Sweet/Vicious (2016) s01e07 Episode Script


1 Harris, I got something you need to see.
Previously on "Sweet/Vicious" Ophelia.
Sending texts as his dead brother feels kind of twisted.
- [siren wailing] - Please remain inside I've been working on the article about the attacks.
- I know what it is.
- The plan is simple.
Harris has a run-in with the vigilante while you're there.
You're not the vigilante.
[knock at door] I can't believe Nate showed up.
Too crowded down there.
Let's hang back here.
[exhales sharply] I can't do this anymore.
- Jules, what the - Shut up.
And then you raped me.
There's something I need to tell you.
I just wanted you to tell me what was going on, and at every single turn, you lied.
[indistinct voices] [somber music] - Wait.
Put your arms in it.
- Okay.
All right.
I wanted to wear it, like, cooler.
[indistinct chatter] - [growling] - Put me down.
- Be careful, please.
- Who wants a drink? All: Me.
[groans] Hey, um, what happened with that blonde? Oh, halfway through our conversation, she asked me if I liked Zedd.
I just couldn't rebound.
Why can't she like Zedd? I like that Ariana Grande song.
Do not get him started on this.
- No.
- Thank you, baby.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ew, it's gross.
You guys are so cute, it makes me sick.
Come here, babe.
Oh, so are you guys ready for the party? Do you need help setting up or Oh, no.
We are more than ready, okay? I even have an ice luge shaped like Party Steve's dong coming.
Didn't they make one small enough to replicate yours? Don't even trip, okay? My dick is gorgeous.
- [laughs] - You put a wig on it, it would look just like Penelope Cruz.
Are you guys still doing "Hos and CEOs"? You guys realize you're gonna be the hos, right? - Yeah.
- We're not coming to your party dressed like some tired-ass slutty secretary.
It is 2015.
Preach it, sister.
Female empowerment makes me tingle in my nethers.
I've been so crazy with finals.
I need a night of debauchery.
Oh, well, the brothers of Omega Theta are happy to oblige.
[rock music] Hello.
Ugh, I am death incarnate.
Here you go.
Oh, is that a matzo ball? From the deli extra carrots.
Oh, bless you.
Have you told Nate you can't go to the party? [sighs] Yeah, he's bummed, but I know he gets it.
Hey, I was thinking we should just stay home.
- We can have a movie night.
- No.
You guys have to go, okay? It's gonna be amazing, and Nate will kill me if I take all of you down as well.
[coughing] Sorry.
- Are you sure? - Oh, my God, yes.
Have an amazing time.
Okay, fine.
I'll tell the girls.
And, hey, keep an eye on Nate.
Make sure he doesn't do too many shots of tequila.
Yeah, no one wants a repeat performance of the Great Nate Griffin puking into his shoes.
- I love you.
- Love you! No! I texted you an hour ago to get up and get ready.
You know what? No smoothie for you.
You've been holed up here for a week.
I know you're hurting, but you can't live like this.
I'm not ready yet.
I like it here.
I'm watching my stories.
You know what they say? All stories and no play makes Jules a dumb asshole.
- Fine.
Let's do a takedown.
- Jules, come on.
You know that we have to lay low right now.
Then I'm I'm fine here.
No, you're not whatever.
Do you, because today is Opharris day! No, thank you.
You didn't even let me tell you what it is.
Does it involve leaving the apartment? Yeah, but it's Okay.
It is the anniversary of Harris' and my friendship.
We met three years ago this week.
He was the RA on my floor, and we both shared a vendetta against my assigned roommate.
Her name was Malina.
She had several emotional-support gerbils.
- Truest of nightmares.
- Wait.
- So this day involves Harris? - Mm-hmm.
The same person that thought that I was the vigilante? It's fine now.
Everything is okay.
And Harris feels really, really badly that he wrongly but also kind of rightly accused you.
Look It's cool if you don't identify me as your best friend yet, but you sure as hell are mine, so, um, let me do what best friends do and make you feel better.
