Sweetbitter (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Truffles and Champagne

Previously on Sweetbitter You don't fit in with your friends.
How would you feel about training to be a manager? There's a party tonight.
Maybe you should come.
Don't stop.
Not tonight.
You recognize? This is a grower champagne with my ex-husband's name on the label.
Does anyone actually know Simone? I think that I might.
Yo, is your dude coming or what? He'll be here.
- We miss it? - Not yet.
- You have the cash? - Right here.
This shit better be worth it.
Oh, about time.
- What's up? - What's up? - Come on, come on.
Let's go.
- All right, all right.
- Give him the cash.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're not gonna check the product first? I trust him.
- See you at Sue Jean's on Friday? - All night.
Come on.
Ooh, sharing is caring.
You got it? I am used to these arriving through more traditional channels.
With invoices, refrigerated trucks.
Just off the plane four hours ago.
Do you have any idea what my boy had to do to get these through customs? No idea whatsoever.
We're gonna be the first restaurant in New York with white truffles on the menu.
Oh, my God, it smells unreal.
Smells like the holidays.
The holiday schedule's up, and Howard asked that I, uh, remind everyone, uh, about blackout dates.
Uh, it's the busiest time of year, so no vacation requests or, um or switching or negotiations.
Are you going to a funeral? Could you get me a deal on a 2000 Sonata? I'm training, okay? Howard asked if I'd train to be a manager, so My parents will kill me if I miss Thanksgiving.
Just ask Ramona to switch.
- Her parents are dead.
- I'll take all your shifts.
- I need the money.
- You're not a server.
Did anyone hear what I just said? We did.
You're not Howard.
Well, Howard is in a meeting, and he specifically asked that I-I-I post the schedule.
And, oh, oh, uh and to let your guests know that we have white truffles and, uh - Yeah, we fucking know that.
- You can smell them.
Oh, just wait.
They take over the whole restaurant.
I'm trying to put my finger on what it is they smell like.
- Overripe fruit.
- No, opium.
Like the woods after it rains.
Oh, what, I can't contribute now? I don't know.
Can you? Did you see his fucking suit? You, uh, didn't tell me.
I don't tell you everything I do.
Well, I think it's great.
It's not if you guys don't respect anything I say.
Hey, it might just take a while.
That's all.
How was the rest of your night? You should have stayed.
You know, I got there.
We had that moment.
You touched me, and suddenly I didn't want to be stuck in a crowd watching you bartend for the rest of the night.
I do that enough.
Who's that? Etienne.
Simone's Etienne? What what's he doing here? Road show for his new champagne.
Does Simone know he's here? She hasn't come in yet.
Do you think maybe we should warn her? I'm keeping the fuck out of it.
Place looks pristine, by the way.
Hasn't changed.
So incredible.
You have them? Only restaurant in New York.
How much? The add-on for the tagliatelle is $120.
A bargain, in my opinion.
And I wouldn't order it without the Nebbiolo.
We'll take two.
Great, I'll let your server know.
So that's the trick.
Parade them through the dining room, shave them on-site, and every table orders them.
That's the trick.
Hey, you're here.
Where else would I be? - Did did you - I heard.
Did you see him? Yes.
Did he did he ask about me? Um, no, we didn't actually talk.
- Oh.
- And then he left, so yeah.
Well, he doesn't have to see me.
It's his prerogative, of course.
I'm just I guess I'm a little su-surprised.
Would you want to see him? Well, I figured at some point, he'd come through New York or I'd come through Paris and we would catch up, because that is what adults do.
And he did make your champagne.
I know.
I mean, I just I can't figure out, is he trying to get my attention, or does he just hate me? Probably both.
There's only one way to find out, right? I got the Costco-sized bag.
My dealer is in Miami until New Year's.
Thank God.
I've got multiple days where I close.
- And then open - Mm, the "clopen.
" Mm, okay.
Thank you.
Nope, thank you.
Are you fucking kidding me? I have been touched by the Black Queen.
Oprah's secrets.
The Secret.
- Oh, I saw an ad for this.
- It's a cult.
No cult, it's a book.
Positive way of thinking.
I'm tired of feeling sorry for Sasha.
