Taken (2017) s01e02 Episode Script


1 You're on close Recon on this.
That's your only job.
Once you done that, you pull your ass out of there, and meet us at the staging area, a mile to the east.
Then me, Scott, Dave and Rem, not you, move in and get the hostage.
Any questions? I'm good.
No such thing as a stupid question.
I'm ready.
[Faint voice.]
Help me.
[Gun firing.]
Help me, Bryan.
Help me.
[Brooding music.]
I'm your sister.
Help me, Bryan.
Help me me [intense tone.]
What's your only job? Close Recon.
Any questions? I'm good.
[Suspenseful music.]
[Blow lands.]
[Dramatic music.]
[Suspenseful music.]
[Indistinct talking.]
[Indistinct talking continues.]
[Speaking Spanish.]
[Brooding music.]
[Distant gunfire.]
[Over radio.]
Bravo, this is Zero.
Wait out.
We're pinned down under enemy fire.
[Dramatic music.]
You're the hostage's only chance now.
Go get the hostage.
I say again, go get the hostage.
Now! [Silenced gunshots.]
- [Silenced gunshot.]
- [Grunts.]
- [Silenced gunshot.]
- [Woman yelps.]
[Woman whimpering.]
[Woman cries.]
[Woman screams.]
Help me, Bryan! [Slow-motion tone.]
Bryan! Help me! Help me, Bryan.
I'm your sister.
Bryan! - [Blow lands.]
- [Grunts.]
[Blows land.]
- Stop! - [Blows land.]
Bryan, stop! Enough! It's over! Stop! [Screams.]
What are you doing? You're safe now! You're safe! [Ominous whoosh.]
- I'm getting the hostage! - What are you doing? - You could have killed that guy.
- What's going on with you, man? This is training.
He's not a real terrorist.
He's Delta Force playing a terrorist! I got the hostage.
We got this.
Something's wrong with you, pal.
In the head.
[Heavy breathing.]
Let's just say he's still a work in progress.
[Stifled gasp.]
[Silverware clatters.]
[People gasping.]
[Indistinct commotion.]
Somebody call an ambulance! I'm a doctor! Let me through, please.
Let me through! [Ominous music.]
I'm sorry.
Is this Senator Wilkes? Yes.
Hey, what's going on? Where you going? Need to know.
Come on, let's go! Let's go! [Muffled helicopter whirring.]
Need to know, my ass.
Where? Ukraine.
In, out, back in 48 hours.
Your buddy Carlos Mejia gave up a Russian gunrunner in Ukraine.
[Footfall recedes.]
Colorado Springs has confirmed dedicated eyes over the target area in Ukraine, as soon as the satellite repositions and reconfigures from its Sevastopol coordinates in approximately seven hours from now.
OPs? Yep.
What? Senator Wilkes? How? I got the hostage.
And then you snapped.
Six terrorists.
I took out six terrorists.
Heat of the moment, call it what you like.
At the very least, it was a momentary break with reality.
You understand on active operations any team member who is not 100%, mentally and physically, is a liability to the others? Yes.
I'm aware of that.
Bryan, do you honestly expect me to believe that you are not still deeply affected by your sister's murder, and by the fact that her killer, Carlos Mejia, is still alive? You manufactured that whole scenario It's called training.
You made sure the hostage resembled Excuse me, but senator - My sister so you could exploit - Don't say that.
It's not a weakness.
I was gonna say grief.
It's a wound.
And like all wounds, it takes time to heal.
So now you're just gonna make me ride a desk.
What? Senator Wilkes just died.
What? How? It's not official, but we're hearing heart attack.
Heart attack? [Soft ominous tone.]
Thought you'd want to know.
Yeah, thanks.
Ride a desk? Yeah.
Ride a desk, along with a whole lot more training, until I say you're ready, starting with this Ukraine OP.
Do you have a problem with that? [Soft suspenseful music.]
[Over radio.]
Copy that.
The perimeter's been secured.
This is eagle, this is eagle, joining in with bravo.
Zero, this is Alpha, moving in now.
- [Gunshots.]
- [Grunts.]
[Yelling in Ukrainian.]
- [Gunshots.]
- [Grunts.]
[Indistinct radio chatter.]
Coming your way also [Yelling in Ukrainian.]
[Yelling in Ukrainian.]
- [Gunshots.]
- [Grunts.]
[Indistinct radio chatter.]
Grenade! Grenade! [Explosion.]
Be advised, grenade in the area.
- [Yelling in Ukrainian.]
- Copy that.
[Yelling in Ukrainian.]
- [Gunshot.]
- [Women yelp.]
[Women shrieking in Ukrainian.]
Romeo, you're up.
Target's not in the house.
[Yelling in Ukrainian.]
[Yells in Ukrainian.]
[Indistinct shouting.]
Get down! We have the target.