[sighs] Tell me about Opharris day.
Okay, so it starts off with pizza, obviously.
Then we play Edward 40 hands on campus.
Then we have a power-hour jam back here.
Then we end up at Gainers and I just realized that I planned an entire day of drinking for someone who doesn't drink.
Um, I can fix this.
No, it's it's fine.
- It sounds fun.
- [cell phone vibrates] - - Oh, what's happening with him? You guys were so cute at the art show.
Yeah, I don't I don't want to be tied down.
[knock at door] - I come bearing 40s.
- Hey.
- [chuckles] - [door thuds] Yeah.
How's she doing? - Okay, um - Hmm.
My article runs today.
Oh, whoa.
That Yeah, that makes sense.
So that that kid, um Chase.
Chase Park.
Yeah, him.
They they let him go.
- Yeah.
- So your article says There's a vigilante on campus.
So dope.
I can't wait for you to read it.
- Me either.
- Oh, tape.
[cell phone chimes] [electronic music] Hey, Mom, what's up? No, I told you I haven't heard from Carter in weeks, and I don't care what he's doing.
He bailed.
If you want to find him, you can drive up to Canada.
I'm done spending time on it.
Well, he can come back and take responsibility for what he did, or he can rot up there.
I got to go.
I'll call you soon.
[computer chimes] [cell phone bloops] Want a little Jack in your Coke? Always.
[pop music playing] [cell phone vibrating] Don't play him like that.
What? He's calling me on the phone.
Like, voice calling.
What are these for? Just something for you to do when we take shots.
Hey, you know, I can be fun.
I used to drink.
- Yeah, sure.
- I used to be very fun.
I got effed up all the time.
When was the last time you got "effed up"? ["All Nite" by Clams Casino] - Yes! - Whoo! Yes.
The party has arrived.
Ladies, ladies, over here, beer pong and general buffoonery.
Smoking chamber in the back.
Dance floor upstairs in the living room.
Bar in the kitchen.
Bar in the backyard.
Bar in my room.
You had me at "bar in the kitchen.
" That's my girl! - Shall we? - both: Yes.
- Nice.
Went for CEO.
- Duh.
Hey, Kennedy sends her love.
She's so upset that she can't be here.
- Oh, should we send her a pic? - Yeah, let's, um let's do, like, frowny faces, so she thinks we're having a horrible time.
[camera shutter clicks] [giggles] Hey, with Kennedy gone, I'm down a pong partner.
Are you down? Yeah, let's see what you got, Griffin.
Raise it up - [cheering] - all: Oh! That angel dust that had K.
Dot trippin' In my pop's grape Swisher when he roll up When he roll up, where you from? So what? [cheering] When he roll up All gas, no brakes, might break your face - [cheering] - How are you so good at this? Ain't got to prove it We do this all night, all night [distorting] All night, all night All night, all night This is how we do it [both groan] I want the gold one.
- You want this one? - Mm-hmm.
Right away.
[laughs] Oh, yeah, you are faded as hell.
[clears throat] And let me hear the party say Are you sure you want this? You are a tiny, little lady.
Don't call me a tiny, little lady.
If Kennedy heard you, she would barf.
This is how we do it - Ch - both: Cheers.
All my neighbors, they got much flavor [music distorting] - Ow.
- Ouch.
[both laugh] [hip-hop music] Hey, Mack? Gabs? Thomas.
Last man standing.
- I love it.
- Jules-y, you all right? Yeah.
I'm so awesome.
Um, do you know where the girls are? I think they took off or went to dance or get more drinks.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's up? You okay? Can I go, um, lay down in your bed? Yeah, of course.
Yeah, I just [chuckles] I'll lie down.
Yeah, whatever you need.
[exhales sharply] She does look good in that skirt.
- Yeah.
- [sighs] What about Kennedy? Well, I don't see Kennedy.
Do you? I'm going up there.