I'll try Law of Attraction.
I attract good things to myself like a magnet.
I must ask for it and be clear on want.
I want to feel fucking good.
- Does it really work? - Of course! It's proven with quantum science.
You must say what you want.
And not like a little pussy bitch, but clear, like a lion.
- I want - I want What the fuck? You can't be serious.
What, you want some? Will.
I respect you.
Let's commence working.
What? Come on.
What? Whose side are you on? I want you to come to Home Bar.
With me.
Just us.
Not tonight.
Why not? I'm gonna walk Simone home.
This whole thing with Etienne has got her pretty messed up, so Jake Simone just left.
She didn't look messed up.
She looked hot.
Hair down, lipstick, leather boots.
Jake, she's going to see Etienne.
- Why does that bother you? - It doesn't.
This is a joke.
Fuck this.
Hey, I'm going to Home Bar.
Who's coming? Will, take off the jacket.
We're going to Home Bar.
Come on.
Oh, God.
No one stays in this hotel anymore.
Who is this "no one"? I forgot how little you require.
May I come in? Yeah.
You didn't say hello today.
To be honest, I didn't know you still worked there.
- I see.
- Quick trip, 48 hours.
Then Chicago, San Francisco I'm miserable As you know.
The States do not grow on me.
Well, it's all in service of a truly amazing champagne.
I was right about that plot of Chardonnay.
Is that why you are here? Fine.
You're right.
They're strong vines.
Thank you.
I will go now.
Look, I When I tasted the champagne, it It felt like you were talking directly to me.
Not a day goes by that I don't think about France.
What about me? Look, I-I respect your privacy, but You made our champagne, and I had to tell you that I liked it.
You know I don't like most things.
Are you hungry? I'm famished.
By the way, I want water.
You want a water? You cannot drink this.
I'm not gonna let you.
Hey, um can I buy you a drink? Why would I? 'Cause I'm in the top three hottest guys in here.
Didn't notice.
- Two tequilas.
- A vodka soda, splash of cranberry.
Listen, I, um We all have to play the token black person somewhere.
And I-I just can't get over how comfortable you are with it.
Eddie, right? Ever been to Princeton, Eddie? Ever been in a classroom full of white people who made you feel like you didn't deserve to be there? Now, this? Is a good place for me.
I, um, support myself while I figure things out.
- That's cool.
- Mm-hmm.
Then what do you really want? Like, besides pinning your hair up and taking people's orders, what's your plan? - My plan? - Mm-hmm.
Is go over there and enjoy the rest of my night.
Thanks for the drink.
Uh, actually I thought you said that all I have to do is ask.
No, it's not enough just to "ask.
" - You have to believe.
- What the hell is he talking about? Oh, Will, you understand.
People never believe they deserve things they want.
Okay, I want to taste truffles.
And I really believe it.
Well, I feel like a liar.
I upsold three tables today.
People are freaking out.
- Yeah, it's a frenzy.
- Why, though? Because it's a totally wild food.
You can't plant them in your backyard.
- You have to go find them.
- Hunt them.
They use female pigs.
Uh-uh, female and horny pigs.
Because truffles smell like testosterone to lady pigs.
That's it! They smell like sex.
Now that you're a, um, suit, you think we can have truffles at family meal? Ooh, and maybe we can get our 5% back from the dishwashers? Come on, you you guys know I don't actually control anything, right? I'm just trying this out, okay? And it's complicated because, you know, I know all of your secrets, and you're all terrible fuckups.
And I love you, so cut me some slack, please.
Please? Put this up your nose, Will.
Yes, please! - Relax him.
- Aye, aye.
You replaced the stained glass? Yeah, it was over 300 years old, Simone.
Well, it better be in a museum now.
I mean, I-I love that chapel.
I mean, I'm not a churchgoer, as you know, but I walked there every day.
Yes, you hid there.
- Mm-mm.
- Uh-huh.
No, a woman just occasionally needs some privacy.
- Sure.
- Your family everywhere.
- You know, it's funny.
- What? I didn't remember your face, exactly.
- Hmm.
- Your face has changed too.
You know, they said you were quite beautiful back then.
I did not agree.
