Tales (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

F**k The Police

1 A teenager is dead.
He's not dead through his own provocation.
He's dead because the police profiled him, judged him with extreme prejudice, and then fired multiple shots into his chest.
Counselor I suggest you proceed with caution.
Imagine Jaden Jenkins for a moment.
Sixteen years old, his entire life ahead of him.
He's making his way to school, as teenagers do, and on his way to school, he encounters two policemen two policemen who are searching for a man.
They stop the boy, and even though he's not bothering anyone, they demand to see his papers.
So, he hands over his identification.
They don't tase him, which they could.
They don't cuff him, which they're trained to do.
No, they knock him to the ground and shoot repeatedly into his chest.
And their actions are justified! Why? How is it reasonable to kill a young man who was cooperating, who was incapable of moving? They had guns.
He has what? A smart mouth? But I get it.
It's a common story, right? It's something we hear about every day.
But let me ask you how would you react if the victim were White? The police! Comin' straight from the underground A young got it bad 'cause I'm brown And not the other color, so police think They have the authority to kill a minority that, 'cause I ain't the one For a punk With a badge and a gun To be beating on, and thrown in jail We can go toe-to-toe in the middle of a cell with me 'cause I'm a teenager With a little bit of gold and a pager Searchin' my car, lookin' for the product Thinkin' every Is sellin' narcotics You'd rather see me in the pen Than me and Lorenzo rollin' in a Benz-o Beat the police out of shape And when I'm finished, bring the yellow tape To tape off the scene of the slaughter Still getting swoll off bread and water I don't know if they or what Search a down, and grabbing his nuts Did anybody see anything? I saw everything.
You? You saw everything? I had a clear view from over there.
Brody, what are you doing, man? Who shot him? That one.
What's up, bro? You a snitch now? We can't let 'em get away with this anymore.
Troy, let me go.
Are you gonna write this down or what? You stay right there, boy.
Name's Brody Wilson.
Okay, Brody Wilson I need you to start from the very beginning, all right? Tell me everything you remember.
All the buzz, it woke me up.
Ain't nothin' new about that.
It moved on so quickly.
But the nightmare's just beginning.
Jaden probably thought they'd already moved on, too.
But you can never let your guard down in the Jungle.
You on probation or parole? You think I'm a criminal? That's the first thing that comes to mind? Look at me.
You watch your tone when you talk to the police.
Pass some ID.
Come on, man, I need that.
Hey, don't move! Don't move! Oh I'm bleeding, man.
Are you gonna help me? I can't help you.
Help me! Help! You're a no-good punk.
I could be your son.
You could never be my son 'cause you're poor White trash.
Stay down! That coulda been my brother.
- Stay down! - That coulda been me.
Even you.
You ever think of that? - Oh! - Are you all right? Yeah.
Where's Brody? I'll do it.
Stay here.
Then the big cop motioned to the little cop to shoot him, too.
And he did.
He shot him twice in cold blood.
I don't know, man.
It sounds like he was stallin' the cops from doin' their search.
The search had already moved on.
They knew he wasn't their guy.
What the hell are you trying to say? Easy, boy, I'm just saying that maybe you didn't see all the angles, all right? You don't know the whole story.
You have no idea what he was caught up in.
Was he in a gang? He was a good kid.
He went to school every day.
Listen, I wanna testify.
You know where I live and you have my name.
None of these cops better get off with a slap on the wrist.
Oh, look, unfortunately their punishment is a little above my pay grade, all right? Now I've got your statement.
I'll make sure the prosecutor gets it.
You don't like the way things pan out, you can blame him.
Now go home, please.
Snitchin', boy? You know what we do to snitches? Brody, man, my boy, what's up? You grow a pair all of a sudden? You're gonna testify, man? Really? That's what I said, didn't I? Now you know how it's gonna go.
Ain't nothin' gonna happen to those cops.
You think a judge and the jury's gonna find them guilty? Of what? Killin' another White boy? They think it's better there's fewer of us around here, man.
So, what? I sit back and don't say anything and make things worse? Nah, man, you get a gun like everyone else.
The next time they come shootin', you stand your ground and you fire back, man.
Listen, I'm gonna be late for work.
I promise I'm not gonna go and get myself killed.
If they kill you, they're gonna have to kill me, 'cause half of me will be dead already, and the other half will be just for revenge, man.
That's on everything.
You know that, right? You're crazy, you know that? You're my brother, man.
You'd do the same for me.
I would.
Hey, but if you care about me, if you care about your family at all, don't testify.
A'ight? All right.
I love you, bro.
I love you, too.
They think shooting you in the face makes them a hero.
I'd like to shoot them in the face and see how that makes them feel.
They just be killin' us up in here, and I'll be damned if they get my boys.
You ain't leavin', Brody.
I've gotta go to work, Ma.
