Tabula Rasa (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

The Ghost

SPECTRE Two thousand and five.
Fifty eight.
Twenty two.
One hundred and eleven.
One hundred and thirty five.
One hundred and ten.
One thousand and thirty six.
One thousand and thirty Thousand TODAY DECEMBER 4TH Welcome to the nuthouse.
"One thousand and thirty six.
" You're new here, right? Don't be scared.
"I'd rather be stark raving mad than boring as hell.
" Marilyn Monroe.
Hello, Vronsky.
I'm a guest here, just like you.
- What am I doing here? - You were counting.
- No, I'm trying to remember something.
- What? - Numbers.
- Exciting.
Any joy? Yes, if I work them into a story.
Why on earth would you do such a thing? - My memory is quite bad.
- There's the answer to your question.
- What question? - Why you're in the nuthouse.
You're a serious case.
What did you get? Give me what she got.
Have you forgotten who you are or are you just out of touch with reality? A normal person would say their name when being introduced.
What's normal anyway? "What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.
" I didn't come up with that.
Morticia Addams.
What's your name? Mie.
Annemie D'Haeze suffers from anterograde amnesia since her car accident last March.
So her memory prior to the accident is intact? Yes.
She knows who she is and recognises everyone from before the accident.
But ever since the accident all new information is erased? Wiped out.
Mie calls it a passing sand storm that wipes everything out.
But that's not a problem.
Annemie has learned to live with her disease.
We all have.
- It's not a disease, Rita.
- Then what is it? Is Annemie D'Haeze aware of her memory issues, doctor? Yes.
My wife forgets what she knows, but she's not retarded.
She knows that she forgets.
Her brain still absorbs information, but only stores it temporarily.
How long is temporarily? That depends, inspector.
All we know, is that stress and panic erase any new memories.
The fear of forgetting alone causes enough stress to wipe everything out.
I'm sorry, doctor.
A closed ward is no place for my daughter.
When can she leave? She will stay here as long as she's a danger to herself and others.
Don't worry.
You can visit her soon.
As long as it doesn't interfere with our investigation.
My wife needs help and rest.
She's not going to get that from a police investigation.
I want to know why we are still prattling on about my daughter.
- Rita, calm down.
- Please let me finish.
All of a sudden, the poor love is moved to a bloody closed ward.
We're wasting our time with a dirty pillow.
Madam, please listen, all we ask for is your cooperation.
If someone goes missing, the first days are crucial.
They determine whether the person will be found alive and well.
How does this relate to her memory loss? From what the doctor said, we can deduct that stress plays a major role in wiping out her memory.
While my investigation is ongoing, no sensitive topics should be discussed with the suspect.
The suspect? All of a sudden, my wife is a suspect? With all due respect, Mrs D'Haeze is our only lead in this case.
If she loses it once more, we're right back at the start.
Which sensitive topics can't we discuss with her? The link between her and the missing person, for example.
Certain conversation topics should be avoided.
You can visit her but only under these conditions.
Please sign at the bottom.
If you obstruct the investigation, there will be consequences.
- She desperately needs your support.
- Here you go.
Good morning, Mrs D'Haeze.
How are we feeling today? Inspector, since it's the first interview, I will stay here and monitor.
Inspector Wolkers.
Federal police.
I'm looking into the disappearance of Thomas De Geest.
This man has been missing for a couple of days now.
Does he look familiar to you? How long have I been here? Since yesterday.
Who is that? Thomas De Geest.
He went missing without a trace.
I have never seen this man before.
Are you sure? Maybe you forgot.
Is it possible that you did meet, but you can't remember? Maybe you should Maybe you should ask my mum.
Or Benoit.
I don't know.
- Don't get upset.
- I want to see my family.
We're going to take it easy.
Maybe it would help you to see some familiar faces first.
Hey, you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hello, baby.
- Where's Romy? - She's with your sister.
You wouldn't want Romy to see you like this.
- Later, when you're feeling better.
- Yes.
Benoit, why am I here? You had a relapse, my little mole.
You need to stay here and rest.
We have just spoken to the doctor.
You'll be home before you know it.
