Taboo (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Your father was poisoned.
I would say heavy doses over a short period.
Brace, what's the matter? The truth.
Those bastards at the Palace have opened a Royal Commission into the sinking of the Influence.
You are now one of us.
You'll risk the life of your son? Zilpha.
What have you done? I killed him.
James, this powder is not ready to be moved because it is unstable.
We are leaving because we have been betrayed.
Sir Stuart just wants you to know it's war.
The gloves are off.
James, what are you doing? Go away.
I'm not fit to be near you now.
Dear Lord, we are gathered in your presence here today on this most sorrowful occasion to say farewell to Winter.
Cured of her love of the world, untouched, pure, commended to God she will not be covered in earth as corrupted flesh, but instead will be sent to you, O Lord aboard a sunrise Helga, I can't read the next word.
sent to you aboard a sunrise along the road of the river that she loved, as if it were her father.
along the road of the river she loved, as if it were her father.
What's this? A package for Mr.
I believe this one is a ward of your master, who asked me specifically to deliver him in person to this house today.
He's not in.
What a surprise.
Cholmondeley? Miss Bow.
What's going on? A bastard.
I thought, in all your charity, you might extend some sustenance and some shelter to this poor, unfortunate boy.
What's your name? Robert.
It's Robert.
You know James Delaney, do you? Yes.
Come into the house, we'll find you something to eat and somewhere to sleep.
Thank you.
[door slams.]
Take into your loving arms this purest flake of snow, my daughter, my light, my love my Winter.
I thought I might find you here.
A gentle soul, taken from us all too soon.
You've a heart, at least.
I'm just looking for a ship.
Watching what comes and goes.
Raise her up to your heavens and set her free by your light.
ALL: Amen.
I know you didn't do it.
And how would you know that? Hmm? - I very well may have.
- Mm.
You might have done.
But I do know you cared for her.
You were kind to her.
She told me.
The boy Robert's arrived.
Oh! You OK? Hello.
Did you know Winter? Was she your friend? No.
No, no, no! No, wait! Do you think that this will be enough to sink her? I've committed many bodies to the deep in this way.
None have returned to London.
I'm sorry for your loss.
You will find a place where the current will take her to the wide ocean.
It's where she wanted to be.
The river will only take her body.
I will keep her soul.
There's no certainty it was James that did it.
There's no certainty that he did not.
DISTANT VOICE: I'm getting scared, James.
Too many bodies in the river.
Can I sleep under your house tonight? JAMES: No.
Go away, I'm not fit to be near you now.
James! You're among them now, aren't you? The ones who used to sing to me.
Was it my hand? [knock on door.]
[knocking continues.]
Brace! [footsteps.]
God's sake.
[knocking continues.]
I received a message that you wished to speak with me.
After you have eluded me so long.
May I sit? Mm-hm.
I need to know why you're seeking me? First, I must tell you that I already know many things about you.
I need to be clear that you're not a spirit, like the others.
I'm a rationalist.
I'm carrying out an investigation as part of a Royal Commission.
I heard that you don't drink, that you don't fuck whores and, erm that you're squeezing Sir Stuart Strange on behalf of the King.
- On behalf of justice.
- Oh, justice.
You believe in justice? I do.
And yet you're a rationalist.
What kind of rational man believes in justice? I'm investigating the sinking of a sloop called the Cornwallis, renamed the Influence, off the coast of Cabinda in July 1804.
Delaney I have strong reason to believe that you were aboard the ship the night it sank.
An example of the kind of nail you used to nail down the hold of the East India Company ship, the Cornwallis, when she ran aground in July 1804.
"Aye, aye, Captain," I said.
I'm aware you were following orders.
No, I happen to like driving in nails.
Takes your mind off the rain and off of a sinking ship.
Delaney, perhaps I should come back during daytime.
Oh, no, no, there's no use.
I am always like this.
Please, carry on.
You travelled to the Volta as a slave and then began to deal slaves.
You stole diamonds from a fellow slaver and then returned to London.
I have done much worse things than stealing diamonds.
I know this, too.
What do you want? As far as I can ascertain you are the only surviving member of the crew of the Cornwallis.
I want you to write an account, naming Sir Stuart Strange as the man who organised the loading of the Cornwallis with slaves bound for a sugar plantation in Jumby Bay, Antigua owned by his own brother.
In return, the Royal Commission will offer you a full pardon for your crime.
