Taken (2017) s02e01 Episode Script


1 Seven, eight, nine, ten.
Ohh! What's that? That'll work.
Pleasure doing business with you.
11, 12, 13.
14, 15, 16.
17, 18, 19.
20, 21, 22, 23.
No phones, no digital cameras in the building.
You're clear to go, Ms.
I heard Bass hired a former spy as a consultant.
Former or failed? CIA couldn't find WMDs in Iraq Now they're gonna help us? Guess they ran out of countries in the Middle East to collapse.
Just another old spook looking for a second pension.
What a racket.
Yeah, we should go.
Ignore them.
They think espionage is French for spinach.
Been meaning to introduce myself.
Langston Chakowski, Chief Security Officer.
Christina Hart.
- Just another old spook.
- Well, I, for one, am glad to have a former spy on board.
Bass says we can't change the game until we change the thinking in the beltway.
Well, thank you, but it's gonna take a lot more than keystrokes to change the world.
Actually, our software's already revolutionized the security industry.
It's taking over.
The CEO of the fastest growing tech firm, and he makes it a point to get to know every employee.
He still uses Polaroids? No digital cameras allowed pending the release of Ajna 2.
I thought version 1.
0 was gonna change the world.
0 can find anything.
Really? Including people? Dead or alive.
Well, you better keep that under lock and key.
You tell the center I'll have all the budgets sent to them in a Christina? - Christina Hart? - Hey, Glen.
I'll meet you inside.
What a pleasure.
So, when did you change your government stripes for corporate stripes? Well, I see you've climbed the ranks at Homeland.
Ah, Deputy Director.
I can't complain.
So, you decided to give civilian life a shot after you got that demotion? Well, the timing was right.
So, what do you know about our software? Only it's hard to bargain with a company whose software already infiltrated 50% of security agencies in NATO.
It's the very definition of a killer app.
Seriously, Christina, what happened to your DNI team? Well, I was able to reassign most of them to other government agencies.
Most? What about the one that was still missing in action? Um, uh, Mills.
Bryan Mills.
Oh, it's never an easy decision to leave folks behind.
What happened to you and your team I'm sorry.
I'll see you inside.
What is an American doing off the grid? In a Mexican prison? Had tequila in Ensenada.
Narcos had me arrested by some corrupt policía.
Turned my farm into a meth lab.
My wife and daughter escaped to a neighbor's farm.
There's nothing left here for me, amigo.
I wish you the best with that.
But I wanna pay you back.
If not for you, I'd be stuck in that black hole for the rest of my short life.
You wanna return the favor? You help me find a coyote.
I know someone.
I gave him some money to get me across the border.
Someplace safe.
But when I got thrown in jail, he kept the money.
You still know where he is? Take me to him, and I'll help your family.
Just so you know, these people They're dangerous.
And they don't like gringos.
Bryan Mills? - - He escaped? Yeah, I got it.
We got a problem.
Our rabbit's fled its cage, and he knows too much about our little arms deal with the narcos to allow back across the border.
Consider it done.
So, as you can see, with our software, DHS can become pre-emptive rather than reactive.
It sounds like you're trying to sell us a crystal ball.
I'll take that as compliment.
Does this digital world of algorithms match up to the real world? - Of course.
- No.
Based on your experience, does it? Yes, it does.
And version 2.
0 will do even more.
- Well, we don't have to - No, no, go on.
Ajna 2.
0 can be used to identify human traffickers.
We just need to build a similar database with details like passports, visas, airline tickets.
Assuming most human traffickers travel through airport immigration.
- They do.
- Oh, good to know.
Well, thank you, thank you, Ms.
And thank you, Director, very much for your time.
You're welcome.
You the one in charge of the coyotes? What makes you think that? Because you're the only one in here not packing.
I don't need weapons.
Santa Muerte watches over me.
Huh, guess I came to the wrong place, then.
Insurance isn't such a bad thing.
So, we have a deal? The weapons were mine when you walked through the door.
Besides, Americans are more expensive to transport.
Call it a luxury tax.
My friend already paid your man here a down payment.
He stole his money.
I know nothing of this arrangement.
There are three shotguns in the bag.
I could either use one on each of your bodyguards, or you could waive that luxury tax.
That's my final offer.
Take it or leave it.
He will shoot you before you get the shotgun out of the bag.
Watch out! Don't.
You're right.
Couldn't get the gun out of the bag.
