Taken s01e08 Episode Script

Dropping the dishes

Previously on Taken Do I? To us.
Do you know what you're gonna name her? Allie.
Her name is Allie.
ERlC: I want you to join me in the program, Mary.
You're grandfather found this in Pine Lodge, New Mexico.
Found it at a crash site.
So it's all true.
This is something that shouldn't go outside the family.
What's this, Allie? That's my journal.
I write down things I think of and stuff.
We need your help, gentlemen.
You'll stop playing games and tell us everything you know about whoever it is who's out there and what the hell they want.
Mr Miller has an implant.
We're monitoring it.
The implants broadcast on a spread spectrum.
We block those frequencies, the implant doesn't register.
ERlC: Will this work on Allie? We can block her frequency, too.
And they can't find her.
ERlC: Let's pick her up.
She can manipulate time.
That therapy group her mother's in? We have someone in that group.
Put your gun away, Ray! You don't want to do this.
Put the gun away! You know who's in there, right, besides the little girl? Her mother and her father-Charlie.
That means he knows, and that's two people with a lot of information that have had some pretty bad experiences with us over the years.
They have to go.
Dr Penzler, too.
What are you doing, Allie? Look at me, Dad.
Get away! Take the little girl and-it's a trick! Run! Come on! I'll take care of you.
Come on.
Where did they go? ALLlE: Miss Crawford I'm ready to go with you now.
ALLlE: I guess I always knew that there was something different about me.
But when all of this began to happen.
when I started to be able to do things.
it was kind of scary- Iike in a dream where you start falling and it feels kind of good.
until you begin to wonder if you'll ever be able to stop.
That was a good trick.
You're a very complicated little girl.
What do you mean? I mean, with what you can do, you could have walked out of that building.
Why did you let us take you? I wanted you to leave my mum and all the other people alone.
I was afraid you might hurt someone.
I thought if I went with you, they'd be all right.
Allie? It's 12.
We've lost two hours.
What? We've lost two hours.
Are you all right? Look, what I did-I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm alive.
We're all alive.
Everyone get out of here.
Don't go home.
Find places where you're gonna be safe.
- Allie? - Just get out of here! Go! LlSA: Allie! CHARLlE: Go! LlSA: Allie? Allie! Lisa, she's gone.
She's not here.
Where did she go? Where did they take her? Allie! I've got to find my daughter, please! I know.
Allie did this the timeall of it.
Allie gave us missing time? Y-Y-Yes.
Sheshe stopped time.
She stopped us, she stopped us and let time keep moving.
She wanted to keep us safe, and she did that.
She needed the missing time so that she could go with them without us trying to stop her.
She was trying to keep us safe.
I'm coming! Oh, thank God.
I've been worried sick! I went by your apartment four times.
I kept calling.
What happened? Are you all right? Allie's gone.
Do you know who I am? Not exactly.
Wellum our families go way back- mine and your mum's and your dad's.
I kind of think that you and I might be the end of all this.
We might just be the beginning.
Your grandfather wasn't a very happy man.
Why are you trying so hard to be like him? We're almost to the airstrip.
We better get this thing in place.
Lisa, it's all right.
Lisa! Lisa! Lisa! N-N-N-Nina? I'm right here.
I'm right in front of you.
I can't see anything! I can't see anything at all! NlNA: Lisa.
Lisa! All right? Can you see me now? What happened to you? I don't know.
I wassomewhere else.
I was somewhere else, and wherever it was, I couldn't see a thing.
She's always been a- she was a real good-looking baby right from the start.
And really smart.
At seven months' old, she was already playing peek-a- boo.
I've got a video at home of her taking her first steps.
You should see that.
I'd like to.
We've always had this link, you know, a connection.
I've always known exactly where she was, what she was thinking, how she was feeling.
I'd go to pick her up at school, I'd stop off to get Tylenol she'd walk out the building with a runny nose and a headache.
Sounds silly, doesn't it? I mean, every mother has that.
No, they don't.
Man, I'm really, truly sorry.
This is because Allie's blessed, right? These people that took her want to know what she's all about.
Yeah, pretty much.
We'll do whatever we can to help you get her back.
I've got a couple of shirts around that'll fit you.
Over the years, a girl winds up with a souvenir or two.
Allie left this in the park when she ran away at soccer practice.
12 hours ago, there was a bullet in my lung.
I should be dead.
Why doesn't it surprise me that you're not? She's just a kid.