Anybody asks I-I didn't see anything.
[indistinct voices downstairs] [music continues faintly] Hey.
- Nate, what are you doing? - It's okay.
Don't worry.
Come on.
I don't want I don't want to.
[grunts] I promise it's okay.
- No.
- It's okay.
Nate Ow.
Nate, I don't want to do this.
No, I don't want - What? - [crying] Stop.
What are you what are you doing? - I don't want - Hey.
- Stop it.
- Hey.
[hyperventilating] - [moaning] Oh.
- No.
- [moaning] - Nate, no It's gonna be our secret, okay? Shh.
It's all right.
- [moaning] - [crying] [breathing shakily] ["Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Norman Palm plays] [door opens, closes] I come home in the morning light My mother says "When you gonna live your life right?" Oh, mother dear, we're not the fortunate ones Girls, they wanna have fun Oh, girls, they wanna have fun - Jules? Is that you? - Phone rings In the middle of the night My father yells "What you gonna do with your life?" Oh, daddy dear, you know you're still number one Girls, they wanna have fun Oh, girls, they wanna have fun [crying softly] [continues crying softly] Some boys take a beautiful girl And hide her away from the rest of the world I wanna be the one to walk in the sun Girls, they wanna have fun [sobs] Oh, girls, they wanna have fun That's all they really want Some fun When the working day is done Oh, girls, they wanna have fun Oh, girls, they wanna have fun Wanna have That's all they really want That's all they really want Fun That's all they really want Hi.
Um I was assaulted, and I need a rape kit.
[both chuckling] Hold up, I'm gonna grab the law journal.
Okay, cool.
You do that.
Whoo! Um What the hell? Uh, oh, stay here.
I got to go make a quick call.
Um, yeah, sure.
You cool? No, I'm most certainly not cool.
Hey, Dara.
Yeah, I actually just, uh, picked up my copy, and I'm a little confused.
I thought you were running the story.
What do you mean it's out of your hands? The school should know about this.
Dara, wait.
Dara! Hello? [sighs] We got to stop by the record store.
Let's go.
[bell dings] Make it snappy, all right? Power hour awaits.
These sour worms are fantastic.
I understand why you eat them so much.
- You're special.
- Thank you.
[rock music] [cell phone vibrates] Why are you being so mean? I like Evan.
He calls you on your bullshiz.
No, see, that's where I draw the line.
I mean "rats," fine, I'll tolerate it, but "bullshiz"? Uh-uh.
Seriously, though, why don't you want to see him? Just 'cause my life's a mess, it doesn't mean yours has to be.
I told you.
I don't have time, and, you know, I don't really like him that much, if I'm being honest, so [cell phone vibrates] [chuckles] [camera shutter clicks] - Look at your face.
- All right.
You caught me.
Usually I just have sex, and I-I move on, but with Evan, I feel like there are worms crawling in my stomach, and then my ears get really hot.
Yeah, that's butterflies.
It's normal.
That's You're doing, like, normal-people things.
[gasps] Maybe he's your first love.
Oh, God.
Do you want me to throw up? You know I love it when you vomit.
[snorts] I don't know.
I just think I'm a bit jealous.
I would do anything to go back to the way things were with Tyler.
Everything's just been crazy ever si [door opens, bell dings] [gentle music] - Hi.
- Hi.
I'm gonna go to the back room.
Back bathroom.
Gonna go to the bathroom.
Wha Um, I-I was just coming by to grab my last piece.
I didn't think, uh, anyone would be here.
I, um I actually sold it.
What? Tyler, that's amazing.
I took your advice and opened the Etsy store.
I thought you said that Etsy was for, what, candles and grandma scarves? What do you think I'm selling? [laughs] Well, I got to get going, but it was really great to see you.
Yeah, you too.
[door opens, bell dings] Hey, uh are you okay? I'm working on it.
Yeah, me too.
Maybe one day when we figure our stuff [softly] I don't know.
It's good to see you.
