Take Two (2018) s01e03 Episode Script


1 Hey.
Everything good? Change is coming, bro.
Talking seismic.
Oh, great.
You're here.
Come here.
Come here.
Uh, if you're a client, which makes you feel safer? Azure sky or bleaker blue? Whoa, whoa.
Who said you could redecorate? You did.
You gave me this office.
No, I didn't give you the office.
I said you could use it.
Classic primitive territorial response.
You're feeling threatened.
I'm not threatened.
What? I'm not threatened at all.
I just I kind of like things how they are.
You want to play decorator? Do it somewhere else.
It's It's not play, Eddie.
It's strategy for our our business, our brand.
Okay, you might not care how things look, but our clients do.
Trust me.
You're going to love it.
And if I don't? Then I'll put it back exactly how it was.
Deal? Deal.
I got to get this.
Don't worry.
I have an excellent eye for design.
What? Do they even know what they're asking? How dangerous that could be? Livorno.
Are you kidding? It's a huge risk.
If this goes wrong, I could really get hurt.
If people found out Okay.
We'll talk later.
Got to go.
Hey, everything all right? Yeah.
What was that about on the phone? Nothing worth repeating.
Hey, Berto.
You ever hear of Codename: Livorno? Sounds like a Mafia thing.
Why? Sam might be in over her head on something.
She's acting a little cagey.
Do you want me to investigate? Discreetly.
Got it.
And, uh, this guy left word.
Hey! Where you going? Just gonna meet a potential client.
Not without me, you aren't.
Is this where our client is? - At Terra? - Potential client.
Dude, this used to be my club.
I practically lived here.
There she is.
You walk in, you light up the place.
Aram, gosh, I've missed you.
We had some crazy times.
You look wonderful, Sam.
And now you're a P.
So, with Eddie's well-known tenacity, hiring the It's Mr.
And don't assume I'm going to take this job.
Of course.
I'm getting ahead of myself.
Uh, Eric Fisher is my house deejay.
He didn't come to work two nights in a row.
No phone calls.
Did you call the police? His roommate, Mark, did, yeah, but Eric's barely been gone 36 hours, and the cops aren't moving fast enough.
I need you to find him.
Deejay? What's your real interest in him? My interest? He's missing.
And I take care of my people.
Plus, I have a soft spot for the kid.
Can you give us a second? Me? You don't have a soft spot for the kid.
You don't have a soft spot, period.
You should go find another P.
You know, someone who doesn't know you as well as I do.
The truth is, Eric is a rock star.
He brought in a hot new crowd that fills this place every night.
Him being gone is bad for business.
Look, you don't want to do this for me? Fine.
But the kid's still missing.
He may be in trouble.
Do it for him.
If I take this case, I'm going to follow the leads wherever they go.
I expect no less.
Eddie, wait.
What was that about? - What? - Your little private meeting.
If we want to present a united front, we can't have secrets.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Who were you on the phone with earlier? That's what I thought.
Hey, Berto, I need you to do a work-up on Eric Quinn Fisher.
Date of birth 10/13/94.
All right.
Are you alone? Yep.
As for Codename: Livorno, all I'm finding are rumors about a secret CIA program by that name.
Do you think that's the Codename: Livorno Sam's mixed up in? Yeah, I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the CIA.
Monica might know what's up.
Why don't you see what you can get out of her? What? No.
I freeze whenever I talk to her.
Besides, she'll see right through me.
I thought you wanted to be a detective.
Invite her out to coffee.
Figure it out, okay? What? Why were you so cold to Aram? Look, to you he might be your friendly neighborhood club owner, but I know him as a major player in organized crime.
What? Aram is is your cool, fun mobster, not "kill you, bury you in cement" mobster.
You'd be surprised what kind of mobster he can be.
It's personal between the two of you, huh? What's that about? Nothing worth repeating.
I can respect that.
Now let's go talk to Eric's roommate.
I needed a roommate.
Eric answered my ad.
We kind of hit it off.
The next thing, his deejay gig at the club totally blew up.
Was anything strange going on in Eric's life? Any problems? Not as far as I know.
Who'd he run with at the club, Mark? Anyone dangerous? Not exactly.
But he did get into this bizarre thing with a woman last week.