She didn't ask for any of this.
She shouldn't have to do any of this.
It's not fair! It's not fair at all! We'll get her back.
How? ALLlE: When you've done something that you can't take back.
something that you don't understand.
you start to hold tightly to the things you do understand.
and you try to make sense out of everything you can.
Because if you believed that all you had to do to make things right was to find a reason.
but what happens when you find the reasons and they are not your own? How do you find any comfort or any sense in that? They're on their way.
We haven't had a chance to talk.
What do you mean? About your father.
There's nothing to say.
You did what you had to do for the project.
Ha Ha.
"For the project.
" When I was a kid, every time he went out of town, I used to imagine a car wreck, something like that, just how much better our lives would have been if he were gone.
You've been inside a craft.
Many times, yeah- that one at Groom Lake.
That was beautiful wasn't it? Yeah.
That was my family legacy.
The craft, the bodies.
My grandfather's legacy.
My father squandered all that.
He had it right there in his hand, and he let it all slip away.
He couldn't stop them.
He could have tried.
You don't feel any remorse, do you? Do you think that makes me a bad person? You did what you had to do.
I heard about your father.
I'm sorry for your loss.
It was a terribly unfortunate mistake.
Mistake? You've got the girl? She's inside.
So you really believe that thing you put on her head is blocking her signal? Right now, they're in their ship, scratching their little grey heads, going, "Where's our girl?" Then, when we take that shield off, here they come.
You're confident we can take them down? Wherever they come from- the most distant star, the furthest reaches of time- the moment they enter our time and space, our reality, they're confronted by the laws of our physics.
You're sure of that? In 1947, in Roswell, New Mexico, a ship came down when it collided with a Mogul spy balloon-a balloon.
Yeah, I'm pretty damn sure.
You done a fine job.
We're indebted to you.
What is this? SOLDlER: Charlie company, move out! I'd like to thank you on behalf of your country for your contribution to this effort.
You've done your part, Miss Crawford.
The little girl's a part of a military operation now.
We'll take it from here.
For three generations, my family's been preparing for this.
I've dedicated my career- my life-to this.
And don't think we don't appreciate it.
In a matter of days, we may be able to set foot inside one of their craft, to meet these beings, to find out what this has all been about.
If you think I'm gonna stand by while you take that opportunity away from me, you're out of your mind.
You don't really have a choice.
You've been benched.
Go sit down.
Grab some pine.
What I'd like you to do now I'd like you to clean up the mess you made in Seattle.
The doctor-she's a liability.
Marginalize her.
And the girl's parents-put them somewhere until this is over.
Don't want them stirring the pot.
We have people for that.
You mentioned your father's death was a mistake.
People spend the rest of their lives in prison for mistakes like that.
Stay out of my way.
You can ride with me, doctor.
Brief me on the way.
E-E-Excuse me? We need your expertise.
I'm not giving you a choice here, doctor.
Come on, let's go.
Uh- Milo and I, we drove everywhere.
We'd ask people in diners and in gas stations, and we got guys from every band we know doing the same thing.
What about taking this public? They're not gonna come after you with the whole world watching.
I called Channel 4 news.
I said my daughter was kidnapped by a super- secret government agency.
They-they said I should call the police.
I told them I didn't think it would do any good, and they gave me another number- for Highline West Psychiatric Hospital.
We put an ad in the New York Times.
That's how Lisa gets in touch with her uncle.
Tom will be calling us soon.
I'm cold.
Shouldn't be much longer.
Thank you.
I'm scared, Charlie.
I'm very, very scared.
Just how powerful is this little girl, doctor? She's demonstrated powers beyond anything we imagined.
She can manipulate time, she has amazing abilities to screen, to project images from our minds.
Just how powerful is she? The question you should be asking is, why is she letting us take her anywhere at all? You've reached the voice mail for Dr Chet Wakeman.
Dr Wakeman is out of range of this cellular device.
Please leave a message.
General Beers' office.
This is Mary Crawford.
Can you reach the general for me? I'm sorry, Miss Crawford.
He's not available.
Tell him I have new information he'll want to hear about.
ALLlE:We had come to the time I had always known was coming.
I had always had this feeling that.
one day.
I would have to do something very hard.
I just hoped that I could find a way to do it without anyone getting hurt.
Sorry, sir.
There's been a toxic spill.
You need to turn your vehicle around.
No one's allowed to go through.
Let's get the gate.
How you doin' in there? I'm all right.
