Sword Gai: The Animation (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 SWORD GAI Why are humans drawn to weapons? Why are weapons so beautiful? Does the penitence of killing someone grant beauty to the weapon? Or is beauty required to turn the moment of a kill into a ceremony? Even if people die, weapons will remain.
Within an eternity, at times weapons will come to hold a life.
You're sure this is the place, Boss? We're only finding stones.
Don't worry.
The client wouldn't throw their money away.
We'll find it, a treasure you can't even imagine.
Is it worth that much? It's just one sword.
The Demon Sword Zsoltgewinn.
It's not just a sword.
It's said that whoever holds it gains great power.
It's so hot.
This is bad for my skin.
We're 15 km from our destination.
It's almost time.
It won't be long before we meet the Demon Sword Zsoltgewinn.
It's not that big a deal, is it? Demon swords, holy swords, enchanted swords, how many of them do you really need? If an administrator is joining the mission personally, is it that powerful a weapon? If legendary weapons had a hierarchy, Zsoltgewinn would be at the top.
It was supposedly forged using the blood of 1,000 demons.
Demons, huh? Better be careful, Administrator Miura.
Get attached to a weapon and a demon dwells in you.
Make sure you don't end up as the 1,001st demon.
The blood of demons? Really? I don't know.
That's just how legends are.
It's an old story, after all.
From the Roman era, supposedly, so it's likely 2,000 years old.
They say barbarians suddenly attacked a tiny village outside the Roman empire.
The village wasn't prepared at all and was quickly overrun by the barbarians.
Women, children, even the elderly.
The village priests prayed to the gods for aid.
But the gods were silent.
So they turned to a demon instead.
They sacrificed the village's sheep, and prayed feverishly to the demon.
And the demon answered them.
It answered their prayers and sent a lone knight.
The weapon this skull knight wielded was the sword Zsoltgewinn.
When the knight drew Zsoltgewinn by its hilt, some say it howled like a beast.
The battle was over in an instant.
The evil aura from Zsoltgewinn attacked the barbarians.
The villagers offered prayers of thanks to the knight.
But the priests had forgotten that they'd prayed not to the gods, but to a demon.
The knight had not come to save the village.
It came to destroy all life.
What an awful story.
Are we safe digging up something so dangerous? Don't worry.
It's just a legend.
We just need to do our jobs.
Boss, please come here! Graves? Looks like catacombs.
Boss, look! This has to be it.
Zsoltgewinn! Halt! Who are you? We are with the Shoshidai.
We're in charge of various legendary weapons.
Give us Zsoltgewinn.
What're you talking about? Get them.
Boss, it's no good! They're professionals! They should've just handed it over.
The dark aura of Zsoltgewinn swallowed him up, huh? Ichijo, get Zsoltgewinn, now! Mission complete.
Is it? Looks horrifying to me.
I can see its victims' faces in the depths of the light reflecting off the blade.
That's what makes it beautiful.
Good night.
I've gotta sleep.
Good work.
I hope we meet again.
I don't know.
This one feels like it's going to be a long sleep.
Don't move! Give us that weapon! Very well.
Damn it! Who's there? Who calls me? Is it you who calls me, Zsoltgewinn? Do you seek me as well? Do you feel my love for you? Zsoltgewinn, you are so beautiful.
I want you.
I want to make you mine.
Administrator Miura! Administrator, n-no.
Fire! I'm back! Welcome back! You're home early.
I was worried.
Today was your checkup, right? It's fine.
They said everything's great.
This time next month, you'll be a daddy.
Is it a boy or a girl? Let's ask the doctor, Wakaba! No! We decided to keep it a surprise until the baby's born.
But that makes it tough to get a present! Should I buy one for a boy or a girl? Here.
Today's gifts.
I got one of each! Jeez, you always do this.
Papa is too sweet to you, isn't he? You're still crying, Shiryu? You seek blood again? We will now perform the Hama ritual to remove the evil aura of the Shiryu.
Oh no! Blood.
Need more blood.
The evil overtook him? More blood.
I'll hold them.
Pregnant ladies don't carry anything.
Daddy is so reliable, huh? Hey, about the name-- Takashi? Takashi! No! No! -Takashi! Takashi! -Blood.
More blood.
What am I What am I doing? Blood.
More blood.
I can't let go.
My hand My hand Kill.
More blood.
No! Administrator Miura, the Shoshidai guarantees your safety.
Throw down Zsoltgewinn and surrender! He's turned into a Busoma! Fire! Fire! Was it you who called me? I called you, and you called me.
We exist only to fight, and to seek out stronger foes.
I am Flamberge.
I burn all.
I am Zsoltgewinn.
I rule over all death.
How foolish.
At her age If she lived, she could've been saved.
What a terrible dark aura this blade has.
You wish to live, do you not? Very well.
Subtitle translation by Adam Lensenmayer