He's going to need surgery.
Take this as an offering for Santa Muerte.
Is that gold? But I get to bring my friend here and his family.
Where did you get this? Let's just say there's a few guys in prison who need surgery too.
I like your style, soldier.
Looks like you're going home.
Hey, Christina.
Thought we could debrief the sales pitch.
Speak only when spoken to, is that it? You know why I started this company? You wanted to change the world.
I get it, I get it, you think I've compromised my principles, but the reason I cut you off in the meeting is not because I don't care about human trafficking.
Of course I do.
I cut you off because there's no money in it.
So, give me access to version 2.
I'll see if it can identify human traffickers.
And if it does, I will spin my government Rolodex and generate new business development.
That's why you hired me in the first place.
Right? We'll start with training wheels.
I'll give you access to version 1.
0, but Christina, if you walk out of here and your heart's not in it, then just keep going past the cafeteria 'cause there's plenty of packing boxes.
Fair enough.
Find your gun, we find your last known location.
Weapons inventory.
Black site prison? You've reached Santana.
Name your price, then double it.
Hey, I need your help with a time-sensitive search and rescue op.
Mmm, this is good quality.
Must be from the Congolese rebels, yeah? Best khat Africa has to offer.
There's two more truckloads waiting outside.
Your price? One Sledgehammer.
Been on my Christmas list for a while now.
What use do you have for an electronic hammer? It's not just any jammer.
Donkey Kong Sledgehammers developed by DARPA specifically for Joint Special Operations Command can put to sleep every electron within a 50-mile radius.
Let's cut the BS, Ayi, because we both know Black Hawk Down wasn't the last helo to go down in the Mog.
I know nothing of that.
It crashed in your clan's territory.
Unfortunately, the avionics burned up in the crash.
Well then, I guess I'll just take my toys and go.
So, we have a deal.
Rumor is you don't work for the U.
military anymore.
Some trouble in Iraq about the illegal transfer of weapons to insurgents.
That's my business.
Yes, but without the U.
government backing you, what's to stop me from shooting you, taking your khat, and keeping my electronic jammer? I don't know.
Maybe the bribe? Bribe? You never paid me a bribe.
Well, I wasn't talking to you.
New plan.
Oh, one second, I gotta get this.
You are making a mistake.
You have one new message.
Hey, I need your help with a time-sensitive search and rescue op.
Our MIA just came up for air and I'm guessing he's gonna hitch a ride to the closest border crossing near Del Rio.
It's a 48-hour window max.
And one more thing.
They're not gonna let him just walk across the border, so come loaded for bear.
How did you know where to find the coyote? I worked at a cattle ranch outside Dallas with my brother for ten years, sending money back every week.
Finally saved enough to bring my family over.
I want my kids to have a better life.
Emilia here She wants to study, uh, engineering.
American dream.
Damn it, narcos.
Listen to me.
They're traffickers.
I know them and what they're about to do.
I think your daughter is about to be taken.
You need to do exactly as I say, and I promise, I'll do everything in my power to bring her back to you alive.
Okay? Hide her.
Pull her baseball cap down.
Sorry to inform you, campesinos, but there is a border tax.
You can pay, or you can get out.
You come home with me.
No! No! No! - No! - - Papa.
- No! You take me.
- Americano.
- Yeah.
You'll fetch a nice ransom.
Bring him.
Ma! Mommy! Hey.
Don't look.
If we're going to get out of this, I need you to be my eyes and ears, Emilia, can you do that? I don't know.
I'm scared.
It's okay.
Can you look outside and tell me the tallest thing you see? A mountain.
Which side of the car is it on? - The left.
- That's good.
Where is the sun? - Behind us.
- Listen to me.
They're gonna separate us.
Don't worry.
I'll find you, but I I need you to do something else for me.
- What? - Your bracelet.
I know it was a gift from your first communion, but I'm gonna need you to break it and throw a bead out of the window every ten minutes and at every turn.
Emilia, I know you're scared.
That's okay.
Just let that fear in, and you have to lock it up in a corner of your brain and you just focus on what you have to do.
Where was your family headed? To my uncle's house in Dallas.
Okay, just think of Dallas, Emilia.
And you never forget that I am coming for you.
One last thing.
The bobby pin in your hair No, no, no, no, no! Nice control center.
You can do everything from here.
Intrusions, malware, DDoS attacks.
I defend the entire network from right here.
