Sweet Tooth (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Sorry About All the Dead People

1 You can't know Gus's story without knowing Aimee's too.
The end of the world's got a funny way of making connections.
Aimee never saw it coming, because before the Great Crumble… It's like we never talk anymore.
…she had a hard time connecting to anything.
Whose decision was it to have three kids? You're not blaming our kids on me.
- He never listens to me.
- That is completely unfair.
-All I do is listen to you.
-Then what did I just say? He has a great job, but… You see, Aimee lived inside a cage.
- He chews… - The cage of a mundane life.
And that cage was about to get smaller.
This is the Emergency Broadcast System.
This is not a test.
It doesn't show mercy, and it is here, and it is now.
And if you don't pray, now might be a good time to start.
The H5G9 strain… This is officially your final warning.
This is a mandatory quarantine.
Repeat, this is a mandatory quarantine.
Officials are telling everyone to stay indoors.
Lock your homes.
Do not come in contact with anyone showing symptoms.
If you're healthy, you need to quarantine in place.
Hours became days.
Days became weeks.
Aimee became a prisoner.
But just when she thought the world had locked her away for good… nature had another idea.
And for the first time in Aimee's life… she felt awake.
Just like that, Aimee knew exactly where she needed to go.
Hi there.
Everybody left, huh? Are you ready to be free? Yeah? Hm? Some stories start at the beginning.
Well, go on, then.
Aimee's story begins here.
And somewhere, far, far out of the deep woods, fate was bringing all our stories together.
Big Man! Wait for me! How long are you gonna follow me? Till we get there, I guess.
Get where? Colorado.
That's where she is.
Who? -My mom.
-Aw… I forgot to tell you.
Colorado blew up.
Yeah, it's… Everything's gone.
Lasers, I think, and, um… all the people there are gone too.
So sad.
Sorry you missed it.
Oh, well.
Have a great life.
That was a joke.
Your jokes aren't very funny, Big Man.
As funny as a little deer kid thinking he could make it out here on his own.
I'm not alone, I got you.
-What'd I tell you? -If I went and looked for her alone-- I said stay put, as in don't leave, as in stay your ass in the woods and munch on shrubs or whatever it is you do.
What are you doing? My Pubba said we gotta leave places like we found them, hide our trash so bad people don't find us.
Be right back.
Let me guess.
You're nocturnal too.
I'll be quiet, I promise.
Ain't gonna happen, little man.
You're creepy as hell back there.
Get out here where I can see you.
Where do you live? - Nowhere.
- Where's that? -Anywhere I want.
-Do you have friends? -Nope.
-How come? -Dead.
-Do you know my mom? -No.
-How come? -Probably dead.
-How do you know? -Most people are.
-How far's Colorado? -A million miles.
-How long'll that take? I don't know 'cause I'm not taking you.
How come? 'Cause I got things to do.
-Like what? -Trust me, kid.
Guys like me aren't good for kids like you.
Did you put out all the fires? What fires? Well, my Pubba said it was all bad people and fires outside the fence, but I haven't seen any other fires.
Finish your food.
Now what? I'm going to bed.
What should I do? I don't give a shit, as long as you're gone in the morning.
Dude… Oh, no.
Not my food.
You little… My map! Uh… Where are these? I don't know.
I tried some, but they were gross.
They made me feel funny.
They're not candy.
Now, where are the rest of them? Ah, damn! But I brought extra syrup! Go home.
You can have my share too! Come here.
I got no medicine, I got no way out of here, I got no water and I got no food.
I get angry when I don't have food.
Do you want to see what angry looks like? I know where there's food.
Maybe we can go in together? Get in there.
Go in! Don't talk… …grab food, run back.
Don't talk, grab food… Whoa! Uh… Dad? Leave my head alone! You can't have it! You get many visitors? Never.
Then you can take off your masks.
I don't have the Sick.
If you've been isolated out here, then you don't, either.
Is the virus still out there? Comes and goes.
What about… Critters don't get sick and they can't spread it, either.
I don't know why people still believe that.
We don't get out much.
Rusty! Not at the table.
Go on to your room.
Hold on.
All better.
Thank you.
Are you Rusty's mom? -I never met a mom before.
-Don't get him started.
Who taught you to talk? My Pubba did.
He made me do school.
I figure the Sick got him.
-Do you know Birdie? -Excuse me? My mama.
We're trying to find her.
I'm sorry.
I'm afraid I don't know her.
She looks very nice, though.
I tried to tell him, she ain't out there, but he's stubborn as hell.
How do you guys know each other? -We don't.
-He's taking me to Colorado.
How old are you, Gus? I'm ten, I think.
Isn't that old for one of them? How old's Rusty? He's 11.
He's one of the last, uh… One of the last human babies before… Before all kids were born like you.
Can I go play with him? I… I don't know.
