Swingtown s01e13 Episode Script

Take It to the Limit

Previously on Swingtown - I'm pregnant.
- you're.
Haven't told him yet.
I don't want to hide what we have,Laurie.
I'm turning down the position.
Sam's coming to live with us in Naperville next week.
She's moving away? My mom's gonna try to get legal custody.
I got the job.
That's fantastic.
I need to know how you feel about me.
I want you to take the job in Cincinnati.
I can't stand the thought of not seeing you every day.
Is the window still open? I've got to go back to the office-- I left my briefcase.
It's got all of today's receipts.
You are one sexy little lady.
Some hot water,a little butter and I will gobble you right up.
Are you flirting with a lobster? Who says I'm talking to the lobster? Here's the next batch,Captain.
Is that the rest of the clams? Yep,right off the plane,100 pounds of them.
Where do you want them,Captain Decker? Right where you're at's fine.
I still got ten boxes of seaweed in the truck.
Well,you can't have a clam bake without seaweed-- bring it on in.
How long were those sitting on the tarmac? Since when did you get so squeamish? That's the aroma of fresh Bar Harbor,Maine,baby.
Smells more like Davy Jones' locker.
Glad Susan agreed to store some of those at her house.
I can't believe it's already Labor Day weekend.
Have to say I'm kind of looking forward to the change of seasons.
Really? I kind of like the idea of an endless summer.
Just you and me,the sunshine and all that beautiful tan skin of yours.
Clam hands,dear.
Excuse me.
What's that smell? Mothballs.
I'm pulling our winter clothes out of storage.
It's a little early for that,isn't it? You know how quickly the weather can turn.
One day,it's warm and sunny,next thing you know,you're freezing to death.
Did you get all your work done last night? Last time I looked at the clock,it was past midnight,and you still weren't home.
Yeah,I'm sorry.
Uh,I guess I lost track of time.
Guess so.
Yeah,and I'm running late again.
Could you drop me at the train? Just take the car.
Don't forget your briefcase-- it's right there.
Pack your bags,I want you out of this house immediately.
Those are the only words a four-time philanderer like your husband might actually hear.
It's time to grow a spine and toss the swine.
Would you believe the original response advised this poor woman to hang in there with that creep? I was up half the night rummaging through old Dear Trudys and found at least a dozen reckless replies to women like "Weeping in Wheeling.
" Is that the same phone call from before I got in the shower? Henry,I have to go.
I'll see you at the office.
Oh,dear,look at the time.
Henry and I got carried away on Dear Trudy.
Don't worry,you have absolutely nothing to be jealous of.
I'm not jealous of Henry.
I was just expecting a phone call.
Falstaff Properties? Roger,have you ever heard the old saying,No news is news? I've heard,"No news is good news.
" I just want you to be prepared in case it isn't.
Actually,they already offered it to me.
Oh,my goodness,that that is terrific.
Why on earth didn't you say something? I wanted to sleep on it,make sure it's what I wanted.
What are you talking about? I thought this job is exactly what you wanted.
It is.
And I'm going to accept it.
- But there is one thing.
- What? We're moving to Cincinnati.
Proudly Presents Swingtown Season 1 Episode 13 That bad? I think an actual hair of the dog is the only thing that could make that drink look more disgusing.
It's a Prairie Oyster.
Real breakfast of champions.
Someone should inform Bruce Jenner.
How'd it go when you got home last night? Any trouble with Susan? Uh,she was already asleep.
I think.
Well,that's good-- at least you didn't have to make up a story.
I did that when I left in the first place.
And not a very good one.
She's not stupid,Melinda.
Can't imagine you would have married her if she were.
Still,I'm glad you called.
It was nice just talking to you.
But next time we get together,maybe we should find somewhere a little more private.
Uh,the bell's about to go off.
You need another Prairie Oyster to get you going? I think I'm good to go.
So am I.
Janet,there you are.
Sorry,I'mI'm a little late.
Ten minutes early is only late for people like you and me.
Ah,not so fast.
Life and Style editor asked to see you the minute you walked in, which is already one minute ago.
He did? I gave him your writing sample.
Oh,Henry,I I wish you hadn't done that.
Well,if wishes were fishes,then beggars would ride.
If wishes were horses,then beggars would ride.
Fishes makes no sense.
But it rhymes with wishes.
This is why you're the writer.
Go,go,go,you don't want to keep Mr.
McColl waiting.
"Once again,Mayor Daley is facing questions of ethics versus efficacy.
" Mind your Ps and Qs,Lorraine.
