Sweet Tooth (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Big Man

1 The Great Crumble happened slowly at first.
But the cracks had been forming for some time.
Uh… You sure that's okay, man? Why wouldn't it be? Well, uh, I'm pretty sure it's exactly what we're not supposed to do, right? According to who? -Everyone.
-We're outside.
We've just disinfected for, like, the tenth time today.
We're safe, all right? Don't freak out, man.
That's what they want you to do.
-That's what who wants us to do? -The government.
The anti-government.
Big Pharma.
You know, this stuff is, like, 1,000 times more deadly than the virus.
Do you have any idea what's in this? No.
Do you have any idea what's in that? Open your eyes, man.
Can you at least put your mask back on? It's the protocol.
Ah! Hey! -All right, give me that! -No! Don't-- Get-- Hey! Get off! You've changed, Greg.
-You're so angry.
-You've changed.
Hey, sorry.
Sorry, man.
Are you okay? Couldn't you see me? I'm so yellow! Sorry, but we are full here.
You're gonna have to turn this around.
-If you're sick, you have to stay home.
-Nobody's sick, she's having a baby! - Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
Okay, breathe.
We'll do it together.
Move! Wait, wait, wait.
- Sir! We're at capacity.
- Please let us up to the maternity ward.
- Sorry, man, I can't do that.
- Come on, man.
Eighth floor.
Go to the second desk, you'll get in quicker.
Thank you.
 Thank you.
Oh, my God.
It's okay.
It's okay, baby.
We got this.
I know you don't have any beds left, but we don't have anywhere else-- -Who let you in? -I don't know how else to do this.
Sir, you shouldn't be here.
We don't have anywhere else to go.
We can take her.
But you gotta stay here.
Fathers aren't allowed upstairs.
No, no, no.
I gotta be with her.
- Government rules, not mine.
- Tommy, it's good.
Let me go.
To hell with the rules.
Baby, this is the real world.
You can't fix everything by knocking heads.
I thought that's why you married me.
I got this.
-What if it's-- -Shh.
Don't be silly.
It's not gonna happen to us.
Are you sure, baby? I need you to be strong for me right now.
Can you do that for me? Take a seat.
It's okay.
Okay, baby.
So many anti-hybrid protests in our area.
We go now live to one of those protests.
Even as we see the H5G9 numbers skyrocket, the rising cases of hybrid children have captured the country's attention.
The thing that should have brought us together only pulled us further apart.
We felt scared.
We felt… alone.
Gus! Gus, come on, man.
Come back! He's not out front, either.
I've been through all the woods.
It's like a maze.
You get turned around real easy.
Imagine how he feels.
Everything you've been told your whole life is one big lie.
I don't know, man.
Maybe we shouldn't have brought him here.
No, we did the right thing.
There's nothing worse than not knowing.
That never goes away.
Did you have any idea? No.
Didn't have "test-tube baby" on my bingo card.
Did you see the dates on those photos? Gus was born way before the others.
Yeah, I noticed.
-What if… -Don't say it.
What if Gus was the first? Yeah, but why do you think they did it? Why did they make a deer-kid baby, in a lab? To see if they could.
Anyway, does it even change anything? It does, doesn't it? I've spent my entire life thinking hybrids were a miracle of nature.
I formed an army who believed it too.
At least you believed in something.
Stay here.
See what else you can find.
I'll track down Gus.
Hell no.
I'm coming with you.
Someone needs to wait here in case he comes back.
But be gentle with him, or I'll kick your ass.
Stupid book! Stupid slingshot.
Stupid Dog.
Stupid bag.
Don't make a sound.
Uh-oh! Testing.
Hello and good evening.
I am trying to reach the lady of the house.
Aimee Eden.
Collector of mongrels.
I've been following your work here for some time now.
Do you have any idea who I am? An asshole with a tank? I am the man who'll be giving you your own little chapter in the history books one day, Ms.
How that chapter ends, that's entirely up to you.
Does the name "Laika" mean anything to you? She was a lucky dog, a mutt from the streets of Moscow.
The Soviets launched Laika into outer space in the name of science.
She never made it back.
But had it not been for our sweet little Laika, humans would never have traveled to the stars.
You've collected quite a few Laikas in your little zoo, haven't you? I'm gonna stop you right there.
Whatever it is you're selling, the answer's no.
I probably didn't make myself clear.
My friends and I, we're not leaving.
And did I mention I have brought a few friends? There are only two goals when it comes to these little freaks: extermination and experimentation.
The problem is, if you're really, really good at the extermination part, we find ourselves with nowhere near the numbers we need to experiment on these little rodents.
That's where you come in.
Allow me to be clear.
Go away.
What's your name, military guy? Douglas Abbot, but you can call me General.
You're a dinosaur, Abbot.