By the way, a police officer turned up.
He wanted to know if Apparently, somebody disappeared.
- Really? - Yes.
He asked me if I knew him.
- And did you? - No.
- Maybe we should talk - to that police officer.
What's the food like in here? Look what we got you.
- Maybe you can hang it on the wall.
- And brighten the place up a bit.
That house.
We moved house.
- But we're going to be here for a while.
So what? It's not going to sell in an instant.
You should be glad it hasn't sold yet.
What would you have done? We would have rented something in town.
And have me going back and forth? Dream on.
Dream on You want to do everything yourself, but we both know how that ends.
Right then.
- The fresh air will do her good.
- Mum, she's my daughter.
Romy? Romy? Romy? - Did I startle you? - Yes, you did.
Let's take a picture of the house and Granny.
How many more times? Granny is for old people.
As long as you call me Annemie, I will call you Granny.
Romy, stand next to your granny.
An induction cooker.
At least you can't set fire to my inheritance.
- Rita - That fire was an accident.
Everybody leaves a pan on the stove every once in a while.
We all forget.
But when you forget that you forget, you need a camera in the kitchen.
Here we go.
Now we can get to work.
Here, make yourself useful instead of hanging up spy cameras.
- This house is huge.
- Isn't it? It used to be belong to my granddad.
- Have you picked out a room yet? - The attic.
Surely not the attic? Is it haunted? One big ghost lives there.
And that's you.
- That cellar needs draining.
- Luckily I put everything on pallets.
Morinneke asked me to redecorate their interior.
- Morinneke? - The tea room in the village.
I get to do their curtains and table cloths.
I was thinking Laura Ashley.
People like that.
Pink, beige, cake and ice cream.
They're not paying much, but I get to leave my business cards there.
"I love you, I need you.
Forever yours, Rita.
" Now I need to print up new business cards.
Like I've got time for that.
We'll be alright here, Rita.
Are you crazy? I don't mind cleaning up.
It's so nice to get out of the house.
That Sandy is doing my head in.
She refuses to do the ironing and the washing up.
That's because she's not a cleaner, but a nurse's assistant.
- She's not assisting me.
- Look, a 1969 Château Pétrus.
That lazy cow.
She slopes off 30 minutes early so she can have sex with her boyfriend.
- I am so fed up, Annemie.
- Mie.
I'm 55 years old, I'm in the prime of my life.
I have reached my frigging creative peak.
- I would also like to shag my new lover.
- Mum, please What? Am I not allowed to say that? Do you have any idea what it's like to be stuck with an Alzheimer's patient? Right then.
You don't have Alzheimer's.
There's still hope for you two.
But for Daddy and me, the future looks a lot less rosy.
Let's take a break.
A little toast to new beginnings.
One for my little mole.
- To new beginnings.
- To new beginnings.
Granddad made his own wine.
I've tasted better cat's pee.
- At least he used fancy bottles.
- To Granddad.
- Mie? - Yes? Mie, come take a look.
This is state of the art.
Look closely.
- What? - Hang on.
- Close door.
- You see? - Close door.
- The volume can be adjusted.
- Close door.
- Excellent.
Close Close door.
Close door.
- Benoit? - Close door.
Close door.
Close door.
- Are they allowed to hunt here? - Hello.
Close door.
- It must be hunting season.
- This is private property.
He's just walking past.
Close door.
Close door.
Close door.
Close TODAY DECEMBER 4TH You don't remember me, do you? We just had a roll in the hay.
Have you forgotten already? Vronsky.
We're colleagues.
What's wrong with you? I'm a pyromaniac.
Shouldn't you be in prison? They say I'm not right in the head.
But who are they anyway? Never trust them.
Aren't you going to finish that? Come on, Mie.
That's the tastiest bit.
Everything else they feed us is rubbish.
They say you torched your house.
How did you do it? A short circuit? A cigarette? White spectre? Spectre? Thomas De Geest.
What makes you say that? White spectre, smarty-pants.
So, did you torch your house? I don't know.
- I didn't do it on purpose.
- That's what we all say.
Is that the reason you're locked up? No.
I moved into my grandparents' place a while back.
