Sweet Magnolias (2020) s03e07 Episode Script

Somebody I'm Longing to See

You don't owe me ♪
One more minute of your wasted time ♪
You act like it's all fine ♪
It isn't hard to leave ♪
Knowing that I'll be getting life
On track ♪
I wanted to believe ♪
I've gotta make a destination ♪
Find where I belong ♪
This time I've got no hesitation ♪
I'll be movin' on ♪
To where I belong ♪
I'll be movin' on ♪
Over the line I've drawn ♪
I'm already gone ♪
I I can't do this.
Don't say that.
It'll be done before you know it.
It's weird.
And kind of scary.
I mean, I've never been on a plane before.
No one in my whole family has.
Come on.
You are a talented young woman.
And there'll be
many opportunities in your life
to do things
that no one in your family has done.
Don't be afraid of being first.
You be proud.
Now remember, your mama's waiting
in Louisville to hug you.
I know.
Thanks for wearing these.
You gave 'em to me at mock trial
for luck, and I wanted some.
Yeah? Well, you know
the funny thing about luck?
You can never have too much.
It matches.
Thank you, Miss Helen.
Oh, you better put that on in the cab.
- Oh God.
- It's here. Shall we?
- How long is my flight?
- Uh, 90 minutes.
About the same time
it will take me to get to Tampa.
And we're both gonna have
a great time, okay?
Yes, we will.
It doesn't bounce.
- Everything here is broken.
- Well, at least these still work.
Oh! Oh my
Not the end of the world.
Throw those sneakers
in the washing machine
when you get home. They'll be fine.
Katie, I texted Melanie's mom to make sure
we were at the right playground.
Maybe I should suggest
we meet at Wharton's?
She hates pizza. You guys can go.
I'll wait here by myself.
- No, ma'am, you will not.
- How do kids play here?
I don't think they do.
Have you talked to Mayor Hall
about this place?
I will when I meet with him.
Why wait? Why don't we fix it?
- Who's we?
- You, me, our friends, whoever.
I'll help!
Yeah, a bunch of us could get together
and finish in a day or two.
Some paint, lumber, hard work.
Honey, it might be
a little more involved than that.
You might wanna consider if you have room
for what you're putting on your plate.
So you're graduating us
from Clean Plate Club
to Balanced Plate Club.
I'm sharing what I'm learning.
Feel free to do the same.
You told me I had time to explore.
I'm just checking in.
You know, balancing between
hovering and ignoring.
And I'm balancing between
what I thought I knew
and what I never even thought of.
Well, that, sweetheart,
is what life is about.
And all the spaces in between.
Maybe a little time
on the swings will help.
But, you know, you may not be able
to swing as high as I can.
Is that a dare?
It is now. You take the muddy side
because those shoes are a mess!
Wait, you got a head start!
- I did it!
- Oh!
She was the picture of excellent driving
all the way here.
Good job, honey. Mm!
Defensive driving is so important.
And keep your phone
in the glove compartment
so that you aren't ever tempted
to look at it.
- Yes, Mom.
- And yes, no passengers besides us.
- Got it?
- Yes, Mom.
And you are responsible
for your own gas and insurance.
Yes, Mom.
But enjoy.
Getting your license is a big deal.
Freedom, getting to see your friends,
go fun places
Within a 30-mile radius.
So not much further
than Egret Falls or Castlewood.
I can go to Castlewood?
There's a huge TJ Maxx over there,
and I could use
some new back-to-school dresses.
What are you doing here?
So I told him to choose
where he liked his feet better.
On my coffee table
or attached to his legs.
I can't even imagine dating again.
Sifting the crazy from the crappy.
Take your time.
And when you do get back out there,
be patient. You'll have to kick
a lot of frogs along the way.
Don't you mean kiss?
You're nicer than I am.
But the princes are out there. Trust me.
Are you dating someone?
Just might be.
Tell me more.
And Rebecca.
- I never expected to see you two here.
- Bill.
Hello, how may I help you?