[bell dings] How are you feeling? I'm okay, I think.
What you did was very brave.
You're doing the right thing.
Thank you.
All right.
This is the black-and-white stuff that you're going to need to know where to report, what the school can do.
Do you have any other questions? Anything that happens after this is completely up to you.
You can go to the police.
No, I don't I don't want to do that.
You don't send these reports to them.
Oh, absolutely not.
You should go talk to someone, though.
There's a counselor at Darlington in the Title IX office.
Do you know what that is? Um yeah, I've heard of it.
Is that where I would Go report what happened to you.
If I report it to the school, will - will they tell my dad? - No.
You don't have to file a report unless you choose to.
But you should go talk to someone.
It's the best thing you can do for yourself right now.
That sounds good.
You're a strong girl.
I can't imagine what you're feeling, but this does not define you.
Thank you.
There's some lead in my feet now There's a little of me, but I don't know where I'm too young to quit now, I'm too young to quite Uh, water, seltzer, juice? - Actually, I'll have a beer.
- Okay.
No, she's kidding.
Get her seltzer.
No, I wa I want a drink.
Will you excuse us? Is this how you feel? Dude, what's the deal? I just want to spice things up.
It's power hour.
Let's do this.
I told you, I-I wasn't always this lame.
You're not lame.
Who called you lame? You, like, three hours ago.
Look, I just want to cut loose.
Everything is so stressful, and I'm I'm tired of feeling like a wet blanket.
I want to have some fun.
We can have fun without alcohol.
Really? Fair, but that is for me.
Look, I just don't think now is a good time for you to go experimenting with your mental health, you know? Wow.
You know, I never thought you, of all people, would object to me having a drink.
I'm fine.
I promise.
I just I want to be a part of the day.
- Have I done anything crazy yet? - No.
Girl, get out here and party with me! - I'm having a shitty day.
- [giggles] Y'all got to catch up.
Come on, now.
Boom, boom, boom.
[somber rock music] - Oh, hey, babe.
- Hi.
Oh, you look rough.
[chuckles] I'm so sad I missed the party.
Everyone is so dead.
It must have been amazing.
You know Fiona's still out? [giggles] Yeah, it was.
- Oh, how are you feeling? - Oh, yeah, much better.
Took some Nyquil.
Knocked out for, like, 11 hours.
- So needed.
- Yeah.
Nate told me you guys had a good time.
I love that you guys are so close.
It really means everything to me.
You must be hungover, so go sleep.
Let's get lunch later, okay? Yeah, um, I, uh I need to sleep, but I-I have a lot of work, so, um, I don't know about lunch, but I'll, uh, see you later.
Whatever you need.
You okay? Yeah, absolutely.
Both: Oh! Yes! Mm.
I don't know why I chugged, but it was fun.
- I want to pick a song.
- This is gonna be good.
Look, I don't have anything by the Lumineers.
Hey, whatever.
I have good taste in music.
I used to do all the party mixes for Zeta.
[upbeat music playing] [music stops] Okay, this one goes out to everyone who doesn't give a [record scratches] ["I Wanna Get Better" by Bleachers playing] - [chuckles] - Dance party, bitches! Is this happening? Hey, I hear the voice of the preacher From the back room Calling my name, and I follow just to find you I trace the faith to a broken-down television I love it.
And put on the weather And I've trained myself to give up on the past 'Cause I froze in time between hearses and caskets Lost control, and I panicked at the acid test Both: I wanna get better While my friends were getting high And chasing girls down parkway lines I was losing my mind because the love The love, the love, the love, the love that I gave Wasted on a nice face In a blaze of fear, I put a helmet on a helmet Counting seconds through the night And got carried away Screaming at the cars, "Hey" all: "I wanna get better!" I didn't know I was lonely Till I saw your face I wanna get better Better, better, bet I wanna get better I didn't know I was broken Till I wanted to change I wanna get better Hey, lady.
Wanted to check in on you before we left for the bar.