Hey, they're gonna pay this time for Jaden, right? I hope so.
Nobody's gonna pay, let alone those cops.
They'll get paid leave is what'll happen.
Brody You be careful.
I love you, Ma.
You can have my seat.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
What are you looking at, punk? Nothing, officer.
ID pass? See how much more longer your White ass gets through.
We're gonna make it Out some day, out one day I promise Hey, yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Hey, yo, chill, man.
Chill, chill, chill.
Don't piss yourself, a'ight? Look, we're all brothers here, right? Word.
Hey, look, man, this is just a friendly reminder, a'ight? Anyone that messes with Brody, calls him a snitch, or even thinks about callin' him a snitch, you're gonna wish you had cut your own arm off, a'ight, 'cause I'll do it for you, you understand? You understand? A'ight, man, we cool, we cool.
A'ight, get outta here, man.
It's all love, bro.
We're all brothers.
Have a good day, a'ight? I'm all right, all right, all right I'm all right, all right, all right I'm all right, all right, all right I'm all right, all right, all right Word to my mama I'm insane Crazy be inside my brain Tryin' to keep it cool, so don't push me Act all it, like a And I got respect for my She a ride or die Keep a nine, know her hell I ain't never ever had to ask her Smoke a Like a cancer And we gon' do the talkin' They got another one.
They just was askin' for his ID, he's handin' it over, and they still shot him.
See, this is the shit you should be rappin' about, okay? It don't matter where you're from.
If you're White, blocka! Jaden recorded his death, too.
What? It's been playing everywhere.
You ain't seen it? Nah, nah, nah.
Nobody tell Brody about this, a'ight? He's done with that Jaden shit.
All right, let me have that.
What's goin' on, guys? Sorry I'm late.
Guess I don't need this.
What's with White people being on Jungle time? You can't set an alarm? Guess I can't depend on you, Brody.
If we didn't have the Council coming today, I'd send your lazy ass back home.
Uh-uh-uh! Cap on! Can't have any of that ratty hair fallin' into my aioli dip.
I need a favor.
I can't get in and out of the free zone without a pass.
You can take that upstairs and deal with it.
It's not my problem.
Come in.
Sorry to have bothered you, sir.
Do you have a minute? What do you want, Brody? Brody.
Good morning, Miss Jenny.
I mean, I'm surprised you were able to make it into work today, considering what happened today in the Jungle.
God, you must feel like you're under siege.
Did you know him, Brody, the boy that died? Of course, he knew him, Jenny.
He's from the Jungle.
Jesus! I just came for a new pass.
Uh, I need a new one reissued, or I can't move zone-to-zone.
Now are they burning down their own neighborhood? Of course they are.
Those people are animals.
Now, Bob, we're in mixed company.
Take this.
Thank you for the pass, Mr.
See you soon, Brody.
- I can't believe you.
- I can't believe you.
How's everybody? Hey, darlin'.
First of all, I just wanna say thank you.
I'm glad everybody could make it on such short notice.
I assume you're here about the end of the world.
Let me assure you this is the place to be.
The madness stops here.
It's good to hear, Bob, as it seems like the narrative has gotten away from us.
How so? The White boy made an audio recording of the exchange he had with the police.
He actually asked for help.
It looks like they shot him in cold blood.
Our side of the story needs to be told or or we'll be buried along with this child.
This is an open and shut case.
This case will never go to trial.
And it'll be just a blip until something new pops up tomorrow.
Every other station is playing this on a loop, and this could pull the city in the gutter very quickly.
I mean, how do we spin this, Bob? Trust me.
We have this thing under control, you understand? Now I have my producers running several reports about this boy's gang ties, and how his clothes seemed threatening to our peace officers.
But, Bob, I How can clothes be threatening? We're gonna send a clear message.
You can count on it.
I'll talk to you later.
- Thank you again.
- Yes, sir.
I'm sorry, Brody, about today.
What do you have to be sorry about? Everything.
So much.
Phone call for me come from you? So, you don't see me as being part of the problem? You? Nah.
Why not? 'Cause I don't think you see all White people as criminals, or as somebody to be feared.
And I don't think you look at all Black people as the enemy, either.
Nobody is better than anybody else.
You and I are equals.
It's just what I believe.
Now I'd like to hear about where you come from.
I'd like you to take me there one day.
You wanna go to the Jungle? I do.
I just feel like I'm in a cage here, like Bob just keeps me on display for his friends to see.
Have you ever felt that way? Next time.
The Davis report was able to obtain a copy of this audio footage of the shooting.
What you may hear may be disturbing to some.
We advise caution in watching this segment.
Please, man, can you help me? I can't help you.
Help me! Help! You're a no-good punk.
I could be your son.
You could never be my son 'cause you're poor White trash.
Come in.
Tell me this is the Jenkins case.
Preliminary findings.
I knew you'd be anxious to hear.
