
I just didn't wanna be in the way, but if you guys think the guys will listen to me, even though They will.
That's awesome.
Let me just talk to my mom.
Should we mention it'll also be fun? I thought we were sticking with the leadership angle.
- Hey.
- Hi.
You all right? Anything I can do? No, everything's fine.
I mean, everything is what it is.
Just have to get home.
My mom's watching Kyle and Katie.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
Thank you though.
So, how was your French final? I crushed it.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
That seemed like a serious conversation with you and your coaches.
Yeah, actually, they were telling me how important it is for me to go to State.
Is it? Well, I don't I don't I wish you would We need we need to talk about that because I I just No, we don't.
They were just trying to make me feel better.
It's obviously smarter for me to stay here in Serenity.
And the team will be fine.
You know, Jackson can lead them.
Yeah, that that sounds sounds like a smart plan.
Oh my goodness.
Oh, Mom.
She kept these? Oh! - Ow! - Nice pass! Thanks for inviting me to join you guys.
It's wonderful to have you.
Just remember the reason for this gathering is to help Cal with his pre-State nerves.
Yeah, 'cause going to State minus our favorite player is no big deal.
Kinda like this game, where Oh, wait, I don't have a favorite player.
I'm crushed.
Your best friend is not your favorite player? For about a week, this guy sent a meme of Dolly Parton dunking a basketball Oops! just to convince Howie and me to let him play with us.
- Take a look at the textual evidence - What's this, an essay? that accompanied Our Lady of Dollywood ascending to the rim.
It said I'd impress you with my prowess and stamina.
So, uh, which one of us is not worn out already? - Oh! - Whoa! Trotter, I will always beat you.
Now this is where I'm gonna need some defensive backup, 'cause in any second, these two are gonna start singing.
Well, I got you covered.
I can sing and dunk at the same time! - I miss Erik so much right now.
- He'll be back next week.
- Once the restaurant's figured out.
- Figured out? They're trying to figure out how to buy out her partner or something.
- Wait, is Dana Sue in trouble? - No, she Yeah, I I shouldn't have said anything.
No, what's said on the court stays on the court.
Cone of silence.
Not to be confused with the cone of shame that Trotter's gonna have to wear if he misses more shots.
Dolly and I say, I'm gonna beat you just because I can.
Is that Nellie? No.
She came by the spa the other day to see how you were doing.
It's another friend.
Glad you're talking to your friends.
Someone from church? No.
You saw all the cards that Katie's Sunday school class made for you.
Some others came in the mail today.
Everybody's worried about you.
So am I.
I promise you I am not gonna be mad.
You're not gonna get in trouble.
You've been punished enough.
I simply wanna know what happened that night.
Why did you take Ty's car? Was it to get away from the drinking? Did someone do or say something to you? We have always been able to talk about anything.
Why not now, when it's so important? What are you thinking? Nothing! - The heck's going on with you, man? - Nothing.
Okay, well, whatever it is, give Mom a break.
She's been through a lot the past few days.
Look, it's both our faults, but right now, you're making it worse! You know, she's scared there's something really wrong with you.
Now, I know what's on your mind, all right? But before you say anything, I just want We need to stay married.
I'm listening, wife.
On paper only.
It's purely a business arrangement.
Going into business together.
I need to take out a second mortgage on the house.
In our name, on our house that we built together? The house where our daughter sleeps every night and will continue to do so because you are going along with this to make sure I don't lose the restaurant.
Well, I think you'll be tickled to find out how much I can help your cause.
The way you can help my cause is to sign your name on the application and let me get about my business.
I can do that.
I can also get us a better interest rate.
You been holding up some banks I didn't know about? I've been working hard, you know? Mm-hmm.
I've got my credit score up, opened up a couple of small CDs.
I even bought a a trailer over on Lake Wateree to rent out to tourists this summer.
Well, there's probably some pretty teller at the bank you're trying to impress.
Maybe a beautiful chef in a kitchen.
Don't start flirting, Mr.
"Look how much I've changed.
" Okay, you know what? We are talking cold, hard numbers here so that I can save the restaurant and still send Annie to college.
Well, I mean, look, if cash flow is the concern No, no, no, this I could, uh could move in.
Look, I mean, look how much money I would save if I didn't have to pay Harold Thomas for a room down at the motor lodge.
Can we please do this for our little girl? Anything for our little girl.
Thank you.