Stand by for ID confirmation.
[Keys clacking.]
Connecting through to Carlos Mejia now.
[Indistinct radio chatter.]
[Suspenseful tone.]
[Computer beeps.]
That him? [Suspenseful music.]
Yes, that's him.
[Keys clacking.]
ID confirmed.
- - [Upbeat rock music over radio.]
[Indistinct chatter.]
[Tense music.]
[Phone clicks open.]
[Phone chimes.]
This is ridiculous.
Can we just go back to a regular coffee maker? [Soft music.]
Okay, so it's really simple.
- You just pour the water in here.
- Yeah.
And then make sure And then, you I mean, you don't have to do anything.
[Continuing indistinctly.]
[Suspenseful music.]
I just want a cup of coffee.
- Get your gear.
- What? The others aren't here, they're not back from the Ukraine OP yet, and we have a situation.
So now you're up to bat, come on.
This is happening right now.
[Plane engine roars.]
You'll move in the last three miles on foot, covertly.
First couple miles, woods and good tree cover.
Last mile is an industrial zone, mostly abandoned.
Apart from some docks a mile and half to the east, everything else is pretty much abandoned now.
We'll need you in position by dawn.
I will be at the chimney tower at 7:00 a.
What's the threat? Clara Ward, CIA.
Known her since we were in Mogadishu together 15 years ago.
Now she's sending me an emergency message from a stolen phone, calling me to one of our old dead letter drops.
This from one of the best intelligence officers I know who, believe me, has never been one to cry wolf.
[Dark music.]
We have eyes.
In position.
Here she comes.
[Metal door creaks.]
[Door shuts.]
Someone's in the building.
[Ominous music.]
That's our girl.
Staying in cover.
[Suspenseful music.]
Get in.
You all right? I need to keep moving, Christina.
There's no one here.
It's just us.
Senator Wilkes didn't die of a heart attack.
He was poisoned.
And those same people, they are coming after me.
What people? Five more seconds and I'm leaving with or without you.
[Engine turns over.]
I said get in.
What's she doing? That wasn't the plan.
She's getting in the car.
[Gear shifts.]
[Engine revs.]
[Tires squealing.]
[Suspenseful music.]
Wilkes was assassinated because of some intelligence that I shared with him.
Wait, you went round Langley and straight to the Senate Intelligence Committee? I didn't know who to trust.
Tell me I can trust you, Christina.
[Engine revving.]
You still report to the President, right? And the Special Security Council, yes.
- We're losing, Christina.
- Losing what? Greed and corruption are taking over in this country and we are becoming our own worst ene - [Gunshots.]
- [Gasps.]
[Tires squealing.]
[Engine revving.]
Get the shooter! [Bullets ricocheting.]
Oh, my god.
I got you.
I'm just gonna put pressure on it.
Help is coming.
Help is coming.
Move your hand.
It's okay, it's okay.
[Soft whimpering.]
I got it.
I got it.
I got it.
For What? F fort.
[Somber music.]
We have to get out of here.
I just I just need a minute.
We gotta get out of here.
I said I just need a minute! Did you get him? Don't move.
She's been hit.
You get the vehicle? You get the nearest hospital on GPS.
Come on, let's move.
Did you get him? - On three: One, two, get up.
- No.
- Crash team standing by? - Front entrance.
Almost there.
- Security detail? - Riley's still working on it.
Harry [Labored breathing.]
- Clara's - We got a local FBI security detail.
Quiet! I can't hear her.
She's trying to say something.
Her husband.
Harry Ward.
What about him? I I need to I Ne it's vital.
- Can't you go any faster? - Vital.
One minute away.
Harry Ward.
Pulse is 130.
Pressure's 90/60.
Respirations are at 34.
Sat levels are dropping.
[Dramatic music.]
How the hell did he do that? Ride and shoot at the same time? I mean, how did he get the picture? Oh.
And a healthy dose of good, old-fashioned American nuts.
- If by nuts, you mean - Crazy.
He means crazy.
Good job.
Let me see that.
What's the word on the boss? She got hit in the left side of her abdomen and lost a lot of blood.
But because it was a ricochet and had decelerated sufficiently before impact, it didn't penetrate far enough to hit any major organs.
[Monitor beeping steadily.]
He's here.
Send him in.
Becca Vlasik.
- I'm very sorry for your loss.
- Thank you.
Do you mind if I ask you what you've been told so far? That my wife is dead.
And Christina was with her.
And I'd know more once I got here.
Your wife was shot by a sniper.
In Kentucky.
We believe it's connected to Senator Wilkes' death.
That was a heart [Tense music.]
Did Clara ever mention anything about a fort to you? No.
I don't think so.
It it could be part of a larger word, like fortify, fortitude I don't know.
Why do you ask? She tried to tell us something.
When she That was her last word? Fort? Yeah.