Well? Mr.
McColl loved it,didn't he? Actually,he didn't.
- He didn't? - No.
McColl did.
And? He wants to publish it.
He offered me the column-- on a trial basis.
I knew it.
Way to go,Janet.
I turned him down,enry.
I suppose physics could be interesting, but do I really want to take advanced calculus my senior year? Do you need it to graduate?Well I don't need any of this to graduate.
I finished my requirements this summer.
I could take nothing but PE and study hall and still go to Northwestern.
But you wouldn't do that.
You're brilliant,and you like a challenge.
Well,that's why I have you.
So,have you figured out what you're gonna be doing while I'm slaving away in advanced calc? Nope,and I have to say it feels good.
At this moment,I can do anything.
I could I could find another teaching job,I could write a book,I could learn a craft.
What,like making furniture? I would love to make furniture.
I had an idea once for this really cool chair.
I'm serious.
No,it had a headrest so I could I could lean back and think,and then it would swivel.
Hey,Liz,what's up? There was an earthquake in Guatemala City.
20,000 people are dead.
That's terrible.
Has anyone heard from Dave? Who's Dave? He's my roommate from grad school.
He's in the Peace Corps.
I'm sorry,Doug.
Well,that ought to do it.
Iced tea? Don't mind if I do.
Susan,thanks for letting us keep some of these little monsters at your house.
I'm sorry about the smell-- blech.
If you don't like seafood,why are you having a clam bake? Tom's been closing out the summer with this party since he was a little boy.
My dad used to fly puddle jumpers full of Maine lobster up and down the coast.
It's a Decker family tradition.
Well,I better get down to the beach and start digging that fire pit.
I'm trying to imagine Tom as a little boy.
He's really just a big kid anyway.
He sure is.
So how did everything go between you and Roger at Janet's birthday? Fine.
We're never seeing each other again.
- Susan - Oh,it gets better.
I think that Bruce is officially having an affair with Melinda from his office.
Well,why would you think that? I caught him on the phone asking someone if "the window was still open," and a few minutes later,he was headed downtown to pick up his briefcase, and he didn't get home till after midnight.
Oh,it could just be a misunderstanding.
Bruce is a terrible liar.
His briefcase was sitting in our hallway the entire time.
Have you confronted him? No.
What if he says yes? Then you'll both deal with it.
Trust me,the longer you wait,the worse this will get.
You should have a garage sale.
We could really cash out on all this crap.
I'm leaving tomorrow,so We could do it when you get back.
The last guy my mom was with he was really into tropical fish.
I'm pretty sure it still works,if you want it.
Lisa,check it out.
Is Lisa gonna do me before she leaves? Does it have a message that says,"You wish"? Things are looking up.
Here,give it a try.
Ah,I hate these things.
Come on.
Just one question? Don't bet on it.
You didn't even ask it anything.
Yeah,I-I did.
It's our moms.
This ought to be good.
- Hi,Mom.
- Hi,kids.
Having fun? Laugh a minute.
We're just helping Samantha find her suitcases.
I hate you,Maggie! Sam,look I know this is hard,but we found a fantastic facility to help your mom with her problems.
I spent some time there myself,didn't I,sweetie? Look at me now.
You'll have her back in no time.
You'll see.
Gail! Heard that before.
After my dad left.
Mom! Melinda.
I was looking for my husband.
His office said I could find him here.
You just missed him.
See you,Melinda.
Maybe it's just as well.
Maybe you're the one I should be talking to.
Why don't I get us a drink.
Thanks so much.
- How do you know that?! - It's confidence,all right? Vodka soda okay? It's a different world down here,isn't it? All this testosterone and bravado.
Takes a certain kind,I guess.
Not many women get to see men the way you see them,in their element, like this,away from their families.
I suppose you're right.
Do you remember the night we met? You called my husband one of the good ones.
I meant it.
You also told me that you didn't mind doing certain things to get ahead.
Is that what you're doing with my husband,using him to get ahead? Bruce is a smart guy.
If that was the case,he'd see right through me.
So is it just something you're doing for fun? We haven't slept together,if that's what you're asking.
Then what are you doing? We're a lot alike,Bruce and I.
We're both ambitious,analytical.
We like a quick read.
Like to take risks.
With one key difference: Bruce is married.
We have children.
We have history.
I know.
Do you? Maybe not fully.
I hope you do one day.
I hope you know exactly.
Are you in love with him? In love,no.
But we definitely have a connection.
Do you? Do I what? Do you feel connected to Bruce? That is none of your business.