Yeah, so you got my 15 messages, huh? I did.
The kid was defenseless? No gun was found.
No abrasions on his hands.
And what did the cops say, hm? They thought he had a gun.
Thought he was with the man they were chasing.
I mean, you know they all look alike.
Did they say that or did you say that? - We all say that.
- Hm.
Never mind.
And there's a witness? There is.
Brody Wilson.
And I've gotta say, Ray, he's credible.
He's held down a job in the free zone for three years.
He's got a juvie record which won't play in court.
He's been a stand-up citizen as far as I can tell.
Hm, there's a lot riding on this case For all of us.
If this goes forward it's gonna fall on this kid.
Are you positive this witness is gonna come through? You never know with this crowd.
You know how they are.
Can we make a case without him? Look, I just don't think the audio from Jaden's cell is enough, all right? I mean, there's a lot of holes here, and face it, right, the law favors the cops, all right? Use of force makes it hard for them to say whether they were doing their duty, and/or even protecting themselves.
- What about the public stress? - What about it? This zone had a lot of complaints about police brutality and trigger-happy cops.
And the defense can say that they're being targeted.
The cops? Yeah.
This witness can have it out for 'em.
I'm gonna talk to that kid, see for myself.
You lost? Unh-unh.
- Do you live around here? - No.
Let me see some ID.
Your pass.
You carrying anything I should know about on you? No, ma'am.
Turn around for a body check.
All right.
I'll let you off with a warning.
A warning? For what? The Jungle's on lock-down tonight.
Head on home now before you get stuck at the checkpoint.
Where were the cops standing when he, uh, came out of the house? Here and here.
And they said he was belligerent, probably high on drugs.
We won't get the toxicology report back for a few weeks.
The audio catch anything that could have provoked them? I mean, I don't think he started recording the moment he stepped out of his house.
What did the cops say he said? Same shit, Ray.
Spittin' at 'em.
Tellin' 'em to get off his patch.
He resisted arrest.
Now hold on a second.
The witness said he was curled in on himself, like a fetus when he was pushed to the ground.
He knew better than to attack.
A clear contusion to the back of his head from strikin' the pavement.
Now I know he wasn't much of a threat then.
Who the hell are you to say what these guys are up against? Thank you.
A hundred-pound kid against a fire-hydrant-of-a-cop, with a gun pointed at his chest.
Are you kidding me? - Here you go.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
You got company, Ma? No, Brody.
For some reason, this officer's here to see you.
Said something about you testifying? Yeah, Brody Wilson, Ray Vance.
I'm from the State Attorney's Office.
Can you stand in the hallway? No.
I know you pay the rent here, but Ma, please.
We won't be long.
Your mother said you were just gettin' back from work, so I waited.
What's this about? You mentioned to the detective that you wanted to testify.
Now I need you to say that to me, as the prosecutor of this case.
I know you've had some time to think about it.
Your, uh, family doesn't seem very supportive.
And I'm sure your neighbors won't be, either.
Look, I'm not gonna pretend that this is gonna be a cakewalk for you, Brody.
But I've gotta hear, from you, that you understand what this means, and that you won't let anything stop you from taking a stand.
So, you're saying you're actually gonna take this to trial? I'm seriously considering it.
What did you see this morning? It was about 6:35 a.
, or so.
I was standing by my window.
The big one, he took Jaden's pass and he threw it on the ground.
All Jaden did was reach for his pass, and they slammed him to the ground.
He definitely was not fighting back.
And they just stepped back and they shot him Multiple times in his chest, like he was nothin'.
That's what I saw.
Can you say what you just said in a court of law in a few weeks? I'll tell you what we decide.
Yeah, you do that.
I saw you around here earlier.
Well, I'm off work now.
You drunk in public now? No, I just walked out of the bar.
I'm headin' home.
Did I say you could walk away from me? Show me your ID.
Turn around.
Turn around.
For what? You're gonna arrest me for walkin' outta the bar? What did you say to me? Jesus.
I said, either arrest me or let me get on my way.
Oh, shit! Yo, you get that shit? Hell, yeah, I got that.
I know just who to give it to.
You wanted to see me? I did.
You ever been with a Black woman before, Brody? Is this a joke? Is this part of Bob's show? Unh-unh.
No, Brody.
This is for me.
Oh, so different.
Do I seem that different? Am I strange to you? I've never been with a Black woman before.
Oh, I'll show you.
You! Oh Yo, you up? Yeah.
What's up? Something happened, man.
What? Come on, you've gotta see this.
We have breaking news of the death of a White man in the central city zone.
It's graphic and disturbing, and may not be appropriate for some audiences.
Oh, what did you do, Troy? Just watch.
We've just confirmed its authenticity, and we're ready to play it.
Yo, that's the lady that stopped me earlier today.
Damn Now turn it off, man.