Can I ask you something? I heard that you let them take you, that you came right up to them and said you'd go with them.
I also heard that you can do things, kind of like magic or something.
Is that true? Yes.
So you've got all of that power, why didn't you just stop them? I was afraid they'd hurt other people.
You're one brave little girl.
I don't feel very brave right now.
Hey maybe later, I could come back with a book or something.
Did you ever read Huckleberry Finn? No, I never have.
Well, I've got my copy in my duffle.
I always carry it with me.
It was my mum's favourite book.
She'd bake us Toll House cookies, and we'd share the whole plate of them while she read.
If it wouldn't make you too sad to remember her I'd like to hear the story.
No, it wouldn't make me sad at all.
It would be nice to remember her.
We're calling the operation "Dropping the Dishes.
" The three Humvees equipped with the missiles will be here, here, and here, camo nets above 'em.
The target, gentlemen, will be in the air.
It will be big.
Observation posts here on the mountains for early warning.
Two men to each O.
We're gonna try to take this thing down intact, sir? That's the plan.
Once we get it down, sir, how do we find these guys? Y'all have seen the S-2 briefing video.
You know as much as I do.
All right, they can do some pretty incredible things.
They've taken people through walls.
They can make you see things that are not there.
But no problem, right? We're the best.
Y'all are about to fight an enemy the likes of which no soldier has ever seen.
I can't tell you how it will go, but I can tell you this- you're about to earn a place in history.
She's completely normal.
No fluctuation in brain-wave pattern, nothing in her blood chemistry.
Her biology is human.
Of course it is.
We won't find anything.
The part of her that isn't human is capable of perfect mimicry.
Then what are we looking for? I don't know.
SOLDlER: Any questions? Is there anything we can do to maximize our cone of fire, sir? I'd aim for the centre of the damn thing and pray.
Any other questions? Uh, General? General.
I need to talk to you about the little girl-Allie.
Something wrong? Her powers are just beginning to manifest.
We need to protect her for further study.
So you're uncomfortable with the notion of using her for bait.
Let's not think of this, then, in terms of fishing.
In fishing, you put a worm on a hook, fish bites the worm, takes the hook, the worm's toast.
But this is hunting country, so think of her more as aa salt lick.
A buck comes up to the salt, boom, you shoot the buck.
No harm at all to the salt lick.
General, I, uh I think there's been a miscommunication here.
A miscommunication.
Really? Yeah.
See, um, my understanding of the plan- and I did design the plan- an explosion is to be detonated above the craft.
The effect is to bring the ship down intact.
We're not trying to, uh, bag a buck, as you so elegantly put it.
We're trying to collect specimens for the zoo.
My orders are to take down their craft and to replace the craft and the bodies you people lost and, if possible, to take the occupants of the craft alive, and if not, well, we'll have more bodies to study.
This is an opportunity to communicate with beings from another world.
We're on the brink of the single most important moment in human history.
As far as I'm concerned, we're at war.
These beings have taken our citizens against their will, they've invaded our air space, our lives, even our gene pool.
These are unparalleled acts of aggression.
We're at war here, fighting an enemy we don't understand at all, so I'll do whatever I have to do.
You guys think these things will do the job? You men are outclassed, outequipped, and probably outnumbered.
Plan A, then, would be for the missiles to do their job and take these things out of the sky.
Plan B would be for you to stick your head between your legs and kiss your asses good-bye.
There is no plan C, gentlemen.
You know about all the things they do? The probes and stuff, man? I hear they show you stuff that'll rip your brain apart.
I heard one of these came down in Nebraska two years ago took a squad and wiped them off the face of the earth.
I think this is some sort of training exercise in psychological warfare, to see how we do with an impossible situation.
- You saying there aren't any aliens? - That's what I'm saying.
You've all seen the S-2 briefing videos.
I saw the alien autopsy video, too.
Dude, that was awesome.
That looked more real than any of our stuff.
I met this guy once, special ops, had to debrief these two marines that were taken right through their barracks walls.
Showed up a couple hours later with scars all over their bodies.
They were never right again.
See, it's drug tests.
Chemical warfare, something like that.
We're not fighting any aliens.
We're like lab rats being tested.
You don't think we're gonna storm a flying saucer? Tried to get my head around it, but, no.
I think this is some very deep, weird zone of "don't ask.
" Either way, we're toast.
Ah! Get it off! Get it off! Get it off! I've got this thing about roaches, all right? And this is the man who's going to save the world from the alien menace.
