Sym-Bionic Titan (2010) s01e09 Episode Script

Tashy 497

[ clicking ] [ Growls ] My great lord and master, we celebrate your surprise arrival.
Modula: I have come here personally to file a complaint.
A complaint? Modula: Yes.
The creatures you have been providing for me have been performing very poorly.
I need something special.
Special? Modula: Are you having a problem understanding me, Duraak? Understanding you? Modula: Yes.
You are repeating every one of my questions.
It infuriates me.
Uh Modula: Choose your response very carefully, Duraak.
[ Growls ] Yes, master.
We have recently hunted and captured a most impressive specimen.
[ Shrieks ] The scales are powerful enough to withstand an immeasurable amount of force.
The spikes are poisonous and can shoot out like missiles.
Modula: Very impressive, but is it big enough? Is it strong enough? I feel that perhaps it still isn'tSpecial enough.
Yes, master.
Perhaps the next one will be more to your liking.
[ Roars ] Modula: Yes! Now, this this is something special! Yes, my lord.
It is one of Mutradd's most powerful, but it is not the most special.
Modula: It isn't? No, master.
There is one other that all the beasts on this world fear.
Modula: That? Yes, my lord.
Modula: You're sure? Yes.
That's it.
Modula: That is the most feared and powerful creature on all of Mutradd? Yes.
For, you see, its unassuming appearance conceals a volatile, unstable power on the inside a living bomb.
If the creature would expire naturally or unnaturally it would unleash a power strong enough to destroy an entire planet.
Modula: Well4 well.
That is special.
[ Explosion ] Engage the space rift.
[ Energy humming ] This way, master.
[ Beeping ] We have attached a device to monitor its vital signs.
We will be able to view it here.
Modula: Very well, but I warn you, Duraak, if you fail, you will pay for your mistake with your life.
Octus: [ Robotic voice the rocket is not slowing down.
Lance: It's too big.
Ilana: We can't stop it! Lance: Yes, we can.
Octus: Wait! That has to be the warhead.
Ilana: What are we gonna do with that? Octus: [ Human voice ] And that.
Lance: Let's get out of here.
Octus: It.
There is a life form inside.
Lance: What is that? [ Purrs ] [ Whines ] Ilana: Lance, you're scaring it.
Come on.
It's all right, little guy.
[ Yips ] [ Squishing ] Ilana: It's allSlippery.
[ Purrs ] Ilana: It's so cute.
[ Whines ] Octus: Tanks approaching.
[ Rumbling ] Lance: Let's go.
Come on, Ilana.
Ilana: What about him? Octus: We cannot leave an alien life form for them to discover.
Lance: All right, all right.
Bring him.
[ Purrs ] Ah.
Gather that alien metal debris, stat! [ Beeping quickens ] Look, sire! [ Horns honking ] Octus: Perhaps we should take an alternate route.
[ Beeping quickens ] [ Yips ] [ Beeping slows ] My lord, I know that modula: It is all right.
I think we've made a mistake.
Yes, sire.
Just a simple mistake.
Modula: You.
Yes, my master? Modula: Congratulations.
You have been promoted.
Find me another creature, or you will meet the same fate.
Lance: Now! [ Barking ] [ Yelps ] Quiet, Hercules! Hello! [ Barking ] Down! Octus: Oh.
Hello, Barb.
I couldn't help but notice that somebody got an addition to the family.
Octus: UhNo, we haven't.
Uh, no.
[ Snarls ] Hmm.
You're so secretive.
Down, boy! Oh, well.
Maybe Hercules can play with your new dog? Cat? Ferret? Gerbil? Octus: There is no pet, Barb.
[ Singsong voice ] Whatever.
[ Squeaking ] Ilana: I can't take my eyes off it.
It's so cute.
You are so cuddly.
You want to sleep with ilany-wanny tonight? Both: No! Lance: We still don't know what that creature is! Octus: It came from Mutradd.
Lance: For all we know, it could be a weapon! Octus: It could be dangerous.
Ilana: All right! Gosh! Relax! You're not a mean old, nasty thing, are you? No, you're not.