- What woman? - What bizarre thing? He said he met her at the Galaxy Lounge.
Next thing, he wakes up in his car with no clue how he got there.
He figures she spiked his soda.
Well, maybe he just had a few too many.
Eric doesn't drink or do drugs.
Plus, when he woke up, he had needle marks on his arm.
She injected him with something.
Whatever she did, it freaked him out.
After that, he started saying someone was following him.
I thought he was just being paranoid, but now This woman.
We need her name.
He never got her name.
He just said she was a redhead, sexy, with a ladybug tattoo on her shoulder.
So, I ran background on Eric.
The guy's got no criminal records, no money issues, nothing hanging out there that would explain why he went missing.
What about the girl with the ladybug tattoo? I did better with her.
Bartender at the Galaxy knew who she was.
Megan Murphy.
She's a stripper dressed as a nurse? She's a real nurse, or at least she was anyway.
She get fired from St.
Joe's three months back for stealing drugs.
Where is she now? That's what's weird.
Right after Eric Fisher vanished, Megan went off the grid.
No cellphone activity, no credit card, but then yesterday, she got pulled over doing 90 on the 10 near Upland.
Sounds like Megan's involved in Eric's disappearance, and now she's on the run.
But going where? Nothing's popped up on her since her ticket in Upland.
Well, where did these pictures come from? Um, I hacked into her cloud.
Tried to see if she took any recent pictures, but no luck.
These are from months ago.
Wait, where do you think that cabin is? Lake Arrowhead, maybe.
Big Bear.
Geotag says definitely Big Bear.
Well, a cabin would be a great place to lay low.
Upland's on the way to Big Bear.
Ooh, road trip.
We should get some snacks.
No, we don't need snacks.
- Ask her to coffee.
- Livorno.
Go on.
I got this.
I am a confident and together dude.
Hey, confident and together dude.
Want to grab a coffee, get to know each other better? I, uh Cool.
Let's go.
Well, this is definitely the place.
Wait here.
That actually worked! Are you always this nervous around girls? I'm not nervous.
So, how long have you been working with Eddie? Well, he busted me when he was a cop, mentored me through juvie, made sure I finished high school, then put me to work.
You two go back.
I bet you know all his secrets.
Some, like you must know Sam's.
Hey, she took a weird phone call this morning.
What was that about? No idea.
So, what's the deal with Eddie and this Aram guy? Seems like they have history.
No idea.
Hey, listen.
Sam was talking about something called Codename: Livorno.
Sounded dangerous.
You think maybe Eddie arrested him back in the day? - Who? - Aram Nazarian.
I was talking about Sam's phone call.
You're interrogating me.
What? Eddie told you to work me for information about Sam's phone call.
No, that Hey, did Sam ask you You lured me here under false pretenses.
And you accepted under false pretenses.
I guess that makes us even.
See ya.
Can we, like Can we work something out? Like, just tell whoever sent you that I won't be a problem.
We're not going to hurt you, Megan.
We just want to know about Eric Fisher.
Where is he? What happened to him? Let's start with something easy.
Why did you spike Eric's drink? I was paid to $1,000.
Who hired you? Just a voice on the other side of the phone.
They knew that I was a banana-bag girl, though.
A what? Banana bags.
They're IV bags with saline, electrolytes.
Your elite party animals hire nurses to hook them up to an IV, and then, voilà, no hangover.
I may have used the service on occasion to feel a little more perky the next day.
So, why would you drug Eric at the bar and then give him an IV? I didn't give him an IV.
They had me take his blood.
Two vials.
His blood? For what? I didn't ask any questions.
I just put the vials in his car, like I was told.
Then the next thing I know, he went missing, and then these guys started following me.
One of them tried to shove me in the back of a van.
And you thought that we were with them? What was I supposed to think? You knocked me off my bike.
Got a little carried away.
This guy who grabbed you, you remember what he looked like? Where did it happen? Um, the parking garage at the Numi.
I know that hotel.
They have cameras.
You know what's going on here, right? If I knew what was going on, we wouldn't be investigating.
I have three words for you black market organ-harvesting.
All right, maybe that's four words, but think about it.
Eric was young.
He didn't drink or do drugs.
He was the perfect donor, so they took his blood because they needed his blood type so they could match his organs to a buyer.