Back to work.
"They judged it was him, anyway.
"Said this drowned man was just his size "and was ragged and had uncommon long hair, "which was all like pap.
"But they couldn't make nothin' out of the face, "because it had been in the water so long.
"Weren't much like a face at all.
"They said he was floating on his back in the water.
"They took him and buried him on the bank.
"But I weren't comfortable long "because I happened to think of somethin'.
"I knowed mighty well that a drowned man "don't float on his back, but on his face.
So I knowed then that this weren't pap.
" This isn't getting too scary, is it? It's good.
I like it.
I remember I would picture that river.
When I imagined it, it was all kind of dark and mossy, trees hanging down and stuff.
Not like those pictures you see of Tom and Huck fishing.
Oh, I'd get so scared, but I liked it, too.
And my mum would get under the covers with me and read these parts.
She was nice, your mum.
Yeah, she was.
My mum, too.
My mum's great.
You want me to go on? Yes, please.
"We played robber now and then about a month, "and I resigned.
"All the boys did.
"We hadn't robbed nobody, hadn't killed any people, "but only just pretended.
"We used to hop out of the woods "and go charging down on hog drovers.
"Women in carts taking garden stuff to market- we never hogged any of 'em.
" I appreciate that, Colonel.
I thought with the history our families have shared over the years, you could give me an off-the- record location.
Yeah, I understand what "need-to- know basis" means, you jackass.
We need your help.
Come in.
Please, come in.
Sit down.
Close the curtains.
You don't have to worry.
No one's coming here.
What do you mean? I work for them, Charlie.
I was the one who called them.
You told them about Allie.
Lisa Just tell me where she is.
Please, Harriet, tell me where they took Allie.
I don't know.
I tried to call them.
All the numbers I've been given are disconnected.
I have no way of finding them.
We trusted you, everyone in the group.
We put our trust in you, and you betrayed it.
They told me I was helping.
They told me they had proof that people who had been taken were in greater danger than they knew.
I thought- You thought you were helping?! You told them Charlie was here, you told them Allie was with us, and now they have her! Lisa, I am so sorry.
I want you to put me back under.
Allie and I, we have this link.
Yes, I believe that's real.
In regression, I've had those moments where I feel Allie, where I get that sense of knowing where she is.
I've been experiencing things like that again since they took Allie.
I keep getting this sense of knowing where she is and what she's doing.
It's very strong.
I- I want you to help me find her.
We'd have to go pretty deep.
We've gone there before, but frankly, Lisa, I'm a little over my head here.
Can you help me get there? We're dealing with something that I don't fully understand.
Even if I am able to access it hypnosis of this sort can be very dangerous.
Are you sure you're ready for that? I'll go wherever I have to if I can get my daughter back.
You have to do this for me.
You owe me that much.
ALLlE: Most of the fights people have are about something simple- you want something the other person has.
or maybe they're afraid you're going to want it.
and they go after you first.
People always think that if they win.
then that's the end.
everything will be all right from then on.
But everything changes.
and tomorrow.
the thing you were fighting for will just be a memory.
Like everything else.
it's already happened.
They're ready to take the shield off, doctor.
What we're going to do is extremely delicate.
It would be easier for Lisa and me to find a way in if there wasn't anyone else in the room.
It's all right.
And a third deep breath Now I want you to go to that place where you and Allie find each other.
Can you find it for me? Yes.
SOLDlER: "And so we would lay in ambuscade, "as he called it, "and kill the lot and scoop the things.
"He said we must slick up our swords and guns and get ready.
" Okay, I'm going to take this thing off your head in just a moment.
Now, it's not very bright in here, but it may hurt your eyes at first, okay? Okay.
Now what do you see? Darkness.
All I see is darkness.
I-I can make out something.
LlSA: There are people watching.
It doesn't feel good.
There are all these people.
They're waiting for something to happen.
They want something.
They're waiting for something.
Do you know where you are? It looks like a hospital but it's not.
It smells kind of mouldy it's like an attic.
Now what do you see? Ugh! But I don't know if it'll happen.
There's a lot of anger here and a lot of fear.
Charlie? I don't know if they're gonna get what they want, but I know they're going to keep her.
They're going to keep her until they get what they want.
So what happens now? We wait.
How long should we wait? I don't know.
You believe they'll come? Absolutely.
But then again, I believe a lot of things.
He threatens to become a major pain in the ass.