Turn it off.
They ain't playin' with us out there, y'all.
I was there.
You know, Bob is my boss, Troy.
You hated that job.
I know I hated the job.
It's not about that, Troy.
Whatever, man.
I'm out.
I'll see you later.
Troy, what do you want? Jenny? What are you doing out here? Get inside.
I took a walk.
I needed to see you.
I haven't been able to stop thinking about us, about how fate brought us together.
You shouldn't say stuff like that.
Why not? Hm? It's true.
What else would you call this? If they find you here I won't say a word, I swear to you.
If you do this, I'll tell them I'm some crazy woman who howls at the moon at night.
I will.
Now come on.
You've seen where I live.
And I wanna see where you live.
It seems to me you can use a friend right now.
Why won't you show me? Brody, who's there? No one, Ma.
This is it.
It's where I live.
Where do you go to get away? There is no getting away where I'm from.
That's where Jaden fell.
They didn't even wash away all the blood.
The rain'll wash it away.
Brody, how are you not going crazy here? I don't even know what's real anymore.
Come here.
I'm real.
This is real.
Oh? Brody, aren't you gonna introduce me to your friend? Come on, Jenny.
Come on, man, I'm your brother, man.
I'm your bro.
Take your girl home? Or should I say Back to your job? Hell, Brody, Jenny ain't just Black Jenny, man.
You're smashin' Bob Davis' wife.
Don't, Troy.
I'm not gonna lie, bro.
I thought the testifying shit was some galaxy far away crazy shit.
But you smashin' Jenny-From-The-Free-Zone sends this shit into, like, hyper-space, man.
Is there anything else you wanna tell me? That's it.
What about that court shit? Are you gonna go through with that? Wake up, Brody.
You've seen Tay's video, right? They can't deny this shit isn't the way we say it is now.
It's a brand new day.
Your Black prosecutor is gonna be down here first thing with a brand new court suit for you to wear, and a comb, making sure you've got your story straight.
And when he comes knockin', you don't answer that door, Brody.
Matter of fact, you turn off all the lights, and you stay away from the window, and you make sure Mom tells everybody that you ain't been around since they came callin'.
This circle we're on will keep rotating just fine, without you goin' to court.
You feel me? Come on, man.
It'll be a'ight, man.
It'll be a'ight.
This is Ray Vance.
Yes, I've seen it.
I'm already in the office.
I agree.
Yes, this changes everything.
All right.
The police The police The police, the police Made 'em think they're the police The police Talkin' like the police The police We don't with the police The police with the police The police Made 'em think they're the police The police We don't with the police The police Talkin' like the police The police The police The police with the police The police The police Got the drugs, got the bangers, and my ride If they try to pull me over, I'm sly Screamin' In a cell doin' time 'Cause that's the catch right now I'm still alive The police never This feels like the spark that could send our city tumbling over the edge.
So, our city leaders are here to appeal to the residents of the Jungle to please remain calm.
Jaden Jenkins and the Evander Hawk families have asked for peace in their names.
The Police Chief has pulled back all officers out of the Jungle as she audits policing tactics there.
And that's just what's happened in the last hour.
Right now, we bring you the man who shot the footage of Evander Hawk, Tay Gibbons.
Tay joins us here in the studio for "The Davis Report.
" Thank you, Mr.
Gibbons for being here.
Did you think that your video would have the impact that it did To set off a firestorm of protests and White rage across the Jungle, and across the nation? It's funny this, uh, thing you have about peace Like how only one side is supposed to maintain it, at all costs, at the expense of our sanity and our pride.
It's supposed to go both ways, you know? I understand you witnessed the terrible incident.
The system's rigged to fail me, and people who look like me.
White people.
Yes, White people, Bob.
This mainly happens to White people.
Would what happened to that guy last night happen to one of your friends? I don't think so.
Everyone I know's been arrested by cops, followed, stopped, frisked, especially in another zone.
You ever been frisked, Bob? You ever had to lift your little nut sack up on the side of the street 'case you fit some profile? The only reason I'm here today is to let you know that y'all can no longer blame us for being killed.
And I get it.
It's uncomfortable for you.
But it's been real uncomfortable for me, and for all the people who've borne the brunt - of it for so long.
- Wait a wait a minute! Now you're sitting here saying that you blame Black people for what happened last night.
If you were sittin' where I'm sittin' right now, wouldn't you? I hear how you talk about us.
Our clothing, a prime example.
- Jaden's hoodie.
- Oh Jaden was wearin' a hoodie that day 'cause they called for rain, not 'cause he's in a gang, and you know that for a fact.
I know that a lot of things you said about a dead 16 year old, for effect, was offensive and deliberately false, and was one of the top reasons I was out at the bar that night.
Gibbons, you came on my show because you said you wanted to tell your story.
Apparently, for someone like me to get on your show, something really bad has to happen for you to even notice we exist.
