Tabula Rasa (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

A Bird For The Cat

I've been in an accident.
PREVIOUSLY Memory issues.
Ever since the accident all new information is erased.
I'm looking into the disappearance of Thomas De Geest.
I don't know him.
Are the talks with the police sluggish too? I want to figure things out for myself first.
I'm afraid of being misunderstood.
How did Thomas De Geest come by this? Did you check whether I ever pressed charges for stalking? Can I keep the drawing? Vronsky, I'm a pyromaniac.
Allow me to introduce our new nurse, Mozes.
Mie! - Sorry.
- You don't hit my children.
argument Nikki hit Leon Where are my post-its? What's going on in that head of yours? If you're lost, your imagination starts filling in the blanks.
- Maybe you knew each other? - I'm happily married.
Any guy could throw you on this table and fuck your brains out.
Who are you? Look at me, Mie.
BIRD FOR THE CA The spotted nutcracker has the largest spatial memory of all birds.
In autumn, it collects over 30,000 nuts and seeds that it then hides across a surface of some 20 square kilometers.
In winter this little bird relies on its phenomenal memory to retrieve its food supply and survive the winter months.
Throughout the ages, the memory of man and animal evolved for one single purpose: to survive.
- Jesus! Are you trying to kill me? Evil lasts forever.
Right, mum? I watered your plants.
They needed it.
- They're desert plants.
- What do I know? You're not keeping those curtains, are you? What do you think? Something with a bit of colour, or a print perhaps? It would beat those depressing rags.
Come and give me a hand instead of just gawking there.
Hold the ladder.
- Have you heard of Nikki? - No news is good news in her case.
I can't get a hold of her.
I'm stiff as a board.
Mozes and his gymnastic exercises.
- Romy.
Not too high, right, sweetie? - No, no.
Come and help me fold this curtain, will you? No, we each take one side.
Mum, the little wooden cabin in the forest is that still ours? Don't you remember? That's where grandpa used to make his infamous wine.
You weren't allowed there.
Did you walk all the way over there? Annemie, don't roll your eyes like that.
Next time please bring your telephone and the panic button.
- I don't want you to get lost.
- Yes.
By the way, beyond there is no longer ours.
Mie, calm down.
What are you doing? Come, sit up.
Romy, that's not a fun game, okay? Do you understand? Sorry.
Here, mum.
This is for you.
Little brains that will help to heal yours.
- Hi.
- Hi, mum.
TODAY DECEMBER 6TH Look, here's something to liven things up a bit.
They're made of plastic, so they don't need watering.
- How's Romy? - Good.
And how are you? Talk to me.
- You look tired, honey.
- Yes.
- I am tired.
- Isn't the therapy working? What kind is it anyway? Group therapy, occupational therapy, you name it.
They should have some laughing therapy here.
Look at those curtains, they're enough to make you feel depressed.
A day without a smile is a lost day, is what your Daddy used to say.
- Who's this Thomas De Geest? - Well, if only we knew.
What have you got there? What's that? Yes Is he related to us? Related? That ugly child? Where did you find this? - And where's the other half? - I don't know.
- How's dad doing? - Not very well.
Ever since Mozes left, it's all down to me, of course.
And Daddy misses Mozes.
Flip a card.
A mushroom.
Where's the other mushroom? Come on, Walter.
You know.
Walter? Walter? Come, it's our turn to play.
Can you shag? - I mean the card game.
- All I know is strip poker.
Wow, strip poker.
Then you probably know Walter's favourite game too.
Strip memory.
You start.
You have reached your destination.
There, your turn.
Yes, my bad.
I need to take something off.
I think it's my Alzheimer's.
What do you want me to take off? - Your bra.
- Mozes.
My bra? Come on You need to knock on the door first before you can get inside.
It's me.
Honey, I'm coming.
Hey, that's a surprise.
Hi, babe.
- You're wearing your blouse inside out.
- Oh, really? I'm starting to look like dad.
I've brought you some homemade cookies.
Your favourites.
Coconut ones.
- Thanks, little Mie.
- Have one.
- Are Nikki and I fighting? - Coffee? Just answer me.
Are Nikki and I fighting? Yes or no? Honey, you know your sister.
Two boys would have been less of a bother.
Always nice to hear that you're wanted.
I was just joking.
Come on.
Besides, you will have forgotten by tomorrow.
Really? Like I'll forget what I've just seen? Hold on.