NlNA: If they went for Dr Penzler, they'll be coming for you next.
I don't care about that.
All I care about is finding Allie.
Where is she? I was with her in this room.
It's it's a room.
UhBare walls, peeling wallpaper, Iike afarm.
Why a farm? The way the room looks andfeels.
Something on the wall- license plates old, rusted license plates and a calendar with a picture of a tractor on it.
There were all these people.
A man I saw the time they tried to pick me up, but there was someone in uniform- You said there were license plates on the wall? Yeah, old ones.
What state? Let me think.
North North Dakota! North Dakota! That's a start.
North Dakota and a farmhouse doesn't exactly narrow it down that much.
Wallington's Feed and Grain.
Wallington's Feed and Grain! The calendar on the wall! That was the name of the place! North Dakota.
I don't know what city.
The listing's for Wallington's Feed and Grain.
You're sure? Nothing.
In the whole state of North Dakota, there's nothing.
Ask yourselves, what would Maddie Hayes and David Addison do? And they say that watching five hours of TV a day for 26 years is a bad thing.
This intelligence is of an other-than-human form.
They let us see what they want us to see.
nothing more.
Your government knows this.
Gulf Breeze.
Dayton- I love this guy.
He believes in everything.
The scary part is how often he comes close to the truth.
our government has been involved in a massive conspiracy to cover this up.
Call me and tell me your story.
This is William Jeffries.
Talk to me.
and I'll talk to you.
This is Theresa.
from Pocatello.
and I just have to tell you.
I'm so glad you're here.
because I was abducted last September Snack time.
I tried to talk to everybody about this.
I tried the government- I live on bad coffee and stale Oreos from the vending machine.
Thank God you're on the air.
Yes? Little girl's light just came back on.
North Dakota, Benson County, just outside of Brinsmade.
- Program worked.
- Thank you.
ALLlE: My mother used to sing to me a lot.
folk songs mostly.
and things she liked when she was a little girl.
There was this one song called Further Along that always made me feel better when I was sad.
"Further along.
we'll know more about it.
"Further along.
we'll understand why.
"Cheer up.
my brother.
Iive in the sunshine.
We'll understand it all.
by and by.
" When you get to wondering too much about things.
a song like that can really help a lot.
When we find her, she's gonna want that.
She'll be glad you brought it.
Thanks for the book.
Well, I figured now that you had that thing off, you could read it for yourself if you wanted.
I was kind of hoping you would keep reading it to me.
I mean, I'd like that.
Me, too.
Can I ask you something? Sure.
Are they really gonna come and get you? I don't know.
Probably something like that.
That sure will be something to see.
"Well, three or four months run along, "and it was well into the winter now.
"I'd been to school most of all the time "and could spell and read and write just a little "and could say the multiplication table Just before it gets dark When the light still hangs in the sky The day's not quite come All its promises still in your own eyes Between the time your mother calls Thanks.
And the time you put the ball away SOLDlER: "But before the cold weather, I used to slide out There's a lifetime to be lived And a world where every dream is here to stay Just before the night comes And you run back to the safety of your world You're sure you've never heard of it- Wallington Feed and Grain? No, I'm sorry.
Just before it gets time Are you folks asking about Wallington? Yeah.
Harry Wallington, he went bust in '75.
'75? Had a place up in Brinsmade.
I used to stop in on my way back from fishing with my boys.
Good prices, quality products.
What's a couple of young folks doing asking about a store that went under when you were still in diapers? Thanks.
Thanks a lot.
Well, nothin' lasts forever But those moments keep forever far away You didn't mention that it was an old calendar.
Sorry, my super-vision's a little rusty.
We're gonna find her, Lisa.
We're going to Brinsmade.
Are you from there? No.
We're visiting a sick cousin.
Brinsmade's been evacuated.
You'll find your family member at the high-school gym in Leeds.
Evacuated? Why? Toxic spill.
A truck collided with a train.
What kind of spill? They don't tell me.
They just tell me to keep the cars out.
You're not afraid you're standing downwind of something? You folks turn around and do like I said.
You'll find your family member in Leeds.
Move along.
Let's go.
Hold on tight And I promise you, baby It'll all be all right I promise you, baby It'll all be all right Okay, so where are they? I mean, they took that thing off the little girl's head last night, so where are they? When I was in Afghanistan last year.
This was all we didsit and wait.
Come out and kill me already.
I don't care.
