Tales (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

A Story To Tell

1 [objects thudding.]
[drawers slamming.]
[dramatic music.]
MAN IN DOORWAY: Hey, baby ROBBER: Don't look at her, playboy, look at me.
[labored breathing.]
Move! I said move, bruh! [glass shatters.]
Okay, okay.
Get your square ass on the ground.
Look, man, the Bentley's outside, man, the keys down on the counter.
Look, take it.
All right, look man, in the drawer right there, all right, I got a stash, I got jewels.
Just take it, it's yours.
Just don't hurt us, man.
[quiet whimper.]
MAN: [gasping.]
WOMAN: [quietly sobbing.]
What's the nature of your emergency? [sirens wailing.]
[brakes screeching.]
[siren whoops.]
[sirens approaching.]
- Get down! - Hey! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! It's cool, man.
We live here.
FEMALE OFFICER: Stand down, guys, stand down.
Uh Check it out Check it out This here goes out To all the That be mad In other cribs Thinkin' shit is sweet creep up on your ass Ha ha Live respect it, check it I kick flows for ya Kick down doors for ya Even left all my mother for ya think Frankie whipped picture that With a Kodak Insta-ma-tak We don't get down like that Lay my game down quite flat Sweetness, where you parked at Petiteness, but that ass fat She got a body make a wanna eat that I'm witchu [car door slams.]
MALE OFFICER: One telltale sign he's done this before, and that is if he was calm.
Was he calm? Yes.
It was like he was heartless.
MALE OFFICER: [sighs.]
Then the gun was real, and he'd probably done it before.
Okay, you know what, you can take a moment if you need.
Let's give her a moment, please.
FEMALE OFFICER: Who are the victims? MALE OFFICER: That is Isaiah Whitlock from the Atlanta Thunderbirds.
You are standing in the house of basketball royalty.
And that's his fiancée, Ashley Santone, Instagram personality, interior designer, former owner of a $2 million engagement ring.
I've lived in Atlanta all my life, and never been to a game.
Never stepped foot on Instagram, either.
Let's go check out the upstairs.
Instagram give out dream houses? Personality goes a long way these days.
Oh? is that what they call it? Yeah.
They even bother setting up the security system? Well, yes, but never activated, and no security cameras.
I really feel embarrassed for them.
What kind of fan would you be, if you didn't? - Touché.
- Mm.
[camera shutter clicks.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
Clear the room.
FEMALE OFFICER: Culver! I wanna talk to them.
I'm on it.
FEMALE OFFICER: Tell us where you were before the robbery.
ISAIAH: Miami.
I had a training there with a specialist.
Like, physical therapy? What? My free throw shot.
My score's been low in that area, so, you know FEMALE OFFICER: I see.
We wrapped up early, so, I decided to take a flight back to Atlanta.
Ashley doesn't like to be at home by herself at night.
She has trouble sleeping, so Look, I don't know.
I must've put home around 11:30, 11:45.
Did you hear anything when you came into the house? Nothing.
Uh, got a glass of water to bring to bed like I usually do.
It was just like any other time I came home.
Until you got to the bedroom.
Look nothing like this has ever happened to me before.
Seeing Ashley tied up like that, what she must've gone through.
I couldn't do anything to help her.
I should have.
But I couldn't move.
FEMALE OFFICER: Well, he had a gun on you.
You did the right thing.
Did you get a good look at him? See any identifying marks? Anything that you can recall? ROBBER: Don't look at her, playboy, look at me.
Move! I said move! Get your square ass on the ground.
Nah, man.
He was a stranger to you.
Here's some known stick-up crews, um, in the area.
You press those.
Why you comin' at Say somethin'.
Yo, what's up, Slim? Y'all need to stay off y'all phones and worry about my money.
Man, it count right.
Just out here thuggin', man.
Man, Slim, look, the shade word said that a baller from the Thunderbirds got robbed and he spot, bro.