We believe that might help us find out who killed your wife and why.
[Indistinct chatter.]
You know what they don't tell you about non-fat? More sugar.
Kid you not.
Look it up.
I need a name to a face.
One of ours? I really hope not.
But I am hoping that if he's on anyone's radar, it's Langley's.
Might take a few hours.
[Shower running.]
[Knocking on door.]
- Asha, hey.
- Oh, sorry.
I probably should have called.
Your mom gave me your new address.
I hope you don't mind.
I only wanted you to have these.
The letters and pictures you sent Cali from the war.
Sorry, uh, come in.
Can I ask you a question, Bryan? How come Cali was the only I mean, 93 other people in that train car, and she's the only one who was killed? It was crazy.
I know.
[Solemn music.]
[Soft laugh.]
I miss her so, so much.
If you ever need to talk Yeah, I'd like that.
But I gotta tell you, talking's not really my Strong point.
[Soft laugh.]
My cell's on the back.
You're an attorney? Environmental.
Small firm.
Speaking of which, I should get back to the office now.
Of course, um [Clears throat.]
Thanks for these.
And this.
- Bye, Bryan.
- Bye.
Greed and corruption are taking over in this country - Get the shooter! - [Gunshots.]
[Heart monitor beeping steadily.]
[Somber music.]
Shooter's name is William Davis.
Ex special forces, now freelance.
Lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.
- Freelance for who? - Unknown.
His tracks are well covered.
- But definitely not Langley.
- Correct.
Gonna need his building and neighborhood schematics.
You ready now? 'Cause this bastard's no use to us dead.
We need to take him alive.
I'm ready.
How we gonna take him? Alive.
Let's go.
4th floor, two windows in front, street views.
Plus, one window in the back and a fire escape.
We smoke him out, front to back.
Scott and I will take the front.
Rem and Dave, back door on my command.
- And me? - You man the radio, keep the motor running, watch and learn.
[Suspenseful music.]
- I'm so - Don't say it.
I'm right on the edge as it is.
Thank you for coming.
What was Clara doing in Kentucky? I don't know.
Uh, no.
- I need to talk to him.
- You need to rest.
- Where did you think she was? - What? Come on, now, please.
Just a minute.
Okay? [Sighs.]
[Tense music.]
I owe you one, by the way.
For the grenade thing.
What grenade thing? He saved my ass from a grenade during the Ukraine OP.
How'd he do that? He wasn't even there.
[Over radio.]
Okay, move now.
Stay frosty, Bro.
If you didn't know Clara was in Kentucky, - where did you think she was? - Syria.
That whole mess.
[Solemn music.]
Wait, wait.
- What? - Fort.
The woman who you work with, uh - Vlasik.
- Yeah.
She said that was That was Clara's last word.
Yes, it was.
[Soft dramatic music.]
I-I might have overheard her say that on the phone a couple of times.
Do you remember the context? I think I thought it was a restaurant.
Three-motion tumbler and deadbolt.
What's going on? The nurse is calling in the cavalry out there.
I'm discharging myself.
I need my clothes.
Give me your phone.
My clothes.
Hold on.
Yeah, patch me through to Langley.
Remember, we take him alive.
Romeo-Delta, Roger.
[Dramatic music.]
[Lift operating.]
There's an elevator.
He's going down.
Hold position, Romeo-Delta.
Cover the alley and street.
Wait stop! - How the hell'd he get there? - Went down to go up.
[Over radio.]
He's on the roof! There! There! Come on! Can we shoot him soon? [Grunts.]
This is Bravo.
Do you copy? What do you need? Davis is heading west on Pine.
He can't keep going on like this for long.
When he runs out of gas, he's gonna need an escape vehicle.
There's a parking structure on 32nd, - right next to a freeway on-ramp.
- Corner of 32nd and Dogwood.
[Dark music.]
[Motorcycle engine revving.]
[Tires squeal.]
[Engine revving.]
[Tires squealing.]
[Engine revving.]
[Tires screech.]
[Engine revs.]
Got him.
[Engine revving.]
[Tires screech.]
Aah! [Blow lands.]
[Suspenseful music.]
[Both grunting.]
[Car alarm wailing.]
[Gun fires.]
[Extinguisher hissing.]
[Gun fires.]
[Extinguisher clinks.]
No, no, no! [Glass smashes.]
[Tires squealing distantly.]
[Tense music.]
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure we talked about taking him alive.
He's moving.
Hey, you can't park that here.
Get your asses in gear.
- What happened? - He fell off a building.
In a helmet? [Exhales.]
Come on.
Davis, radio check.
Davis, are you there? Send sitrep.
Bravo, this is Romeo.
Looks like he called for backup.
And they're tuned in to all emergency service frequencies.
Be on the lookout for tourists who may want to cut their losses and kill Davis before he can talk.
