Sword Gai: The Animation (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 SWORD GAI Number Omega 0502, Seiya Ichijo.
Release from cold sleep.
I like the sound of this.
Right, here we go! Seiya Ichijo.
What's he like? This is my first mission with him.
But I've heard a lot about the Chakram, and about the way he fights.
Epics from ancient India tell of a country that angered the gods.
Wielding a circle of light, a messenger of the gods came to punish the king and his people.
The light burned everything to ash.
Nothing remained of the kingdom, not even a blade of grass.
It's said the ring of light the messenger used was the Chakram.
It was left behind and worshipped as a weapon of the gods, then sealed away.
Wielder of the Chakram as his core alma.
The Shoshidai's ultimate Chrysalis.
That is Seiya Ichijo.
OGATA HOUSEHOLD Gai, dinner's ready! I made your favorite.
Huh? Gai? Gai! Hey, Gai.
Huh? Rain? Gai, what's wrong? Gai.
He's turned back into a baby.
There, there.
It's okay.
I'll protect you.
Let's go home.
There's a festival today.
Remember? We used to go all the time.
Let's go together, okay? This is well-made.
You've finally reached this level, huh? Splendid.
Thank you.
What's wrong? You're not satisfied? No.
That's not it.
A sword that cuts through the blade of the heart that is your ideal sword, right? I guess it's not quite there yet.
I heard you forged the Shiryu into an arm for one of your apprentices? So you already know? Is that the reason for your glum face? What's his name? The child.
That's quite the bold move, though.
What if the evil of the Shiryu consumes him? Naturally, I thought it over a great deal.
Indeed, the Shiryu is a terrifying cursed sword.
But it's been Gai's protector since he was born.
Only the Shiryu can cut through the blade within his heart.
That's what I believe.
The Shiryu, huh? Isn't it said that when a swordsmith wants to make a sword, he makes two and chooses the better one? Can we assume there are two of the Shiryu as well? I don't know.
But the Shiryu is probably the lesser of the two.
No name was carved into it.
I see.
So, a superior version could exist somewhere out there.
FUJISHIRO SWORD SHARPENING Heita, what's the most beautiful part of a Japanese sword? We're doing this again? Just tell me.
It's the blade, right? That's right.
Even in the West, many swords and weapons have hilts decorated with art.
But the beauty of the blade itself, which exists only to kill The katana is the only weapon in the world that's elevated the killing blade to a form of beautiful art.
The sharper we make the blade, the more beautiful it becomes, and the more beautiful it becomes, the sharper it becomes.
The ultimate weapon and the ultimate beauty.
That is the Japanese sword.
And it's our job as sharpeners to take that beauty and sharpness to their limits.
Is that right? Hey! That belongs to a customer! This salty, bitter mineral taste.
This must be made from Akome iron sand, found near the Seto Inland Sea! The texture is evenly distributed, and you can see where the hammer blows fell on it.
The forging must've been a perfect harmony of water temperature and timing! It's like the deep blue of the calm Seto Sea, and the refined, elegant sunlight that falls on it.
Cut me with it.
I want you to cut me! Cut me with it as hard as you can! Wh-Wh-What are you talking about? Just do it! Come on, knock it off! We have a lot of work to do! Why is my first outing in forever in the middle of nowhere? Well, it has been 16 years.
I tailored dad's old clothes and they work great! You need a yukata for festivals, after all.
It's mine.
It's been so long! Let's go! This is from a new customer.
They said it's a rush job and left a lot of money.
Well, I like the idea of money, but This is the Shiryu? The one that belonged to Amon.
No, I heard he destroyed it! It's in good condition.
It shouldn't take too long.
Kiyomi, this sound-- Don't speak to me right now! Kiyomi? Kill.
Kiyomi? G-Get out of here, now! Don't come back in until I say it's okay! Not enough blood.
More blood.
More blood.
More blood! The memories that remain in this body.
I see.
So he loved these kinds of sounds? They aren't bad.
Zsoltgewinn! You are the flame sword? I've been looking for you.
What's wrong? Keep playing.
Tonight is your last.
That shall be your requiem! No, that's incorrect.
This requiem is for you! We are cursed swords, born in an age of myths.
We're the same.
"We're the same"? I have never lost a battle, yet you lost to me once.
Arnys? Splendid.
The sword wielded by the skull knight.
Sixteen years ago, it came to life once more as a Busoma, and many Busoma have fallen to it.
He has trained quite well.
I have been called the Reaper since the birth of humanity, and I have sent them to hell.
But that ends now.
Humanity is nearing its death.
The era of the Busoma is near.
Gods, please watch over Gai.
He's always kind of cold, but I know he's a good guy.
And now he's like a little kid.
Help him get better and return to who he was! But after that, please make it so he'll hang out with me once in a while.
Like going to karaoke or something.
Okay, let's go home.
Wh-Wh-What? Butterfly, are you there? Gai! Gai, are you okay? Gai! Butterfly.
Mine alone.
Help me.
Miss, it's useless to ask him for help.
He's a Busoma.
He used to be human, but now he's just a pitiful monster possessed by a weapon.
Don't get in my way! I assumed it would be finished by now.
Y-Yes, we just finished.
Would you like to take a look? Well I wanted to meet the sharpener, but she must be tired.
U-Um, what is that sword? He's been completely consumed by the weapon.
Unfortunately, there's no way to save him.
The only thing I can do is to end this quickly! I don't want to die.
Well, the weapon took you over completely.
You should regret your weakness.
What a boring job.
Sorry to bother you.
No need to worry.
Well, just consider it a bad dream.
I see.
So you're the one I'm really here for.
Subtitle translation by Adam Lensenmayer