Sym-Bionic Titan (2010) s01e02 Episode Script

Neighbors in Disguise

I think this is the one.
It has everything you're looking For.
octus: We appreciate your Help.
Well, it wasn't easy finding a Place with yourUnique Specifications -- a balcony with An enchanting view of the Villagers, 360-degree Unobstructed vantage point from Every corner of the house, and Electrical capacity exceeding 5,000 amps.
octus: 5,021 amps to be Exact.
Well, as you can see, the Neighborhood is very safe.
careful, timmy.
jakey, are you okay? There, there.
You're okay.
octus: What were you doing in There? excuse me? ilana: Thank you so much for Your kindness in showing us this Wonderful home.
I'm sure it's held many Cherished memories for those who Have lived in it.
I think it's definitely the Place the for us.
octus: Agreed.
It meets all our needs.
lance: It'll do for now.
I guess the next step is to Apply for the home loan.
octus: There is no need.
We will be paying cash.
Everyone pays for houses in Cash.
Look, here are the keys.
And I'll send someone else over With the paperwork.
ilana: We have a house! lance: Octus, get our Computer grid and monitoring System up and running.
I'll secure the perimeter.
Princess, you just stay here out Of the way.
ilana: I will not.
Our home needs furnishings.
We need to create a home-like Appearance to blend into the Society.
lance: The mutradi have taken Control of our planet.
There may be more creatures.
We have to get this place ready To withstand any kind of attack.
ilana: Sure.
But don't you think it'll look a Bit odd to start digging Trenches around the house? Isn't the whole idea of us being Here is that we hide by blending Into normal earth life? And the more normal we appear, The harder it will be for anyone To find us.
lance: Your father entrusted Me with your safety.
That's the first priority.
ilana: But that doesn't Mean -- octus: I agree.
Keeping you out of harm's way is Our mission.
lance: We're under attack! What is that? octus: Unknown.
ilana: What is wrong with You? We're not under attack.
yoo-hoo! Anyone home? Oh, my gosh! Get a load of you guys.
Welcome to the neighborhood, Neighbors.
I'm barb.
But you can call me barb.
ilana: Greetings.
oh, so nice to meet you.
ilana: This is lance.
boyfriend? ilana: Brother.
boo! ilana: And this isUh octus: Their father.
mm, yum.
I'll just call you daddy.
So, is there a misses, uh octus: A mrs.
Lunas? No.
ilana: See? This woman is a perfect example Of what I was trying to say Before.
We need to appear to be normal, Like her.
lance: She's normal? All this proves is that I need To put a locking system on that Door.
this would be a terrific Place for the couchMaybe even A love seat.
ilana: I think that's a great Idea.
you know, there's a great Furniture place in the mall.
ilana: What's aMall? the shopping mall on briar.
Don't tell me you've never been To a mall.
What have you been doing with This poor girl? Honey, the mall is where we Ladies go to just be.
There are all sorts of shops and Samples.
If you hurry, you can catch the Next bus.
lance: There is no need for Her to leave the house.
We have everything we need right Here.
ilana: Where do I catch the Bus? just outside on the corner.
lance: You're not going out On your own.
It could be dangerous.
now, come on.
[ straining ] she's a big girl, And it isn't that far away.
lance: Let go.
he's a bit, uh, unusual.
octus: Teenagers? do they even know what they Are? yeah.
what were those things? I think the military's Looking for them.
cleanup has been started on The massive destruction left From last week's battle, which Caused an estimated $14 billion In damage and left local Citizens shaken.
Meanwhile, the authorities are Looking for any information Leading to the identity of the Titan.
ilana: Titan? lance: Gotcha.
SoTheMall's over there? is it really him? it's him, all right.
This is our best chance to get Back galaluna for the king For the princess.
Now! destroy the betrayer! traitor.
You think you've won? You'll never crush our spirit.
We'll fight to the last man and Crush you.
Someday, maybe.
But not today.
sire, there is urgent news.
The creature you sent to earth HasBeen defeated.
The princess still lives, and Her galalunian signal has been Lost.
It is this kind of news that can Inspire rebellion -- the very Reason she must be destroyed.
These mindless mutradi creatures Are worthless.
Perhaps we need to send Something with a little more Intelligence.
Come towards, my pet.
I summon thee.
Find the princess and destroy Her once and for all.
lance: It's not safe here.
ilana: Relax.