The fire was before that.
So you remember that? Whenever I remember something, I write it down.
Is that me? Can I see? You're drawing me so tomorrow you will remember That we didn't have sex.
Never say never, poppet.
And what's that? - What's on the other half? - I don't know.
There's a lot you don't know, right? And what's this? I prefer your sketches.
They're my daughter's.
This is what I'm taking on my trip: Mr Bear, a photo album, a rug, a coffee maker THREE MONTHS BEFORE THE DISAPPEARANCE and my story book.
This is what I'm taking on my trip: Mr Bear.
My photo albums.
A rug.
Hang on.
What were the other ones? You forgot so many, I win.
- Honey bear, here's your coffee.
- Yes.
Day, hour and month.
Oh, here.
Your wallet.
Your keys and mobile phone.
And here Hold this.
Your panic button.
Try it.
- Panic, panic, I'm on my way.
- Is this really necessary? Do you recall getting lost in the shopping centre? No.
My point exactly.
It's already been a month since we Really? Not really.
I just thought it would be a clever tactic.
We still have to christen your grandparents' house.
Later, when she's in bed.
Mum, shall we play another game? Romy, Daddy says you can watch a film.
Snow White.
We have 90 minutes.
Is that enough? Only just.
- Come on, off to bed.
Mr Bear.
- Mr Bear.
Do you like your new room? Right then.
Come on.
Romy D'Haeze, how many more times? Please pick up your clothes.
Mummy I didn't do it on purpose.
It fell down.
How did that happen? Are you angry? No, but I wish you would have told me instead of hiding it.
I'm sorry.
That's okay.
Come on, get some sleep.
- Sleep well, my angel.
- Sleep well, dear Mummy.
What's up? Romy dropped Granddad's mirror.
Are you afraid your mum will give you grief? Throw it out and don't mention it.
Granddad always said the mirror kept evil spirits at bay.
Shards bring luck, Mie.
No, he said the spirits entered through the cracks.
It will be okay.
It's just temporary.
As soon as the insurance has paid up Romy is asleep.
As soon as the insurance pays up, we'll get a new place in town.
I think I could be happy here.
It's a place I recognise, at least.
That's great, because in this maze, the toilet is on the left.
The stairs are on the right, unlike in our old place.
What's wrong? Can't I make your life more pleasurable? That depends.
Define "pleasurable".
- Benoit, you're snoring.
- No, you are.
Not again.
I mustn't forget.
Mie? Mie? Are you hurt? I told you the toilet was on the left.
I forgot.
Where does it hurt? The toilet is on the left.
- And the stairs are - I know.
Come on, show me.
Here? Alright, alright.
- Good morning.
- Hey.
Did you sleep well? Yes.
How about you? Yes.
- French toast.
Is that for me? - How many can you eat? - Millions.
- Millions? Let's start with one.
- Chocolate spread? - Yes.
Chocolate spread.
Do you want to see the doctor? - No, I slept wrong.
Do you want some milk? - Yes.
- Do we have chocolate milk? - You already have the spread.
Did you sleep well? - Yes.
- Yes? - What did you dream about? - Bunny rabbits.
- Benoit? - Yes? - Where is my mobile phone? - There's a tray in the hallway.
I know.
It's not here.
- You should place it in there.
- But I did.
That's impossible.
I haven't been in the cellar.
It must have been Romy.
- What? - Nothing.
You just have to get used to the house.
I'm not mad.
I swear I haven't been in here.
Benoit? - Mie? What's wrong, are you okay? - The dolls startled me.
- What's that? - What? It's a pussy cat.
Hey, come here, you.
- Don't be scared.
- Don't touch him, he's dirty.
Come here.
- She only has three legs.
- And I only have two.
Come on.
TODAY DECEMBER 4TH - Good afternoon, Mrs D'Haeze.
- Hello, Mr Wolkers.
It's inspector Wolkers.
Anyway, you're improving.
You still remember me.
I was here this morning too.
Do you remember? We were talking about this man.
He's been gone for a couple of days.
Am I supposed to know him? Thomas De Geest.
Doesn't ring a bell? - I'm sorry.