Does he bite? Do you bite? Go on, then, Sweet Tooth.
Yeah, okay.
Did you know they used to send people to the moon? My dad said they used to make people go to outer space and stuff.
Have you ever been to the moon? No.
I went to a mall one time.
Do you poop pellets? No.
Are your ears soft, or are they gross like pig ears? I forget I have them sometimes.
Except when they're itchy.
I had a golden retriever named Snickers, and I used to scratch his ears, and his leg would kick a lot.
Do you do that? Um… I don't know.
Can I try? Super cool.
- Do you know how to play trains? - Yeah.
What's a train? It's like a caterpillar, and it goes fast.
So how do I play it? Put your hand on it, and then you push it.
It's so fun.
Are you who I think you are? I don't know, am I? You know, the football guy.
You… you played for the… What was it… The Gators? -Guardians.
-Timmy Jepperd.
So, where were you when it all went… Try not to think about it.
Bev was at work.
We both were, actually.
We barely saw each other back then, really.
Guess in a lot of ways, everything falling apart actually brought us together as a family.
Yeah, you're lucky you made it.
That's 'cause no one knows we're here.
What do you want from us? I wanna spend the night, wait out the storm.
-I should talk to Bev first.
-I wasn't asking.
We don't want any trouble.
That makes two of us.
Move out and look for him.
- Marco.
- Polo.
Not Fair! He hears everything, Mom! He's not like you, honey.
You have to find a game you're both good at.
Why don't you show Gus your records? I can turn the gray sky blue I can make it rain… Have you heard music before, Gus? I can build a castle from a single grain of sand I can make a ship sail, on dry land But my life is incomplete And I'm so blue 'Cause I can't get next to you - I can't get next to you, babe - Next to you - I can't get next to you - I just can't get next you I can't get next to you I can fly like a bird in the sky Hey, and I can buy anything That money can buy Oh, I can turn a river Into a raging fire I can live forever if I so desired Unimportant Are all the things I can do 'Cause I can't get next to you… And as one storm was brewing… …another was headed far from Yellowstone, and straight for Aditya Singh.
Do, do, do, do.
Yes, thank you.
Thank you.
-Really? -Oh, come on, I have all the vowels again.
-I know you're cheating.
-Not sure I've met a sorer loser.
-Ha! -What? X-I is not a word! It's a triple-word score, 14th letter of the Greek alphabet.
I really miss having the Internet.
You miss the Internet so you can double-check me on Scrabble? Well, for that and other things, but mostly… that.
Boom! "Mosquito"-- How long have you been holding on to that one? I will beat you.
-I'm sorry, sweetheart.
-I hate it when you call me that.
Come on.
Right, we're running low.
I should head to Dr.
If this is your way of getting out of our game… The last thing we need is for the neighbors to see you like this.
Can you at least bring me back some french fries? And an apple pie? -And a strawberry milkshake.
-Oh, gee.
I love you.
I love you.
You ready for a ride, Trixie? Hey? Come on.
- Hey, Adi.
- Hey, Bob.
-You two stay safe out there.
-Yeah, we will.
You're a good man, Bob.
How are you? Where's Kevin? Oh, split a few days ago.
He heard they were starting new safe zones on the east coast.
Didn't know there was an east coast anymore.
Between the two of us, Kevin was getting suburban cabin fever, so he'd use any excuse to get out of here.
Are you feeling okay? Yeah, yeah, just a routine checkup.
You know, it's easy to lose track of the days.
-Don't I know it.
Wrist, please.
-Yeah, sorry.
All good.
Take a seat.
Thank you.
See you next week.
- Mr.
Singh? - Yes.
The doctor will see you now.
Busy as usual tonight? Refill? Yeah.
How long have the doses been lasting? Um, about 28 days she's in full remission, and then-- And then the Sick comes back? Yeah.
Any symptoms with this new cocktail? A small rash on her leg, slight nausea, but, uh, her energy levels are up.
Must be inching closer to a cure.
It's funny, you've been saying the same thing for the past ten years, and I still can't tell if you're talking to me as a relative of a patient or as a colleague.
What's this? All my records.
Detailed documentation of every trial version I've used on Rani, what has worked and what hasn't.
You want me to help keep track? You know my medical days are over.
They don't have to be.
I prefer it on the sidelines, you know, less screaming and mass death.
-You know what I went through.
-What we all went through.
I wouldn't be asking you if I had any other choice.
What aren't you saying, Gladys? Before everything happened… I used to preach to all my patients that mammograms have saved countless women.
But since the virus hit, cancer has been a secondary concern.
The thought of something inside you and taking you down slowly seems like a luxury.
How far along are you? I'm pretty sure it's stage four now.
Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
I don't know what to say.
Say you'll continue the work I started.
I wouldn't even know where to begin.
That is what the book is for.