That is not true.
So, when my boy said, hey, get this to Bob and show them what they do to us, I said, why not? Troy! Yeah! My man! I came on today to put you on notice that things are gonna have to change today.
Or you're gonna get real used to our plight tonight.
Yeah! The whole system needs to be shown for what it really is Geared towards you and set against me.
What happened to Jaden, what happened to Evander, and countless others is a result of that, and anything connected to it, and anyone defending it, is gonna bear the consequences.
Yeah! So, having said all of that, what do you think about the police? Where do I begin? the police! - Cut that! That's enough.
Yeah! Hey, let him speak, man.
- I'm goin' too far? - Let's go! Get the off me.
you, Bob.
- Let's go! - all this shit! Oh, man, probably sent Bob's ratings through the roof.
This is what we've been warning you about So many young, White men being susceptible to radicalization, and racist ideologies.
Did he just call us racists for pointing out that we're the only ones that get shot just for leavin' our houses or crossing the street? While I believe we should always bring an unique perspective, my producers felt, in this climate, that Tay Gibbons' words would be too inflammatory.
We all must uphold the standard of being civil and just to one another, and, again, we call for peace and calm as we go about restoring law and order to our zone.
I'm Bob Davis and you're watching "The Davis Report.
" Brody? What are you doing here? I just need to see that you're okay after everything that happened.
What are we gonna do, Brody? Let's go inside.
Come on.
What's up, officers? Come on in, man.
Can I get you anything? Oh, shit, should I cover my head? Should I cover my head? Oh, man So, I know why you guys are here, all right? You came to intimidate my brother, but my brother's not here, and he's not a witness, so, no intimidation necessary.
That's our call to make.
You know what I'd give anything to be able to fight one of you one-on-one.
I know y'all get together and you're real hard with your badge and and the gun, but I think y'all was some lames in high school Like you couldn't get no pussy Especially you, 'cause you're an ugly-ass mother.
Is that why you guys become cops? Like, is that why you joined the force, like like to whoop some White ass? Oh, wait, wait, wait.
In y'all cases shoot some White ass.
Kill his ass.
What the hell is that?! Who's ugly now, White boy? Yeah! Yeah! If your brother testifies, he's a dead man.
I I swear to God, if you touch my brother, I'll kill you! I'll kill every last one of you! That kid's a little crazy.
Yeah, man, that White boy crazy.
I'll kill every last one of you mother! We've got something that adds up.
I'll kill you! I'll kill all of you! What are you thinking? If I never see you again, at least I'm happy knowing that I've had this with you.
Romantic and morbid.
I can't help it.
Know what? I'll be around for you.
I've decided to testify in the Jaden Jenkins case.
Why would you do something like that? I saw it and I said I would.
It's not what you think.
Part of me knew nothing would ever come from it.
It wouldn't have.
Now even my brother thinks they're gonna take it to trial.
They have to.
Could you imagine what would happen if they didn't? So, if you were me, what would you do? Would you go through with it? Of course, I would.
To actually be able to do something about it, to make it right you can't pass that up.
Listen even if the cops are acquitted, you'll still be my hero, Brody.
You have to do it.
You hear me? Come here.
Two in one day.
Them's tough breaks, Ray.
Yeah, a lot can change from one minute to the next, right? So much for running for office next year.
You know, if public trust in us plunges much more, everyone in this room will be out of a job.
We just have to get through the next 24 hours without another incident.
Our city has gone from national treasure to national disaster.
Hello? Where you been at, bro? I went to a protest.
You sure? 'Cause, uh Jenny she seems like the type that needs a lot of attention.
Yeah, whatever, bro.
I'm not discussing this with you.
Yo, what the Happened to you? Cops came.
What do you think happened, man? They got you for drugs? Nah, bro.
If it were only that simple.
They came by to say, uh, hello, uh why are you runnin' off at the mouth, uh keep your nose out of our blue and white business.
Shit like that.
I was good, though.
Took it like a boss.
Better me than you, right? 'Cause we both know mom'll be serving up some hog for dinner, if they laid a finger on you.
You know that, uh, state's attorney guy the one who's been comin' around? He held a press conference while you were out.
You didn't hear? While you were at the protest? He's taking Jaden's case to the Grand Jury, on account of his star witness.
You know, man, I'm sorry they did this to you, bro.
- It's just my - Sorry? Sorry don't cut it, man.
Tell me you ain't testifyin'.
Brody, this shit just got real, man.
Don't dig your grave next to Jaden.
You don't belong there, man.
Brody where you at with this? The cops that did this to me said that if you testify, you're a dead man.
You hear me? - A dead man.
- All right.
I'll call the DA in the morning, and I'll tell him.
Tell him what? That they just lost their star witness.
Huh? That they lost their star witness.
I promise.
I swear.
- I love you, brother.