For crime it is.
I have an alternative suggestion.
[knock on door.]
I have a use for you.
For the safe.
Mm-hm? Go.
Murderer! Murderer! Do you know who blew up your ship? I've been thinking a lot about what happened, and and I think we were right.
There wasn't the time for such And we have plenty of time.
No, we don't.
When you first came back, you told me you loved me.
- I would never have thought - But you don't think.
Do you? I know you.
I know your nature.
I know you.
I believed once that we were the same person.
We are.
We are not.
We are.
Not any more.
Perhaps you should thank your God for that.
No, James.
No, you can't do this.
Not now.
It is done.
Please For your widowhood.
[she whimpers.]
Now I have work to do, so please excuse me.
- No fires within these walls.
- I'm sorry.
We're not moving the powder today, are we? So what's so urgent I had to dismount from a porky little Chinese? This is where they kept my mother.
Something for your book.
The lioness will fiercely protect her cubs, regardless of the consequences.
Even if that means her certain death.
Is that who you mean? That woman will betray us.
She knows about the division with the Americans.
That's high treason! That's you, me and my lot feeding the ravens of London for at least a month.
You will not harm her.
She is harmed enough already.
Well, she'll go to the Company.
It is inevitable.
Hmm? Fix the roof.
Gunpowder and water don't mix.
Where's Brace? In his room.
He's been there all day, either mad or sick or drunk.
We knocked.
He won't answer.
Brace, you are not sick and you are not dead yet.
Come out, or I will come in there and drag you out.
Talk to me about the rats.
Every house has rats.
But after you bought so much arsenic from the apothecary in Rotherhithe Pinch after pinch after pinch.
It's a great deal of poison.
Still, we have rats.
What's that? Your father's buttons from his dress coat.
I kept them.
It was a kindness.
For who? We couldn't go on, James.
But you did.
You were dead.
Everyone was at his throat.
He was burning his own flesh! He had no need to go on.
Nothing left to live for.
So you did him a kindness.
I put an end to his pain.
You did him a kindness.
I killed him! You came back too late! For both of us.
You are wanted urgently downstairs.
Delaney is destroying the kitchen.
She's about to ruin a duck.
Your ten o'clock is 20 minutes early, sir.
Oh, good.
Then my 12 o'clock can be my 11.
30, my one o'clock can be my 12, and before you know it, the day will be over before it's begun.
Send him in.
It's a woman, sir.
Actually, two women, sir.
Let me get this clear.
You were witness to the division of gunpowder and you heard, with your own ears, that a proportion of this said powder was to be sold to a citizen of the United States of America? Not sold, but given.
On direct instruction of James Delaney himself, sir.
And you witnessed this, too? - She will have to say it, sir.
- Yes, yes.
You'll have to say it out loud.
You witnessed the division of the gunpowder and you heard its destination.
Yes, I did, sir.
And you were both being paid for your services by James Keziah Delaney himself? In gold.
And silver.
And you're a British citizen? German by birth, British by marriage.
And you? I'm from Dulwich, sir.
Dulwich? Very good.
Gentlemen, we have two witnesses willing to testify that Delaney gave gunpowder to an enemy of the Crown within the confines of the City of London compassing the death of His Majesty the King.
Well, it's treason.
High treason.
We have him.
We fucking have him! We have Delaney, we have Nootka, we have the China trade.
We have opium, tea and powder.
He'll be cut to pieces.
A piece each, gentlemen.
Sir? Can we go now? Go? [they laugh.]
No, no, no, no.
You are far, far too precious to go anywhere.
And as accessories for a crime against the Crown, there will be due process.
Take them.
You'll be held in a secure place until your pardon can be exchanged for your testimony in court.
What? Ugh! Get off me! Don't hurt them! Get off me! Where is he? They would not be denied, sir.
This is the Prince's house.
You should have dragged them out on their arses.
Stuart Strange is a Knight of the Realm, I could not lay - a hand on him.
- Ssh, ssh, ssh.
What the hell do you think you're doing? We have some rather good news for British patriots everywhere.
[horse snorts.]
: James! [screaming.]
James! You are betrayed! Two women came to Leadenhall I know.
Where are they now? A safe house.
I have the address.
I have a use for you.
There's someone I need you to see.
"In the event of a conviction for high treason, compassing the death of our Lord the King, then the law of 'Corruption of Blood' will take precedence over all other.
