Sweet Valley High (1994) s01e22 Episode Script

Say Goodbye

1 Look right down any crowded hall You see there's a beauty standing Is she really everywhere Or a reflection? One always calls out to you The other's shy and quiet Could there be two different girls Who look the same at Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High? Meet you at Sweet Valley High Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High Meet you at Sweet Valley High Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High Meet you at Sweet Valley High Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High Meet you at Sweet Valley High You wanted to see me, Coach? Yeah.
Take a seat.
Great practice today.
I'm gonna miss hearing that Wilkins hustle around here.
You're not benching me? No, no, no, no, no.
I just talked to the coach at Fairmont Academy.
Looks like you're in.
I got accepted? Congratulations, son.
You're gonna be their new starting forward.
I don't know what to say.
Pack your bags, son.
You're going to Vermont.
(Winston) That's over 3,000 miles away.
Oh, thanks for the geography lesson.
Well, congratulations.
I guess.
Have you told Liz? Uh, not yet.
But I'm looking for volunteers.
Don't worry, man.
Liz loves you.
She's gonna understand.
Think so? Yeah, just let me get out of the Moon Beach before you tell her, OK? Hi.
Let's go take a walk.
What's wrong? What makes you think there's anything wrong? The more romantic the place you take me, the more serious the talk.
I think I I might be transferring schools.
Why? Basketball.
Where are you going Bridgewater? Fairmont Academy in Vermont.
I've never heard of that school.
Vermont? When did you decide this? I-I applied a couple of months ago, but it was such a long shot.
I didn't want to say anything.
Why do you have to go all the way to Vermont? It's a huge opportunity for me.
Fairmont's produced more NBA hopefuls than any other school.
But what about us? Nothing's gonna change, Liz.
But it will be different, Todd.
Of course not.
Look, we'll have the holidays, vacations, three-day weekends.
Three-day weekends? You are so naive.
Everyone knows that's the code for "I wanna date other people.
" Oh, hey, Elizabeth.
I heard about Todd.
Gee, good news sure travels fast.
So I took a little detour on the way to the bathroom.
I'm really sorry he's leaving, too.
I'm not going anywhere.
There's nothing to be sorry about.
We'll see each other all the time holidays, vacations (all) Three-day weekends.
She was a little upset at first, but she took it better than I expected.
I told you, everything is gonna be OK.
What can come between you two? I left my girlfriend back in Japan and we're still really close.
Really? Totally.
In fact, I just got a letter from her last week.
Yeah, it was an invitation to her wedding.
Get out of here.
Man, you're so stupid.
(Nick) I agree with you.
That was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.
I really liked that part when she was I hope I'm not interrupting.
No, not at all.
As a matter of fact, I was just getting up.
Todd, congratulations on Fairmont.
What a wonderful opportunity.
For who? Well, for you.
(Liz) See you later, Nick.
(Todd) Yeah, right.
Isn't it funny how Liz's relationship is ending just as mine is beginning.
Maybe someone should tell Nicholas.
(Liz) You were supposed to be here an hour ago.
Where were you? Saying goodbye to the guys.
I figure I'd spend some time with them before I leave.
And tonight? My parents are taking me out to dinner.
Then I have to pack, do laundry Maybe you can pencil me in between fluffing and folding.
What are you talking about? Oh, I don't know.
You're leaving Monday and I've seen you for a total of five minutes? I know.
Look, I promise tomorrow night we'll hang out, just the two of us.
(glass clinking) Attention, everybody.
As you all know, my best friend Todd Wilkins is leaving us for the wilds of Vermont.
So tomorrow night, we're throwing a going-away bash here in his honor.
So much for that idea.
So I talked to my parents and they said I could fly to Vermont and visit Todd for Thanksgiving.
That's great.
It's only a month away.
I'm gonna surprise him tonight when I give him this.
That's so sweet.
Now he'll never forget you.
What? Nothing.
Just with you not around That's not gonna make a difference.
Todd and I still love each other.
Nothing's gonna change.
Just that he's leaving.
Todd could've at least given you a ride to his party.
He has things to do.
After all, he is leaving tomorrow.
Well, if you believe it I don't know if I'm ready to say goodbye.
Come on, Liz.
If you think you're gonna cry, do what I do.