- You feeling any better? - No.
That sucks.
It's been weeks.
Maybe you should go see the doctor.
It's fine.
I'm just gonna ride it out.
Have fun with the girls.
I'll see you later.
Mourn the years before I got carried away Bye, babe.
So now I'm staring at the interstate Screaming at myself, "Hey, I wanna get better!" Better, better, better I wanna get better Where to next? - [indistinct chatter] - [laughing] Uh, maybe we should just go home.
Viva Opharris.
- Yeah.
Viva Opharris.
- Thanks, Harris.
You're welcome.
I'm gonna go to the restroom.
Can you grab me an old-fashioned? [clicks tongue] Vodka soda.
[clicks tongue] Think you're done.
[chanting] Vodka soda, vodka soda.
Okay, you sound like an alcoholic toddler.
[gasps] Is that Evan? What the eff? - No, it didn't work.
- [both laughing] That's the third one.
I'm su I'm sure he's just with a friend.
- No, you got to go over there.
- You think? Yeah.
Take this.
Yeah! So strong! Okay, yeah.
You know what? [bleep] him.
He can't be on a date without me.
- Exactly.
Evan! - No.
No, no, no, no.
He can't see me.
- Did he see me? - Yeah.
[pop music] - Uh - Go on, girl.
Hello, sir.
What are you doing? Are you drunk? No, no.
You're drunk.
You're you're drunk, drunk guy.
God, your breath smells like Mexico.
- Uh, I'm actually kind of - Yeah.
Well, I don't like this "kind of.
" Not a fan of this "kind of.
" I'm sorry.
[clears throat] I called you, like, three times today.
You didn't want to hang out with me.
But it doesn't mean I want to see you with her.
- I mean, she sucks.
- I'm sorry.
I'll handle this.
I'm sure you're great, but she sucks.
She's, like, ugh.
Why her, you know? No, you should be with me, but I shouldn't have to see you all the time, - but you should want to see me.
- Cool.
No, that sounds super fair.
Evan, come on.
Evan, look, I know it's not reasonable, but it's what I want.
I like you.
I really like you, and I don't know what to do about it.
I think you should sober up and then come back at me with what you want.
I can do that.
I'm sure you're lovely.
Sorry about [sighs] Not sorry.
- You nailed it.
- Shut up.
Dara, hello.
Did you see the piece? Yeah, I posted it on Medium.
Excuse me? I just got kicked off the law journal.
That sucks.
Yeah, this whole night sucks.
[laughing] I'm actually having a lot of fun.
Whoo! What up, nerds? Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Where's my drink? There it is.
[man speaking indistinctly] [man #2 laughing] [door opens] Oh, I'm so sorry to keep you waiting.
This is a fairly new position, and I'm still getting my bearings around the office.
So tell me why you're here today.
I was at a-a party a couple of weeks ago, and I think, um I think that I was sexually assaulted.
You think or you know? I, uh I mean, I Uh, I-I know 'cause I think that Ugh.
I mean, I know, 'cause I was asleep and he got on top of me, and, um I didn't, uh I wasn't awake, and then I woke up, and he was, um Listen, this is a safe space.
Everything that you say here stays with me.
Did you know the boy? Yeah, he's my best friend's boyfriend.
He's my friend.
Uh, he well, he was.
Oh, I see.
Um, I'm very sorry that this happened to you, but I do need to make sure that this is about assault and not regret.
"Regret"? You know, you slept with your best friend's boyfriend, and now you I mean, I'm not belittling what happened, but I do need to find out the facts.
I'm I'm telling you the facts.
I was asleep, and he assaulted me.
Okay, were you drinking? - Yes.
- Were you drunk? Incapacitated? I don't [stammers] I was asleep.
I wasn't feeling well, and I-I asked to lay down in his room.
You asked to be in his bed? Yeah, but I It's not like that.
We've been friends for a while.
Can you give me the name of the student? Yeah.