How much? Man, he said, he say what? Three hundred thousand and 4 million insurance.
Mm mm.
That's chump change to them, man.
Only crime committed is by the insurance company makin' it too hot to unload them jewels.
Oh, shit, look at look at this.
He had some shorty with him, too.
Kim Kardashian in her own mansion.
Hog-tied, gun-to-the-head, whole bit.
She is sweet, man.
That's what they sayin'? [scoffs.]
That's what they sayin'.
Hey! Y'all keep my money bein' made, man.
You owe me a new phone, too, man.
- Calm down, man.
- Why you so hostile, man? You know, I'ma get this money regardless.
Don't be trippin', man.
He a'ight.
He just be trippin' sometimes.
You know, everybody heard I was leaving for Miami.
I might as well have gift wrapped this to him, man.
FEMALE OFFICER: Isaiah, let's be clear.
This wasn't your fault.
Ashley went out tonight with her friends.
Do any of them have any reason to be jealous of what you guys have? I'm surprised your girl didn't get the memo about everyone being able to see your business on the internet.
Or maybe she just wanted everyone to know that she was meeting Isaiah Whitlock in Miami while he was supposedly there on business.
I'm going to Miami for special training.
That's it.
- A solo trip? - Yeah.
Not one of your other teammates could benefit from that special training? Nah, just me.
Coach set it all up.
That sound right to you, Isaiah? Hold up, okay, I'm going to Miami to work on my game, and you gonna make me feel guilty for that? I mean, come on, Ash.
I'm workin' my ass off here, for us.
- Oh, us? - Us! Man, look, I don't even know who took that damn picture.
It ain't even like that, baby.
Get the hell outta here, man.
Do you even wanna get married? Ashley, I only wanna be with you for the rest of my life.
I think you know that by now.
Or do you just wanna make sure I'm not out here sluttin' it up like you? I love you, Ashley.
Okay, you've been down with me since day one, since I was slap dead ass broke.
How in the It's pretty obvious that I don't mean shit to you.
That's not true.
No, baby.
- Yeah.
- It's not true.
It is true.
Come on, Ashley, come here.
Ash, baby, baby, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Come on, it's not true.
Listen to me.
Come here.
Come here, baby, come here.
ASHLEY: [moans.]
ASHLEY: [moaning.]
Look, Ashley's friends have no reason to envy what we have, and if you'll excuse me, I shouldn't leave her alone right now.
CULVER: Hey, uh, Mr.
Whitlock, this I mean, goodnight, Mr.
- Really? - Shut up.
[unintelligible lyrics.]
[engines revving.]
[unintelligible lyrics continue.]
Slim was right.
[siren wailing.]
I ain't gon' do nothin'.
Yeah, I said it.
FEMALE OFFICER: I'm Detective Del Monaco.
I'm sorry I have to meet you like this.
It's okay.
I'm just glad you're here.
We need a more formal statement for our records.
We need your name and that you consented to being recorded.
I'm Ashley Santone, and you have my permission to take my statement.
DEL MONACO: I promise we won't take too much of your time.
So, um, where were you tonight before the robbery? I was out with friends.
I left the club early, around 9:00 or so.
Did you lock the door when you came home? I think I may have forgotten.
Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore.
Your fiancé is hiring security so you can feel safe.
I love this house.
This is our dream house.
I'm not letting what happened here scare me out of my own home.
But you must have been scared.
I was half awake.
I didn't even know what was going on.
Did you see his face? No.
Why not? It was partially covered, and the players' association gave us this safety training.
They said we could be possible targets of a home invasion, and to never look at their faces in case in the hopes that if you can't identify them, then they won't kill you.
So, I didn't look at his face.
Could this be anyone you know, or would know through Isaiah's network? No.
Your partner said that whoever did this is a professional, like they've done this before.
Do you think that's true? I do.
But there are some other factors that we need to investigate.
For how long? As long as it takes.