Bury your head in the appetizers.
Hey, Liz, you made it.
Zucchini? No, thanks.
Have you seen Todd? Oh, don't worry, Liz.
I'm sure he'll be too busy with basketball to notice any of the girls at Fairmont.
Although I do understand they are exceptional.
Exceptional students.
There you are.
How are you? Todd, I wanna talk to you.
Hello, Elizabeth.
Liz, how are you holding up? Fine.
Why? I know it can be difficult to keep things together.
When my girlfriend She'll find things to keep her busy.
Excuse me.
This place is a madhouse.
Tell me about it.
Dude, come here.
I got something for you.
One minute.
This is ridiculous! I can't get a second alone with him.
Appetizers? Everyone wants to say goodbye.
I mean, after all, Vermont is all the way across the country.
Thanks for reminding me.
What did you get him? Let's get out of here.
Everybody I'd like to propose a toast.
To the next NBA Hall of Famer, Todd Wilkins.
Todd, everybody here is gonna miss you.
Especially me.
You've been my best friend ever since you punched out Darren McCoy for stealing my Mork & Mindy lunchbox.
You mean, last week? I don't wanna get mushy on you, man, but I'm really gonna miss you.
Liz, can Yeah.
How are we supposed to stay together while you're in Vermont? We can't even get together in the same room.
I know.
I'm sorry.
It's just that I have so many people to say goodbye to.
I have a surprise for you.
It's not another basketball, I hope.
I'm coming to visit you on Thanksgiving.
Don't get too excited.
Liz, I'd love you to visit, but I'm gonna be on the road with the team.
Otherwise, I'd be coming home that weekend.
What about Christmas? We'll probably be in a tournament then, too.
Maybe you'll invite me to your graduation.
Come on, Liz.
Well, that's how you make me feel.
I mean, you'll have a whole new life, and it won't include me.
It doesn't look like it's gonna be a problem for you.
Excuse me? All I have to say is "Vermont," and Nicholas is all over you.
Well, at least he's been around.
Where have you been? You think this is easy for me? I have to leave my family, move across the country and change schools.
Tell me something I don't know.
Look, I can't deal with this right now.
All my friends want to hang out with me before I leave, and I have to spend time with you.
So I guess I'm just another thing on your list.
Come on, guys.
Party's inside.
Go on.
I wouldn't want you to miss any time with your friends.
(Liz) I'm just not ready to date right now.
Yes, you are.
Todd's been gone, what, two weeks? You should have started 14 days ago.
(bell rings) Oh, hey, you two.
What's up? Nothing.
We're just combing the halls looking for an eligible man for my sister.
Well, since Todd dumped her, she's been too shy to ask anyone out.
Maybe you know someone nice.
I'll keep that in mind.
Maybe you should start dating.
Of course you and Todd could have stayed together if you were trying, but you're not even speaking to each other.
I'll talk to him when he calls me.
And if he doesn't? Hey, Elizabeth.
Hey, Elizabeth.
Do you have any plans for Saturday? Jess was just kidding about setting me up.
No, no.
I was just gonna spend the day on my family's boat, and I thought you might like to come along.
Well (clears throat) She'd love to.
(Jess) Hey, a bunch of us are going to the beach on Saturday.
Do you wanna come? I can't.
I have plans.
Books on tape with Enid is not plans.
I'm not doing anything with Enid.
You have a date? It's not a date.
I'm just going boating.
You know, Nicholas has a yacht.
Maybe I'll ask and we can all go on his boat.
You can't ask him.
Why not? It's Nicholas' boat.
I'm going with him.
What? Nicholas Morrow asked you out? Is that so surprising? Well, it's I, uh He's just No.
I'm really glad to see you're getting on with your life.
Yes, Vermont, please.
The number for Fairmont Academy.
Sounds like you got yourself a problem.
For an ordinary person maybe, but not for me.
I just called Todd and told him Liz was suffering from psychosomatic temporary paralysis brought on by separation anxiety.
Huh? I saw it on General Hospital.
He bought that? He's flying home.
He should be here just around the time Liz gets back from her three-hour tour with Nicholas.
And this little plan of yours is supposed to lead you where? Pay attention.
When Liz sees Todd, she'll forget Nicholas exists.
