Tales (2017) s02e10 Episode Script


Oh look, look, look at this.
You're really talented.
- Run, run! Rachel! Rachel, please! [ATTACKING MAN LAUGHS.]
It's late.
Or early.
Don't be a smart ass.
You opening up the shop.
Is that a question? Or should I suggest with this hangover you're not.
What'd I just say about being a smart ass? - Jesus, you're a dumb little - Not done.
I don't feel like doing this, Glen.
Not so goddamn smart, now are you? [GLEN GRUNTS.]
I'll open the shop.
Let go.
Where the hell are you? Girl I'm telling you.
The only reason those pieces of shit haven't kick me out yet is because they're waiting on that last check from the state.
You know they haven't paid rent in like three months.
That eviction notice is coming soon.
That shit hella dark, it's true.
Yeah, I only been living there 11 months but, I bounced around enough homes to know those are gaming the system.
Shit, if my last foster mom didn't go to jail for the same thing, I'd still be over there.
- Shit.
- Yeah, 18 is a death sentence in foster care.
You don't have your shit together by then, you can forget about a future.
So what are we gonna do? Ain't no we in this.
You got your plans.
I got a expiration date.
Shit, you know I got you.
Okay, so where is your other half of the apartment money we've been saving up for? I've been asking you for like three months now.
I gotta get out of this house! I got mine on lock, what's up? So look.
Here's the thing.
I'm transferring from community in spring to SCAD.
Now that's amazing.
You want me to just get an apartment on campus or something, I'll get a second job.
The SCAD campus in France.
I was gonna tell you.
Rube, how many shots am I gonna get to go to France? You should come with.
I got $480 to my name, that's it.
And that was for our security deposit.
God, now I feel like I'm stuck, like I'm trapped in this revolving door between going nowhere and going broke! You know what, this shouldn't even be about me.
This, this is shitty, I'm proud of you.
I love you, Rube.
I love you too, Nat.
Yo Rube, this shit is creepy! I need more alcohol.
Don't turn up too fast, Nat.
I've been turned since sixth grade.
You know there's parties we could actually be at right now that have roofs and indoor plumbing.
The hell we go into these ratchet-ass, - [CAMERA CLICKS.]
- homeless parties.
Just invite skater-boy out like in the dope.
- Hey skater-boy, you down there? - Stop it.
He doesn't skate.
He paints, you know that.
You're literally in love with a homeless Basquiat.
Girl, if you knew anything about art history, you know - how redundant that is.
- Mm-mm, mm-mm.
Basquiat was homeless.
Knowledge is power.
It's going down tonight.
Just please, do not leave me alone in there with you know who - when you go chase Dario.
- Girl, I don't chase.
You know I got you girl.
- Hey Randy.
- Hey.
What's up? - Mmm, I'm good.
- Are you good? You real good.
You fire.
- Yeah she is.
You two should get a drink.
I like her.
I'ma kill you! You know where Dario is? Of course.
Follow me ladies.
I love those earrings.
They're vintage.
I'm digging your style.
Where you going? Bitch said she wouldn't leave me, - she left me.
Joeran, keep an eye on her.
You feeling the music? - Music? - Yeah.
All DJs do is push a button and turn a knob.
What happened to the vinyl? That real music is what I miss.
Vinyl? You want vinyl? Everyone wants vinyl.
Come on.
Let me show you something.
I love jazz.
That's because you're an old soul.
Yeah, and you're way too stylish to be rocking that pimp cut from 2007.
Good taste doesn't have an expiration date.
Okay, well Lil' Jon called and he wants it back.
Can I have a sip? I keep telling you you wouldn't like it.
And you're not gonna get sick because of me.
I can hold my liquor.
I bet you can, except this is not liquor, it's more of an acquired taste.
Please, no, no, no, no, no.
Please, no.
I'm sorry, the candlelight is dope.
I know, I know, I'm just not very photogenic.
- Oh please.
- Let me see this.
You don't have a bad angle.
You are the definition of photogenic.
Hold on, this, this is much better.
Can I ask you a question? You got to promise you won't get offended.
I usually find those are the most offensive questions.
I've been coming here for some time and you all are self-sufficient.
What do you do for money? DARIO: We take odd jobs.