I'm sorry.
It's just that Bruce told me that he doesn't feel like you get him lately.
I have to go home.
You don't have any right to do this! It's the only way.
You're not my mother! Yeah,that's right; Mom's six feet under.
Which is exactly where you're headed,Gail.
No! That's your stash? Give me that! Look at yourself,Gail.
This is no way to live.
I've been there.
Do you want Samantha to end up the same way we did? Fine.
Take everything! Dump it all! But you're not taking my daughter.
Oh,and then who's gonna take care of her these next six weeks while you dry out-- Stu? Jesus,you can't even take care of yourself,let alone a teenage daughter.
You need the program! Why?! Because I like to have a good time?! All right,so did you,before you became a righteous bitch! You just think you're so much better than everyone else.
Oh,that's ridiculous.
You know what?!You can go to hell!Leave me alone! 4:00 train arriving from Chicago on track two.
Did you,uh,get a job,too? Lot of that going around.
I,uh,I had an appointment.
Don't suppose Janet was on the train? Is she usually on the 4:00? The office said she left work early today.
So I figured I'd come down here and try and meet her,make sure she's all right.
Why,uh,why wouldn't she be? I accepted the job in Cincinnati.
Good for you.
Janet didn't take it so well? Uh,you know,we've lived here our whole lives.
It's not an easy thing to wrap your head around over breakfast.
I suppose not.
Uh,do you,do you think you might make it to the Labor Day party tomorrow? We'll try to stop by,but I'm,uh, I'm actually flying out tomorrow night to start house hunting.
Well,this is all really good news.
She's bound to see that.
I'm proud of you,Roger.
Tell Janet to call me,okay? Yeah.
Sorry to drop by unannounced.
Yet again.
this is for you.
What is it? I saw it in a window on my way home from work and thought of you.
Come on in.
I wish someone had given me a copy when I was raising Ricky.
Course,at the time,I was bound and determined to do it all on my own.
Under normal circumstances,I would simply march over here and show you how it's done,but seems I won't be around nine months from now.
Uh,perhaps even one month,so What are you talking about? Uh,Roger took a job in Ohio.
You're kidding me.
Wish I were.
He's flying down to look for a place for us tomorrow.
Never mind that my entire life is here-- my home,everyone I care about.
What am I going to do? Tell Roger you don't want to go.
I can't do that.
I'm his wife,and I took vows to support him.
What do you see? A Convair 880 twin jet? What year does it say? - 1976 - Right.
Not 1954.
Father doesn't necessarily know best anymore.
You have a say in this,Janet.
We're trying to figure out what's going on in Guatemala, and I figured you're a newspaper,so you might be getting information.
Yes,I'll hold.
What are these? Lobsters.
I mean,what are they doing here? Waiting to be boiled.
They're for the Decker's party tomorrow.
They're gonna kill them? Then eat them.
BJ,could you go someplace else,please? Yes,I'm still here.
Is there anything you can tell me? Okay.
I will.
Thank you.
They're trying to confirm details over the AP wire.
She said to call back in an hour.
20,000 people are dead,all I can find are stupid game shows.
The hell's the matter with this country?! Laurie,what's going on? Mom,Doug's friend teaches English in Guatemala.
There was an earthquake this morning.
I'm sorry for barging in,Mrs.
I don't have a TV.
No,it's all right.
Is your friend okay? Nobody knows.
I've called everywhere I can thinof,and no one seems to know anything.
I need to go.
Where? - I don't know,but I have to do something.
- I'll go with you.
No,you stay here.
The news should be coming on soon.
I'll call you later,all right? Okay.
Man,you wouldn't believe the holiday traffic on Lake Shore Drive.
It took me nearly two hours to get home.
Laurie,go find BJ and tell him to get ready for dinner.
I'm not hungry.
Uh,yeah,that makes two of us.
We are having dinner together,as a family.
I guess I'll,uh,go wash up then.
Look,I'm sorry to bother you,but I was wondering if you've spoken to Janet since I saw you.
She isn't home yet? She hasn't called either.
That's not like her.
Yeah,I'm not sure what to do.
I'm right here,Roger.
Oh,never mind.
She just walked in.
Janet,where the heck have you been? I was about ready to call the police.
I don't want to move.
What? My life is here.
My work is here.
It's a temp job.
I was offered the advice column.
I don't want to leave my friends.
Who?Henry? Susan.
We'll make new friends.
I don't want to make new friends.
I know you wanted this job.
I know I promised to stand by you, but I don't think this move is the right thing for our family.