And when Todd sees Elizabeth with Nicholas, he'll be so jealous, he'll want her back, and I'll celebrate with Nicholas.
(chuckles) What? I was just thinking how funny it would be if, when Todd sees those two together, he gets so angry he storms out, flies back to Vermont, and Liz and Nicholas stay together forever.
I never thought of that.
It's Todd.
I want a front-row seat for this.
We have to get rid of him.
We? Help or leave.
(knock on door) Todd, I didn't expect you so soon.
I came as fast as I could.
Is Liz OK? Where is she? Um she stepped out.
I thought you said she was paralyzed.
Well, they were small steps.
Where did she go? Shopping for um Potato chips.
Potato chips.
Potato chips? These were just way too salty.
She'll call you later.
You have to leave.
I'll wait.
It could be a while.
(laughs) Liz? Todd! Well, I believe everyone knows each other.
I flew all the way out here to make a fool of myself.
Not even a limp.
Todd, wait! Please! Great plan.
Give me the keys.
I need the Jeep.
Liz Well, isn't this cozy? Just the three of us.
Not you.
But I'm helping.
Come on, man.
We'll have fun anyways.
Look, a carousel.
So? I'll buy you a balloon.
I know exactly what's gonna make you feel better.
Corn dogs! I'll be right back.
What are you doing here? I thought you'd be on Nick's jet plane to Paris by now.
Todd, don't be that way.
Nicholas and I are just friends.
Come on, Liz.
I'm not stupid.
Nick's been after you ever since he moved to Sweet Valley.
No wonder you never called.
You don't understand.
I understand perfectly.
I move out, Nicholas moves in.
But I'm outta here.
I have to catch the next plane back to Vermont.
Todd, wait.
Give me a chance to explain.
(grunts) (sighs) Finally, a moment alone.
A perfect chance to get to know each other better, don't you think? Jessica, I think there's been a big misunderstanding.
You're a really nice person and a beautiful girl, but But what? I just don't think it's meant to be.
Oh, you don't need to explain.
I understand.
It's obvious.
You're intimidated by my beauty.
I'm sorry.
You'll never know how much.
Let's just face it, Liz.
This long-distance thing isn't gonna work.
What are you saying, that it's over between us? No.
Then what? I'm coming home.
What? (sighs) When I left, I was so messed up by the whole situation.
Then when I got to school, I was kicking myself for the way I treated you.
I missed you so much.
I missed you, too.
So I'll tell my parents tonight.
Then I'll fly back and get my stuff.
This is great.
I'll only miss one week of school.
Todd, you can't do that.
Why not? We both know what this school means to your future.
I can't let you stay here because of me.
I'd never forgive myself.
But I don't want to lose you.
Nothing will ever come between us.
Not even 3,000 miles.
There you are.
I'm sorry I took so long, I was picking the best ones.
Hi, Liz.
So, you guys probably want to be alone.
Hey, don't let me stand in your way.
I'll just I know when I'm not wanted.
I'll just go away now (both) Winston.
Here's my keys.
So I'll call you tomorrow.
We'll hang out.
Sorry, Winston, but this weekend belongs to Liz.
Never wonder Why the sky's so bright I never ask why The stars light up the night 'Cause everything Everything shines when you're around And I know That I will always love you Love you For all time Final boarding, Flight 146 to Burlington, Vermont.
I'll call you every day, twice a day.
What about basketball? I guess I'll make time for that.
I have a surprise for you.
You'll be the first thing I look at in the morning, and the last thing I see at night.
I love you, Todd.
I know we can make this work.
You're the only one I'll ever love.
I love you, too.
I miss you already.
Don't worry, Liz.
We have something really special.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Have a nice flight.
Thank you.
Elizabeth? Nicholas.
What are you doing here? I was just dropping off my dad.
Can I walk you to your car? Sure.
Liz, you have my (Nick) I know how to cheer you up.
You know that movie we were talking about? The sequel opens up this weekend.
I think we should go.
(Liz) Yeah.
I guess so.
Look right down any crowded hall You see there's a beauty standing Is she really everywhere Or a reflection? Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High Meet you at Sweet Valley High Sweet Valley Sweet Valley High Meet you at Sweet Valley High