So to seal the deal, do we shake hands, or do we kiss? Oh gosh.
- Oh! - Oh, Miss Frances.
I am so sorry.
 I am so sorry.
Oh, can't knock me down with a simple scare.
Need something stronger like a fleet of Mack Trucks.
How are you, my dear? I'm good.
I'm good.
I was worried with Ryan leaving that you might That's sweet of you to be concerned, thank you.
There's so much history between you and Ryan, and I keep hoping and praying, and then he Oh.
I wanted to make sure that you were holding up.
And I appreciate that, but I really am fine.
Though that won't last long if I keep Judge Sargent waiting.
Oh, yeah.
- Will you excuse me? - Yes.
Good to see you.
Coach! Coach Maddox! Hey, Ty.
Hey, you got a sec? Yeah, I'm always happy to get away from Watergate for a bit.
What's up? I wanted to wish you luck at State.
I talked to my mom, and with everything that happened, I'm I'm not going.
- Did Jackson do something? - No.
- One of the other players? - No, they're great.
The whole season has been awesome.
- Maybe if I talk to your mom - I already did.
Good luck.
- Hey, Annie.
- Hey, Jackson.
Uh, did you make all those? The posters? Some.
The newspaper staff thought they'd be good to take to the game, get the crowd amped up.
Everybody thinks you're gonna win, and you will.
We'll see.
Good luck.
- She redid all this.
- Oh, yeah.
- So I think it's good.
- Mm.
What are you two doing here together? We came to inspect the new curtains.
Yeah, and the fancy new, uh, entrance, both great additions.
Well, I wanted to spruce the place up before I have an appraiser come in, and Skeeter gave me a great deal.
But that's not at all why you're here, so let's just get to it.
Dana Sue, you should be very excited to see us.
- Yeah, we could make your night.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh boy.
That sounds like the kinda thing that starts off with you asking me for a favor and ends up with me running from the law, changing my name, and moving to Quebec, and I don't wanna be around anything French.
Except cassoulet.
And poodles.
I like a poodle.
I bet the cassoulet is really good in Quebec.
You know, I heard it's better in Paris.
Have you been to Paris, Cal? As a matter of fact, I have.
Even went in the springtime.
Oh, I love Paris in the fall.
Can I please overnight you both to Paris and put you out of my misery? Would that interfere with me buying Micah out of the restaurant? It would.
Oh, shame.
My, uh, financial adviser is always telling me to diversify my investments.
Besides, I have dinner often enough here.
Should find a way to make some of it back.
It's a good deal.
A great one, actually, and you'll be protected every step of the way.
- But - It fixes your financial problem.
And more importantly, it doesn't involve you-know-who.
Unless you've decided that you want it to.
You don't wanna talk about your you-know-who.
I don't have to talk about mine.
Do do y'all need a minute, or - Dana Sue, come here.
- Okay.
I know this is completely out of the blue, but I would urge you, consider his offer.
Thank you, Helen.
Yeah, I mean, I will.
I will.
I'm sorry, I'm just Okay, heavenly days, here we go! Cal, this is so generous of you and so unexpected.
Okay, I would absolutely love to sit down and talk through with you what all of this would mean.
But? I have to go.
I have a date.
- Oh! With Yes.
- Oh! Okay, well By all means, go.
Go! Go! Have fun! - You and me - Yes, have fun.
- Okay.
- Go.
- Enjoy your little Whoo! - My, my.
Partnerships abound! Dana Sue said she was sending over dinner.
This looks like it's the whole kitchen.
Mom can get a little carried away caring for people.
And when it's people she loves, look out! Please let Mom and me know if there's anything else you need.
You're so sweet.
Thank you.
Oh! I'm sure Kyle would like to see you before you go.
He's in the family room.
Hey, Kyle.
How's it going? Already doing my summer reading.
Wow, I don't even look at mine until August.
You're busy.
Mom sent over some pot roast.
Fried chicken, scalloped potatoes, brownies, and pecan pie.
All your favorites.
Thank you.
When do you get to ditch the chair? Everybody's asking.
Everybody? School, Sullivan's, church.
I didn't realize people were talking about me.
Oh, they're not.
Not like that.
They're just worried about you.
I should definitely sign your cast.
- You don't have to.
- I want to.
Why? That's what friends do, isn't it? I'm not Evan Hansen.
I don't need you to pretend to be my friend.