Wow, any breaches? Only one in five years.
Took us six months, but we caught the guy.
Mmm, let me guess.
You've heard of him? Yeah, well, he always leaves a trail just to let you know he was there.
- The arrogance, right? - Yeah.
Mm, what's this? Virtual vault.
Next level.
I mean, who needs 32 inches of steel when you got 32-bit, 15 character unique passwords? Your wife must feel very safe at home.
Ah, Catherine could care less about this stuff.
That's a nice pooch.
Ah, that's Byte.
With a Y.
Well, I'm sorry, I have to rush again, but thank you.
- Yeah.
- Thank you for the tour.
No problem, no problem, anytime.
Martello, go.
The guy who ruined our little arms deal I found him.
Take a look.
I can dispose of him for you.
I'll send a cleanup crew to compensate you for your trouble.
Smoke him.
Time for a necktie.
Damn it! He can't be far.
Orale, hurry up, esé.
The goods are ready for delivery.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's me, it's me.
You, You came.
Did they touch you? No.
No, they gave me a pill.
Let's get you out of here.
Where are we going? We're going home.
Surprised you haven't hacked your way out of here yet.
Still plenty of time 20 years, to be exact, thanks to you.
Well, I would offer you an apology, but how about something more useful - like a work release? - Working for you? Yeah, no thanks, not really a big fan of the government, much less wanna work for one.
Well, that didn't stop you from consulting for the FBI before they caught you hacking into Quantico.
And then what did you do with your access? You hacked into the Director of National Intelligence.
So, I'd say your government-related issues - are largely self-inflicted.
- What are you gonna do? Frog meets scorpion.
It's my nature.
Which is exactly why I'm here.
Didn't the feds buy some kind of magic fairy dust from Clayton Bass so you could track down your supervillains? Got something better.
Where the hell did you get this? Old school tradecraft still beats high tech.
You stole Ajna? I stole version 2.
Well, technically, just the guts, but So, you wanna take it for a spin? Mmm.
I do.
Unfortunately, without access to intelligence feeds, which no one in their right mind is gonna give me, you got yourself a race car, no gas.
I can get you access to feeds.
- Why me? - Do you care? If I'm gonna work for the spook that ruined my life Yeah, I do, I do care.
Okay, well, something tells me you're not gonna wanna spend the next 20 years in this box without broadband.
How does this work? Parole board? That won't be necessary.
I just called the Deputy Director of Homeland Security and saved him a few million on some half-assed software.
- Guy owes me.
- Oh.
I can appreciate that, 'cause I only do whole-ass.
You do realize the Department of Homeland Security was only created to persecute Italian anarchists, right? Yeah? Okay, okay, just checking.
Mmm, all right.
When do we start? I need to locate someone.
- Why the hurry? - 'Cause like you, he also just got out of prison and my gut tells me that someone doesn't want him to come home.
Hmm, always happy to help out a fellow con.
There's one more thing.
- Really? - Yes.
Okay, I mean, I can hack it, but sure.
Let's get that bitch on.
Well, this is different.
Some old turn-of-the-century bank? Long time ago.
Right off of K street, nestled right in the lobby of Swampa, Georgetown.
Croix de Guerre, huh? What is that? Historical society? Philanthropic? Something like that.
Bats in the belfry.
Bruce Wayne up here? - Are you afraid of bats? - Afraid? No, more like repulsed.
I mean, I suppose the whole echolocation sonar thing is cool I mean, they're literally flying blind But the rabies, no, not so much.
Oh, yeah.
Thick walls make for a natural Faraday cage.
I get it, these lines are insulated to process top secret information.
We're standing in a SCIF, aren't we? Eh? Okay.
This is one of your old fronts, isn't it? That's how you knew the feeds would still be live, huh? Okay, all right I built out the algorithm a little bit, so get ready for some shock and awe.
Well, I hope we have enough bandwidth to handle the fire hose of data those feeds are about to throw you.
All right, last know location.
Biometrics Wow.
The mother lode.
Damn it, ten minutes behind.
Screw this.
Are we there yet? Almost, just a little longer.
I found him.
But you're not gonna like how I got there.
Try me.
I searched all the cell phone geodata near the prison, and I fed the info back into the DNI database and I came up with this.
935 Pennsylvania Avenue That's FBI headquarters.
Yeah, someone's been making encrypted calls to a cell phone at a known drug trafficker's safe house right next door to your boy's prison.
