Sym-Bionic Titan (2010) s01e13 Episode Script

The Demon Within

Any signs of life, Octus? Yes.
So, what happened last night? What do you mean? You know on your date.
I arrived promptly at 7:30, as instructed, but Kimmy wasn't ready yet.
She was flustered and said she was having a fashion emergency.
I got concerned that her clothes caused some sort of harm.
She said she didn't appreciate my joke and made me I meant what did you and Kimmy do? We went to dinner and then to her friend Amber's house to watch that tv show "High School Heights".
Ooh, I love that show! Me too.
I was trying to watch it but had difficulty concentrating.
Kimmy kept moving closer and closer.
At one point, she was right next to my face.
So, she was trying to kiss you.
- She was? - She was? Over here.
These chemical compounds aren't from this planet.
It must have gone in there.
I can't believe Kimmy tried to kiss you in front of your escorts.
Escorts? Nobody told me about escorts.
You went without escorts? I think that's more of a princess thing.
Oh, yeah.
I knew that.
There it is.
Ilana, haven't you ever been on a date? Of course I have.
My father scheduled many diplomatic arrangements for me.
No, no, no.
I mean just you and a boy no escorts.
He brings you flowers, tells you you're pretty.
- You think I'm pretty? - No! You don't think she's pretty? No.
I I mean, yes.
Of course she's pretty, but that's not what I'm talking about.
I'm talking about a boy, a hypothetical boy, who goes Lance! That's it? The Mutradi must be losing it if they thought this thing was going to stop us.
Uh, Octus, can you take care of this? Certainly.
What are we gonna do with that thing? Ow, ow, ow.
Ah, it stings.
Is she going to be okay? It appears to be a topical venom burn.
Do you think you can stand? I'm fine.
We'd better go before it gets away.
Can we Can we take a break? We can rest here a bit.
How does it look? I believe I can find some indigenous flora to make a salve that will help.
So, did you ever like anyone you met on one of those diplomatic arrangements? They were all very diplomatic.
Well, there was one Prince Simon of Duran.
He seemed very nice.
What happened? We had one scheduled arrangement, and we got along really well.
Then his country got into a civil war and broke apart, so I never saw him again.
This salve should help.
Ahh! That burns! What are you trying to do to me?! You've been through much worse than this.
So?! It still hurts! And you stop asking me so many personal questions.
Do you think she's going to be okay? Maybe she was just tired.
I'm sure she'll be fine.
UmAre you feeling better? I'm fine.
You certainly do seem perkier.
Octus, how are her vitals? Her white blood cell count is elevated from the infection, and her heart rate is slightly faster, but she appears to be healthy.
Keep monitoring her for any signs of change.
Does she seem taller to you? Ilana, where are you? Over here.
We should stick together.
Over here.
What happened? Do you think that thing did this? Perhaps the alien was feeding? Then it must still be nearby.
Boy, nothing stays dead today.
Ilana? Ilana? Ilana? Don't look at me.
I'm hideous! Wait! Where is she? 500 feet ahead.
Her vitals are changing.
What does that mean? Her DNA is being rewritten.
Her signature is growing weak.
The creature's DNA is replacing hers.
- Can you help her? - I don't know.
Ilana? What's he doing to her? Destroy them! What should I do? It's still Ilana.
Don't hurt her.
Stop! We can't leave her behind! We have no choice.
Not to worry.
You performed wonderfully.
I was sent to destroy you, but if I return with you alive, my reward will be tenfold.
You will be made an example of.
You are stronger-willed than any I have turned before, but not strong enough.
You're mine now.
And you will do what I say.
It's changed her.
It's it's controlling her.
Can we ever get her back? We have to sever the link.
Would that harm her? I'm not sure.
It might.
Well, then, maybe we should try something else.
There is nothing else.
This may be our only way.
And that's a risk you're willing to take? We have no other option.
I'm detecting the creature's ship.
It's launching out of the lake.
He's trying to take her! Destroy them.
You take her.
I'll get him.
Well, I didn't think that one all the way through.
You said this would work! I thought it As soon as you're feeling better, we can go home.
You know, I've been thinking When we get home, I might want to go on a date.
That's a good idea.
UhYou might want to wait a bit.
Why? Just trust me.
Synch by Benfo.