[ Snarls, whines ] Ilana: Look what I brought you.
[ Growling ] Ilana: Okay.
How about A granola bar? Raisins? Muffin? Cereal? Wait! I know you're gonna love this.
How about some delicious smushy marshmallows? That's my baby.
It loves a little squishy mushies.
That is perfect.
I'll call you mushy, 'cause you're soft and sweet like a marshmallow.
[ Belches ] [ Footsteps approaching ] Lance: You're a tough little guy, aren't you? [ Purrs ] We'll just assume you're one.
Hey, that's it.
You will be named Tarax after the great Galalunian general! [ Footsteps approaching ] Octus: You are creature 497.
We will begin to unlock your secret.
[ Barks ] [ Coughs, whines ] No.
Ilana: Tarax? Really? Lance: You know, you're insulting a great hero of Galaluna.
Ilana: [ Grunts ] Well, tarax is fine for a general, but not for mushy.
Octus: Put 497 down.
Lance: 497? Ilana: That's a horrible name.
Octus: Put him down.
Lance: What's wrong, octus? Octus: Well, there's no nice way of saying this.
497 is a living bomb.
Both: What?! [ Sneezes ] Octus: I wasn't able to detect it because its outer shell was so strong.
But when a part of it peeled off, I was able to properly examine it.
I found traces of an energy compound so unstable that, with a strong enough impact, could trigger 497 to explode.
An explosion capable of destroying an entire planet.
Lance: So that was the Mutraddi plan.
Ilana: That missile was intended to destroy poor mushy and take all of us and the planet earth with it.
Octus: Yes.
There is more.
It seems that 497 is sick.
The earth's atmosphere is not compatible with him.
497 is slowly deteriorating.
[ Sneezes ] Lance: Can't you stop it? Can you make tarax better? [ Purring ] Octus: I'm sorry.
There's nothing that I can do.
[ Doorbell rings ] Hey, neighbors.
Oh, my! [ Gasps ] [ Growls ] [ Whimpers ] [ Barking, snarling ] Ilana: Mushy! Tuna fish! Do you have any tuna fish?! Ilanayes, I think there's some in the pantry! [ Gleam! ] [ Sniffs ] Ilana: Mushy! Lance: Tarax! Octus: 497! [ Squeaking ] Oh, my mama didn't raise no cowboy [ Tires screeching, [ horn blares ] Lance: Tarax! Both: [ Screaming ] Ilana: I've got mushy! Both: [ Cheering ] Ilana: Gotcha! Huh? [ Sirens wailing ] Lance: We should get out of here.
Ilana: Poor mushy.
Octus: [ Robotic voice ] I realize what I'm about to say will be very difficult for you Lance: Then don't say it.
Ilana: Octus, are you sure we can't make him better? Octus: I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do.
It was obvious early on that you had developed a liking for 497.
Ilana: Mushy.
Lance: Tarax.
Octus: But I'm afraid the only thing that we can do is fly 497 into space and let him go so that he can safely expire without hurting anyone.
Ilana: That is the worst idea ever.
Lance, you can't let him do this! Lance: Can we even fly into space? Ilana: What? Octus: I have programming that I haven't accessed designed specifically for that.
Ilana: There has to be another way.
Octus: This should be far enough.
Ilana: Goodbye, mushy.
Lance: Goodbye, tarax.
Octus: Goodbye, 497.
Ilana: Of everything we've been through, this one's the hardest.
[ Explosion ] [ Indistinct conversations ] Octus: Lance, Ilana Look.
Ilana: Wow! That's beautiful! Octus: That is 497.
Lance: Tarax? Ilana: Mushy? Octus: Yes.
Its explosion was so powerful that it created this formation.
Excuse me! You are not allowed to change the coordinates of the telescope! I'm sure you were trying to see uranus, right? Impossible.
Well, well.
Looks like you've just discovered a new cosmic formation.
And if you found it, you name it.
Ilana: Mushy! Lance: Tarax! Octus: 497! Hmm? Ilana: One second, please.
[ All whispering ] Octus: We have chosen a name Tashy 497.
Very well.