They could just be running a source.
Yeah, that's what I thought until I listened to the unencrypted side of the conversation.
Your guy who ruined our little arms deal I found him.
Take a look.
I can dispose of him for you.
- How long ago was this? - I'll do you one better.
I ran a time compression algorithm on some satellite photos courtesy of the NRO.
And, okay, so, what you're seeing here is the owner of that cell phone in a truck chase engaged with a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado, spring edition.
Meaning, they're gonna catch him before he reaches the border.
What about my contingency plan? She's running a little behind schedule.
I mean, he's pretty much screwed.
Hang on.
- You okay? - Yes.
Take the wheel! Brake! I got it.
He's turning around! That mass of burning metal used to be a technical.
He made it.
Surprised they still allow you access considering you no longer work for the DNI.
By they, do you mean him? Hello, Gary.
Director Casey, to what do I owe the - Your retirement.
- Sir? I don't even know where to start.
Your illegal arms deal with narcos, or the assassination attempt of an American war hero.
Those are national defense Mills was just a loose end to you, wasn't he? Cover up's always worse than the crime.
Sir, there were extenuating circumstances You know, I have friends who can arrange extradition for crimes committed across the border.
I'll draw up my papers in the morning.
I gotta hand it to you, Christina.
When you came to me six months ago asking for help to rescue Bryan Mills, I didn't think it was possible.
Well, I had some logistical help from old friends and assets.
And you stole Ajna 2.
Which I needed in order to kick-start my new prevention unit.
Prevention unit? Standard protocols.
Guise of a front company, backstop, funded out of the black ops budget? Ahh.
What would I get in return? Well, the DNI was created as a stop cap to solve the cases that fall through the cracks.
Now you have the software to help you do it and it didn't even cost you a penny.
One more thing.
I want the authority to choose some of my own cases.
What do I care what cases a private company with no connection to the government takes on? Emilia! She's okay, she's okay.
I I don't know how to pay you back.
Yeah, you do.
You make sure she becomes an engineer.
Helped myself.
Didn't think you'd mind.
I don't.
Not at all.
You see, it turns out that my own government not only left me to rot in a Mexican prison, but they wanted to ensure that I died there, too.
You knew the consequences of your actions the moment you pulled that trigger.
You were either gonna die or end up in prison.
And I'd do it all again.
Really? Mm-hmm.
You know what you didn't calculate is how much you would cost the rest of us.
There is no more team.
But know this I never stopped looking for you or trying to orchestrate your return no matter what the cost.
Why did you come back for me? Why? Really? Let's just say I have a greater appreciation of the lengths to which you are willing to go to protect others.
You never stopped trying to avenge your sister's death.
You never gave up.
So, how could I give up on you? Your girl's one hell of a shot.
Wait till you meet her in person.
That there is a key to a trafficking network on the U.
side of the border.
More proof I made the right decision.
The info off this flash drive just brought down the whole sex trafficking network.
These guys have no idea what just hit them.
You build this setup yourself? Yeah, why? Nah, it's just, you know, you couldn't have found a better monitor? Not unless you have the key to the situation room.
Oh, right, uh, would an 88-inch OLED be too much to ask? Only 88? Bryan, glad you could join us.
Meet our new logistics officer.
- Hey.
- Santana was an Army Quartermaster.
She ran with Special Ops.
You two might've crossed paths.
You mean before she was discharged under something other than honorable circumstances? Sorry, aren't you the one with the ankle monitor? Yeah.
Meet Kilroy, our tech support.
Uh, I prefer Chief Technical Services Officer.
Nice to meet you both.
And, uh Thank you.
Let's you and I go take a walk.
Nice view.
Yeah, I don't know why, but it always reminds me of my first assignment for the agency.
In Bosnia.
I'm supposed to say I've never been.
I ran a source Nadia.
She helped me collect Intel on the Serbs as they were advancing.
She was stuck behind enemy lines, but because of the agency's strict rules of engagement, I wasn't allowed to retrieve her.
Years later, investigators dug up Nadia's remains in a mass grave.
If I had had a Bryan Mills back then, someone who knew how to break the rules without compromising their principles, Nadia might still be alive today.
I need someone who values prevention and understands our duty to protect, Someone with a strong will and sense of purpose.
Take your time to make a decision.
Since when have you ever wanted me to take my time? I'm in.
But this time, I run ops my way.
How about we do it together?
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