I'm not.
We are friends, Kyle.
Yeah, that's right.
That's what we are.
Only friends, just friends.
Such good friends that you drop me to hang out with somebody else.
Anybody else 'cause I'm not Ty or Simon or whoever you'd rather hang with.
- That's not true.
- Yes, it is! I have friends who don't pretend! I have friends who actually care about me! I don't need you! Kyle! Why would you talk to her like that? You don't know what she did No, you're right! I don't know.
So tell me! What happened between you two? Come on, let's go take a walk.
Kyle Walter Townsend, this is not the answer.
Honey! Maddie! Hold up, dear.
What is wrong with him?! I I don't know.
All I know is that it's gonna take time and patience for him to reach the other side.
Why won't he let me in? I'm his mother.
It's my job to help him.
Oh, my sweet girl, if it were only that easy.
I wish that we could wipe away every tear our babies cry or kiss the hurt away.
I I wish we could keep our children from falling.
But, Maddie, we can't.
Kids are gonna fall, and that's what happened to Kyle.
He fell.
And you can't pull him up until he's ready, no matter how much you want to.
And the more you try, the more he is gonna pull you down with him.
All you can do is stand there, waiting, with love and attention.
He has to be the one to decide that he wants to stand up.
That's not your job.
Your job is to love him the way I love you.
All this is new to me I try to keep my head above What's that one? - That's your head line.
- Oh.
Granny'd take one look at yours and say you are a smart woman.
Sounds like she was one too.
This Mm-hmm.
is your heart line.
It's telling me you have a lot of love to give.
Does it now? And this is your "maybe you should come home with me" line.
It speaks for itself.
Yeah, it does.
I don't wanna know what your granny'd have to say about that.
Ah Um Oh.
We don't have to go if you don't want to.
Oh, I do.
But I just have a lot on my mind.
Lately, between Annie and the restaurant and money stuff, people who think they have the answers, and people making my life miserable Bet my head line didn't say anything about all that.
Come here.
When I go home with you I wanna be present.
Truly with you.
And right now, I've got so much going on that I don't think I can be, and that is not fair to you.
How can being honest not be fair? I feel Thank you.
As these Years pass quickly As you'll always be with me Helen.
Hi, Trotter.
I see you're working.
You look positively serious.
How concerned should I be? Oh, no, I just need a moment of your time, and I I should make an appointment.
Do I call? How would you like to do this? Sit down right this minute because you're making me nervous.
Um What's going on? Can we talk about adoption? - Excuse me? - I I know.
It's crazy, isn't it? But Ashley and I have been talking about this, in theory, forever.
I I think we're finally ready to get serious.
I would happily be your lawyer for such a beautiful reason.
Yeah? Yeah! - You made this one too, didn't you? - How'd you know? Well, the curlicue here on the G.
Plus, I can actually read yours.
It's nice to make someone laugh instead of people laughing at me.
Thanks for what you said before.
People not there when something happened have no business talking about it.
Much less laughing about it.
It it sucks that people said bad things about you because of me.
People can be complete idiots.
But people can learn.
Hey, beautiful.
For what? Finishing your first year of teaching.
How did it go? If I can grade all these finals without going blind, then it will be a success.
When you get back from State, we will have to go out and celebrate.
Separate from celebrating State.
- It's a lot of celebrating.
- There's a lot to celebrate.
- Mm.
- It's been a big year for you.
It has.
For Ty too.
Uh, sorry he's not gonna get to go with us to State.
Yeah, no, I know.
He's heartbroken he can't play after he worked so hard all season.
- Can I give you these? - Sure.
No, I meant I'm sorry he can't come as team captain.
Look what he did at the Castlewood game.
He's our leader, whether on the mound or in the dugout.
It's not what he told me.
Oh, well, maybe he's just trying to put on a brave front for me.
I'm sure he's worried about disappointing you.
Well, he shouldn't be.
Oh God, I hope he didn't think I was pressuring him.
I was just trying to point out he still has so much to offer the team.
At least that's what I was trying to do.
No, and I'm sure you did.
It's just He's overwhelmed.
He broke his arm.
His brother was in a car accident.
Everyone's nerves are just shot.
He's just not ready to be away from Serenity.
I get it.
I misread the situation.
I'm sorry.
I, uh I talked to a clerk at MVR and a colleague who's doing family law down in Jackson, and I just don't know how likely we are to get access to your birth records.