You're already extinct, you just don't want to admit it.
Mankind's best days are yet to come, I assure you.
It's the children's turn now, and it's our job to get out of their way.
They're a mutation, an invasive pest.
If not for some cruel trick of nature, they do hold something of a key to our survival.
That's why we're here.
They're better than us.
Better than you or me.
They're the good part of us.
Without the complications.
Nature doesn't want us back.
We never gave her a good reason to keep us around in the first place.
Do you miss fireworks, Abbot? Who doesn't? Disfruta, cabrón.
-Go! -Go! Come on.
 Come on.
Take her! Hunt her down.
Make her regret that.
Yes, sir.
You two.
Over here.
Let's go.
Everybody, stay put till Mom comes.
Terrence, wait in the tunnel for Henry.
He's super slow.
Everybody stick together.
Look, I'm scared too.
The Preserve is our home.
But the important thing is, we're safe.
She's gonna be here any minute.
She promised she will come.
I believe in her.
Bobby? Bobby… Bobby? Bobby? Bobby.
Bob-- Bobby, no.
- What is that thing? - It's one of them.
Bag it.
- All right.
Come on.
- No! Easy.
- Where do you want this thing? - Bring it to the cages.
Nice try.
We need all medics to medical.
I need all medics to medical.
Where are we? Welcome to your new home.
Watch your step.
Let's go.
Let's get you down.
Rani? Rani? Rani? Rani, I'm here.
Rani, I'm here.
Rani! She can't hear you.
She can't see you, for that matter.
We sealed her in from us.
But more importantly, us from her.
I told you she wasn't contagious.
Yeah, I know.
But not everyone is as aware of her unique condition.
Plus you and I both know how rapidly this virus can adapt.
Right? Welcome! I want you to know that you will have everything you want here.
Any half-breed you can imagine.
Anything you need, just snap your fingers and we will find a way to get it to you.
I want my wife.
You don't have to motivate me, you animal! Are you done? Cut the shit, Singh.
There's a new wave of the Sick coming.
Bell predicted it, and my ears on the coast confirm as much.
It's just a matter of time.
So… I don't just want any cure.
I want the only cure.
And I want all of it.
I… I never guaranteed I could, um, I could make one.
I… I know.
You were bluffing to save yourselves.
Find me a cure with enough doses, so I can decide who lives and who doesn't.
And then your little bird can just fly out of her cage.
Do we have a deal? Wendy? Wen-- Wendy? Hey, Gus! Aw, man.
Come on, come back.
Jepperd? Mr.
Jepperd? Is it okay? It's a boy.
Is… Is it human? He and his mom are healthy and resting.
Is it human? Would you like to see him? They're just running some last tests on your wife, and then she can come and join you both.
Take your time.
What kind is it? Huh? Your baby, what kind? I don't know.
It was one of those things.
I don't know if I can do this.
Hey! You'll be surprised what you're capable of when it's for someone you love.
Good luck.
No sign of them, and it's been a while.
I'm gonna put out these porch lights.
What was really going on at Fort Smith? That's another lifetime ago.
Why did they make Gus? How did you do it? Well, Gus was all Birdie.
But Fort Smith wasn't just about Gus.
I know.
It was about the virus too, wasn't it? Why does it matter now? What does the virus have to do with kids like Gus? I once heard her say they were two sides of the same coin.
But she wouldn't tell me any more than that.
So why have you been protecting her work for all these years? Because she was my best friend.
She was family to me.
Like a sister.
When she left me here… Well, I had nowhere else to go.
I mean, do you have any idea what that's like? Yes.
I know exactly what that's like.
I'm not coming back.
Stick together.
You lose that thing, you'll regret it the rest of your life.
You broke all your gold men.
And look how I turned out.
I'd keep this stuff.
That's all you got of your dad.
What dad? I don't have one.
I don't have anyone.
Just me.
I never should have crossed the fence.
I should have just stayed in the woods.
None of this would have ever happened.
None of what? Everything.
Everything's stupid.
Everyone wants to kill me.
Everyone lies.
Well, he did his best.
Then why couldn't he just tell me the truth? Being honest is hard sometimes.
All that stuff back in the attic, at least we know one thing he said was true.
You're a special kid.
I don't want to be special.
I want to be like everyone else.
I want to be with kids like me.
You said they were out there.
I'm gonna go to the Preserve.
Because I'm sick of being the weird one.
If there's anyone out there like me, I wanna meet 'em.
I wanna see what they're like.
You know, back when everything was falling apart… I had a little baby.
A lot like you.
When I saw him, I had no clue what to do with him.
I didn't even know what he was.
I mean, nobody knew what to think in those days.
I mean, how could I be responsible for a little, I mean… So I wanted to run away too.
What happened? Oh, I thought about it.
And I realized I was just scared.