Considering your celebrity status, we'll need access to your calendar, social media accounts, anything that you deem suspicious.
This is a nightmare.
ISAIAH: Thanks a lot, guys.
Y'all have a good night.
Did you tell her about us? The detective? No.
Why would I do that? That girl could've sent someone after me.
Baby, look, she ain't gon' Did you mention that? I won't have to.
If I figured it out, she certainly will.
This ain't my fault, Ashley.
No? - No.
- [scoffs.]
Ashley baby, something like this is supposed to bring us closer together, make us see what's really important.
I know it has for me.
Look, we're a team, baby.
You and me, me and you.
Always have been, always will be.
Look, I don't ever wanna leave you alone again.
I love you, baby.
I love you so much.
ASHLEY: Don't go.
Don't deny what happened, and then just leave me here like this.
I don't know what I'll do.
You can't keep doing this to me, and expect me to be here for you.
Come on, Ash, baby, you don't have nothin' to worry about, okay? I'll be back tomorrow.
I love you.
[unintelligible lyrics.]
What's up, girl? You haven't answered your texts all day.
Bitch, you not bailin' on us tonight.
You were supposed to be our Uber to the club.
You guys have clearly started drinking.
Of course, we have.
The better question is Where's your drink at? I mean, you've gotta learn how to relax, girl.
What's wrong? WOMAN: [laughs.]
Need we remind you of your big house? And your nice car in the garage? And that fat diamond on your finger? - [sobbing.]
- He's coming home to you.
Miami's a blip on the screen.
It's nothing.
It's nothing.
It's not the end of the world, Ashley.
It's just a thing that happened.
But everyone knows.
Who cares what they think? [sighs.]
Yes! Okay, you did not come to play tonight.
Ow! Look at her.
You look amazing.
You're coming home with me tonight.
Isaiah who? You ready? N-n-n-n-no.
There's nothing to be embarrassed about.
You better do this for you.
It's gonna be fine.
Come on.
ASHLEY: [sighs.]
[unintelligible lyrics.]
[mixed conversations.]
Now that we've arrived, let's turn up.
I'm actually really gonna shut it down now that you've done pull up on me.
ASHLEY: [laughs.]
Okay, just there.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
[unintelligible lyrics.]
Send me that as soon as you get it, so I can post it online.
ASHLEY: [laughs.]
All right.
- What's up, boy? - What's up, man? Already got the ballers up in there.
Seriously? They more VIP than the VIPs? Hey, put them in the best seat for me.
Y'all already know.
You're trippin'.
Hey, put 'em in the best seat for me.
Let me get that selfie.
They more VIP than the VIPs.
Name's Slim.
- Ashley, listen here.
- You is fine.
You hear me? [imitates sizzling.]
You understand me? I did not know this Isaiah Whitlock was this bad, bruh.
Why you ain't tell me? But, look, let me tell your sorry husband, he need to work on his free throw, okay? Especially incoming, you hear me? AUDIENCE: [applauding, cheering.]
All right, all right.
Up next, a funny guy we got coming up to the stage, he got funny jokes, funny stories, hell, he's funny lookin'.
Put y'all hands together right now for my man, Antoine.
Come on, boy.
AUDIENCE: [cheering, applauding.]
Bring your big, black ass on up here, boy.
AUDIENCE: [applause continues.]
Give it up for Ruggs, y'all, and that church shirt he got on.
That's my boy.
AUDIENCE: [cheering, applauding.]
That thing came pressed and ready.
What's up, y'all? We good? We straight, everybody? All right.
Let's see who we got up in here.
Let me shout out my boys.
Jermaine Dupri in the building.
Whaddup, JD? AUDIENCE: [cheering, applauding.]
Jermaine Dupri.
Got my boy Bryan Michael Cox in the building.
Whaddup, B.
Cox? Whaddup, baby? AUDIENCE: [cheering, applauding.]