That's actually a solid theory.
You really think so? It sure worked on "Hot Suspect.
" What was the name of that episode? "The Organist"? Okay, fine, so maybe my theory was a little bit inspired by the show, but it still fits.
The organ ring probably stripped Eric of spare parts, leaving him an empty, lifeless shell of a man.
It is great that you cracked the case and everything, but I think we still need to see who tried to grabbed Megan.
What, you think that the hotel's really going to show you their surveillance video? They will with this.
Hey, where's my badge? I don't have one for you.
But I need a badge.
The right props really ground my performance.
There's no performance going on here.
You're not acting.
We're playing DHS agents, so we kind of are acting.
I'm playing a DHS agent.
Please just stay here.
How can I help you? Walter Faraday, DHS.
I need to look at security video from P3.
It's part of an ongoing investigation.
Here's the date and time.
Happy to assist.
You have a warrant? It's a national security matter.
Clock's ticking, so I appreciate it if Sir, we're still gonna have to do this by the book.
Is there a problem here? - I can handle this.
- Can you? Special Agent Kimmy Monroe, DHS.
Officer Dennis Parks? My subordinate asked to view some video.
I advise you to honor that request.
But, as I said, I just need a warrant to make Are you familiar with the work we do at DHS? How we protect this great nation and its people from threats against the homeland? - I'm absolutely aware of the work - Don't interrupt.
We expect resistance from terrorists and misguided citizens who are all hot and bothered about their constitutional rights, but when a law-enforcement colleague like yourself doesn't cooperate, we have a very special place for that person, Dennis Parks.
What's your middle name and date of birth? Alan, 2/9/86.
Wait, why do you need that information? Because we're putting you on the list.
What What list? The list.
Not that you'll ever be able to prove there is such a thing, but all of a sudden, your credit score drops.
Your son doesn't make the Little League team.
And every time you board a plane, you're strip-searched.
But that's just for starters, 'cause once you're on the list, it's forever.
Is that the kind of life you want, Dennis? - Is it? - No.
Then cue up that video and give us the room.
I had it handled.
You're welcome.
Though I got a little big.
You know, playing DHS instead of being DHS.
I needed that badge.
If I had the badge, I would have killed it.
Ah, okay.
There she is.
That's Megan.
And the guy tried to grab her, just like she said.
I've seen him before.
That's the doorman from Aram's club.
I should have known.
Aram's behind this.
If Aram made Eric disappear, why would he hire us to find him? Maybe he wanted us to find Megan because she's a loose end.
You think you know this guy, but trust me, you don't.
You know Aram begged me to go to rehab? Not that I listened, but he was one of the few people who saw I was in trouble and tried to do something about it.
I'm sure he donates to charity, too.
But he's pulling the strings here, Sam.
He's after Megan, and I can prove it.
Valetik, Sam, is there news? Not on Eric's whereabouts, but we found a woman who was paid to drug him and take his blood.
Where is she? I need to speak to her.
That's funny.
You didn't even ask her name.
Oh, right, because you know who she is because you had your bouncer over there try to grab her.
You idiot! You get caught on video?! I can explain that to you.
Get out! What did you do, Aram? Whatever it is, I want no part of it.
I need to talk to Megan Murphy.
I'll double your fee.
I'll triple it! In what universe do you think that I could be bought? I told you I'd follow this evidence wherever it went.
Now I'm going to take it to the U.
Attorney's office, so good luck trying to beat the rap this time.
Hey, wait! Valetik, it's not what you think.
This was sent to me 10 minutes ago.
That's Eric Fisher.
You will pay $1 million or you'll never see your son again.
I'll contact you with details.
Eric is your son? I was a kid.
I got a girl pregnant.
I gave her everything she needed, but I made her swear not to tell Eric about me.
I didn't want this life to touch him.
I kept tabs on him from afar, and then we were auditioning deejays, and Eric just walked in out of the blue.
He had talent, so I hired him.
He rocked the house, and I got to be around my son without anyone knowing.
Who else knows that he's your son? I didn't think anyone did, but the second he was gone, I was afraid afraid he'd been taken by one of my enemies to weaken me.
This is a kidnapping.
You should call the FBI.