Since your adoption was closed, the State isn't required to release any additional information, and neither of your birth parents have signed up for mutual consent registries that would allow you to connect with them.
But don't worry.
It simply means that we're just gonna have to hunt down some other ways to get the information that we need.
Before we go any further, um, I do have a question.
I hear the way you talk about your parents, and it doesn't seem like you're trying to fill some kind of void.
Absolutely not.
Then if you don't mind me asking, why do you wanna know? I've seen adoptees on Reddit say they wanna know medical history, which maybe one day, that'll be important.
No, no.
I know, you're 22.
You're gonna live forever.
I had a great childhood.
The three of us were My mom and dad were the best.
The best.
Mom is why I dance and play basketball.
She introduced me to Wizard of Oz and Peg Leg Bates.
I love coffee and Buster Keaton movies, like Dad.
- He's where I get my sense of humor.
- Hm.
And he also taught me how to balance a checkbook, which he swears is gonna be important one day.
Hey, you listen to him.
They taught me how to stand up for myself, what passion and sacrifice look like.
I am who I am not because of DNA but because of their values.
Because of their love.
Believe me when I say that I know just how damn lucky I was that the adoption agency found them.
They found them for me! I couldn't have been as fortunate with my birth parents.
They gave me up for a reason.
I don't need to know why.
I just wanna know who.
Whose eyes are staring back at me every single time I look in the mirror? Hey, Isaac.
Annie? My Annie? No, I know.
It blindsided me too.
Oh, okay.
Did Kyle ask her out, or did he just tell her he had a crush in whatever ham-handed way boys do that? I couldn't tell.
Even though I heard the fight, he would not tell me any more about it.
I can't believe she didn't say anything.
I thought we'd gotten past the secret-keeping.
I can remember a lot of secrets that we kept from our moms at that age.
- Ugh.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, who says we've stopped? Exhibit Mr.
- Dana Sue.
- Helen, when are you gonna tell him? Well, I think he's made his position on the subject crystal clear.
- Well, true, but, I mean - really, like, if he knew that he was going to be a dad, he might change his mind.
And that is exactly what I don't want.
Elaborate! I have loved Ryan for years, and I have dreamed about having babies with him.
But he doesn't wanna have kids, and I can finally see that, and I accept that.
Okay, but if he knew it were his, maybe He'd do it out of duty and not out of love.
Helping Isaac has made one thing very clear to me, that no child should have a parent who only cares for them because they're supposed to.
They should have a parent who loves them and and wants them more than anything else in the world.
That's how I feel about this little blessing.
Ryan doesn't, so fine.
- So you're not gonna tell him? - Mm.
At some point, I will.
But not yet.
And not until I'm good and ready.
- Mmm.
- Well, all right, then.
Well, we are here for you whenever that day comes.
- Hear, hear! - Hear, hear! Let's eat.
Oh! Speaking of Isaac, did the two of you find anything? No.
But I wish I could have met his mom.
She sounds like she was an extraordinary woman.
His dad too.
Well, since Helen hasn't found anything through official channels, Maddie, you and I need to comb through the juicy stuff.
You always love that juicy stuff.
Oh, talk to your mom.
Maybe there was some adult gossip that we missed because we were too innocent for that kind of thing.
When were you ever innocent, Miss Second-Grade-Easter-Basket-Thief? Okay, I will ask her.
She is pretty much living at my house right now to help with Kyle, so that should be easy.
How are the kids doing? I mean, Katie's fine, but Kyle, I just I don't know.
I can't get through to him.
He's so wounded and angry.
It I really don't even know what to do.
- Does he need to see a professional? - What do you mean, like a therapist? I do.
Well, I I mean, I can handle this myself.
Your powers are many and mighty, my dear, but they're not limitless.
- Did you set Ty's broken arm? - Well, of course not.
Then why are you trying to set Kyle's broken spirit? Because we all grew up with that same refrain, "Only crazy people see shrinks.
" We also grew up with, "Go outside with wet hair and catch pneumonia," and, "Plant potatoes under a full moon.
" - No, that one's true.
- I actually think you're right.
I hear you.
And Ty? How's he handling things? He's a trouper.
I mean, he's handling it better than I am.
Annie would be a mess, working overtime to make me think she had control over everything to keep me from worrying.
Like Helen's saying, you can't solve every problem by yourself.
But you can solve your restaurant's? Oh! Touché.