- Well, I was just
- I work here now.
My boss is very supportive
of working moms.
Isn't that something?
Neen, I'm still arranging my room.
Can you and Bex give me some help?
I have this whole box
of stuffed frogs to unpack.
- Happy to.
- Do you wanna head on up?
I'll be right with you
after I help this gentleman.
What do you need, sir?
A gift certificate for a special friend.
How thoughtful.
This whole place is full of special women.
Your friend will feel right at home.
We're all so glad Noreen is here.
I'm a little lamb
Who's lost in the wood ♪
I know I could always be good ♪
What? You don't get to make a big fuss
how the rest of the family should run off
and leave us to do the dishes
and then not talk to me.
I'm just filling the space
until you're ready.
But I could start guessing why
you surprised us with a visit home.
But you telling your brother
that you miss his dirty rice is a lie.
I do miss it.
To watch over ♪
Ryan and I broke up.
I'm sorry.
You two have traveled a rugged road.
Well, that road has ended.
For good.
Well, I don't wanna dismiss your sorrow,
but I think that is an excellent choice.
Ryan brought you just as much pain
as joy over the years,
and you deserve all joy.
So, Zeke's dirty rice
is gonna mend your heart?
I just need to be around people
who understand me best.
Well, I'm happy
to have you here, baby girl.
But are you telling me
that nobody in Serenity understands you?
Not the way you do.
And that's all that's going on?
Although he may not be ♪
The man ♪
Some girls think of as handsome ♪
To my heart ♪
He carries the key ♪
You still got it.
In here.
When did I become the last
to hear the important things?
You're not, because I don't know
what you're talking about.
Ryan and Helen!
What about them?
- You you didn't know?
- Mama!
Ryan and Helen broke up,
and Ryan's left town again.
"My dear Miss Paula,
no need to summon my aunt
to drag me to the devil."
"I have caused great heartbreak,
and I will see myself out."
"With humility and regret, Ryan Wingate."
Oh, Helen.
I went by to see if she was all right.
And that sweet Ginger Zimmerman next door,
she said that Helen and CeCe
had gone out of town for the weekend.
You you really didn't know?
No. Helen won't talk to me.
- What?
- No calls, texts. Dana Sue either.
I'm suddenly completely out of the loop
of my best friends' lives.
Oh my God.
Sorry I couldn't find you
an I-miss-my-boyfriend T-shirt.
Guess we'll just have
to come back again and again
because between shopping
and practicing driving,
I can drive over whenever we're both free.
- Ooh.
- "As long as you pay for gas, baby girl."
That is great.
I have way too many cousins here,
so we still need to keep it low-key.
Don't want word getting back to my mom.
But I'm hoping by homecoming,
she'll be over herself, and we
can go
to the dance together.
Oh no! I'll have to go shopping again.
Come back soon.
Thanks so much. Appreciate it.
Daddy, I'm so sorry.
Hey, honey. It's okay.
It's okay.
You're all right. That's all that matters.
But your truck. It's
- A truck.
- Annabelle.
- Mom?
- Are you hurt?
- No, no, she's she's okay.
- Here.
Thank the Lord God Almighty.
Please tell me what happened here.
You better have a good explanation
or a strong guardian angel.
- I didn't have any part in this.
- Okay.
I mean, I wasn't in the truck,
but I wanted to make sure she was okay.
Why are you here hiding
rather than over there comforting?
- I didn't want anyone to see us.
- I beg your pardon.
- You don't wanna be seen with my daughter?
- No. Yes.
I mean, my mother said I can't see Annie,
so I can't be seen with Annie,
especially with something
like this, ma'am.
You're not allowed to see her. Since when?
But you care about each other so deeply
Yes, ma'am!
that you felt it was more important
to continue to see each other
Yes, ma'am!
and lie to your mother.
And to me.
Go home, Jackson.
Yes, ma'am.
What was Jackson doing?
Have you ever been unclear
for even a moment
how I feel about people lying to me?
- Who's gonna drive my truck home?