And bring the Feds into my life? Is that what you'd do if you were me? - I wouldn't be you.
- Please, Valetik.
Please, don't make Eric pay for the sins of a father he doesn't even know.
Help me.
We'll set traces on your phone and comb the messages and photos for clues.
In the meantime, you should start working on that cash.
That won't be a problem.
You said that it was your enemies who did this.
Which enemies? Could be any number of them, but I'm guessing it's Oleg Basarov.
Russian mob? Why Oleg? We've had our problems.
It's worse now since you two put Deacon in jail.
Oleg and I are competing for some of Deacon's territory.
It would be pure Oleg to kidnap Eric to leverage me.
But I can't say for sure it's him.
Well, maybe there's a way we can be sure.
How? Set a meeting just you and Oleg.
Then come to my office.
If Oleg took Eric, we could get a third party involved, maybe resolve this before it gets ugly.
How? Oleg doesn't sound like the type of guy who's just going to fess up.
That's why we need Zeus.
He's got some toys that may help with Oleg.
Oh, I'll catch you later.
Got a meeting? Want to share? Mm, want to share what's going on with you and Aram? Nice try.
I'll catch you later.
You will pay $1 million.
We'll contact you with details.
What are you working on? You will pay $1 million.
- Yeah, I'm not falling for that.
- You will never see your Like you weren't doing the same thing to me.
Come on.
I'm just curious.
You will pay $1 million.
All I got off Eric's proof-of-life photo is that it was taken from an Alcavox cellphone.
Now I'm trying to dig out the caller's real voice, and so far I'm not sure if it's male or female.
But you have the words, the behavior.
What does that get me? A possible psych profile.
And as it happens, I took a profiling seminar.
Consider the unknown subject, or unsub, waited two days before calling Aram.
And listen to that message.
Usually it's, "We've got so-and-so.
Give us money.
" But our unsub leads with money, then goes to, "We have your son.
" Why? Aren't you supposed to tell me? "We have your son" was meant as a gut punch for Aram.
That's how I know our unsub's motives are deeply personal.
What else can you tell me about the unsub? Livorno.
Can you give me more details? Because right now it sounds like it could be dangerous for my career.
Before you even think of turning this down, take a look at their offer.
What? Whoa.
Right? Plus, it's an opportunity.
It's a chance to show everyone in this town that you can show up and be a professional.
So what is the role, exactly? This is what they want me to do? No, no.
I can't, I can't.
Syd, come on.
I mean, I still have some dignity.
This is the part where you're supposed to say, "Yeah, no, Sam, you do.
" This is real money, Sam.
It's not going to be shown in the States, and it's not dinner theater or porn.
Porn would be a step up.
I have to get back to the office.
Well, you think this will really work? We're talking state-of-the-art lie detection, brother.
But a whole lot depends on Aram.
Must be tough, seeing that guy running loose in the world.
It is what it is.
Doing some remodeling? She covered the windows so she can't see what she's doing to the room, huh? Wait.
You're having her move in.
You, of all people? What am I supposed to do? She is working with me, right? You put her name on the door, the whole shebang.
Th-That wasn't me.
I-I did not sign off on that.
I don't see you taking it down, either.
Sure makes a man wonder.
There's nothing to wonder about, all right? Nothing.
I meet Oleg in one hour on a pier in San Pedro.
Then let's get to it.
This is a speaker and a microphone.
Get it in there good.
You're also gonna be on-camera.
So will Oleg.
- The camera can tell if he's lying? - Mine can.
They pick up heart rate, B.
, body temperature, voice stress.
What we have here is a remote polygraph, but I need a few "yes" or "no" control questions to get a baseline reading on Oleg.
He's not exactly one for small talk.
That's why you're just going to stick to a script.
Just start with, "Thank you for coming, Oleg.
How's your family? Can I offer you a cigar?" And then we go deep.
"Are you familiar with my nightclub? Have you heard of Eric Fisher? Do you know where he is now?" But here's the thing.
You have to stay calm so Oleg is reacting to the questions and not to you.
How can I be calm? He has my son! Okay, Aram, I learned this great breathing technique in acting class that settles your nerves.
You push your right nostril closed, and you inhale slowly.
Then you push on the left, and you let it out.
You do it.
There you go.