You didn't? What do you mean? Well when I met you, I wanted this face.
- Harder.
- Hmm.
It is more beautiful.
When you married me Feels impossible that we did that.
You made it very impossible.
I don't think I knew how to be loved.
And when I left, I just, um I didn't let myself feel anything.
I just moved through it.
You deserved better.
I'm so sorry.
I lived.
I should go.
18, 25.
You can't tell anyone about this.
Oh, my God! It's on toast.
Your favorite.
Second day as manager and already breaking into the safe.
It's not really breaking in if you have the combination.
And besides, Howard believes in education.
Go for it.
Oh, shit.
Give me a bite.
Oh, my God.
And you remembered I love toast.
I listen.
Seriously this this is just beyond.
Really, no one else would ever do this for me.
Thank you.
There might be some perks to being a manager.
Now go, get back on the floor.
- Can I take - Yeah, yeah, go ahead.
God, I don't want to be here tonight.
Yeah, you look tired.
It was a late night.
I went and saw Etienne.
It was different than I thought it would be.
- Was it? - Yeah.
I really hurt him.
I'm a little ashamed.
When I look back and I just think I was so lost back then.
So young.
I mean, I wasn't ready to be a wife.
There was there was so much to our life together, you know? Made the world feel so big.
The train rides and the meals and the plans we had.
I I had forgotten most of it.
I, um He made you miserable.
You hated his family.
You don't remember the calls waking me up at night desperate to come home? That isn't true.
What? I didn't call you crying.
I wasn't miserable.
- He was my - Your what? He was my chance at a real life.
I'm telling you right now Hey, Will? Can I talk to you for a sec? - In private? - Yeah.
Is is everything okay? Uh, yeah yeah, no, it's, um Um Back to work.
You grew up.
Is Simone around? She called me.
I bet she did.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Uh, thanks for coming.
Will you put this order in? Please? Thank you.
Have a cigarette with me? I quit.
Then stand in the alley with me for two minutes? So I've been thinking.
There is a revolution coming.
Too long, there's been a monopoly that has made wines overpriced and inaccessible, but grower champagne is gonna change that.
- What are you doing? - Let me sell it.
Let me sell our champagne.
I mean, I tended the vines.
I know it better than anybody.
And you have your hands full with all the big-picture stuff.
Plus, you hate traveling.
I mean, who could possibly do it more justice than me? No one.
I'm ready for a change.
I'm so sick of New York.
And I mean, it would it would mean more time in France, but Maybe that's a good thing? We could spend some time together, get to know each other again.
I was up all night thinking about our life together.
I really, really understand what I did wrong.
No, Etienne, I am different.
You you would be amazing.
No one could sell the wine better than you.
But I can't have you in my life.
Simone I-I wasn't being coy or trying to send a message.
I really did not want to see you.
I don't believe you.
That's because you're not listening to me.
Simone, you you haven't changed.
Look around.
Same job, same bartender, even the same lipstick.
Still incapable of actual intimacy.
I really want to, Simone.
Uh, I just can't.
I'm sorry.
Simone! I had a truffle.
And I can't taste anything else, not even water.
Is it ever gonna go away? What happened? Just another night of service.
Like the one last night and the one tomorrow.
Do you wanna take a walk? I just want to go home.
I'll come with you.
I remember thinking he was so well-bred.
Does that make sense? I mean, not entitled, just, like So at ease in the world.
I could never imagine feeling that way.
Oh, neither could I.
I mean, here was this perfectly sane, handsome man offering me everything I wanted.
You know, Europe and the vineyards, a family.
I mean, even an estate with a 15th-century chapel.
It was out of a storybook.
What happened? Took me a while to realize that I wasn't happy.
I didn't quite fit.
Etienne was right.
I haven't changed.
For better or worse this is what I want.
- Hey.
- Hmm? I kissed Will tonight.
Oh, God, to be a back waiter again.
Was it in the coatroom or the walk-in? - The coat closet.
- Mm-hmm.
- I blame the truffles.
- And? Mm and I get it.
I should want Will.
I kind of do, but I just don't feel it.
I'm drawn toward something Irrational.
And I can't just turn it off.
I want Jake.
Then you will have him.