Yeah, I be tryin' to sing sometimes.
o! I get a deal, too, player, you know what I'm sayin'? I can sing.
What I'm sayin'.
How are you? All right, surprised to see me, playa.
All right, what's up? You can see me.
You're here.
That's what it's about.
You chose that hat, though, huh? - AUDIENCE: [laughing.]
- Did it come with the glasses? Like a Mr.
Potato Head type shit.
Like what's goin' on here? I'm tryin' to figure it out, 'cause the beard don't look real.
It definitely don't look real.
That's Beijing? It's all good.
You Beijing, bein' cool, bein' cool.
Who else we got up here? All right, playa.
Ooh, look at that hairline.
What happened to it? Jesus.
AUDIENCE: [laughing.]
Woo! I think it's Fat Joe.
Lean back.
Lean back.
Killin' me out here.
Whaddup, baby? My New York gods in the building.
Brooklyn and Queens.
What's up, y'all? Y'all good? AUDIENCE: [cheering, applauding.]
Nice to see y'all workin' together.
Oh, Irv Gotti in the building.
Whaddup? Whaddup, baby? Gotti in the building.
AUDIENCE: [cheering, applauding.]
Oh, he brought Ja Rule with him.
Turn off the lights, 'cause Ja Rule in the building.
AUDIENCE: [laughing.]
Ja here, bleachin' the skin and stuff like that.
Guess I don't know what's goin' on.
It's murder.
Y'all wanna play? I can't get one? I can't get one? It ain't about that, right playa? Okay, we poppin' bottles up here.
Damn, JD, you ain't got a bottle, playa.
What happened? They doin' better than you? It's all good.
It ain't about that.
Y'all gettin' money.
That's what it's about.
That and bougie right here, uh-huh.
What's up, what's up? Shoot, yeah, raindrops.
Supposed to say drop top after Bad and bougie, like Okay, it's not the bad and bougie section.
This is the sad and smelly coochie section.
AUDIENCE: [laughing.]
I see what's goin' on over here.
Yessir, yessir, yessir, definitely take them right there.
They're gone.
I'm just messin' with you, baby.
What's your name, though? Who, me? Who me? [snorts, laughs.]
Bright as light shining from the machine.
Not too bright, now is she? AUDIENCE: [laughing.]
ANTOINE: Yeah, young and dumb.
That's exactly how I like 'em.
So, what's your name? Come on, now, talk to me.
Oh, you can't talk now.
Oh, it's like that.
We all know who that is though, right? Yeah, that's Isaiah Whitlock girl, uh-huh.
Yeah, a bona fide Instagram honey.
Yes, mm-hm.
But them dumb behind the captions.
- Mood! Aw, shut up.
- AUDIENCE: [laughing.]
Bless! With the butt all out.
Bless! I hate when they do the dumb ones, though.
You ever see the dumb ones when they got like a hat on.
New hat, but the titties all in it.
'Cause we're lookin' at the titties, you know damn well.
Ain't nobody lookin' at that new hat.
AUDIENCE: [laughing.]
Okay, she really don't wanna to to me no more.
I don't know what I did to ya, playa-playa, but come on, baby.
I ain't gonna hate on a smart recruiter like you, girl.
Come on, I know you.
Smart recruiter.
I know girls like these.
I ain't lyin' to y'all.
When they in the club, unh-unh, they got a little check list.
Yeah, they be lookin' at 'em.
"Nah, he too short, unh-unh.
Oh, 6'3" and taller.
Check, mm-hm.
AUDIENCE: [laughing.]
Ooh, all spend, long for days, mm-hm.
- Check.
- AUDIENCE: [laughing.]
Ooh, there's a good one, girl.
Ooh, multi-million dollar contract next year? - Checkmate! - AUDIENCE: [laughing.]
I got to marry him.
Where my ring at, Mr.
Whitlock? [laughing.]
A'ight, move on.
What? All right, brother.
What's the attitude for, brother? All right, movin' on.