All land, property, chattels and investments of the guilty party will pass without hindrance to the Crown.
And by dint of 'Corruption of Blood', all family members of the guilty party will be deemed corrupted and any claim to land, property, chattels or investment will be null and void.
" So you've not only delivered us Delaney, it appears you've delivered Nootka Sound to the King.
Why? Well, as loyal subjects of the Crown, we feel it is our duty to expose disloyalty and treason in time of war.
- However - Go on.
the ladies who are to give the crucial evidence against James Delaney are now in the protective custody - of the East India Company.
- [he chuckles.]
Their whereabouts are known to just a handful of trusted directors so, to ensure their safe delivery, we humbly suggest you assign a monopoly.
The trade in sea otter pelts for tea between Nootka and China.
In favour of the loyal and honourable East India Company.
The King gets the land.
You get the tea trade.
You got lucky with a whore, Stuart.
Well, there was an element of fortune.
And an element of God's grace.
And an element of strategy.
So get to it.
Arrest the bastard.
Thank you, madam.
[dogs bark.]
[dramatic music.]
[overlapping conversations.]
[door opens.]
Chichester, this is the man I told you about Michael Godfrey.
George Chichester.
Goodness, your hand is cold.
I have been on the heath.
I'm not sure I can go through with this.
Let us at least sit and talk.
You lead a very interesting life.
James, if he is religious and scornful I am scornful of those who judge.
I myself am only concerned with men's minds clothes are of no interest to me.
We can talk with purpose or without.
Godders, no gin.
Your account of the sinking of the Cornwallis changes everything.
Is there no world in which I could offer my account anonymously? A Royal Commission cannot accept anonymous testimony.
I would be reporting things said from a raised hand Yes.
by the most senior directors of the East India Company.
How long have you worked for the East India Company? I have only been clerk for 12 years.
I have no idea how many years it was going on for No, but you were present during the meeting when Sir Stuart concealed the facts about the sinking of the Cornwallis.
Would you agree to testify? Mr.
Chichester, would you please allow me a few moments alone? [door opens and closes.]
Now, listen here, Godders, I'm going to sail away, all right? And all of those who have use to me will sail along with me.
And on my ship, there will be no rules and there will be no judgment.
We're sailing to a new world and that is the plan.
James you are a fool.
They are going to hang you.
No, their case will flounder.
They can't.
And we can make this happen.
You and me.
And the best of it you will never have to testify.
My ship will sail long before the commission even sits.
All you have to do is make-believe to this man here.
All right? Now, you can do that, can't you? Right.
We're good.
Godfrey has decided he will do the honourable thing.
Your testimony will be with you within the week.
Signed? And sealed.
And if required, he will stand up in court? Let the good Lord be my witness I will yell out the truth to the four winds.
Until that happy resolution, I bid you good day, gentlemen.
Mount up! To the Molly House! I cannot pack up my entire life in five minutes.
Well, you can pack it up or you can lose it.
This is ridiculous.
What about you? I'm being followed.
The Crown have soldiers searching for me everywhere, so it ends here.
Here? Yes.
When? - I don't know.
- Jesus Christ! Are you just going to sit?! Well, what's the use in hiding? I need a ship and passage.
James, they're not going to give you a ship, they're going to hang you! No, no, no.
Look go to this address, all right? There will be a man with markings on his face to meet you he will take you to my friend Atticus.
Tell my friend Atticus where Helga is.
Write your account he will secure it and keep you safe.
Safe? Safe? When my ship is ready, I will send for you.
James, for God's sake, you don't have a bloody ship! No.
Not yet.
Right, ladies, you might want to leave this place.
There are soldiers coming.
Soldiers? Then surely we should stay! [laughter.]
You're almost out of wine! I know! That wine's gone to my head! [laughter.]
Oh, here he comes.
Who said that? Me.
I suggest that you leave very quickly and very, very quietly or you can stay for the extreme violence that is coming your way.
- Your choice.
- Come on, ladies.
Go! He must be taken alive by order of His Majesty King George! In here, Captain! James Keziah Delaney, you are hereby charged with high treason, compassing the death of our Lord the King! Dr.
Dumbarton! Dr.
Dumbarton! A merchant has been arrested for high treason.
In league with Americans you must clear out.
When my reds are red and my whites are white and my blues are blue, then I will clear out.
All right.
[he grunts.]
