Sweet Valley High (1994) s01e09 Episode Script


1 Look right down any crowded hall You see there's a beauty standing Is she really everywhere Or a reflection? One always calls out to you The other's shy and quiet Could there be two different girls Who look the same at Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High Meet you at Sweet Valley High Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High Meet you at Sweet Valley High Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High Meet you at Sweet Valley High Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High Jess, I don't have time for this.
My article's due at The Oracle in a half an hour.
Like the school can't live without another article from Elizabeth Wakefield.
What's so important about the Moon Beach? Dean Williams.
Lila told me he's been hanging out here all week.
Dean Williams has a girlfriend.
That was before he knew I was interested.
Ten minutes, then I'll drop you off.
Do I have a choice? It's my turn with the Jeep.
Whoa! Check out the babe on the bike.
Todd? Todd on a motorcycle? Somebody must be tampering with Sweet Valley's water source.
That would explain your personality, Jess.
Where did you get it? I swapped with my buddy for a week.
I'm thinking of buying one.
Hop on.
I'll take you for a spin.
No, thanks.
Go on, Liz.
Live a little.
Come on.
This thing really flies.
I'll pass.
What's her problem? Hey, Bruce.
Ooh, Toddie, did we get a new tricycle? Give me a call, Liz, when you're ready to eat with the grownups.
I never pegged you as the outlaw type, Todd.
I must say I'm slightly impressed.
You should've gone for a ride.
Jess, you know Mom and Dad are against motorcycles.
So? Look.
There he is.
Lila was right.
Sorry it took so long.
Yeah, Dean and Jackie make a real cute couple.
Yes, they were.
Jessica, don't you dare.
Get a grip, sis.
Life is short.
Hurry back.
Hi there.
I'm Jessica.
Haven't I seen you at the health club? I don't think so.
I'm sure I have.
I wouldn't forget a set of biceps like that.
I do a lot of lifting in my dad's auto shop.
Really? How fascinating.
You know Look at her.
She's unbelievable.
So are you.
Todd, are you sure about this motorcycle? Yeah.
I've always wanted one.
They're so dangerous.
Nothing's gonna happen.
- I've got to get to The Oracle.
- Dean? Where's Jessica? Jess! She left! I can't believe it.
She knew I needed a ride.
I'll drive you.
On that? What's wrong? Nothing.
It's just motorcycles scare me.
Don't worry.
I'm a safe driver.
I don't know.
Hey, it's your deadline.
"Life is too short," they say Let's find a way to prove them wrong We'll prove them wrong 'Cause we're on a race with time The speed of light is all we need To be free Tonight, I'm by your side Tonight, I take this ride Tonight, I will be free as the wind Don't be afraid of fun It's waiting for us on the horizon I told you this is great.
I'm having so much fun! Whoo! Yeah! Tonight, I'm by your side Tonight, I take this ride Whoo! Free as the wind Free as the wind Free as the wind Free as the wind Liz? Liz! How bad is she? It doesn't look good.
I can't believe it.
I just saw her this morning.
Any word on Todd? He's got a few cuts and bruises.
He's pretty sore, but they're releasing him.
Thank God.
I'm so scared.
What if Liz dies? Nobody's gonna die, Enid.
Robbins, please report to Radiology.
Robbins We came as soon as we heard.
How is she? She's in a coma.
- No.
- My God.
They don't know if she's gonna make it.
Liz it's me Jess.
You're looking better today.
And that's a good thing, because we Wakefields have an image to keep up, especially with all these hunky doctors around.
Oh, God, Liz.
I'm really sorry I left you there.
If I hadn't taken that Jeep Please, Liz.
You gotta wake up.
You've got to.
What will I do without you? You're more than just a sister to me.
You're a part of me and I'm a part of you.
I can't lose you! She'll pull through, Jess.
I know it.
What are you doing here? This is all your fault.
You made her go on that bike.
She was stranded.
You're the one who left her there.
You're blaming me? There's no one to blame but the drunk driver.
You're saying I'm a bad sister.
You think I did this to her! Well, why don't you just leave, then? We don't need you here.
You can't just throw me out.
Get a clue.
I can and I am.
Code blue, room - Liz! - Code blue, room 508.
Code blue.
Let's go! Oh, my God! She's gonna die! - Again.
Clear! - Clear.
I can't stand this.
I feel so helpless.
- We've got a BP.
- Heartbeat! She's back.
OK, let's stabilize her.
Hang a drip 4 mils lido a minute.
Liz! Jess? - You only have a minute.
- I'm right here.
Everything's gonna be OK.
It's so great Liz is finally coming back.
I've really missed her.
It's been three weeks, Enid.
You mean you haven't seen Liz since the hospital? Um, no.
She couldn't take my calls.
She wouldn't even see Todd.
I didn't see her, either.
She must've been busy.
Doing what, laying in bed? Whoa.
Check it out, check it out.
Hi, Jess.
What? Hi, everybody.
Liz, you look so different! Really? How perceptive of you, Enid.
Isn't that my leather skirt? And your top.
It looks hot on me, doesn't it? Hi, Bruce.
Elizabeth, wow! I've never seen you look so healthy.