No one knows it's us.
We're just like everyone else.
Barb was right.
This place is amazing.
There's the furniture store.
hey, lady, you like lotion? Very best quality.
What kind do you wear? Very good scent and -- ilana: Lance, what are you Doing? lance: That guy was trying to Hurt you with his death spray.
ilana: He's a merchant.
lance: But he had a weapon.
ilana: It was a bottle of Scented cream.
He was just doing his job.
lance: So am I.
Attacking merchants isn't Protecting me.
Lance, just take it easy.
teenage hooligans -- they Attacked me and destroyed Best-quality lotion.
we've got reports of an Altercation in kiosk 7.
All officers report.
ilana: JustTry not to Attack anyone in there, all Right? Look at all the choices.
Which couch do you think would Look good in our living area? lance: That looks good.
ilana: Uh, that's not Furniture.
It doesn't even go inside the House.
Here, try this one.
lance: UmNo, thanks.
ilana: It's your home, too.
And it's really smooshy.
This is perfect.
king: What do you think of Our new home? ilana: I miss home.
lance: Um, maybe we should Go.
ilana: Go?! Is that all you have to say? Don't you have any feelings? Don't you miss home, too? What's wrong with you? lance: I just don't have much To miss.
there's no sign of them up Here on 3.
keep checking.
We're gonna sweep level 2, then Join up with you.
I brought cookies! How did you manage to get this Set up so fast? Is this one of those japanese Dealies? I saw one of these on "good morning today.
" Oh, it tingles! Oh, my.
octus: Barb, how about we Take those cookies down to the Kitchen? mm, oh, I see.
Afraid I'm gonna get crumbs on Your man stuff.
that is them! we want to talk with you.
Come with us.
lance: Let go of her.
freeze! On the ground now! ilana: Lance, no, not here! oh, I am telling you -- the Place was nothing but wires and Remotes.
You have done a gorgeous job Here.
My ex-husband was an electronics Hound, too.
Are you okay? octus: The truth is -- I need To plan several dampening Markers in the yard for our home Security system, and I must Achieve this right away.
well, all right then.
Let's do it.
octus: Uh I'll help you.
I know my way around yardwork.
I planted tomatoes last spring, And every one of those suckers Is still thriving today.
octus: We must get to work at Once.
open fire! ilana: We need to go.
Look out! There's our way out.
We need to switch off our armor And blend into the crowd.
They won't be able to find us Then.
lance: I don't think 're Gonna be able to do that.
lance: How did it find us? ilana: I don't know.
But our weapons have no effect.
lance: We need to get to Octus and form our robot Immediately.
the key is to make sure you Dig deep enough.
octus: You're quite Efficient, barb.
you better watch it, big boy.
Flattery will get you Everywhere.
Oh, my! octus: Thanks for your help.
Well, aren't we in a hurry all Of a sudden? All right.
The game must be on.
I'll make my three-bean dip and Seven-layer guacamole.
Aah, that's 10 ways of Delicious.
octus: What are you doing With your armor on? That creature is tracking the Signal, and you're leading it to The house.
ilana: See what you've done, Lance? lance: You're the one who Wanted to go furniture shopping.
And you! You could have let us know that Creature was coming.
ilana: Don't blame him.
That creature would never have Known to come to the mall if you Hadn't ignited your armor.
lance: I was doing my duty.
I was protecting you, and I'm Not taking any chances.
You're too important.
ilana: I know.
But so are these people.
oh, my.
lance: Oh, no! octus: Engage -- ilana: Titan.
lance: Titan? ilana: That's what the earth People call us.
octus: I like it.
Engage sym-bionic titan.
ilana: Watch out.
No more.
octus: There's a volatile Energy signature coming from Inside the creature, but its Skin is too thick to penetrate.
lance: That's it.
Disengage our link.
ilana: Oh, no.
You are not going inside it.
lance: Trust me.
I got us into this.
I'll get us out.
ilana: Lance, don't! lance: I have to.
ilana: Lance.
Oh, no! lance: These cookies aren't Half bad.
All right, uh, I'm going to bed.
ilana: I've never met anyone Quite like him before.
octus: He is rather intense.
ilana: Why do you think my Father chose somebody so Strange? octus: Maybe your father sees Something in him that none of us Do.
Good night, lance.
lance: Good night, ilana.
solomon: I'm going to need All of these tapes.