- You and Cal can come get it tonight.
She is not going anywhere
but work, school, and church
until after my funeral!
it was just a fender bender.
She lied.
Annie, work truck.
You're Jeremy himself, right?
I am. Hope that's good news.
I'm Noreen Fitzgibbons.
My friend Isaac sent me to see you.
Noreen and Rebecca.
The fun roommates
Isaac can't stop talking about.
That's so sweet. He's been very tolerant
about the little noisemaker.
Angels aren't noisy. They're jubilant.
Um, the angel might be why I'm here.
I've been having some stomach issues
I didn't used to have.
I don't know if it's her or stress,
or stress over her,
but my friend Genevieve said
I should get off cow's milk,
and Isaac suggested goat's milk
and said you might have some,
so here I am.
I do have it, and I'm a fan myself.
The industrialization of cattle
has been tough on the environment.
Plus, goat's milk has a richer flavor.
And there could be
allergy concerns for Bex
if you switch to almond or coconut milk,
so goat milk's a great place to start.
I must say I'm impressed.
Four sisters, seven niblings.
I know babies.
I'm an RN and a first-time mom,
and apparently, I drink goat's milk now.
Let's get you sorted.
I'll let you in on an insider's tip.
Coffee, splash of goat's milk,
touch of honey.
Well, if I wasn't already convinced,
I am now.
Thank you.
- Can I help you?
- Olivia? Right?
Olivia Harris. Tyler Townsend.
Now can I help you?
We're in stats class together.
You could be teaching the class instead
Tyler, third time's the charm
and all that. Can I help you?
Okay. I'm turning my music back on.
Have you gotten number seven
on the homework?
I have.
Could you help me with it?
I really don't get it.
Finally. Sure. Sit.
- Hope you have an eraser.
- Yeah.
Oh, hey, man.
Thank you so much.
Sure you don't want me to drop it by?
Save you from toting it.
Appreciate it,
but I'm gonna crack one open
as soon as I get to the kitchen.
You're a busy man these days.
Just met your roommates.
Lovely as advertised.
You're second-in-command in the kitchen
now that Erik's with Kathy.
- Kathy?
- New assistant manager at Z's.
Ronnie Sullivan's sister.
Yeah, he didn't mention that part?
A buddy of mine at the co-op
is the wine supplier for Z's,
and he said she's a tornado in high heels.
But if there's anyone who can handle her,
it's probably Erik.
I sure hope so.
Bailey said I could wait in here.
- I heard Annie got her driver's license.
- Hear what else she got?
- What?
- What do you need, Maddie?
the foundation paperwork from the bank.
I signed it. It's your turn.
Is that all?
Helen and Ryan broke up.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Helen left town.
I'd wanna get away and clear my head too.
Where does that leave us?
With plenty of our own messes to clean up.
I meant with Helen.
She must be heartbroken.
If she wanted to come to us
with that heartbreak,
she would have, but she didn't.
So I'm gonna respect that choice
because I'm tired
of all of us pushing and pushing
and doing nothing
but squeezing air out of each other.
I'm fighting for the people I love.
With the people you love.
Okay, a little that way. Okay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Yeah, yeah. Perfect, perfect, perfect.
Okay, good. Now we just have to figure out
where we're gonna put the card table.
It's in the hall closet, right, Zeke?
I'll get it in a minute, Mama.
Well, I'm gonna go get
some more tablecloths, okay?
All because of a cat.
What could you possibly be talking about?
Aunt Rachel's new cat, Purry Sledge.
When a cat loves a woman.
And a woman loves a cat.
Remember Miss Alberta?
Aunt Rachel's best friend?
Uh, big booming laugh.
Always had a a scarf and a a pin.
Oh, she passed a year or so ago.
Right. Aunt Rachel went out
a week after the funeral
and paid good money
for a mangy ball of fur
and razor-sharp teeth.
A new best friend.
So it's Aunt Naomi's year
to host Labor Day,
but Aunt Naomi can't stand Purry,
and neither can her corgis.