You bastard! You traitor! [james groans.]
Get up! - Where's Temple? - He's not coming! Don't he want his share? - Hurry up, Temple! - Come on, Temple! Hello.
I've been looking for you.
I want her to forgive me.
For what? You know it's a sin not to tell the truth in a sacred place.
Brace? Brace? Brace, where's James? I need to talk to him.
Brace, I spoke to a witness.
It wasn't James that killed the girl, it was the Company, it was the East India Company.
I need to tell James.
[scrubbing stops.]
Arsenic is gentle.
It was mercy.
Horace was no longer a Christian soul.
I only wish I'd killed James, too.
Give him a kind death.
Protect him from himself.
Instead, they've got him.
What do you mean? Where is he? They took him to the Tower where no-one will be kind enough to feed him arsenic.
[chains jangle.]
Delaney His Majesty seeks information.
I really have no taste for this, so perhaps we can conduct this business like gentlemen.
They will allow no easy escape to death.
Since it is imperative that we keep you alive until after your conviction for treason, the doctor is here to help and assist Mr.
Arrow, who will do most of the necessary work.
Although, for some tasks, he will need helpers with strong hands.
And together, they will walk you along a tightrope.
A line between life and death.
[heavy breathing.]
We need the names of all the people who helped you manufacture the gunpowder move the gunpowder, but most pressingly of all, we need the names of all the members of the Society of Secret Correspondence that you have dealt with.
The Americans.
The places you met.
Code names, signals.
The location of the powder you gave them.
Now, if you can give me all that and what you tell us is corroborated, then then these people won't be needed and you will await trial in the same cell that Thomas Moore occupied, with not an unpleasant view of the River Thames.
So? I will give you all the information that you request but in return, I will need a single meeting with Sir Stuart Strange of the East India Company here, in a cell, and in private.
[he chuckles.]
News of my arrest will already be spreading.
Those people that you seek they will already be fleeing London.
You allow me my meeting with Stuart Strange and perhaps, perhaps you will catch your Americans before they reach the ports.
[he clears his throat.]
[james screams in pain.]
How long do you think it'll take? One, maybe two hours.
Well, in that case, Mr.
Delaney, Sir Stuart Strange is busy.
[james whimpers in pain.]
[muffled panting.]
Give us the Americans and then we'll stop! [he sighs.]
[muffled groaning.]
Sir! What did you say? Mr.
Delaney, what did you say? [weakly.]
: Stuart Strange Caddy if you've lost your master, go to the clubhouse and ask.
Thank you.
Don't stand there gawping.
I have no master, sir.
: Well, you're not a player.
Not of this game.
Look, do you mind? I've got a shot to make.
So make it.
Who the hell are you? My name is George Chichester.
And when you have taken your shot, I'd like to talk to you.
I have nothing to say to you.
You should know that I have testimony from a reliable witness I've told you, I have nothing to say to you.
someone who will swear on oath that it was you who organised the loading of human cargo onto the Cornwallis bound for Antigua.
If your witness is Delaney, I think you should know that, even now, he is being held in the Tower of London charged with treason.
Your "reliable witness" is a plotter against the life of the King! No.
I have another witness.
Where exactly are we going? Fuck! We are aware that you have a certain capacity for pain which is why we've invited Dr.
His unearthly potions [liquid pours.]
alter perceptions.
[heavy breathing.]
The ducks will be flying.
All the coaches to Bath and Southampton - are being searched, Your Highness.
- For what? For whom? We have no idea who they are, who they pretend to be.
It's been 12 hours! He will break.
No, he won't.
Goddamn it, where are you? [door opens.]
The lady at his lodging said she hadn't seen him since this morning, sir.
Oh, fuck.
It seems there is much about our friend Godfrey that we didn't know, sir.
What? I went into his room.
Half of his clothes were women's clothes.
[he chuckles.]
He was a Molly, sir.
Delaney was arrested at the Molly House.
Delaney will have put Godfrey up to this.
Hm? He'll have hidden him in the dark places where Delaney is king, where giving up Delaney is treason.
Delaney? Do you have anything to say to me? Mr.
Delaney, do you have anything to say to me? [weakly.]
: Stuart Strange.
Give him what he wants.
[door closes.]
This is absurd.
My God, look at you.
Well, your plan worked you in a cell, me on a hook.
I'm here.
What do you want? I have a use for you.

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