- I love you, too, man.
the police! Mr.
Vance, are you aware that there's video of White people cheering when they heard the Grand Jury verdict, rejoining about the fact that these two innocent cops are gonna stand trial? What do you make of that? It's a small step.
Nevertheless, a step in the right direction.
You know, I know that these, uh, White communities already feel like these officers are going to walk.
And you think a trial will magically make everything better.
Bob, this injustice has been going on for generations in these communities.
I doubt that reconciliation's in the near future.
We have to take a hard look at our institutions, and figure out how to affect changes in policing, in hiring practices, in in creating opportunities.
Furthermore, even dismantle the walls and checkpoints that have divided our cities.
- Dismantle the wall? - Yes.
So, let me get this straight, Ray.
You're sitting here saying that you will take responsibility for the increase in crime stats, if those walls are taken down? Is that what you're saying? Bob, fear-mongering has never solved This is not fear-mongering.
You are fear-mongering.
Yes, you are.
We're talking about jobs, education, access Which benefits everyone.
It sounds like to me you're running for office, Ray.
You know, politics has nothing to do with this.
No, it doesn't.
These were two tragedies.
Two people have lost their lives and our city's looking for ways to make sure that this never happens again.
I hear ya.
For those of you just tuning in, today's guest is Ray Vance, Assistant State's Attorney.
As you know, Ray, we, uh, we like to make news here on "The Davis Report.
" Oh.
So, as you've been sitting here, we've been given the name of your star witness Only here on "The Davis Report.
" So, given the secrecy surrounding the Grand Jury proceedings, how is that leak allowed to happen, Ray? Um look, I can assure you that, um my office will look into this immediately.
And I ask that you consider what will happen, if you release the witness' identity.
I have complete confidence in our ability to try this case, as we go into jury selection in the next few weeks.
We're acting swiftly and in the interest of harmony for all communities.
Well, we wish you luck on your case, counsellor.
We also, thank you for your time, as we know you have your hands full.
As jury selection begins in the Jaden Jenkins case, the State's Attorney's Office has a problem on its hands.
The star witness' name was released to the media and we are standing live in front of Brody Wilson's house waiting to speak to him.
- Brody, listen to me - No, you listen, Ray.
Was it too much not to ask you to throw me to the wolves? Brody This wasn't part of the bargain.
It shouldn't have happened, and we're gonna get to the bottom of it.
But, Brody, listen, it's not gonna change anything.
We are going to trial.
Nobody thought we'd get this far and we did.
Your statement was compelling, and now it's time for you to testify.
I should have never gotten myself into this mess.
But you did and now you're in it.
We're in it together.
Listen don't leave me hangin' out here to dry.
Without you, I don't have a case.
You need to ride with me on this.
I swear to you, as soon as jury selection's done, I will call you in for one day.
One day is all I'm asking.
Brody, are you there? Brody, you need to let me know if you're in or out.
There's no turning back after this.
All right.
I'll do it.
Yes! Yo, what did Chef say? Think he's gonna let me keep my job after the trial? Nah, Brody.
Bob's making life hell for anyone involved in the case.
He doesn't want you comin' around the house anymore, man.
It's done.
Come on, man.
What about Jenny? That sounds like your party, bro, not mine.
I don't look at Black women, and they sure as hell don't look at me, man.
It's actually a pretty good bit of advice.
And I know just the thing that's gonna cheer you up.
Black Child Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh I was the black baby That got opened off a black three-eighty This Black lady in a black Mercedes Pulled out on this Black man in the black land He used to sell white rocks and Black cops used to riff To Brody White cops ain't say, on the day shift they sniffed King of the Jungle.
Rock Hilfiger shields and vests laced in our 'getts A bounce in the bubble bulletproof GS Of the Ac' NSX with a Mac ten express Or my Q-4-5 with two new four-fifths I'm into cars and guns, I keep a gun in my whip , me without my gat is like bein' in a blue Benz So how does it feel to be the one who put the police on lock? I didn't do anything.
Brody, you went beast on them, and when you testify, two Black cops are going to jail for killing a White kid.
You know that hasn't happened in, like, a million years.
You sound really hopeful.
Yeah, well, I am.
What? Where are you going? I shoulda told you.
Told me what? I'm seeing somebody.
What? That Black girl? I don't see her here.
Where is she because I will fight that bitch.
You're crazy.
Juror #51.
Have you ever had a bad experience with law enforcement? None.
Ever had a traffic stop? I've had a few speeding tickets in my day.
Okay, and, uh, what kind of car, if I may ask? I bought a red Corvette when I turned 40.
Predictable, I know.
So, while you were being pulled over in that sweet ride of yours, uh, were you ever asked if you'd stolen the car, or made to sit on the curb while they ran your plates? No, and I was pulled over at least five or six times when I had that car.