It's, um it's Nate Griffin.
I worry that you don't understand what will happen if we move forward opening a case like this.
Okay, Nate is one of our most high-profile students, so the administration and the media they're all going to rip into your life, overturning every indiscretion that you've ever had every Facebook comment, every picture, every Tweet.
I don't want to see you go through that over something that sounds like it was just a mistake between yourself and Nathan.
Do you know what I'm trying to say, sweetheart? Yeah.
Yeah, I understand.
[ominous rock music] - I need some air.
- Yeah, I'm gonna come with you.
I'll be right back.
[indistinct chatter] So were you trying to miss or Okay, then you succeeded.
What are you doing, you nutcase? - Get out of here! - You get out of here.
What are you gonna do? You gonna fight Nate Griffin in this bathroom with 100 witnesses outside? Cool plan.
Really thought this one through.
- I know what I'm doing.
- Really? Ah! Don't do that.
You're drunk.
You would've never let me get a shot in like that.
- [grunts] - Seriously? [grunting] Let me go! I'm gonna take care of him.
You need to take care of yourself.
I'm fine! You're drunk, in a men's bathroom, waiting to knife the most public person on campus.
You're a mess.
I don't mean to preach.
I'm no martyr, but I'm worried.
I need this.
It's the only way that I can get better.
Oh, brother, that is such a goyim thing to say.
You need to talk to someone, talk about what happened to you, how you feel.
Do you ever do that go to group, and not just listen, but talk, say something, say anything? I promise it'll make you feel better.
[coughing] Get it all out.
That's it.
Okay, okay.
[panting] You're right.
I need to go to group.
Just, um, take a minute to yourself, and I'll I'll be right outside.
And I'm confiscating this.
[knife retracts] His name was Will Powell.
I met him at a party at his frat house.
We went on a date, uh, and he asked me up to his room for a nightcap after.
When we got up there, he turned on the music really loud so that when I yelled "stop," nobody could hear me.
[crying] I told him, "No.
" And I told him, "Stop.
" And I [sniffles] I just keep thinking, you know, about beyond the physical invasion and all the things he did to me, I-I just I was so powerless.
He held me down, and he violated me, and I was paralyzed.
I just left my body, and I watched him.
I wish I could do that to him.
I wish I could rip his world apart the way that he did to mine.
I hate walking around campus now.
I feel so unsafe.
Does that happen to any of you guys? That feeling of helplessness? I wish I could strip away his sense of safety.
I wish I could make him feel like I do like like fear is running through his entire body.
[suspenseful music] But the garbage truck is better than an alarm My Hello Kitty heart can't believe The year is over I didn't call my mother and say "good night" Can't you drink less and find your soul mate? [dramatic music] What the hell? Hallelujah Hallelujah Mama, I'm trying to figure it out [phone trilling] Barton, it's me.
I know I said I was done, but I had a change of heart.
Tell me more about what you found.
Is gonna last forever [knock at door] Harris, I swear I didn't steal the toilet paper, okay? A mouse ate it.
Did you mean what you said? Uh, yeah, I didn't steal the toilet paper.
No, uh, earlier at the bar about you know, liking me a lot.
Yeah, I meant it.
We lived like we would live forever Okay, look, if you're in, I'm in.
What about, um, uh, your date? Is she in? Um, no, she's not.
I dropped her off.
No, she could be in.
We could all be in.
Well, you know, I'm not one to pass up a good time, so Hallelujah - I like this a lot.
- I like you.
Well, just don't get needy with me.
Oh, shut up.
Figure it out Thanks.
Oh, when I go I don't want no tears at all Hi.
I need to file a missing-persons report.
Every song we sing Is gonna last forever Jules, it's nice to see you.
You've been coming for a year.
Are you finally ready to share? Are you starting to feel any better? Hallelujah Better? [chuckles] Am I feeling better? Are you guys you're all feeling better? Oh, when I go I don't want no tears at all Every song we sing Is gonna last forever