Yeah, just like that.
Try it again.
You're doing great, Aram.
That's him.
Oleg's here.
Hey, that's probably not going to help.
Thank you for coming.
Remember the script.
Offer him a cigar.
Can I offer you a cigar? See? Aram's holding it together.
That breathing thing works every time.
I smoke a cigar with the man who burned down my building? Actually, it was my building, which you stole using a fake title.
- This is a lie.
- Pulse and B.
heading north.
I can't get a good read if Oleg's all upset.
Aram, quit arguing.
Stay on script.
We'll deal with the building.
I'm here about my nightclub.
Such a bad name for a club.
Terra? It's like "terrible".
- Uh-oh.
- Not high class, your club.
Aram, he's trying to provoke you.
- Don't take the bait.
- And the deejay Aram, just breathe, just like I showed you.
An attack to the ears.
You ask me, they should close the place.
Why are you breathing this way? What man does this? Eric Fisher.
Where is he? I don't know what you mean, Aram.
Where is he?! We're done.
Does he have Eric? Does he?! With a hot mess like that, it's hard to tell, but he didn't react to Eric's name at all, so Oleg is either the world's best liar or it's not him.
That's your phone, Aram.
The kidnapper? Hello? We will text an address in one hour.
The ransom is to be delivered by a neutral third party.
We choose Samantha Swift.
So, how does this work? Do I meet someone, or do I just drop the bag somewhere? Neither.
You're not doing this.
We don't have enough time to prep a ransom drop.
Then we'll do the best we can.
They specifically wanted you.
That means they've been watching us.
Please, Sam, do as they ask.
They'll bring back my boy.
We don't know that! They may be using this drop to kidnap her.
It's too risky.
All right, you guys, just stop, okay? This is my call.
Me delivering the money is our best chance of getting Eric back.
So what do I do next? Hold still for a sec.
Is that a brooch? I don't really do brooches.
You're going to want to do this one.
It's going to be our eyes and ears out there.
Good thing they didn't use that kind of camera on my show.
The level of detail is brutal.
Hey, I earned this face, hm? Now give me a "Testing, one, two.
" Zeus? What's up with Aram and Eddie? Gonna have to ask Eddie.
- He won't tell me.
- He will when he's ready.
I'll be retired by then.
Besides, am I not about to do a ransom drop to free Aram's son? I feel like I've earned the right to know what's going on.
When Eddie was on the force, he tripped onto a gang of bad cops.
They called themselves Unit 23.
They framed suspects, stole drug money, even worse.
But what they didn't realize is, Eddie always does the right thing.
Now, Eddie loved being a cop, and he was as good as they get.
He knew that if he blew the whistle on Unit 23, it would cost him, and it did.
LAPD pushed him out.
Cases made by those cops got dropped, and a lot of bad guys got cut loose like Aram.
So when Eddie sees Aram, it just brings that whole mess back.
That's it.
He'd do it all again.
It's who he is.
You doing all right? Never better.
All right.
They just texted a location.
The drop is at the corner of 6th and Spring.
I'm on 6th and Spring.
Now what? Just, uh, sit tight.
We got you.
Who wants to meet me in Vegas? Just kidding.
Who is this guy? He just give her a phone? Sam, what's going on? Hello? Do exactly as I say.
Do not speak, or Eric dies.
I know they're listening.
Go down the street, enter the building on the left, go into the lobby.
Sam, who's talking to you? What are they saying? Sam? Give us a thumbs-down if you want us to pull you out.
The drop must be inside somewhere.
Narek, move into position and surround the building.
Nobody leaves.
Get in the elevator.
Go to the sixth floor.
What button was that? Which floor? Her hand was out of the shot.
- Zeus.
- Lost the signal.
It It's the elevator.
We'll get her as soon as she comes out.
I don't like this.
Go to Room 645.
Where's her signal? Why isn't it back? It wasn't the elevator.
They're jamming her frequency.
Keep walking.
Go into Room 645 and close the door.
Now move to the window.
Sam! Sam! Sam! What happened? Are you okay? They told me to break the window and toss out the bag.
Yeah, it's a maroon Pontiac, early 2000s.
All right, great.
Just let me know.
Berto's putting word on social media to see if anyone saw that car.