Hello, Rita speaking.
Hey, dad.
Nikki, take it easy.
Can I have another biscuit? Of course you can.
I've made them just for you.
Nikki, don't be stubborn.
It's hard on all of us, but you're making things worse.
Don't order me around.
It works on Mie, but don't try that game with me.
I'm not ordering you around.
I'm trying to do good by everybody, so The only thing you're good at is manipulating.
- Nikki - Stay out of this, Ollie.
- She's a hypocritical bitch.
- I heard that.
You were supposed to.
Rita, have I ever told you how pretty you are? Dad, I'm Mie.
Let me clean your glasses.
Little Rita.
- Hot stuff.
- Dad, I'm Mie, okay? Annemie, your daughter.
I need to pick up Romy now, but I'll stop by again soon, okay? Bye, dad.
Walter? Are you trying to kiss me? TODAY DECEMBER 6TH No, I was trying to hear what you were saying in your sleep.
Who's Bob? - What? Bob? - You're always dreaming about some Bob.
I don't know what you're talking about, I'm sorry.
"Dreams are tonight's answers to tomorrow's questions.
" Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet.
Mieke got up on the wrong side of the bed.
No, I want to get out of here.
I miss my daughter.
Is that all? Is that all? Come on, Mrs D'Haeze.
Let's have a little chat.
It's not all doom and gloom.
I'm in an institution and I miss my daughter.
And my memory.
Okay, I'm in a nuthouse and I miss my daughter, my memory and my fireplace.
- I'm in an institution and I miss - And matches.
I miss matches.
The sticks, the sound the smell.
Say, Mie, can't you get a hold of some matches for me? - Through your husband perhaps? - Don't you have relatives? Do you ever have visitors? - Would you marry a pyromaniac? - No.
But they are fiery lovers.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
My libido is on the back burner anyway.
I have other ambitions.
Oh, really? Spontaneous combustion.
You start burning, just like that.
It's a mystery, but it really exists.
You start burning up from within, just like that.
Without any flames.
And you turn into ashes.
All that's left is your legs.
Spontaneous combustion is better than a woman.
- It's better than sex.
- Thank you.
- No, I need those to read.
- Give them to me.
- My glasses, I need them to read.
- Hand them over.
Come on.
- Mie, come, you have a visitor.
- Yes, right.
You really are crazy.
Don't worry, there will be pudding afterwards.
Inspector Wolkers.
The doctors don't want to risk you insulting madam again, so I will keep you company.
Apologies for last time's misunderstanding.
- It's okay.
- She put it behind her.
So you were close to your stalker after all? Inspector Wolkers, I'm sorry, but you were going to take it easy.
I'm just saying: You look happy in this picture.
Don't you? That's you, isn't it? It would seem that you knew De Geest well after all? Apparently but I can't remember this, I'm sorry.
Mum? TWO MONTHS BEFORE THE DISAPPEARANCE - Mum? - Don't be afraid, honey.
- Mum? - Gotcha.
- I'm going to the basement.
The power - No, mum.
I don't want to be alone.
Wait, where are they? Okay, hold this for me.
Alright, I'll be right back.
- What are you doing here? - I was scared.
Oh, sorry, babe.
There's no need to be scared.
Come on, you don't need to be scared, right? It's simply a very old house.
Do you want to see how many lights we can light? And then we'll make the chips.
- There.
- Thanks.
- Too hot? - No.
- What is it? - I want a Fristi drink.
You'll turn into a Fristi one of these days.
Just this once, okay? - I don't have any Fristi.
- You were going to get some from the shop.
- I know.
I forgot.
I'm sorry.
- You forget everything.
It's on purpose.
- Eat.
- I want a Fristi.
- No, I want to stay in the car.
- "Close the door.
" - Yes, boss.
- Good evening.
- Hi, Mie.
We had a drink together in the tea room the other day.
You gave me a drawing, remember? Tom, from the recycling centre? - Ah, yes.
- No, you don't remember.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
Don't take it personal.
I don't remember what I came here to buy either.
Milk, perhaps.
No, that wasn't it, but thanks anyway.
Have a nice evening.
Detergent? No.
Sugar? - Honey? - No.
Perhaps it was coffee.
- You don't give up, do you? - No, I don't.
That wasn't it either but they don't go bad, so Sorry.
Are you doing anything tomorrow? I want to show you something, if that's okay.
