Sweet Valley High (1994) s01e20 Episode Script

Kidnapped, Part 2

1 Look right down any crowded hall You see there's a beauty standing Is she really everywhere Or a reflection? One always calls out to you The other's shy and quiet Could there be two different girls Who look the same at Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High? Meet you at Sweet Valley High Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High Meet you at Sweet Valley High Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High Meet you at Sweet Valley High Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High Hold on to your mascara, girls.
I've got the news of the century.
What? Did the House of Hair Removal name you customer of the year again? Well, if you don't wanna hear about it Out with it, Lila.
Sweet Valley is about ready to be blessed with Young Society magazine's bachelor of the year, Nicholas Morrow.
He's He's 17 years old, enjoys skiing in St.
Moritz, playing polo, and has a weakness for Belgian chocolate fudge with macadamia nuts.
I don't suppose you're invited to his party, too? I wouldn't miss it for the world.
This guy better have some pretty good bodyguards.
Liz, 7:00 tomorrow night at Moon Beach, right? And wear your blue sweater.
It really brings out the color of your eyes.
What was that all about? I'm hosting Winston's video essay, and we're doing it tomorrow.
You have a date with Winston and his video camera? How cozy.
Todd, relax.
How can I when my supposed best friend is sending you flowers and love notes? He said he didn't send them.
What about the bracelet? This? Todd, it's a friendship bracelet.
He gave it to me because I helped him make a cake.
Well, if Winston didn't send the other stuff, then who did? (Jessica) I need you to help me make this fudge.
I wish I could, but after my shift, I'm meeting Winston at the Moon Beach.
What about Nicholas' party? I need the Jeep.
Don't worry, I'll be home in time to pick you up.
But what about my fudge? Try reading the recipe.
(door closes) (footsteps) Hello? Is anybody there? (muffled screams) Thanks for picking me up.
Liz totally bailed on me.
If I don't get to Nicholas before Lila does, I'll have to have her surgically removed.
Does Liz know where the party is? Yeah.
I left her a note.
(Patty) Cute dress.
(Jessica) Nicholas, here I come.
(rings) (Jessica) You've reached the Wakefields.
Please leave a message.
(Winston) I can't believe you ditched me, Liz.
If you're not gonna meet me I'm coming to find you at the hospital.
No luck? I got the message.
I can't believe she blew me off.
(groans) (whimpers) (footsteps) I got us dinner, Elizabeth.
(muffled) Peter.
They all look down and turn away As if I wasn't there Nobody wants this girl Hey, guys.
Hey, what's with Liz? What do you mean? She completely blew Winston off.
He seems really angry.
That's weird.
I haven't seen her, either.
Jess, where's Liz? Didn't she come with you? No one's seen her.
Who do I look like, a cruise director? She was supposed to be here by now.
I'm getting worried.
Look, I'll call Winston, you call the hospital.
Look! Oh, he's here! Oh, you look great.
Come on, let's go.
I just remembered.
Liz is baby-sitting for Mr.
Now, if you don't mind (Liz struggles to speak) Help! Don't scream.
Don't scream.
That's it.
Help! Help! Help! Help! Heh-heh-heh-heh.
You might as well stop.
It's only you and me.
Macadamia nuts.
My favorite.
I just wanted to give you a warm welcome to Sweet Valley.
As a local celebrity, I try "Celebrity?" Well, I've been asked to co-host Frankly Speaking.
I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with it.
The talk show? Not one of those shows where people air their dirty laundry and make public spectacles of themselves? Exactly.
I detest those shows.
Oh, me, too.
It's just a job.
Well, enough about me.
I wanna hear all about you.
Where am I? Somewhere we can be happy.
I wanna go home.
You're gonna be happy with me.
How can I when you're hurting me? I'm protecting you, Elizabeth.
I love you.
I don't believe you.
If you loved me, you wouldn't do this.
Let me go, and I won't tell anyone.
I can't.
I can't feel my arms and legs.
The ropes are too tight.
Argh! Argh! Elizabeth! No! You're such a liar.
Let go of me.
As soon as you tell me where Liz is.
Excuse me.
Take your hands off her.
I called Collins.
She's not baby-sitting.
I really think you should leave.