You can say that again.
Easy, boys.
Don't hurt yourself.
Is that a new outfit? OK.
Let's get together sometime, Liz.
I'd like to hear more about your accident.
Ready for lunch? I have plans.
But we always have lunch together.
What's the deal? Nothing.
I just have something else to do.
Liz, what's going on? I think we should start seeing other people.
It's because of the accident, isn't it? No, that's not it.
Well, maybe just a little.
The accident made me realize what I've been missing in life.
I just want to try new things, have some fun.
I'm not interested in seeing other people.
Well, I am.
I gotta go.
Do you see that? She is acting totally weird.
Who does she think she is, attracting all that attention? Yeah.
That's our job.
Hey, guys.
Hi, Jessica.
How's the engine knock? Still there.
Maybe you could take another look, if you would? I'd love to.
- See you at the party.
- OK.
I'm taking the Jeep tonight.
But I'm using it.
Not anymore.
It's my turn.
Hey, Dean, you going to Bruce's pool party tomorrow? I wasn't invited.
You are now, as my personal guest.
Gotta go.
Elizabeth, wait up.
I'll walk out with you.
She's even more you than you.
We see this a lot.
It's more common than you think.
But she's totally out there.
I understand your concern.
When people drastically change their behavior, it can be very upsetting.
So, can't you give her a shot or something? I don't think that would help.
Physically, she's in perfect health.
This isn't a medical problem.
Maybe I'm not the person you should be talking to.
Really nice.
It's a new shade Raspberry Melon.
I'm talking about your little maneuver back at the Moon Beach.
What about it? Ever since the accident, you've been struttin' your stuff around here like you're God's gift to Sweet Valley.
What's the matter, can't handle the competition? From you? Ha! That's a laugh.
You knew Dean was mine, and you deliberately tried to take him.
I invited him to a party.
That's mine, too.
Take it.
I wouldn't be caught dead in it.
What's your problem? You're the problem here.
I've been having so much fun, and you hate it.
That's not all I'm beginning to hate.
The old Liz is gone, Jess.
You better get used to it.
Just quit trying to act like me, OK? What's the matter? Finally meeting your match, sis? Oh, and Dean's yours.
You can have him.
It's the worst.
You can't let it get you down like this.
You don't understand, Eggman.
She totally blew me off yesterday.
I don't understand? Please remember who you're talking to.
I get blown off on a daily basis.
Come on, hang on.
You can't give up.
It's over.
I don't even know who she is anymore.
You look good in black, Liz.
So, you ready for the ride of your life? You've never seen the vista at Miller's Point till you've seen it from a Porsche.
Who needs Miller's Point? Mm.
You'll never believe who I just saw practicing mouth-to-mouth in the parking lot, and I'm not talking CPR! Bruce Patman and Elizabeth Wakefield! Shh! Lila! Bruce and Liz? Actually, I'm not exactly sure if it was Liz.
I think it might have been someone who looked exactly like her.
Well, not Jessica, but - I'm gonna kill that guy! - Todd, come here! Wait! - You're dead, Patman! - Don't do anything crazy.
- Todd, take it easy.
- Get out of the car, Bruce.
Todd, chill.
He's right, Wilkins.
Go away.
We're busy.
Get your hands off her! Give it up, will you? Your girlfriend bailed on you.
Take the hint.
Liz, what are you doing? You know, maybe she can't restrain herself from a real man.
Now do us all a favor and take a hike.
Hey, watch the paint! OK.
Jeez, I don't know what you're getting so worked up over.
You want some of this, too, Poached Egg? What's going on? Todd caught Liz and Bruce kissing.
Oh, my God! Stop! Stop it! You guys, stop them! You gotta do something! Get away from him! That's enough.
Come on, guys.
Look what you've done.
This is all your fault.
Cool it, will ya? I'm outta here I'm talking to you.
Leave me alone! Jess! Jess! - Oh, my God! - Is she OK? - You almost got hit.
- She's all right.
That was close.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry! It's all right.
I'm fine.
You were right.
This is all my fault.
You, Todd, the fight everything.
I don't know what I've been doing.
I just wanted to be wild for once in my life.
I didn't know I'd hurt so many people.
It's OK.
I blew it, didn't I? We still love you.
Nobody ever stopped caring about you especially me.
My bonding! He chipped it! Oh, God! But we really need to talk about your taste in men.
He's inside.
Does the ice help? So you really creamed Bruce.
He had it coming.
Todd, wait.
I need to talk to you.
Todd, please.
This isn't easy for me.
What's the matter? You got what you wanted new people, lots of fun.
I hate myself for the way I treated you.
You didn't deserve it.
You're right, I didn't, and neither did anyone else.
I guess I've got a lot of apologies to make.
I want things back to the way they were, especially between you and me.
Can you forgive me? Why should I? Because I love you, and that's something that'll never change.
I love you, too.
Besides, one Jessica Wakefield in Sweet Valley is enough.
Glad to have her back, huh? You don't know how much.
At least I have my fall wardrobe back.
Look right down any crowded hall You see there's a beauty standing Is she really everywhere Or a reflection? Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High Meet you at Sweet Valley High Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High