How y'all doin' over there? You wanna get outta here? ANTOINE: Y'all straight? All right, that's what it's about.
What's goin' on, team playa-playa? Yeah.
Ah, okay, I see you.
Yeah, I know what you're thinking.
But I bought this car with my own money.
I had my own career before Isaiah.
I never underestimated you.
Wanna get some food? Yeah.
[wimpers thudding.]
- SLIM: Carl.
- CARL: Hey, my man Slim.
Is it too late to get a drink? My place is open any time for you and the lovely lady.
- This is Ashley.
- Pleased to meet you, Ashley.
- Pleased to meet you.
CARL: Having your usual tonight? - SLIM: Yes, sir.
- CARL: Come on.
Hey, man, it's good to see you, man.
- You been all right? - SLIM: Yes, sir.
- After you, lady.
- All righty.
ASHLEY: You always get treated like royalty? It's not a bad life, right, princess? [glasses clink.]
ASHLEY: It could be better.
This, though.
This tastes like it's straight from New Orleans.
SLIM: You know your French brandy.
This is the best thing that's happened to me all day.
How'd you find this place? I have a way of recognizing where I belong and I make it a point to take what's mine.
[quiet laugh.]
Where are you from? SLIM: Brooklyn.
Atlanta's been nice to me, though.
Now this is what I consider a religious experience.
ASHLEY: [quiet laugh.]
They say it ain't gumbo, if there's no bones to suck on.
SLIM: [laughs.]
I have a proposition for you and I know it sounds crazy, even to my ears, but, um I don't wanna be alone tonight.
I mean, he's not alone, so, we'd be even, right? Even Steven.
I know it sounds crazy.
That's my kind of crazy.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh, hell, no.
Matter of fact, call them up right now and tell them they can get they money back.
They can't get that six.
I'm Detective Del Monaco.
I'm investigating the Ashley Santone robbery.
Did she leave with anyone? My business depends on maintaining my guests' privacy.
So, I don't know.
We can make it very difficult for you to have parties here.
It's up to you.
Let's pull up the video footage from last night.
She says she left around 9:00 p.
Hey, Sasha, bring that tablet for me, please.
Why are you runnin' down this rabbit hole? Why not? Ashley would never do something as risky as endangering her relationship with a pro athlete.
You really think the world of these two, huh? You just don't understand the culture.
These players thrive on trust.
Otherwise, their business is in the street.
Look, if there was even a hint that Ashley left this club with someone else, TMZ would have been all over that.
There's nothing in it for her to do something so impulsive.
RUGGS: [sighs.]
Now can I go? 'Cause I got a business to run.
Yeah, you're done.
You sure? Yes, thank you.
No, thank you.
Look at it this way.
She's angry with Isaiah, right? Tired, even.
No woman deserves to be treated the way he's been treating her.
Good to know you're up on all the latest pro basketball wives' gossip.
None of her friends could reach her yesterday.
She wasn't in any other pictures that they posted.
A lotta rumors about Isaiah stepping out on her every time he goes to Miami.
TMZ probably too busy following his trifling ass around.
Neither one of them told us the full story.
DEL MONACO: Thank you.
You got a moment to talk? [sighs.]
Woman to woman.
All right.
Did you know Isaiah was cheating on you when you left the club last night? You'd better tell me right now, Ashley, before you're brought in as an accomplice.
SLIM: I should get outta here.
Can I see you again? You deserve better.
Thank you for saying that.
I know I do.
ASHLEY: [sighs.]
- I can't.
- What? This isn't who I am.
He doesn't have to know.
I definitely don't want him to know about this.
So, that's the way it's gonna be? You're the type of woman every guy wants to marry, and you know it.
Hell, you even had Slim trying to wife you up, right? He would have delivered whatever payback to your fiancé you wanted him to do.
No, you can't put this on me.
I can't.
Let me tell you what we've got on you, Ashley.