I think this was it.
- At three tomorrow? The recycling centre? - I'll see.
Don't be a spoil-sport.
Three o'clock at the centre.
Put it in your phone.
- See you then.
- Bye.
- What are you doing in the dark? - Why were you at the night shop? At this hour.
You know I don't like that.
- Romy? - Yes.
Why don't you go upstairs.
I'll be right up.
- How do you know where I was? - Our tracking app.
- Are you spying on me? - We installed it together, Mie.
After you had got lost once again.
Remember? It's not always easy for me either, Mie.
- I'd appreciate it - Now you sound like my mother.
Are you going to bed? No, I'm going to tuck in our daughter.
Unless you want to do it for a change? Is Benoit spying on me? TOOTHPASTE Is Benoit spying on me? SWIMMING CLASS ROMY RECYCLING CENTRE What are you doing? Are you going to the recycling centre again? - Why? - You were there the other day.
Yes, but there's a lot left in the basement.
Sleep tight.
Please never forget that I love you.
That was my mistake, sorry.
TODAY DECEMBER 6TH Nobody likes being in the dark, neither do I.
Is there nothing you recognise in this picture? The background perhaps? No.
Sorry, I have to answer.
has Tom been following me? MEETING recycling centre - Where are you? - I'm working, boss.
Like a true workaholic: you forgot your own retirement party.
Hey guys, D-cup Debbie is here.
Did you hear that? You're going to miss your surprise.
I heard.
Have fun with Debbie.
I have a case to solve.
- When will you be done with that? - By the end of the week, boss.
- Before I can clear out my desk.
- It's about time you start enjoying life.
My My apologies.
Alright, Mrs D'Haeze, where were we? The polaroid with Thomas De Geest, you don't remember any of that? Birds.
There were no birds.
Really? It's my plant asylum.
That's my other little project, The Bear Pit.
I put them all on a forum.
THE BEAR PI FOUND That way they can find them again.
Should you need me, I don't have a phone, but you can always reach me through this site.
CONTACT THE BEAR PI - Put it in your phone.
- Oh, right.
Can I take a picture too? No, I look awful on pictures.
I'm not very good at posing, that's Okay, but you know that I will forget you, right? I have a better idea.
Next time we meet and you're not sure whether you know me - What's that? - Proof that I quit.
- Do you want a drink, by the way? - A glass of water, please.
Sit down.
- Is that your mother? - Yes.
Is she still alive? No.
- She died a few years back.
- Right.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
And your father? He left when I was around four years old.
So you never knew him? He came to visit me when I was 17 or so.
He started to meddle, you know? He came to tell me that I was messing up.
Suddenly, he wanted to find me a job and stuff.
I told him he - That he could kiss my - arse.
What about you? Have you been luckier? Actually, I have.
That doesn't sound convincing.
No, I have a fantastic father, but he has Alzheimer's.
And my mother - A curtain consultant, an architect? - Something like that, yes.
My mother does what she can.
- Perhaps I should send her over? - Yes I feel as if I've known you for much longer.
From here, the recycling centre and the tea room.
And the night shop, I suppose, but you've already forgotten, so Well It's something else.
It's as if I know you from a different life.
You know? I feel comfortable around you.
Mie-mole? Little mole? Hello, is it me you're looking for? Leave a message after the beep, so I won't forget to call you back.
- Hello, Benoit.
- Hey, Bennie.
- Old mate.
- Hi, Ollie.
- Congratulations.
- Yes, thank you.
Also on behalf of Nikki.
Are you celebrating tonight? Yes, Mie is cooking an elaborate meal for me now.
- Lucky you.
Have fun, okay? - Yes, thanks, Ollie.
- Bye, yo.
- Bye, Ollie.
THE EIFFEL TOWER A weekend in Paris? Tell her you're going to a conference.
Happy birthday! Kisses, V.
God damn, don't do that.
Mie could have found this.
Is it still working? Can I see? - Hey, what is it? - Nothing.
I'm a bit tired.
Shall we go to bed? No.
There it is again.
Benoit, the lamp.
There's something strange going on here.
I shouldn't have thrown away granddad's mirror.
No? There are no birds here.
- "There are no birds here"? - No.
"There are no birds here"? No, we live in the middle of a forest and I've never heard a bird here.
I've never seen one either.
Have you? I don't know, Mie.
I don't know.
Look, look at that.
