Sym-Bionic Titan (2010) s01e16 Episode Script

Escape From Galaluna

It's okay, Hobbs.
Thank you! Thank you all so much! It gives me so much pleasure to be able to dedicate this school.
I firmly believe that education is the most important thing in nurturing a great society.
And with that We love you, princess! We better get going, princess.
We've still got two more sites to visit today.
All right.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- What's wrong? - Ollie fell down a well.
What's an Ollie? My pet.
Hobbs, get my gloves.
This young lady's pet fell down a well.
There's always a well.
Come with me, my darling.
You know, that's what my father used to call me when I was a little girl and something upset me.
The king? That's right.
Looks quiet.
- Still no word? - No, sir.
This is ridiculous, sir.
Every minute we waste standing here, the We have no demands from the Mutradi bandits, so we'll just wait them out.
We have them surrounded.
They're not going to go anywhere.
Return to your post.
But, sir, the hostages are in danger.
Return to your post now! Don't worry, my darling.
And don't you worry, either, my darling.
Is she gonna be okay? Don't worry.
She's done this before.
Aah! Ollie! Hoo.
Look how happy she is, Hobbs.
Here you go.
Broadcast the false signals and hide the armada's approach.
With Galaluna's shield down and their defenses blinded, we will have total advantage with the ambush.
Nothing will stop our invasion now.
Their conquest is at hand.
What the What have you done? What? You just got everyone killed.
No! Everyone was already dead when I got here! They were just some bandits holding the soldiers hostage! There was no reason to engage! They weren't just some bandits! They were planning an invasion.
The Mutradi? That's ridiculous! We have a longstanding peace treaty with them.
They'd never jeopardize that.
They're jamming our signals so they could hide an invasion! Can't you see that?! All I see is the murder of these men due to your insubordination! I'll make sure you pay for what you've done here.
You're going to hang for this.
Aaaaaaah! The king won't save you this time.
That should do it.
Sire, there's been a hostage situation on one of the moons.
All the hostages were killed And one of our own has been detained.
Lance? My king.
What happened up there? It was a hostage situation, sir.
He had one very clear order Under no circumstances was he to engage.
- But he did? - Yes, sire.
And, as a result, all of the hostages were killed.
He's really crossed the line.
He's lying.
It's not what happened! Your majesty, there is an invasion coming.
- You have to listen to me! - No.
I don't.
He's mad.
So it would seem.
Why must we always see each other in here? Sire, the Mutradi murdered those men.
I overheard their plans.
An armada is coming.
We have no information of this.
- They're jamming us.
- Enough.
But, sire Time and again, I go out of my way to help you, and time and again, you let me down.
I may be insubordinate, but I'm not crazy.
I heard what I heard.
The kingdom is in danger! Your father was one of the finest men I knew.
He expected such great things from you.
And so did I.
It was all so perfect.
The kids can't wait to start school.
That's wonderful, my darling, but what happened to you? Oh.
A little girl lost her pet down a well.
I couldn't bear to see her cry, so I went down and got it.
Of course.
There's always a well.
Hobbs said the same thing.
Are you all right? Daddy? We need to go.
Let me out of here! Come on! How could this happen? All detection systems are down planet-wide, sire.
Lance was telling the truth.
Mutradi mega beasts! They've never been able to control them before.
Hold on, princess! Unh-ahh! Turn on your armor, like I taught you.
Hurry! It won't work! How can that be? Come on.
Don't touch him.
You're with the Mutradi.
You're a traitor! I'm not the only one.
Find and destroy the king.
This one's mine.
Years of planning this coup, and to think you almost ruined it.
I'm going to stop you.
You won't have a chance.
This would be too easy.
Prodigy or not, you'll never defeat me in combat.
I'm going to savor killing you.
Aah! Unh.
I'm okay.
I'm I'm okay.
Shh! The king.
Hold the line, men! Give them all you got! Yaaaaaaah! Your world is lost.
Try as you may, there's no stopping what's to come.
Hyaaaah! There.
That should do it.
We have to get to the palace.
- Can you move? - You go.
I'll be fine.
I'm not leaving you.
You had better drive.
Got it.
Uh, wrong way.
Right! What have you done? My master comes to usher in a new era, one of conquest and strength.
Those loyal to him will be rewarded beyond measure.
The royal family dies tonight.
I can see the palace, but it's surrounded by too many Mutradi.
Blast your way through them.
Sire, look.
That enemy tank is attacking its own.
Ilana! Covering fire! Covering fire! This man needs medical attention now! Take good care of him.
Daddy! You'll be safe inside the palace Come! No! Aaaaaaaah! Lance? You get some men and seal off the South palace! You get the heavy guns and take up defensive positions in the garden and west wing.
That'll keep the fighters from getting close.
Your majesty, this is more than an invasion.
It's a coup.
The kingdom has been betrayed by our own.
We must get you and the princess out of here now.
This way.
Initiate escape procedures.
Prepare the pod.
How did you do that? All the communications are down.
Not all of them.
You first, your majesty.
Rift-gate coordinates have been entered.
- All is prepared as planned.
- Good.
What is that? This is Octus.
He's here to help you on your journey.
Our journey? I'm not going.
You two are.
What?! You have to come! I can't.
I have to stay with our people.
No, father.
I won't go! Listen, my darling.
You are the heart of Galaluna.
You are its future.
If anything happens to you, all will be lost.
But - When can I come back? - Soon, I hope.
Once I've dealt with the Mutradi, I'll send for you.
But if I fail Daddy, don't If I fail, the people will need you to lead them.
Now, please, you have to go.
Lance, it's up to you to protect my daughter, no matter the cost.
She is the kingdom now.
Do you understand? You showed me that you really are the person I always knew you could be.
Your father would be proud.
I'm proud.
I'm counting on you.
I won't let you down, your majesty.
I know you won't.
Good luck, sir.
Goodbye, daddy.
I love you.
Goodbye, my darling.
Synch by Benfo.