I wasn't afraid of him.
I was afraid of me.
I think that fear was… love that I didn't know what to do with.
But he needed me.
So I stopped running.
I turned around.
And I went back to get him.
Him and his mom.
But they were already gone.
Someone had took 'em.
And I never saw them again.
I hurt a lot of people, Little Man.
Usually on purpose.
But sometimes I don't mean to hurt 'em.
Sometimes I just make bad decisions.
But you know what? I think you're one of the good ones.
Don't make me lose you too.
Come back with me.
And go where? Anywhere we want.
What would we do? Anything we want to do.
I could teach you stuff.
You can teach me… What was that game called? Pass the Ball? That's the one.
We'll need a ball.
I think we can find one.
Maybe you can show me how to make that syrup.
We need maple trees.
We'll find some.
Like, we need lots of them.
We'll find a forest.
Maybe even live there.
Together? Why do you think I'm here? Can Bear come too? I'll have to think about that one.
So, what should we say to the Preserve when they get here? What do you mean? Don't get mad, but I kind of called them, and they said that they were on their way.
Look, I fixed it.
Big Man! I heard a big boom! Big Man? Big Man? Big Man! Big Man, wake up! They're coming! They're here! Big Man! Wake up! Big Man! He was one of us.
A disgrace to humanity.
Come on, let's go! Incoming hybrid has arrived.
Prepare for receiving.
Here's the info for this one.
Hey, little bud.
You okay in there? Just a little longer, man.
- Johnny! - Yeah.
I thought I asked you to clean the kennels.
Sorry, boss.
Start with this one.
Ready in five.
Don't let them know you can talk.
Don't let them know you can talk.
What I'm about to do goes against everything that I believe in.
But I'm doing it for her.
And we have very little time left.
My God.
They really are a wonder, these things.
Um… It's, uh… It's older than the others.
More human.
It's… That? Thanks.
Abbot's ready for you.
Got everything you put on your list.
It's all sharpened and laid out just how you want it.
- Where did you find this one? - Just arrived.
Someone called it in.
Are you… Are you a superstitious man? Trust me.
You don't want to keep him waiting.
When I graduated medical school, Rani gave me a little statue of the goddess of learning, as a gift.
Do you know what animal form she once appeared as? A deer? A red deer.
Bring me another patient.
I want more time with this one.
-He's not gonna like that.
-Johnny! That's your name, right? He won't know because you're not going to tell him.
- Any sign of them? - Not yet.
I should have gone with him.
He must be scared out there on his own.
You make a good team, you three.
Yeah, well, we did.
If I ever see them again.
What's your name, sweetie? I told you.
It's Bear.
I know.
But no loving parent names their child Bear.
So, what's your real name? Look, I know we burst into your life out of the blue, but I'm not looking to make friends.
How old were you when it happened? I was six.
I don't remember much, so… And your family? My foster parents were killed in cold blood by Last Men.
I'm sorry.
You don't have to talk about it.
No, it's… It's fine.
The truth is, no one killed them.
They just went like everyone else.
They got sick.
And they had a baby too.
My little sister.
She was a hybrid.
But people came to take her away, and I was too little to stop them.
Where did you go? I was alone.
For a long time.
I stayed away from humans.
And I tried to find my sister, but I never could.
So I gave up.
I hated adults.
And then I met someone like me, who'd been through what I went through.
I called her Tiger.
She called me Bear.
We made a family of kids like us.
Till she betrayed me.
And then I was alone again.
My name's Becky.
Rebecca Walker.
But my parents called me their little Becky Bear.
You can't give up on your sister, Becky.
If Gus can make it back here after all these years, you never know what you can find if you look hard enough.
Holy shit! Should auld acquaintance be forgot… The boy had forgotten what it meant to be hidden from the outside world.
But this fence was different.
This time, he wasn't truly alone.
And days of auld lang syne? We twa hae run about the braes And pu'd the gowans fine We've wandered many a weary foot… Ready, Dr.
Singh? Ready.
From morning sun till dine… Since auld lang syne And there's a hand my trusty friend! And give us a hand o' thine! We'll take A right guid willie-waught… Sometimes, everything we thought we'd lost… was right there all along.
When things fall apart, we find out who we really are.
We'll take a cup of kindness yet… Take it easy.
Who are you? Get some sleep.
Heal up.
Tomorrow we get our kids back.
We got a full squad at the aviary, sir.
Got a suspicious cargo and another moving forward to the perimeter fence down at… If we can see past the fear, we find out what really matters.
And we learn that sometimes, the things that set us apart… can also bring us together.
For auld lang syne, my dear For auld lang syne We'll take a cup of kindness yet For auld lang syne Hi.
I'm Wendy.
Hi, I'm Gus.
Because family is what we make it.
Each one of us.
Hello? Who are you?
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