Don't make me sit here and think about what might happen.
You would have been lost at the Alamo, my friend.
Day one of that siege, I'd have been the first one over that wall.
So what's the deal with the little girl, Pierce? I mean, you been with her.
She's special.
Well, what's so special about her? You have to be in the room with her.
You guys are gonna think this is really weird- We're in a field waiting for a flying saucer to land.
How weird could anything you tell us be? I've told you guys about my mum, what a good cook she was, the cookies she used to bake.
We have heard the tales.
My mum died in 1998.
And you start to lose 'em after they die- your loved ones.
I mean, their memories just start to fade in your head.
I don't mean events- I remember birthdays, picnics, everything like that.
I mean, your actual mental picture of the person.
I'm reading to Allie, just helping her pass the time.
She's just a scared little kid, and she misses her mum, just like I miss mine.
The book I'm reading, it's something my mum used to read to me.
It's just like my mum's there with us, that's all I'm trying to say.
And you attribute this somehow to the little girl? I'm just saying, you have to be there with her.
You can't put it into words, but if you spend some time with her, you'll get it.
I can promise you that.
Thank you.
Sorry about how all this worked out.
If you guys want to go hunting in a couple of weeks, they should have the spill cleaned up.
There was no toxic spill.
I can tell you that.
How the hell you know that? Because I worked that railroad 19 years.
You know what they haul on those lines? Lumber and steel.
Nothing but lumber and steel.
Now, I'm up there at Cranberry Lake with Michael and Tony, and I'm trying to explain a little of my philosophy of life in the woods.
A couple of fellas up from Grand Forks desperate to kill something before the weekend is over, and I'm trying to explain that that's not really what hunting's all about.
Is this a story that goes someplace, or is this "Dewey's Meaning of Life, Part 7"? The point is, the three of us are sitting around the campfire and I'm explaining my philosophy, and this Humvee pulls up, a bunch of soldiers get out and tell us to head on back to civilization.
On account of the spill.
A toxic spill- if there had been one- they might have told us to evacuate the area and then gone on about their business.
Not this bunch.
They just stood there the whole time it took us to strike camp, and then they damn near followed us all the way out of the woods.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for a Mr Clayton.
- Over there.
- That's him? Thanks.
You're Mr Clayton? That would be my dad.
I'm Dewey.
We'd like to hire your services.
Oh, you lookin' for a guide? We were told that you're the best.
And you two want to go huntin'? In a way, yes.
Well, you're out of luck.
We're shut down.
Damn government's locked us out of our own woods.
We know that.
But you've got some reason you want to go up in there, anyway? Why don't you step into my office? Now what have we got out in those woods that you two are so anxious to go huntin' for? Our daughter.
She's lost in the woods? No.
She The army has her.
Would this have anything to do with that toxic spill that didn't happen? Yeah.
And your daughter, you say? That gear back there belongs to a couple of young killers I had out this morning.
I promised to ship it to 'em so they could put it in storage.
I sure don't think they'll be back.
It'll just sit in the garage with the exercycle and the cross-country skis and the racquetball rackets.
Might as well put it to some use before then.
It'll get down pretty low tonight, but you get in them sleeping bags right away, you'll survive.
There's only one farm out this way.
Nobody's lived there for 25 years, so if they're keepin' her anywhere around here, that'll be the place.
Now I take out all kinds of folks- hunters, what have you.
There's a lot of different game up here.
But if I'm lookin' at grouse, then I have to go in with a whole different set-up than if I'm lookin' at deer or elk.
Now, you don't have to be in a rush to tell me anything, but at some point, you're gonna have to let me know just exactly what it is that I'm gonna be lookin' at.
Oh just bend these and give 'em a shake.
Good night.
I guess we'd better get in our bags.
They're not gonna do anything to her, Lisa.
She's too important to them.
Just before it gets dark Before you grow Before you're too old to pretend Just before it gets dark And you know your dreams will not come back again Hold on Hold on tight And I promise you, baby It'll all be all right I promise you, baby It'll all be all right Williams.
Williams, you asleep? Not anymore.
Keel's got the night watch on the little girl.
He's gonna let us in to take a look.
You in? Yeah.
All right.
Let's go.
This is really dumb.
This is a court- martial.
We'll be in and out in ten minutes.
- No one's gonna get court-martialed.
- Is that right? This kid's gonna bring these guys down from outer space.
The least we can do is look her in the eye.
We were just kind of wondering- What the big deal was.