You let him in, and not only in the front door, you let that man in your bedroom, too.
I don't blame you for that.
I just need you to come clean, because evidence doesn't lie, and there is no doubt what happened here.
The question is Were you in on it? You think that I didn't work for this and I don't deserve to have the things that I have.
I don't covet your life.
Knowing Isaiah has these women just coming around, left and right, chasing after him, that cannot be an easy thing.
And I understand why you slept with another man in the same bed you sleep with your fiancé.
That's that eye for an eye Old Testament-style retribution.
I get that.
You were humiliated, and you wanted to give Isaiah a little taste of his own medicine.
But what I can't believe is you don't know who you brought home.
Didn't you know his name? Everybody knows him.
He runs a trap house down on Forrest Park.
Used to run a stick-up crew back in the day.
He's a gangsta, Ashley.
You mean to tell me you really didn't know? Well, if he is who you say he is, then he doesn't need our money.
He's making plenty of his own.
So, this was just a hook-up gone wrong? Isaiah came in early.
You were trapped upstairs with Slim, and you really didn't want Isaiah to know.
Your robber just went back to old habits, right? Tell me what happened, Ashley.
Because I have my partner standing outside Slim's door right now to let him take the fall for the whole thing.
I didn't know who he was.
All I know was that he was nothing like Isaiah.
Seriously? A'ight, move on.
You always get treated like royalty? [laughs.]
He was dangerous, and the way he carried himself, the way everyone got out of the way when he would walk through I know a powerful man when I see one.
You just got caught up in the fairy tale.
So, that's the way it's gonna be? [car door slams.]
[front door opens.]
It's Isaiah.
You've gotta get outta here.
Sit down.
Don't say a word.
- Hand me that pillowcase.
- What? The pillow, Ashley.
- [material rips.]
- Come down.
Come down here.
What? What are you doing? No, don't, no.
Trust me.
I got you.
It wasn't a robbery.
It was just a thing that happened.
And even if you arrest him, I won't press charges against him.
And my attorneys will have a gag order on you so fast that you won't know what hit you.
This is what happens when you underestimate a scorned woman.
You heard what she said.
Our attorneys will handle it from here.
Pack it up, boys.
Head to the house.
We're not pouncing today.
Man, what did Lil Joe tell you the last time you came over here, man? Man, I'm tired, man, you know Take your Tuskegee amber-lickin' ass down there, man.
You know we ain't got nothin'.
Nothin' to put up your nose, man, You ain't even listenin'.
You ain't tired of servin', man.
- I'm tired of servin' him.
- [laughing.]
For real, man, I'm tired of servin' him.
Tell your cousin to stop comin' over here, man.
Hey, man, let me show y'all something real quick.
What's good? - Mm-hm.
- It's like that? You can't keep hittin' without us, bruh.
I got a story to tell.
What's goody? That's what you do is hittin' without your boys? You got me down here from Brooklyn.
I wanna know what's up.
Remember shorty at the club that had that ring? Yeah.
You you I taught you well.
I taught you well.
Come on, man, we all eat.
I taught you well! Everybody eats, man.
You already know how we do.
Ransom note style.
Soon as the baller walk up in the spot, I flashed the desert on him.
He drops the glass, look like he almost pissed himself.
I grab all the money.
I put it in the pillowcase.
Two words.
ALL: I'm gone! I kick flows for ya Kick down doors for ya Even left all my mother for ya think Frankie whipped picture that With a Kodak Insta-ma-tak We don't get down like that Sweet! The crazy part is, I was messin' with her cousin.
But you didn't know that, though.
ALL: [laughing.]
I been in that.
I'm glad she had a little friend.
I would've took everything.
The keys, the TV, I don't care.
Baby stroller, I don't care.
We need 'em.
All that.
Everything gotta go.
I thought she had made some Don't even bring me over there, a'ight? I'm stealin' the mailbox.
I'm takin' everything.

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