And did you feel it was because you were Black? No, I definitely was speeding.
They were great to me.
A few times they let let me off with a warning, and, honestly, each time, I couldn't have met more outstanding people.
Thank you for your candor.
The State dismisses Juror #51.
- Juror #72.
- Yes.
- Are you Juror #72? - Yes.
Have you, or anyone you know, had a bad experience with law enforcement? Tons of times.
How many? Countless.
Uh, I mean, I lost count.
It's a daily it's a daily routine.
I'm going to work and they blocked the road when they yanked some knucklehead to the curb.
My brother got picked up in some raid.
We were lucky to get him out.
My husband, he has this beard and the tats.
They see him and it's on.
I'm afraid he'll be a target, if we leave the zone.
Thank you.
The State accepts Juror #72.
Thank you for your service, Juror #72.
The defense dismisses you.
The State calls Officer Marshall Garrett.
Left hand.
Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Yes.
Good morning, Officer.
Can you tell me what happened the night of May 3rd, when you encountered Jaden Jenkins in the courtyard of Raleigh Homes? I was with my partner to stand watch for a suspect we were chasing on another case.
We were ordered to stay behind in the courtyard and a White male came up behind us.
He appeared to be high.
You know the toxicology reports came back stating otherwise.
We didn't know that at the time.
I mean, we went a year for training and experience.
I mean, his eyes, it it the pupils, they were they were just dilating, and he was he was just moving fast.
It was it was it was weird.
It was Why did you slam him to the ground so hard that he sustained a contusion on the back of his head? He made for his pocket.
I thought he was reaching for a gun.
But you didn't shoot him at the time.
So, you got close enough to him so you could wrap your arms around his body, and take out his legs from under him.
That sounds about right.
Then what? Excuse me? Then what happened? He laid there.
Not much of a threat, was he? That can change at any point.
Hmmm Did you frisk him for a gun? This all happened rather quickly.
I see.
Please play, uh, evidence tape A03.
I could be your son.
You could never be my son 'cause you're poor White trash.
Stay down! Stay down! That was your voice, right? Yeah.
Was he a threat at the time That young man you could not see as your son? What was that about? I have to wonder why you couldn't see him as such, or why you would respond to his cries for help, in such a dehumanizing way.
Objection, Your Honor.
Your Honor, I'm trying to establish bias here.
Objection sustained.
Rephrase, Counsellor.
Nothing further.
Brody Ray Vance here.
I haven't heard back from you.
Um tomorrow's your day.
I really need to know that you're coming or, uh, or what.
Call me back.
Yo! Go around back.
- Around? - Yeah.
- What's up? - Hey.
You told me to come back here.
I didn't think you'd actually do it.
Most Black people won't set foot in the projects.
Look, I really need to talk to Brody.
- Brody ain't here.
- What? He ain't.
Hey, you can wait around as long as you want.
He's not comin' back tonight, either.
Okay, I'll wait.
He's not gonna testify.
We're not all stupid.
So, doing the right thing is stupid.
When it comes back to bite you in the ass, yeah, Telling the truth bites you in the ass? Look, man, in the Jungle, telling the truth has consequences.
You don't live around here, so, the aftermath doesn't affect you.
But check this out.
He's not comin' near that courtroom.
Do you understand? Good.
Oh, whaddup? I know who you are.
You're down for the cause.
I respect that.
Thank you.
Well, it's nice to meet you, too.
Are you lookin' for Brody? Yes.
You brought his suit for tomorrow? Oh, well, yeah, I have.
I am so glad he's standing up to them.
You know? Do you have any idea where he is right now? He's with some hook-up that he met through his job.
Can you believe she's Black? Got that Jungle Fever.
I am mad at him for it.
There's no Black girl that can understand what he needs, that can understand his life, and what he's been through, what we've been through.
One day, he'll see that I'm the one he needs.
Hey, careful.
You don't get to say shit like that.
Bob? Ray.
I thought that was you.
What can I do for you, Ray? Well, I heard you actually employ my witness.
Not anymore.
Well, maybe you employ a girl who's dating my witness.
I don't employ women, Ray.
That's, uh, very old-fashioned of you.
I have a beautiful wife that takes care of me really well, Ray.
Well, have you seen him around here today? Here's the thing, Ray.
I consider anybody that goes against the police Un-American.
So, you and your damn witness oughta be strung up and allowed to rot in the sun.
So, here's the place where you get your ass off my property.
Be careful, Bob, you don't get to say shit like that.
I'll say whatever I wanna say, Ray.
- Oh, no, you can't.
- Yes, I can.
- This is my property, Ray.
- Huh.
Where is your Loyalty to us, Ray? When did you become the defender of just White people, instead of defending all people Especially after all the money I donated to your damn office.
See, my office is not for sale.
- No? - No, it's not.
I'm tempted to report your ass for showing up on my doorstep, because you can't figure out how to manage your case tomorrow.