Why didn't they release Eric? If we're lucky, they just wanted more money.
If we're not, he's dead.
Eddie, talk for a second? I said to seal off the building.
How did that car get away? Hm? How, Narek?! It was a mix-up, sir.
I thought we had the alley covered.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry? You're sorry?! - Whoa.
- Hm?! Aram, come on.
My one chance to get him back.
And you just gave them the money! We're going to find the car, so why don't you just go back to the club and wait for my phone call? And if you pull a move like that again, you're a dead man.
Understand? The look in his eyes like a wild animal.
I couldn't even move.
I should have got you out of there before he showed up.
Why'd you even take this job, knowing what he is? 'Cause it wasn't about him.
It was about Eric.
There are a million reasons to say no to a job, but you do it too much, and the phone stops ringing.
I bet you had acting gigs that weren't exactly the stuff of dreams.
You do the work because that's what it means to be a professional.
So, how do we go about finding this car? Zeus put a tracker in the money bag.
Signal died in Long Beach.
And you didn't tell Aram? You saw how he is.
Sometimes, you have to save a client from himself.
The last signal came from here.
- Listen - Wait in the car? Don't you think we've moved past that? Eddie? That lock.
It's brand-new.
Eric, can you hear me? Looks like they drugged him.
All right, man, we're going to get you out of here, okay? Eric.
We're taking you to my personal doctor.
He'll make sure you're okay.
Why are you doing this, Mr.
Nazarian? How did you even know I was here? Look, all that matters is you're safe.
Thank you for finding him.
I'll have my people send you both a check.
We're not done.
We still got to I.
the kidnappers.
That's not necessary.
How is it not necessary? You stuck a gun in my face.
I think I deserve an answer.
This warehouse is owned by Oleg.
You think it's Oleg, let us gather the evidence.
Do this right.
Don't take this into your on hands.
He kidnapped my son.
Aram, you don't have to do this.
It's the only thing I can do.
Something's wrong.
It's too easy.
Easy how? Think about it.
Oleg was careless enough to hold Eric in one of his own buildings, but the kidnappers never showed their faces, and they wiped down this whole room for fingerprints.
So, maybe whoever did this set Oleg up so Aram would go after him.
That makes sense.
Thank you.
The two of them, they go to war.
Both their organizations get weakened or wiped out.
You know who benefits? Deacon.
Maybe this was Deacon's way of stopping them.
Sam? Did you just fall? Come here! Get over here.
Hurry up.
- What are you doing? - Come down here.
- What are you doing? - Just get all the way down here.
Eric's hands and feet were tied, right? Well, then how did he unlace his shoes and set them here? He didn't.
His captors did.
See that smudge on the patent leather.
Is that what I think it is? It's a fingerprint.
They wiped down the room, but They forgot the shoes! - Nice work.
- Thanks.
I have good news and bad news about the print.
What do you want first? - The good news.
- Bad news.
Isn't that a little psych profile right there? And a very telling one.
Well, the good news is I found a new backdoor into the AFS database, so I ran the print, and it's in the system.
The bad news is it's a partial print, so I have 409 possible matches.
There's got to be a way to narrow it down.
That's where Monica comes in.
What is that? Your manifesto? More like my psych profile of the kidnapper based on his speech.
Interior design and psych profiles? You're like the best assistant ever.
If I change the search parameters, should be able to filter the results.
The clipped speech says the kidnapper is male, probably ex-military.
That wiped out like half of them.
Likely Caucasian, older, you know, like 30 to 40 years old, and last but not least, word use and syntax suggests a college education.
That gets us 43 matches.
The power of applied psychology.
You know, I'd be really impressed if you can get us one name instead of 43.
Can you pull up that guy? Stephen Carter.
We know him.
As the doorman from Aram's club.
Yeah, we need to find him before Aram starts a mob war.
One question, Carter.
You working for yourself or for someone else? It's just me.
And look, it's not what you think.
No? No.
Can I show you something? Drew Hedden.
He was my cousin.
He was like a brother to me.
Was? Yeah, he died putting down a fire in an empty building.
The cops suspected it was arson, that Aram torched this building over some stupid beef with Oleg Basarov.
Never found any proof, so nothing was done.
So, basically, Aram killed Drew and got away with it.