Still, lean on us.
Thank you.
I am certainly gonna lean on the two of you when this baby comes.
You two, Erik, heck, probably even Cal.
You're gonna be the only people keeping me sane the first time I gotta deal with a colicky newborn.
Oh, we are so here for it.
Especially if it involves margaritas.
Dana Sue! Not for the baby! I meant for me and you when we take turns with the baby so Helen can sleep.
Can't believe you'd think I'd even suggest giving the baby a margarita! We're not gonna do that till the baby's first birthday party.
- You're not allowed to babysit.
- Speaking of.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Yeah.
A Paula Vreeland original.
For a Helen Decatur original.
Oh my twinkling stars.
Didn't your grandmamas ever teach you ladies not to make a pregnant woman cry? We're having a baby! Oh shoot.
- You want some help? - No, I got it.
- Are you sure? - No.
Here, let me help you.
- Just be careful.
- Oh, does it hurt? - No.
- Okay.
I know this has been a tough week, and I just wanna thank you for how you've been handling it.
What else am I supposed to do? Hm.
Have a bad attitude.
Make me do everything for you.
Break down into such big tears, Nana's gotta walk you around the block.
Instead, you've been pitching in, helping out with your brother.
You have been moving forward.
Which makes me wonder why you didn't wanna go to State.
Did you say you didn't wanna go to State because of me? You've just been through so much with Kyle and Dad, and it just felt like the right thing to do.
Come here.
So, every time Gaynell gets me under the hair dryer, and I got no place to go, she starts talking.
She goes on and on about all of the things that she got from her mama.
Like her high cholesterol, good taste in men, her childbearing hips - Oh my God.
- Okay, sorry.
You know what she never talks about? Nobody does? It's all the things that our kids didn't inherit from us, like fear.
Tyler you are brave and fearless every single day, and I am not.
That's just one of the bazillion things that I love about you.
Do not ever let me catch you making a decision to accommodate my fear.
You got that? Yes, ma'am.
So? I wanna go to State.
- You wanna go call your coach? - You wanna go call your boyfriend? - Chef.
- Mm? Thank you.
For what? For helping me feel at home here.
Well, sweetie, you are.
Because you convinced people to like me.
Uh, no.
Oh my goodness.
I mean, I don't have that power.
I wish I did, but I don't.
You do.
I mean, you may not realize it, but you do.
You made Helen wanna help me find my birth parents.
No! No, no, no, no.
Helen, Maddie, Erik, Annie, me, heck, the whole restaurant, we adore you because of who you are.
You're sweet and dedicated, and you have a peculiarly dry wit.
Not once it's marinated overnight.
We love you because you are a part of this community.
You run out of your way to Yes, because that's what community does.
Okay? Whether it's baked goods or a visit or helping you find your birth parents, I mean, maybe even an early morning hug.
I promise we're gonna find them.
Is that part of the preopening ritual? - Only if you're lucky.
- Oh.
We've got something for you.
Now, we might have gone overboard, but there's no overboard with food and teenage boys, is there? Yeah.
Cookies, cupcakes, brownies for the road to victory.
All sprinkled with good luck and meant to be shared.
Oh, these are fantastic.
The guys are gonna love it.
Thank you.
Anytime, partner.
Wait, really? Awesome! Oh, okay.
You know what you're getting yourself into, right? This is not some kind of investment where you're gonna watch your money grow at a fixed rate every week.
This is ups and downs, fat and lean.
And she doesn't mean just the beef.
My financial adviser has a portfolio of things he's put my money into, all just entries on a spreadsheet.
But this restaurant, you You don't get to make money with someone you care about very often, do you? Isn't that what you and Helen told Maddie when you were convincing her to open the spa? Yeah, I thought that wisdom sounded familiar.
You set the rules, I'll follow.
The most silent of partners.
Glad you're on board.
Now, if you wanna name something on the menu after me, totally fine with that.
- Shortstop Short Ribs, coming up.
- Ah.
All right.
All right, now get outta here and go win that championship, you hear me? Yes, ma'am.
Go, Bulldogs! I didn't know what happened between you and Annie.
That must have hurt.
But you are not gonna feel better unless you talk about it.
I'm booking you an appointment with a therapist.
I I don't need that.
You gotta talk to someone.
And if it's not gonna be me, it's gonna be a professional.
Um Got a minute to talk? Hm.

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