But Aunt Rachel
won't go anywhere without him.
So Aunt Rachel calls here
in tears Thursday night.
Wouldn't even talk to me.
It's my house. Why should she?
Demanded I put Mama on
and told Mama she had to host.
Which you and Mama were happy to do
out of love for Purry and Aunt Rachel.
Do I look happy?
Before this cookout is through,
half the family gonna have hives,
the other half gonna have fleas,
and the other half
won't be speaking to each other.
All 'cause a spiteful ball of furry!
That cat cannot be that awful.
Let me tell you how awful he is.
Aunt Rachel used to be my favorite aunt,
but now she won't even talk to me
because I objected
when the cat peed on my slippers.
She'll get over it.
Mm. Aunt Rachel loves you
more than all the rest of us put together.
Well, you believe what you will,
but you are flat-out wrong.
What is it? What did I say?
I'm sorry.
- You okay?
- No!
- You took a year off my life.
- Oh, is that why you suddenly look so
Answer very carefully.
Think I'm done.
Katie let me in. I'm sorry I startled you.
I forgive you.
Especially because you're learning
when to stop.
Do you give lessons?
What happened?
It's me and Helen and Dana Sue.
I keep trying to help,
and it just it just keeps getting worse.
Helen broke up with Ryan
and didn't even tell us.
Wow. Um
Yeah, I'm sure that hurts.
Maybe she just needed some time to herself
before she discusses it with you.
So much so that she went out of town.
Am I that bad of a friend?
We want to help the people we love.
But sometimes that help well, isn't help.
Because people have to be willing
to meet you,
and not everyone can meet you
where you want them to be.
Am I pushing them away?
I know you don't mean to.
I know that you wanna fix things.
But how can you fix something
that somebody doesn't want fixed?
It's about balance.
Sometimes you help them,
and sometimes
you let them help themselves.
I was just talking about balance with Ty.
You know, I have it on good authority,
it's easier to tell other people advice
than it is to take your own.
But I've heard from more than one person
that Ty's mom is a smart lady.
You should listen to her.
Can we talk?
Seeing you and Rebecca at the spa
Well, it made me realize
how much I missed already.
I wanna be part of her life.
- You are.
- Not in a meaningful way.
Everything okay?
Hey, Isaac.
- I was just
- Stopping by.
I respect
your choice to keep my name
off her birth certificate.
I I do.
But I don't wanna miss the big moments,
to have to fill in the gaps
between pictures.
I wanna have the opportunity to know her
and let her know me.
I've made decisions about you I regret,
Bill, but not this one.
And if you won't respect me
as your ex-fiancée, fine,
but respect me as Rebecca's mother.
When she's old enough to make that choice,
if she wants to invite you back
into her life, I won't hold her back,
but she will always be my priority.
Bex and what she needs.
Not you and what you want.
But, Noreen
You really don't understand
how many people you've hurt, do you?
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry. Be better.
If not for yourself, then for your kids.
All of them.
This is for Rebecca.
Good night.
Miss Paula.
Dana Sue.
- I thought I'd just come lend a hand.
- Well, thank you, ma'am.
But I can handle
cookies and lemonade.
That's not what I'm here to help with.
I think you know that.
Miss Paula
My dear girl,
the world offers us so many burdens.
But we don't have to carry them all.
God gives us grace
to put down the heaviest ones.
Wouldn't it be a shame
not to take him up on it?
Maddie! Just who I wanted to see.
I have to dash into the kitchen
and get some more snickerdoodles.
Could you, um, just help
Dana Sue for a minute?
- I can
- No problem.
Grace to us all.
How would you like me to help?
I wish I knew.
How about I just wait here?
See if it comes to you.
- Would you like a cookie?
- Yeah.
There you go.
Careful. What if getting grounded
is contagious?
What happened?
My parents found out
I wasn't supposed to be seeing Jackson.
What do you mean,
you weren't supposed to be?
- His mom said we couldn't date.
- And you didn't break up?
That is so unfair!