Well,that's my decision to make.
No,it is our decision.
Look,you might be the heart of this family,Janet,but I'm the head.
And if I say we're moving to Cincinnati,then we're moving to Cincinnati and that's it.
End of discussion.
Man,it's a hot one.
Here you are,dear.
Susan!Bruce! Wow,you guys really went all out for this.
Only good way to close out the summer is with a bang.
Speaking of which,gonna need your house keys.
Our house keys? Oh,yeah,I-I don't,uh Yeah,I think we're just here for the seafood.
Seafood is a powerful aphrodisiac.
Mmm,ain't that right,honey? Not for everyone,dear.
It's open.
Your phone's been busy all day.
We finally got in touch with someone from Peace Corps-- Dave's okay.
Thank God.
But it's a mess down there,and they need help.
And there's rea flight that leaves at 11:00 tonight.
You're going to Guatemala? Yeah.
I want to go,too.
No,Laurie,you can't.
You have to go back to school.
I can miss a week of school or two weeks.
Even with an international effort,it will take months to clean up, and even longer than that to rebuild.
So,I'll take the semester.
This is important.
Or is there some other reason you don't want me to go? No,of course not.
ThThis isn't about you and me.
This is about a humanitarian crisis in need of volunteers.
I want to help.
Talk to your parents.
You're gonna need a birth certificate to travel.
Laurie I love you.
I love you,too.
Here I go.
One,two,three! You talk to Bruce about Melinda? No.
But I talked to Melinda about Bruce.
How did that go? Apparently,he told her he feels like I don't "get" him anymore.
Want to? - Oh,I missed it.
- Oh no! I'm not sure I disagree.
Hey,give me that! Oh,you were absolutely right.
What you said about Tom yesterday.
He really is just a big kid.
I-I didn't mean it in a bad way.
Oh,neither do I.
But it's one of the reasons we chose not to have kids of our own.
Children shouldn't raise children,isn't that what they say? I think you'd make a great mother.
How do you know for sure? There's so many ways to screw it up.
Are you pregnant? Oh,I'm I'm not gonna keep it.
It wouldn't be fair.
To whom? The baby.
What does Tom think? He doesn't know.
My body,my decision.
Trina,all summer you have been espousing the virtues of openness and honesty in marriage.
Explain to me how that doesn't apply here.
Trina,Susan! I made Rosy Perfection Salad.
My favorite.
I'll put it out.
Janet,why haven't you called me? Trina told you about Roger's job,didn't she? I'm sorry,I should have been the one.
I guess I thought,maybe I could talk him out of it.
But It seems like a great opportunity.
It is.
For him.
For both of you.
It's funny,I I just always assumed we'd grow old together.
You will.
I'm talking about you and me.
If Roger chooses this,I'm not sure I'll be able to go with him.
Sure am happy for you,Roge.
We are sorry to see you leave.
Don't be a stranger,okay? Come on,boys,it's your toss! Bye,guys.
Can't keep a lady waiting.
- Be right there.
- We're coming.
Janet,you ready? Let's go,if we're going.
Wouldn't want you to miss your flight.
mate for life.
Also says lobsters grow a pound a year.
And they can live to be 40.
So which one's you and which one's Samantha? Don't be a doof.
We're gonna be leaving soon.
Come on,Rick,I'll let you French me good-bye.
Awesome! Isee ya.
See ya.
Where'd you get those guys? They were supposed to get boiled at the beach.
I rescued them.
You know,you can't save everything.
I know.
- Is your mom - Gone.
My Aunt Maggie took her to that place.
This belonged to your Dad.
Well,now it's yours.
SamaI can't.
I I want you to have it.
As long as you promise to come back for it.
Thank you.
Thank you,everyone,for joining us in sending the summer of '76 off to the history books.
Speaking for myself and my lovely wife, I can safely say that this has been one unforgettable summer.
A lot of laughs,a lot of parties; new adventures,and some new friends.
And in keeping with the adventurous spirit of '76, it is now time for the men bold enough to have thrown their keys into the fishbowl to find out who their wives will be going home with this evening.
So,who's gonna be first? Let's see.
- Michelle,will you do us the honors? - Susan.
Pick me.
Pick me.
Mine! Susan,wait! Hold up,Susan.
I know you lied to me.
I know you went to meet Melinda after Janet's party.
You spoke to Melinda? Actualwent to see her.
At least she had enough respect to tell me the truth.
Nothing happened.
We talked,that's all That's all?!God,Bruce I am just saying,it's not like we slept together.