Yeah, pretty much.
I'm not quite sure.
I'm important to the- do you guys call them aliens? Yeah, usually.
Okay, the aliens.
And your general figures they'll come get me.
We kind of know that already.
How come you're so special to them? They're my other family.
What do you mean? I'm part them.
For real? But you just look like a little kid.
Maybe they're not as different as you think.
ALLlE: Can I ask you something? Sure.
Are you mad at them? But you'll fight with them just the same? That's our job.
Grownups are weird.
36 hours-nothing from Cheyenne Mountain, nothing from NORAD, nothing in the sky.
Damn it! I knew this whole thing was a bust.
I'm a four-star general.
I've been serving my country for 30 years, now I'm sitting in the middle of Old McDonaldland with a 9-year-old girl? I'll tell you one thing- I'm gonna have that squirrelly- ass Dr Wakeman served up on a platter for this.
I'm not gonna be the only one taking this fall.
You want to tell me what the hell went wrong? Oh, you got a theory, don't you? They're up in their craft worried about this girl, and as soon as you take that thing off her head, they're gonna come swooping down.
Well, we could have been mistaken.
Well, that's big of you to admit it.
General, we're talking about aliens here.
By definition, their motives, their behaviour, everything about them would bealien.
So how much longer do we wait? That's entirely up to you.
What's a five-letter word for "idiot"? This whole culture is built on a fear of death.
No one wants to talk about it, everyone wants to pretend it's not gonna happen.
That's how come you get those vegetarians springing up all over the place.
"If I don't eat the little darlings, then they're never gonna die.
" Nonsense.
Neither one of you has ever been hunting, am I right? I went out with some guys once when I was maybe 14.
We were living in Wisconsin.
I didn't like it.
It made me feel terrible.
Well, you're supposed to feel terrible.
That's a part of it- understanding what it costs for you to stay alive.
Well, we better keep moving.
As it is, it'll be dark before we get to where I think we- That little girl of yours must be something special.
- How are you? - I'm all right, ma'am.
What you got up there? Some sort of toxic spill, ma'am.
Ah, is that what they told you? Yes, ma'am.
You'll have to let me through.
I need to see General Beers.
Do you have clearance? Do you have any idea what spilled up there? No, ma'am, I don't.
You need to let me through.
I have important information that General Beers is expecting.
You're not gonna let me through, are you? No, ma'am.
I didn't think so.
Next time, I'm just gonna run through the roadblock, so why don't you arrest me? What? Arrest me and have someone take me to General Beers.
No one goes in.
We detain people here.
Okay, well, then detain me and get General Beers on the phone and let him know that Mary Crawford has important new information about the project.
I can't do that without provocation, ma'am.
I see.
How's this? They're not coming, are they? I told you she was powerful, right? Maybe they're not that worried about her, maybe they think she can fight her own battles.
You don't know when to quit, do you? At the roadblock, you told one of my soldiers you had information for me.
I lied.
You son of a bitch.
Did you think I was just going to let you take the project away from me, you and the general here? You bastard.
You sold me out the first chance you got.
Worthless bastard! At the roadblock.
Put her somewhere where she can't hurt anyone.
It's a woman thing, right? They know how to hold a grudge.
My father had this idea that he could do dangerous things because they needed him, that they'd keep him safe.
Well, they took care of me more than once.
Because they needed us to, uh to get together.
Because they needed Allie.
So they're not gonna let anything happen to her.
We don't know that.
They're not gods, Charlie.
We're outclassed enough, so they can act like gods.
We don't know what they want with Allie or why they did this.
The odds are they didn't go through all this trouble just so they could hand her over to these people.
I think she's gonna be all right.
I'm going to find Allie and do whatever I can to help her.
I'm not going to rely on them for anything.
Hey! Okay.
I need to speak to Miss Crawford.
This is for Miss Crawford's ears only.
You can wait over there.
SOLDlER: Yes, sir.
You peeked, didn't you? My grandfather found it at Pine Lodge.
At the crash site.
I never thought your dad was all that bright.
It can be very effective when a stupid person lies to you.
I found some papers with these images on them when we moved out of Groom Lake.
I asked your dad about them, he gave me nothing.
I stood there with your father and told him I was wrong about the body from the Roswell wreckage being the transmitter.
I told him there had to be something else.
He just looked at me like he didn't have a clue.
You got to admire that.
Mary I had to go with them.
I couldn't let all this happen without me.