Now, I've had to do a lot of things that I'm not proud of.
But you, of all people, know that this new world is all about survival, no matter the cost.
Rani is alive today because of you, and, um, we're both forever grateful-- You know, there was a time when I was convinced my purpose was to find the cure to the virus, but now I know I was wrong.
It's yours.
How can you be so sure? Because there's nothing that you wouldn't do for your wife, Dr.
And that is exactly what it's going to take.
What's wrong? Did she run out of medicine again? No, she's… she's gone.
I don't understand.
She's left instructions.
It's up to me now to make your medicine.
You're acting like this is a bad thing.
I can't think of anything better than my own husband keeping me healthy.
-My personal hero-- -No, you don't understand what she's been… What she's been doing.
It's… What is it, Adi? It goes against everything that we believe in.
I don't think I can do it.
MRE tokens.
You can trade them in for military food.
I'm only taking what I need to get back to the Market.
We don't want your money.
I'd offer you meds, but he lost all mine.
-What are you doing with him? -Trying to get rid of him.
Easier said than done.
You're one of them, aren't you? I, uh… saw your mark.
Not anymore.
How many people have you killed? -Can we not do this? -Did they all deserve it? Did you come here for my family? My son? I came here for food.
Look, lady, I did what I had to, to survive.
Just like everyone else.
We never stole.
Or kidnapped.
And we never killed anyone.
That's because people like you had people like me to do it for you.
He believes you're gonna look after him.
He believes whatever the hell he wants.
If it were up to me… there'd be no such thing as kids like him.
Then why did you save him? Doesn't matter.
I got an idea.
Why don't you take him? I saved him, you keep him.
He's better off here than out there.
What about his mom? You're the closest thing he'll ever have to a mom.
I have to… talk to George.
Tell him you're out of beans.
Have you met kids like me before? This one time, we saw a bobcat girl in the woods, but she didn't talk like you.
My dad scared her off.
Why? He said 'cause it's animal kids' fault.
What is? Making everyone get sick and die.
Hey, my Pubba wrote that.
Who? My Pubba, he wrote lots of books.
That's not what The Velveteen Rabbit looks like.
Who drew this? His eyes are crazy.
He looks like he's got boogers.
Have you seen any fires? What? Outside, there's supposed to be fires everywhere.
You're weird, Sweet Tooth.
Super weird.
Boys, bed time.
What's it like having a mom? It's cool, I guess.
It's like having a dad… but better.
Hey, want a sweatshirt? We got, like, 1,000 of them.
Lights out, you two.
You're stuck? Here.
He's all fixed.
Good night, sweetheart.
Sweet dreams.
Did your mom live near Red Rocks? Red what? Looks like a place George and I used to go to hear music, back before you kids were born.
When we had a life.
We liked music almost as much as you, apparently.
Red Rocks.
Good night, Gus.
It was nice to meet you.
We want to talk with you both in the morning, okay? Oh! -I wasn't expecting that.
-Yeah, it's creepy.
-Good night, boys.
-Night, boys.
Big Man.
I couldn't sleep, either.
Are we leaving? Oh.
There's more.
How many? A lot.
I can't smell in the rain.
Can I have your attention? -George.
-Oh, what was that? We are not here for you or your family.
But we have reason to believe that you are harboring an animal child.
-Now, that gives us the right to come in.
Under Abbot's code, we have the right to search your home.
Or, you can surrender the hybrid peacefully.
-And no one will get hurt.
-Gus, come here.
-You have to the count of three… -Gus, come here.
…to turn the child over.
One… two… Okay, then.
Three! Come here, little freak.
You think you're safe out here? Well, I got news for you.
We'll always find you.
You like hanging around dead animals, boy? How about I make you one? Ah! Ah! Whoa! Thank you.
Couple more for the road? Listen, don't take it the wrong way.
He seems like a good kid.
Just… We gotta protect the family.
You're doing what you have to, to survive.
Gotta admit, it was awesome to see you still got it, though, man.
-I was like, "Holy--" -George! Right.
If I could see the world Through the eyes of a child… Sorry I called you weird.
It's okay.
Sorry about all the dead people.
It's cool.
I hope you find your mom.
Me too.
With a bluebird in every tree I could see right, no wrong I could see good, no bad I could see all the good things In life I've never had If I could see the world Through the eyes of a child What a wonderful world This would be If I could see the world Through the eyes of a child Smiling faces would greet me All the while Ooh, ooh, ooh… You don't have to help me look for her.
I can do it on my own.
I'll tell you what.
I'll get you to the next town, and then we're done.
Then we go to Red Rocks? Don't push it.
For the first time in his life, Gus was on a real adventure.
But with every new adventure… comes new dangers.
What a wonderful world - This would be - Ooh, ooh Aimee, on the other hand, was through with the outside world.
What she didn't know was the outside world wasn't through with her.

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