Sym-Bionic Titan (2010) s01e11 Episode Script

The Fortress of Deception

"Sym-Bionic Titans" [ indistinct conversations ] [ mechanical whirring ] Season 1, Episode 11 "The Fortress of Deception" [ horns honking ] Ilana: Aah! [ door opens ] Sir, there appears to be a third target.
Solomon: Take them all.
Yes, Sir.
[ insects chirping ] We've neutralized the monitoring Source coming from bedroom "B.
" You're clear to go at entry Point one.
[ energy pulses ] Ilana: Lance! [ grunts ] [ guns cock ] Solomon: I'll take him.
Get them out of here.
Lance: [ groans ] Sir, it's on our tail.
Solomon: Countermeasures.
Ilana: [ groans ] [ gasps ] Lance: [ groans ] Ilana: Lance? Lance: I'm okay.
Are you? Ilana: Yes.
Lance, what's going on? Who are they? What do they want with us? Lance: And where's Octus? They took our communicators, Too.
[ door hisses ] [ mechanical chirping ] Ilana: Lance! Lance: Don't worry.
I won't be long.
Ilana: [ gasps ] [ coughing ] [ groans ] this is how it works -- you Tell me everything, and I'll let You go.
We know your capabilities.
W've seen you in action.
Now tell me where you're from And why you're here.
[ chuckles ] I like you, kid.
I can tell you like things the Hard way.
I prefer that.
[ police radio chatter ] [ siren wails ] [ tires screech ] [ car doors open, close ] what did this guy look like? I only caught a glimpse of Him, but, uh Well, he was bald With a big brown mustache.
He had kind of a flat nose, too.
I told you to stop staring, Alex.
got a car crash with no car, No skid marks, no nothing.
what's your mission? What are you doing on Earth? Where did you get the devices we Took from your wrists, huh?! Okay, tough guy.
I'll see if your sister is more Cooperative.
[ door hisses ] [ door hisses ] [ gun cocks ] easy.
[ coughing ] Ilana: Are -- are you okay? yeah.
Worried about your friend? He might get roughed up a Little, but he'll be okay.
Ilana: What is this place? G3.
Ilana: G3? What's that? galactic guardian group.
Not surprised you haven't heard Of them.
They keep under the radar.
They're a non-governmental Security agency whose goal is to Protect the Earth from Intergalactic enemies.
Ilana: What would they want with us? well, I know why I'm here, so You must be an alien, or someone Made a huge mistake.
name's Kane.
[ coughs ] Ilana: Ilana.
Oh, and here's Lance.
[ gunfire ] [ gasps ] Lance: I'm all right.
Stand back.
Ilana: Are you sure you're okay? Lance: Let's go.
We got to move.
[ coughs ] Ilana: Wait.
What about him? Lance: Who? Ilana: Kane.
He knows about this place.
I know where your stuff is.
Lance: Fine.
One false move, and you're done.
Ilana: Lance -- this way.
[ gun cocks ] Ilana: [ gasps ] [ clank ] [ alarm blares ] Lance: Can we really trust This guy? Ilana: Do we have a choice? hey, up here.
Ilana: How do you know so Much about this place? I guess I should have told you.
I used to work here.
Lance: What?! I used to be part of G3, but Things didn't work out.
Lance: What do you mean it "didn't work out"? What the Ilana: They're following our every move.
What do they want with us? they think you're Titan.
Are you? Lance: Come on, Ilana.
Ilana: It's a trap! [ grunts ] Lance: How did you learn to Fight like that? how did you? [ mechanical whirring ] Octus: [ human voice ] Hovercraft technology? That's how they got away from Me.
come on.
Your gear is through here.
Lance: Ilana, we're going this way.
he's gonna get you killed.
Lance: He's one of them.
We have to get rid of this guy And find our comm devices now! you're making a mistake.
Lance: Let's go.
I'm telling you, you're going The wrong way.
Octus: Where are they? Lance: Aaah! [ wind whistling ] [ both grunt ] [ alarm blares ] [ guns cock ] Lance: What do we do now? Hey! Ilana: Kane! Lance: I think you forgot These.
Lance: Sorry.
I should have trusted you.
don't worry, kid.
I'm used to it.
So, what's so special about Those watches? Ilana: Their tech -- Lance: It's like ours.
Ilana: How can that be? Lance: I don't know.
what is that? Ilana: Octus! He's with us.
Octus: [ robotic voice ] I Apologize for not getting here Sooner.
who are you? [ alarm blares ] Lance: Octus, initiate Titan.
Octus: Initiate symbionic Titan, Octus unit.
Now! Lance: I can't move! Ilana: What's going on? Solomon: I knew you and your Armored suits were linked to the Giant robot Titan, but I didn't Know how.
I didn't factor in the third Member of your party.
who are you? Solomon: I'm Solomon.
I run G3.
But look at you.
Who's talking? Lance? Ilana? Or is it the robot? what do you want? Solomon: Answers.
We're not telling you anything.
Solomon: You don't have that option.
[ electricity crackles ] [ both scream ] Let's try this again.
Where are you from? Ilana: We've got to get out of here.
Octus: Strange.
I've discovered that the Frequency codes to their Gravity-containment generators Are in my database.
Solomon: Why have you brought All these monsters here? [ both scream ] Octus: I can redirect the Energy to increase our mass, causing -- Lance: Okay.
Sounds good.
Octus: But I didn't finish Explaining.
both: Octus, just do it! Octus: [ sighs ] all right.
Solomon: What is your Mission? What is it doing? [ energy humming, ] [ Metal creaking ] Solomon: Clear the area! The floor's not going to hold! Solomon: We're not done yet.
Lance: I still don't think It's safe here.
We should go, start new Somewhere else.
Ilana: No.
They know everything about us.
They know we're Titan, but we Don't know anything about them, What they want.
Lance: They want to destroy Titan.
Ilana: They had the Opportunity to destroy us, but They didn't.
They just wanted answers.
Octus: [ human voice ] and I Think we need answers, as well.
Lance: Fine.
But we have to be more cautious than ever.
Somehow, they got their hands on Galalunian tech.
Octus: That is most disturbing.
Lance: I guess now we have More than the Mutradi monsters To watch out for.
[ door hisses ] Solomon: Sir, I know I was Only supposed to watch them, but The information we obtained is Invaluable.
All three are needed to form titan.
They are not from this world.
Solomon [ wheezes ] Don't disobey me ever again.
Solomon: Yes, Sir.