Unfair to whom?
Oh, sorry.
Uh, everything okay?
No. No, no, it's it's not. I'm a fool!
- Absolutely untrue.
- Yes, I am.
This entire time I could've been
Can I help?
Do you have your driver's license?
Um, mm-hmm.
You're not concentrating, man. Come on.
Well, at least I didn't burn myself.
All right, Isaac.
What's going on?
How much do you know
about the new people you're with?
No, stop.
- We are not gonna talk about this.
- I just
I know you mean well,
but you aren't gonna hurry me back
to Sullivan's by gossiping.
Hey. This isn't gossip.
It's information.
Yeah, a line rarely recognized
in this town.
You're my friend, right?
So let's talk about something
besides my love life or my work life.
Look, forgive me for intruding.
There are so many people in my life
who wound up in pain
because they got involved with people
who aren't who they say they are.
I hate that you are one of them.
Hey, dude.
Is he okay?
No. He's worrying about things
he doesn't need to worry about.
Like you?
Eh, he's young. Looks up to you.
- He doesn't need to look after me.
- That's an adjustment, right?
Especially if he feels
like you rejected him?
All of them, when you left Sullivan's.
I can text the rest of the guys,
tell 'em not to come.
No, it's fine.
- I can text Isaac, tell him to come back.
- Ah, let him be.
He means well.
Maybe I shouldn't have been
short with him,
but he isn't responsible
for me and my mess.
Friendship is sticky, isn't it?
Maybe we should let it out more
like you told me,
or we could pour it out
like the ladies do.
But they're having problems of their own.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Ah, the three of them are on the outs.
And Helen and Ryan broke up.
Sorry to hear that.
Remember those beasts we talked about?
I hope you're not running away from one.
My hope is that you're running
towards something that brings you joy.
Got your brother all worried yesterday.
Like Zeke hasn't seen me cry before.
He may be responsible for more of my tears
than any man on Earth.
Was he responsible for yesterday's?
Who was?
I guess I haven't quite wept Ryan
all the way out yet.
Is that about Ryan or about me?
It's about you coming
all the way to Tampa to cry.
- Dana Sue, Maddie, and I fought.
- About what?
They were worried I wasn't happy with him.
And then you broke up with him.
Imagine that.
You know, you were never one
for taking advice.
You were this big
when your daddy and I realized
that we were going to have to use
reverse psychology to manage you
because whatever we told you to do,
your pride drove you
to do the exact opposite.
All the expert advice,
all the psychology,
in whichever direction,
won't help this time, Mama.
Ending my relationship with Ryan
is one thing, but
ruining my relationship
with Dana Sue and Maddie is
Baby, baby, baby, baby.
What is ever ruined beyond repair?
When you're done with that potato salad,
your brother's gonna sneak in here,
and he's gonna add some sour cream.
Then I'm gonna have to sneak back in here
and balance it out with more relish.
But by all means, stay in Tampa.
Cry and proclaim all is lost.
Am I gonna have to stand here
and guard that potato salad?
Only if you believe you're the only one
who can make it properly.
Coast seems clear. Not a Lewis in sight.
You are awesome.
Anything for love.
Come on in.
Dr. Townsend.
- Thank you for making time for me.
- It's my pleasure.
I'm just here covering emergencies.
Fortunately, there haven't been any yet.
I was so glad to get your call.
I certainly didn't wanna come by
without calling.
That would be like
showing up at your house uninvited.
Isaac, I wanna
Don't come to my house
without being asked.
Don't push Noreen's boundaries.
And don't pretend to be anything to her
or to Bex that you are not.
Well, I am Rebecca's father.
You are gonna look me in the eye
and talk about being a father?
You gave Bex some DNA. That's it.
And now you're gonna give her space.
Noreen deserves space too.
And so do I.
Thank you for your time, Dr. Townsend.
Now that the brass is off,
we can look at sanding and refinishing.
Why is working with your hands so chill?
So, you're just gonna skip over the whole
and where-does-that-screw-go phase?