You're not going to tell me this is normal? Normal? Perhaps you can behave normally, just for once? Could you? Just once? Sorry.
It's the move.
It's all been a little bit too much.
Maybe we should contact Dr Mommaerts again? The sessions after the accident did you a lot of good.
Okay? I don't feel like psychiatrists and doctors now.
- I'm off to bed.
- Yes.
Benoit? - Yes? - There's a dead animal in the toilet.
- Where? - I already flushed it.
What kind of animal? A bird.
- What? There was a bird in the toilet.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Benoit.
- Hey, Nikki.
- Is Mie home? I'm here to make amends.
- Yes.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- It's been a while.
How are you? - Fine.
I'm going to kidnap you for some Mie-and-me-time.
Are you serious? I've got Romy.
I'm here too.
- Really? - Get out of here.
I'll change.
I'll be right up.
Don't mention the smack.
I think she's forgotten about it.
Did you enjoy dinner yesterday? Yes, nothing special.
Ollie said you were cooking an elaborate meal for Benoit.
I think Benoit cooked.
You had the birthday boy cook his own meal? The birthday boy? It wasn't Benoit's birthday.
Was it? Oh, shit.
Why didn't he tell me? He probably didn't want to make things any harder on you.
- He should have told me, Nikki.
- You don't say everything either.
If Benoit had forgotten my birthday, he would have known about it.
Is something bothering him? I never know what he's really thinking.
We're going through a rough patch.
He's away all the time, working.
I'm always stuck at home with Romy.
Perhaps you need to get out and about more? - What do you think I'm doing? - Fishing with your sister doesn't count.
How many of your old friends do you see? There we are.
I'm meeting new people here.
Who? Tom, for example.
Tom? It's weird, it's as if I've known him for ages, but I don't.
I keep bumping into him, but I forget who he is.
- I can't explain it.
- So what do you know about Tom? He's not ugly, for a start.
Come on.
You'd better be careful.
TODAY DECEMBER 6TH You're remembering something now.
- No.
- I can tell by your face.
I had forgotten his birthday.
Whose birthday? Benoit's, my husband's.
Right I think it's time we go for a walk.
- A walk? What for? - I want to show you something.
I don't think you can just like that.
Doctor Devos knows about it, it's not far from here.
We'll be back in an hour.
So, you can finish your knitting.
Why do you always start talking about your husband when I ask you about Thomas De Geest? I don't know.
Do you think I am a good wife? - Excuse me? - A good wife to my husband.
How should I know? I'm not married to you, am I? I am a good mother, aren't I? Mrs D'Haeze I'm just a cop, not a psychiatrist.
Do you have children? Parents mess up their children.
Not on purpose, but they do.
They can only do their best.
"Parents mess up their children.
" Two, three, four, five TWO MONTHS BEFORE THE DISAPPEARANCE six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Here I come, ready or not.
Romy? - Hey, Benoit.
- Have you already been shopping? sign report shop dryer bake a cake - Yes, I've already been to the shops.
- Okay, I'm on my way home.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Did you have a good day? - Yes.
- We played Punch and Judy.
- What time is dinner? - In half an hour.
- Half an hour? You forgot about me.
I'm never playing with you again.
- I hate you.
- Angel.
TODAY DECEMBER 6TH If you recognise anything, just tell me, won't you? This is where you and Thomas De Geest were last seen.
It's a forest like any other.
I'm sorry.
Come on, we're nearly there.
- I've been here before.
- With Thomas? I don't know, I don't think so.
Is this yours? My team found it here.
A cloak.
- No.
- Sure? - It doesn't ring a bell? - No, sorry.
Take your time.
Have a good look round.
POLICE Wolkers.
Yes, she's here with me.
I'm sorry, doctor Devos, that's my mistake.
I'm not recalling anything specific, sorry.
- Who saw me here with Thomas? - A witness.
Not in here.
Outside, in the forest.
- Who is it? - I can't tell you.
Come on, we need to go.
Apparently, they're missing you.
NEXT WEEK We're going to play a quiz.
Something is bothering us.
- Do you suffer from amnesia? - Yes.
Wood absorbs, wood doesn't forget.
I'm afraid of my own child.
This house does something with her.
There's something here.
Don't hesitate, they can feel it.
Liars need to have a good memory.
Are you letting this hocus-pocus bullshit mess with your mind? Is Thomas De Geest still alive? Subtitle translation by Michael Eberg
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