That is not the point! You lied right to my face! Maybe I should remind you that you're the one that opened this door in the first place.
Opened what door? The one to our bedroom.
I was perfectly happy the way things were.
Really,Bruce? Is that why you needed the new job? And the new house? You wanted those things just as much as I did.
No,none of that mattered to me.
You're gonna stand there and tell me that you preferred the other side of the tracks? You're no Janet,Susan.
And I am certainly no Roger.
You got that right.
I need to get out of here.
Let's go.
Not with you.
Those are mine.
Whose keys are these? Hi,I'm Tim.
Let's go.
I know.
In the suburbs.
It's as weird for me as it is for you.
Oh,come in.
What are you doing here? Home delivery.
I don't understand.
Well,Dear Janet would understand.
Dear Janet? You're published,baby.
It's an advance copy.
This time tomorrow,everyone in Chicago is gonna know your name.
But But II don't understand.
I-I turned Mr.
McColl down.
And I un-turned him down.
Listen,if you quit,who's gonna help Needy in Naperville pull herself together? What happened today? It's a long story.
Well,you were born to do this,Janet.
- I don't know what to say.
- Well,don't say anything.
Pour yourself a glass of champagne and celebrate with your husband.
Oh,Roger's in Cincinnati.
But-But if you want to stay,I-I can put this on ice.
Uh,I-I wish I could.
Um,but I have a date tonight.
Is it,um,anyone I know? Jenny from accounting? Mark from shipping.
Right,uh of course.
Uh,Mark from shipping.
Well,uh good for you.
Remember to wear something nice on Tuesday.
They're taking your picture for the column.
That's me.
Go this way? Yeah,sure.
You lose something? Why,yes,it appears I have.
Disappointed? Confused.
Kind of messing with tradition here.
Sit down.
I'm pregnant.
And I-I know we decided that this children is not what we want.
So I already know what I need to do.
But I feel like something has been changing inside me.
Just thought you should know this time,just in case we felt different somehow.
No? Maybe we don't have to make that choice.
Tom,you understand this would change our lives forever.
What do you want to do? I want to think about it.
You know,if we decide to do this,I want to know exactly what it means.
Then we'll think about it.
I'm telling you with total certainty I have never loved you more than I do right now in this moment.
That has to count for something.
Laurie? Mom.
You're home early.
Any word on Doug's friend? Yeah.
He's okay.
Oh,I'm glad.
Are you going somewhere? Just to Doug's.
He's leaving for Guatemala to help with the cleanup from the earthquake.
Are you okay? He won't be gone forever.
These people need help.
Please tell him our thoughts are with him,and,uh,to travel safely.
I will.
Don't be gone too long.
I'll be back before you know it.
Hello? Hello? Roger? Yes.
Are you okay? I couldn't get on the plane.
I know I shouldn't be calling.
I just I had to.
Where are you? At a hotel by the airport.
Will you meet me? Samantha? Where are you now? We're on the expressway.
We're passing a bunch buildings.
I see Stuckey's.
Samantha,can you hear me? BJ? Hello? I can't hear you.
Samantha? Hello,Samantha? She'll be back.
It's only six weeks.
Get over here.
Give me that.
Ah,God,it's good to be back.
Where's Doug? He's gone.
What do you mean?Gone where? He asked me to give you this.
Whatever's in there,you should know,he was ripped up before he left.
Can you go,please? Sorry.
I justI need to I'm one floor up if you need me.
Okay? ("Take It to the Limit" intro fading in) All alone at the end of the evening "I know it's hard to understand why I had to leave like this.
"Without you.
But you have one more year of school," "one more year of living in your parents' hous before you launch into college and the rest of your life.
" "I don't want you to rush that, not because of me.
I will miss your voice," "your smile,your kiss.
I love you,Laurie Miller.
"And I know you know that.
Doug " P.
Look under my pillow.
" And it's so hard to change Can't seem to settle down "You already have the key to my heart, and now you have the key to my apartment.
"If you need a place to escape,it's yours, and since all my stuff is there," maybe you'll think of me.
And burning out and turning out the same So put me on a highway And show me a sign And take it to the limit one more time You can spend all your time making money You can spend all your love making time If it all fell to pieces tomorrow Would you still be mine? And when you're looking for your freedom Nobody seems to care And you can't find the door Can't find it anywhere When there's nothing to believe in Ah,ah,ah Still you're coming back You're running back You're coming back for more So put me on a highway And show me a sign And take it to the limit One more time Take it to the limit Ee-ee,ee-ee-ee Take it to the limit proudly Presents