No, is that required?
I mean, I found it very instructive,
but by all means, go right to the pleasure
of creating something.
Something I know will last, you know?
A baseball game is over,
and what have you got?
Maybe a sore back.
Maybe a championship ring.
Yeah, but not something your grandkid
could put a hand on one day and say,
"My granddad made this for me,
and I wasn't even born yet."
I'm sorry. I'm getting carried away.
Getting all dramatic like Kyle.
No, not at all. You're being you.
You're connecting with a passion.
Maybe even with a direction?
Sorry about the wailing before.
I wish it was something
I could help with.
No, but I'm still gonna make it up to you.
Come with me.
No, no, no, no.
You don't have to make anything up to me.
- You lovely ladies mind if we join?
- Oh, please do!
Aunt Rachel.
Zeke. Thank you for hosting.
Your children are looking well.
Thank you, ma'am.
I can't believe Luke has shot up
another two inches
since the Fourth of July.
Yes, he has.
- How's your fur baby, Aunt Rachel?
- Oh! Fantastic!
Oh! Uh
Purry is, uh, looking, uh, fluffy.
You don't fool me for a moment, Zeke.
You don't like Purry and never have.
Oh, Aunt Rachel, I think you have
the wrong impression.
Zeke was just over at the food table
talking about Purry Sledge.
- Saying terrible things.
- No, ma'am.
He was actually asking me a favor,
and I agreed.
I know this is a a holiday,
but may I speak
in a professional capacity, Aunt Rachel?
- You're not suing Aunt Rachel?
- I'm not sure what's happening, Mama.
Zeke was mentioning
that your arthritis is getting worse.
It is.
If it gets too hard to take care of Purry,
do you have a plan?
I can't bear to think about it.
No one here loves Purry the way I do.
But Zeke has forgiven Purry,
and Zeke knows what it's like
to worry over those you love
and wonder how best to help them.
Well, he's a good boy. Zeke, that is.
- So, Aunt Rachel? Aunt Rachel!
- Yes?
I think that you should leave
some or all of your estate
to your cat.
Lord willing, you outlive us all,
but I'm sure it's a heavy burden to carry,
wondering who would take care
of Purry Sledge if
anything were to happen to you.
Can I do that?
Can I leave all my money to Purry?
We will set up a pet trust,
leaving money and instructions for care.
And then you appoint a guardian,
someone who will value Purry
as much as you do.
Someone who will make sure
that your sweet pet
is well provided for if needed.
Perhaps a guardian
who has already demonstrated his desire
for a renewed relationship with Purry.
You're such a thoughtful man, Zeke.
You do me proud.
- Well, thank you, Helen.
- Oh, anytime, Aunt Rachel.
Oh, you're such a good boy.
You've always been my favorite.
Oh, if we're gonna meet up
with my friends, we should head out.
If you wanna keep waiting,
I can go ahead of you.
Vamp a little,
do some card tricks or something.
I'm ready to go.
Would you mind giving this to Kathy
when she comes in?
All right.
- Been a pleasure working with you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Shall we?
- We shall.
That was a good thing you did
for Rachel and Zeke today.
- I think you deserve some credit for that.
- What?
For birthing a brilliant daughter?
- I will take that jewel in my crown.
- Aw.
I was just glad to remind Aunt Rachel
that the people who love her
value the same things she does,
even when it's tough to show it.
Especially when it's tough.
But you weren't tough.
You were gracious, and you were gentle.
And you led her to the truth
with love and integrity.
And that, my darling, is a gift.
Whether offering it
to the family you're born in
or the one that you created for yourself.
I like this family.
Do you have a fancy pen like Nana?
If you wanna practice your cursive,
maybe use a pencil.
No, I wanna write a letter.
To whom?
Kyle. I yelled at him yesterday.
And now I wanna say I'm sorry
and tell him how much he means to me.
Come here.
I only need one.
I know, sweetie,
but you gave me a great idea.
I wanna write a couple of notes too.
Who the hell is Trish?
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