- I'll go with him to the or.
- You cover the ground floor.
Yeah, I guess I could have Dave do it.
- Uh, he just came off break.
- Everyone stays out of sight and behind closed doors, got it? Stand by.
We got company.
[Brooding music.]
Four tourists.
Two at the elevator.
Other two heading toward east wing and emergency stairs.
Standing by.
What's your name? Germany.
Really? Yeah.
Tell your buddies no heroics, Germany.
Uh, copy that, Lucas is, uh, still on the street.
[Elevator bell dings.]
[Suspenseful music.]
We just lost the cameras.
- Where's the power source? - Basement.
Hey, Germany, you need to listen to me very carefully.
I want you to call me back on this channel - In 30 seconds.
- Not before, I repeat, not before.
This is Base.
Radio check, over? Hello? Do you copy, over? [Power switch clanks.]
[Electricity powers down.]
We just lost power up here.
- [Silenced gunshots.]
- [Men grunt.]
[Power switch clanks.]
[Dramatic music.]
Bravo, this is Delta.
We just lost the tourists.
Bravo, Roger.
Wait out.
[Elevator bell dings.]
This patient's going to the OR.
- [Silenced gunshots.]
- [Men grunt.]
Sorry, Davis.
You're a liability now.
You'll understand.
[Silenced gunshot.]
[Pained groan.]
Who are you? John Doe.
Who are you? [Groans loudly.]
- You can't do this.
- Do what? Where are we? On a boat.
A boat where? Ship.
You murdered Senator Bridger Wilkes and a personal friend of mine, Clara Ward.
No, I did not.
That is not true.
Well, maybe not you personally, but the organization you work for.
We're just soldiers.
Soldiers? Then act like one.
Operation Fortunata.
What about it? Then you've heard of it? I didn't say that.
Yeah, you did.
He did, didn't he? We know you're private contractors.
Hired by the un against, I might add, the advice of the U.
Government, hired to protect foreign NGO and humanitarian aid workers who are trying to help the Syrian refugees.
I'd have thought private contractors make enough money from other people's misery.
But your bosses couldn't resist the endless flow of the desperate and the dispossessed.
What are you talking about? Human trafficking.
She's talking about human trafficking.
- What? - Selling refugees, mainly women and children to slavery and sex trade.
That's got nothing to do with us.
But everything to do with who you work for.
And that's what Clara Ward, a CIA officer, who was also stationed in the area, found out and shared with Senator Wilkes.
Soldiers, huh? Soldiers fight for their country.
What you mean is you just follow orders.
For money.
Who gave the order to murder Senator Wilkes and Clara Ward? We can't do this? [Soft scoff.]
Well, all I can say to you is here we are, and we're doing it.
And the last one of you two to tell me who gave the order to murder my friend never sees dry land again.
- Wait, come back! - I'll talk! Who was first? [Soft lounge music playing.]
[Indistinct chatter.]
How are you? You're probably gonna want to leave now, 'cause in about 30 seconds, Kent here will appear to have a severe heart attack.
Unless the paramedics can get here in record time, he'll die.
But what in fact has happened, so you know, is he just consumed a poison in his wine that the private military company he owns and operates has developed as a weapon against his enemies across the world and which he used to kill Senator Wilkes.
Clara Ward says hi.
[Stifled gasp.]
[Groans loudly.]
[Pained gasps.]
Please please I want a full confession, no details spared.
[Stifled breathing.]
[Brooding music.]
[Pained gasping.]
Go ahead.
Give it to him.
So the FBI get to take all the credit for this? We call it gift wrapping.
Sometimes it's the CIA who gets credit.
Or JSOC or whoever.
We never take any credit for what we do because we don't exist.
Thank you all for what you did on this.
Just doing our job.
Eh, it was a little more than that.
- Honestly, though - Oh, god, here we go.
- Hey - Here we go.
You don't even know what I'm gonna say.
- [Chuckles.]
- Okay, go right ahead.
Cue the music.
- Shut up.
- Just say it already.
I don't think we could have pulled it off without the new guy.
Ah, what the hell.
- [Chuckles.]
- To the new guy.
Hold on a second.
You guys need to know something.
I'm still a little messed up by my sister's murder.
[Solemn music.]
A little? Really? We hadn't noticed.
Man, we all got ghosts.
But I appreciate you telling us.
I do.
To what makes us stronger.
[Bottles clinking.]
Thanks for coming.
Of course.
Is everything all right? I owe you an apology, Asha.
For what? I lied to you before, the other day.
You did? You knew that.
And you deserve better.
Is everything all right, Bryan? I need to show you something.
[Suspenseful music.]
What is Who is that? Carlos Mejia.
The drug cartel boss? The man who killed Cali, because of me.
What? What? Where is he? Why do you even have this? Bryan, what are you planning to do?
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