Butt out.
Jess, no one has seen or heard from her all night.
Nicholas, let me talk to him.
Todd, you are completely ruining things between me and Nicholas.
Is that all you can think about? Liz was supposed to be here hours ago.
Look, I don't know where she is.
Maybe she had car trouble.
You know she would have called.
She never even showed up to meet Winston.
She better be in serious trouble.
Liz? Liz? Hello? Maybe she called.
(beep) (Winston) I can't believe you ditched me, Liz.
Thanks to you, my project's ruined.
If you're not gonna meet me, I'll come find you at the hospital.
What's this? It's a note I left Liz.
She hasn't been home yet.
Who are you calling? The police.
Hurry up.
I'm coming.
I-I'm fixing my shoulder.
Uh I-I didn't want to hurt you.
Huh? Come on.
(bangs on door) I'm coming.
Liz! What the? Freeze! Put your hands behind your head and slowly step out of the vehicle.
You're kidding, right? Do it now! You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
What is this about? The disappearance of Elizabeth Wakefield.
Miss Wakefield? Yes.
We believe your sister's been kidnapped.
Oh, my God.
What? We don't know where she is yet, but we do have a suspect in custody.
Who? Winston Egbert.
Why are you dressed in your hospital clothes? I'm going to work.
If I don't show up at the hospital, they'll think I did something.
Well, then, I have a surprise for you.
For me? Wear my friendship bracelet.
It's on my left hand.
It's for someone special like you.
Now I'll always be with you.
Thank you.
I still can't believe they arrested Winston.
He wouldn't hurt a fly.
Enid's right.
What's wrong with you people? The police found him in the Jeep with her keys and her bag.
Todd, he's your best friend.
So what? He's been acting weird for weeks.
And you heard the message on the machine.
(sighs) Jess, are you all right? I know this has been rough on you, but I If I'd only waited for her.
You can't blame yourself.
Why do I always put guys first? I never should have lied to Todd about her baby-sitting.
You couldn't have prevented this.
No one could.
(Todd) What did you do with her? (Lila) Todd! Nothing.
I swear! If anything happened to Liz, I'll kill you! You hear me? I'll kill you! The police questioned me and let me go.
They didn't think I did it.
How can you? You're still a suspect, Winston.
(Jessica) Todd.
Winston, maybe you better go.
But I didn't do anything.
I love Liz.
I would never do anything to hurt her.
You guys know that.
You believe me, don't you? Don't you? Fine.
If that's the way you feel, I'll find her myself.
Winston's right, you know.
About what? In any kidnapping case, the first 24 hours are the most crucial.
Let's get to work.
Let's go.
Can she hear me? I am calling To the place where She hides Where she hides Tell me Will she follow To the end of the sun? You doing OK? She's the most important person in my life.
What if we can't find her? What am I gonna do? We'll find her.
Jessica, you have to stay calm.
Liz is counting on us.
I'm scared.
(grunts) Come on.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for this girl.
She's missing? Yeah, thanks.
(rings) Hello? He's right here.
You've found her? Peter Carpenter? You have enough flyers? Yeah.
She's been kidnapped.
(nurse) Elizabeth? Thanks.
Look, Winston.
Time may be running out for Liz, so if you know anything, you better tell me.
The bracelet.
That guy he's wearing Liz's bracelet.
What guy? Where is he? Elizabeth? Elizabeth! Why did you leave? Why? (screams) Tell me! You betrayed me! (Todd) No! Where is she? What did you do with her? OK, guys, I'll take it from here.
Take it easy.
Let's go.
(Peter) Wait.
(policeman) Come on.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can (Todd) The cops said they'd bring Liz here.
Look, Winston, I don't know what to say.
I guess I'm sorry is a good place to start.
It's OK.
I mean, you know, we were all worried about Liz and I promise I'll make it up to you.
(Jessica) There she is! Liz.
Thank God you're all right.
I thought I'd lost you.
What would I have done without you? I've never felt so bad.
It's OK, Liz.
You're back with us now.
You'll never have to see that guy again.
Look right down any crowded hall You see there's a beauty standing Is she really everywhere Or a reflection? Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High Meet you at Sweet Valley High Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High Meet you at Sweet Valley High