You understand? Please.
I would have done exactly the same thing.
I know.
So this is it, this is the transmitter, this is how they send the implant signals up.
And your father had it stashed away all along.
That thing's a lot more than a transmitter.
You see these engravings, these inscriptions here, whatever you want to call them? Fascinating.
You don't know the half of it.
Along this edge here, these markings are the same as the ones you saw on these rubbings from 1947.
But on this side, on this edge here, this is all new information.
That was not there before.
It-it gathers information? Now we know why they left it behind.
It's been documenting this wholeexperiment.
How long ago did you take off the shield? Day and a half.
Nothing's happened? We've got this, which is important, and we've got the little girl.
It would be interesting to see what would happen if the two were brought together.
It'll be dark soon.
I can make that happen.
Excuse me? What do you do for bathrooms around here? We go out back.
What do women do? You go out back.
I guess you'd have to take me? I'll walk you there, yeah.
Okay, let's go.
What's with the case? It's got my products.
Products? You never had a sister, did you? I really do have to go.
That's it there.
I can take it from here.
Um, do you think I could borrow your flashlight? I'm kind of scared of the dark.
I guess it would be okay.
Thank you.
"And we fished and hunted, and that's what we lived on.
"Every little while, he'd lock me in "and went down to the store.
Three miles-" I'm Dr Crawford.
The general sent me to have a look at Allie.
I wasn't told anything about it.
No, you weren't.
I'll need you to wait outside.
It's all right.
She's not going to hurt me.
I cried when Huck found out Jim never told him it was his father floating in the water.
We haven't gotten that far.
I've spoiled it for you.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I can't stand knowing how something ends.
It makes the whole thing seem so pointless.
It's all right.
I just don't have a lot of experience with kids.
It's really okay.
I kind of guessed something like that was going to happen.
You're pretty good at that-guessing.
Yeah, sort of.
It must be so strange for you- finding out how strong you are, all the things you can do.
It is, a little.
I frightened you a lot.
I'm-I'm sorry.
I never meant to scare you.
You don't care if you do.
That's not really true.
I'm not the kind of person who takes pleasure in frightening people, hurting them.
But you do it, anyway.
They're not coming, are they? I don't know.
Maybe that's for the best.
Do you want to go home? Yes.
This is something that belonged to my grandfather.
Tell me what it says.
Read it for me, and you can go.
You can read it, can't you? Tell me what it says.
What do you want it to say? Don't go little Buddha on me, honey.
I don't like it.
Pick up the damn thing and read it.
Pick it up! Hah.
Good as new.
What happened? Oh, my God.
Well, there it is.
I'd say that now is a very good time for you to tell me what this is all about.
This is gonna be a little hard to believe.
Well, try me.
You ever heard of the Roswell crash? You mean that flying-saucer thing? My father was half-alien.
His father was the one survivor of that crash.
Our daughter was conceived onboard an alien craft.
She is of incredible importance to them.
A government agency now has her.
We don't know why.
She told you it was gonna be a little hard to believe.
I believe every word she said.
What were you doing with the girl? Just getting acquainted.
Either one of them tries to leave this area again, - Shoot 'em.
Is there a problem, Sol- All units! Target inbound! Get ready! SOLDlER: Let's go! Move out! Check out the little girl's brain activity! Look at this pattern! It's like an REM cycle kicked into overdrive! I've never seen anything like it! SOLDlER: We got a sighting! SOLDlER: Elevation-45 degrees! SOLDlER: Get ready to fire! Allie must be in the farmhouse.
We've got to get her out! Lisa, wait.
You go running down there, and they're gonna shoot you.
I've got to get her out of there.
Lisa! Lisa! All batteries, report status! Over.
Alpha ready.
Bravo ready.
Charlie ready.
All batteries, stand by! All batteries, lock on target! All batteries, fire on my command! Ten, nine, eight, seven Sir, what about the little girl? - Five, four - We've got to get her.
- At ease.
- Sir! At ease, soldier! One.
Fire! Fall back! Fall back! Fall back! - Mary! Lisa.
Lisa, wait! I can't! Will you two quit playing tug-o- war with each other! You're no good to your daughter if you're lying down there, shot dead in some field.
I know another way into that valley.
Come on.
Come on.
SOLDlER: Watch your step over here.
Let's take her.
Advance to the perimeter of the craft.
Use extreme caution.
Mary, no! Shoot her.
Call them off! Assault positions! Aah!
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