- It doesn't matter.
The doctor in this facility explained to me that memory is triggered by sensory impressions.
Compare it to a flat battery in a car.
And I brought jumper cables.
The idea is for you to smell it.
Well? I'm getting a hint of pine.
Excuse me? Those air freshener trees you hang in your car.
We're here.
- I don't want to.
- Come on.
- You'll make new friends in no time.
- Nobody will want to play with me.
Of course they will.
There are plenty children looking for new friends.
Come on.
My baby.
Good girl.
Sir? Sir? I have a box with electronics.
Where are they supposed to go? In that iron container.
There's lots of other stuff in my car too.
I can manage on my own.
Madam? Wait.
- I'll take that.
- Thanks.
Paint tins and broken tiles, I think.
- Wait, let me.
- Yes, thank you.
Are you doing some spring cleaning? MOVED TO 58 LOUIS CAROLUSDREEF No, we recently moved house.
- Hey, honey bear.
- Hey, little mole.
It's me.
- I'm already home.
- Yes? Do you need help at the recycling centre? - No, I can manage.
- Okay.
I'm almost done.
Use your sat nav when coming home.
I've entered our new address.
- Can I take that sticker off? - Why? - If you forget your sat nav again - I find it rather embarrassing.
Embarrassing? Why? You know, other people.
The other mum's at school.
We'll talk about it later, alright? Okay.
I'll see you soon.
Bye bye.
Oh yes, that needs to go too.
Don't you need this anymore? No, it's all yours.
- Thank you.
- Thanks for your help.
Arbre magique.
TODAY DECEMBER 4TH Is that all? What makes you think that? That's what it smells like to me.
Women are supposed to have a good sense of smell.
Women are also supposed to have a good memory.
Maybe you should try again.
I'm not your dog.
No, indeed.
You're definitely not my sniffer dog.
But you are the last person who was seen with Thomas De Geest a couple of days prior to his alarming disappearance.
Says who? Witnesses.
Right now, this man's fate is in your hands, Mrs D'Haeze.
Here, keep it.
Do you like it here? When can I go home? As soon as De Geest has been found.
The spectre? Benoit doesn't believe in spectres.
Benoit doesn't believe me.
- Hey, little mole.
It's me.
- My meeting has just finished.
- This late? Yes, I'm sorry.
It overran, but I'm on my way home.
- Drive safely.
- Of course.
- Kiss.
See you soon.
- Bye.
Toilet on the left, stairs on the right.
just a half, no more Sleep well Yes, Benoit.
A half.
Two thousand three hundred and twenty three.
Benoit? Hey, puss.
What are you doing here? Didn't I leave you in the kitchen? You are such a Houdini.
A real Houdini.
Do you like that name? - Hello? - Hey, little mole.
It's me.
My meeting has just finished.
Yes, I'm sorry.
It overran, but I'm on my way home.
Okay? Good morning.
Has Romy left for school yet? What's wrong? What time is it? Eleven past ten.
- Something's wrong.
- What do you mean? The clocks are off.
They're new.
I only installed them last week.
You messed it up.
Cup of tea? - Mie, what is haunting you? - Nothing.
This house is haunted.
Mie, there's no such thing as spirits and spectres.
You know what the doctors warned you about.
The minute you get confused, your imagination starts filling in the blanks.
That doesn't matter.
Okay? I am so sick and tired.
So sick and tired of forgetting.
Honey bear? Promise to never have me sectioned.
- Promise me.
- Where's all this coming from? Promise me.
I promise to never have you sectioned, my little mole.
And before long, the fog in that beautiful little head of yours will clear up.
Just hold on a little bit longer.
Come on, let's count.
Twenty two.
Nine hundred and ninety nine.
999 BALLET STORIES One thousand two hundred and fifteen.
Something's wrong.
- Who is this? - Mummy, who is that? Close door.
They found you in the woods.
Your arm was hurt, you were covered in blood.
Where did Thomas De Geest get this from? - I need to get my daughter.
- Your daughter? - Who is this? - Hip hip hurray.
Close door.
Close Subtitle translation by Alexandra Mitchell
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