So you got a job at Aram's club.
Yeah, I was planning on killing him.
Then I saw how he looked at Eric and how they looked alike.
Blood test told the story, and that was it.
Wanted Aram to know exactly how it feels to lose someone you love.
If that's all that you wanted, why'd you have me toss the money out the window? Drew's wife is raising two boys on her own now.
It's for her.
All right.
Leave town, Carter.
Leave town.
You know what Aram will do to you if he finds out.
So don't tell him.
Just walk away.
Let Aram and Oleg kill each other.
The world will be better off.
You were a cop.
You know that better than anyone.
I can't do that.
So what are you going to do, then? Eddie, if you tell Aram, he will kill that man.
If I don't, then Aram will go after Oleg.
There will be a lot more blood, a gang war.
So what are we supposed to do? Any way we go, people are dead.
It's part of the job.
Sometimes any choice you make, you lose.
Like with Unit 23? Guess you're a better detective than I thought.
You know, but the one thing I learned is I hate to lose.
There's no need to go to war, Aram.
Oleg's not behind this.
You both need to leave.
We found the kidnapper's phone, the one that he took that picture with.
- Where'd you get this? - Not Oleg.
Don't toy with me.
I want names.
Aram, I understand your anger.
I do.
To have a family member taken from you, what man wouldn't do whatever he could to get justice, to punish whoever did this? But you're not the only one with that story.
The man that we're talking about lost family because of you.
Well, be that as it may, this man took my son.
He took my money.
He knows who Eric is.
I can't have that.
If anything happens to him or to us, I made sure it all points back to you.
You'll go away for life.
Lose it all.
What kind of relationship are you hoping to have with Eric then, especially once he knows what you did in his name? I have to strike back.
There's no other option.
Yes, there is.
Let him live.
I'll make sure he says nothing about Eric.
The genie will go back in the bottle.
Everybody wins.
What about my money? Think you owe it to the family.
You got your boy back.
They didn't.
Aram, this is the better way, the only way.
I want to talk to this man.
You're erasing it? Just another sand mandala.
Oh, it's a thing of beauty.
Your skills were also impressive.
Without us, they might not have been able to solve the case.
They're lucky to have us.
You're about to ask me out.
Case is closed, and nobody died in a hail of bullets.
I call that a win.
And an almost-happy ending.
But that's not the only good news.
My office is done.
Do you want to see it? May as well get it over with.
So what do you think? Now, I know we had a deal, so I can put it all back if you hate it.
I think if Aram can make his peace, then I can, too.
Now, see that up there? That, though, is a bridge too far.
- It's got to go.
- Don't you just feel that way because your name isn't on your door? But guess what.
I'm going to take care of that.
What just happened? You just turned my "no" into your "yes"? - No.
- Yes.
I got to go.
What's that? Codename: Livorno? You never figured that out, did ya? I must be losing my edge.
Thank God he lost his edge.
If Eddie knew about this, he would never let me live it down.
Since when do you care what Eddie thinks? You're not No.
Well, I'm just glad you had a change of heart about this whole thing.
This is a step forward.
Is it a baby step? Yeah, it is.
But once you're back on track, you can put Eddie and this whole P.
business behind you.
I guess.
Syd, you promise this won't play in the States? I swear on my two ex-husbands.
Only in Italy.
You're huge in Italy.
Miss Swift? Two-minute warning.
Come with? Humiliation must be faced alone.
Okay, are you ready, Samantha? As ready as I'll ever be.
You look beautiful.
Here we go.
Camera and action! Pizzeria Mama Livorno! La piu deliziosa pizza Del mondo! Happy pizza dance.
Happier! And cut.
Fantastic, Samantha.
Oh, my God.
You knew?! How did you find me?! Talking about? It's what I do.
Oh, hold on.
Say cheese! - Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Say it.
Say it.
No, do not take a pic You You erase that.
- No, no, no, no.
- Erase that right now! - See, we're even now.
- Right now, Eddie! You know one of my secrets.
I know one of yours.
I got I got to ask you, though, right now, were you playing a pizza or were you being a pizza? - Give me the - Because I really felt that performance.
I actually got hungry.
I did.
I want to take a big bite of you.
Uh-oh, now you're a little spicy pizza.

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