Damn it, Ray! This case should have never gone this far! Now you single-handedly destroyed two police officers' livelihoods and their reputations.
You sellout! God Jenny! - What? What? - Get off of me! No, stop! Stop! Stop! What are you doing with my wife?! Did he hurt you? Did he hurt you? Did he rape you? What did you just say? - He, um, I was - Everybody - Is it this White man? - No, no, no! Did you hurt my wife? - He took me away.
- Jenny! - He what? - He took me to different - I begged him to bring me back.
- Jenny, tell the truth! Why didn't you tell me, Jenny? I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
Jenny, are you okay? Are you okay? Stop! Stop! Get away! I can't breathe I can't breathe I can't breathe No what did you what did you do? Oh, my God you killed him! He's dead.
What did y'all do? Do you know how we feel To lose someone so real Like I was saying I I struck him out of self defense.
I didn't have a choice.
There was this, uh, stark-raving White man in my home, about to do God-knows-what to my wife.
And all I can say is thank God for the police, because if they hadn't restrained him, I mean, he would have killed all of us.
You know how those people are.
Come and watch it light up I was the one you called on You were like my lifeline I called your mama "Mama" You was my brother, we hit the block They called us bread & butter Those people weak that's smokin' that crack 'Cause my whole world stopped When they told me that you died I can't look in the mirror Too much pain in my eyes And I know tears don't heal They just dry, and I know You used to put on like you like to sly And I see It's like without you it's suicide And I see I get no replies to my whys I can't believe I open up my eyes and you're still gone And it's weird I always thought I'd be the one But I get it You do or die young Do you know how we feel To lose someone so real When they said you're gone - I almost died - Brody Do you know how we feel To lose someone so real That's what it is.
Yeah, but for real, bro, I was, like not many Black people can come on the projects, you know? Yo, whaddup? - What's good with you? - Whaddup? They killed Brody, man.
What are you talkin' about, man? They killed him.
You think that shit's funny? - I - It's not funny.
That's not a funny joke, bro.
I ain't jokin', man.
What are you talkin' about? They killed Brody, man.
- That's not funny.
- I ain't - That's not funny, man.
- I'm not jokin', man.
What are you talkin' about, man? Are you kidding me? Troy, cool it, man.
I'm your friend! - I didn't do it, man.
- That shit's not funny! - Don't talk about that shit! - The cops did it, man! - The cops killed Brody! - What?! The cops killed Brody! The cops did it, man! We are unable to call the witness listed Brody Wilson due to extenuating circumstances.
The State rests its case.
Remember they said we were in condition Sitting here like I can't believe this I ain't got no fire for my life, girl Said I left my job, she hit the gas, yo Shackin' up here with my mama She don't wanna hear my drama Roll another one, I need a shot of Take the pain away, make it nothing Take another shot for tomorrow Roll another J for today Hey, I'ma keep smokin' till my eyes roll Hope to God I'll see another day Roll up, roll up Roll up, Roll up I need another shot for today Roll up, roll up Roll up, roll up I need another hit of Maryjane Pain is burden I've made mistakes I'll never forget them They made me this way You can never feel my shoulders You're not like me and I'm not like you I put it on the line and I mean it I was chasin' my dream And now I'm past that yeah You can never live the way I live You don't know the things that I did Roll up, roll up Roll up, roll up I don't need no shot to the head No, no, no Yeah, yeah, yeah Roll up, roll up Roll up, roll up I don't need to end my game Roll up, roll up Roll up, roll up I don't need another shot to the head No, no, no Tensions are rising high in the city as we await the verdict in the Jaden Jenkins case.
The National Guard has been called in, and remains on stand-by in anticipation of riots if a "not guilty" verdict is rendered.
Would the Forewoman please read the verdict.
On the count of Murder 1: with prejudice, the jury finds the defendants not guilty.
On the count of Murder 2: with prejudice, the jury finds the defendants not guilty.
On the count of Murder 3: with prejudice, the jury finds the defendants not guilty.
How does it feel Feel How does it feel I gotta know How does it feel Do you know what I'm talkin' about, baby How does it feel Yeah How does it feel Feel How does it feel Said I gotta know How does it feel Do you know what I'm talkin' about, baby How does it feel Ah ah yeah How does it feel Feel How does it feel Said I gotta know how does it feel I know How does it feel .
the police! y'all! Woo! How does it feel How does it feel What do you think about us now? How does it feel Troy! Troy, look! You must go home.
Clear the area.
the police! Comin' straight from the underground A young got it bad 'cause I'm brown And not the other color, so police think They have the authority to kill a minority that, 'cause I ain't the one For a punk With a badge and a gun To be beating on, and thrown in jail We can go toe-to-toe in the middle of a cell with me 'cause I'm a teenager With a little bit of gold and a pager
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