Okay, how odd? Oy, okay.
You want to know, so we're in the field.
We're in the field shoveling shit, little bullshit at a rodeo in Salem.
The twins, they studied under legendary knife master, and I was a blacksmith.
I used to make tools and horseshoes and things like that for the village.
I've painted frescoes.
With Michelangelo in Florence? I wish, but I did study with his mentor Ghirlandaio for a brief period in Rome.
That's a good bit.
Really well rehearsed too.
What about you? Where have you been, Ruby? All your life? [GIGGLES.]
That was whack.
DARIO: No, it was sweet, it was sweet.
I got to go find Nat.
Yeah, of course.
It was nice to see you again, Ruby.
RUBY: Wait, can I ask you one more question? Yeah.
I've been coming here for a long time.
I think we're feeling each other.
How come you never tried to kiss me? I guess I'm very old fashioned.
I like that.
Goodbye, Dario.
You enjoy the set tonight? It was aight.
BOTH: Just aight? Guess it was kind of fire.
You all do that double talk shit a lot, huh? BOTH: We do.
It's creepy.
- Joeran, you got a smoke? - Yeah.
Yo, you guys are artists, right? I mean you see it.
Ruby works at a paint store.
You and your crew should come through.
She works on commission, she needs the money.
Are you gonna be there? You kind of thirsty, hon.
You good? Nah, we out.
What the hell? You should be scared of the dark You should be scared of the dark You should be scared of the dark You should be scared of the dark You should be scared of the dark You should be scared of the dark You should be scared of the dark Fucking police Go Jay Sean [HIP HOP MUSIC.]
WOMAN: Mission.
DARIO: You know how we do.
MAN: This place is perfect.
Let's go.
Aight, cool, go in.
I'll meet you up front, brother.
What you know about liters in the bathroom Eight balls in the club [HIP HOP MUSIC.]
Ain't nobody in my lane I'll be having to tell her to chill You should be scared of the dark You should be scared of the dark You should be scared of the dark You should be scared of the dark You should be scared of the dark You should be scared of the dark You should be scared of the dark Finally put my head in its place [EVIL LAUGH.]
You're reaching for straws, girl.
Where are you mom and dad? WOMAN: What do you mean we didn't have insurance, Glen? What, you just let it lax? GLEN: I thought you paid it.
WOMAN: Well, if you weren't drunk all the time then maybe you would GLEN: Ruby! Ruby, get your ass down here, God damn it.
Ruby! Ruby! Right here? Right there yeah.
That's good, that's a good spot.
Okay, you good? Yeah.
Your hand is cold.
Just take into consideration his car exhaust has been fading but you can still get the idea.
Well? It's good.
Your shit is really good.
Just derivative, you know? Of? Well obviously.
Who? Jahseh, you're copying Jahseh.
- Jahseh.
- You're influenced.
That guy is not as good as me.
- Really? - Yeah.
His work is singular in vision.
It's okay, everybody's jacking his style.
I don't know, just very incredibly inconsistent over the years, even the newer ones.
I like all his stuff.
I just think it's whack they keep using his tag.
He's been going for years.
I kind of dig that though, actually, you know? Nah, let the legends rest in peace, - you know? - Yeah.
I'm sorry.
You want to see some original work? Yeah, yours, of course.
Okay, come to the African American Arts Center tomorrow.
It's an exhibit.
It's called The Life of Celluloid.
It's stupid, I know.
They're showing some more work and it's like my first show so come through, for me.
Yeah, what time? It starts at five.
What? Nothing.
Five o'clock, I'll be there.
I look forward to seeing some original stuff.
Yeah, maybe you will.
Get home safe.
Girl, your work is fire.
You already sold like three pieces.
That money's gonna go a long way.
He stood me up.
God I feel so stupid.
I'ma bounce.
Girl, thanks for coming.
Girl, you trippin'.
This is your night.
Look at this.
I mean, the composition is beautiful, the whole thing.
I didn't think you were gonna show up.
Really? You know I wouldn't miss this, right? You literally have minutes to take it all in.
Look at gram.
Oh, good.
You okay? Yeah, I'm good.
I'm good, I'm all right.
I'm sensitive, I get migraines and stuff.
It's just like They give me headaches too.
You feeling better? Yeah.
I'm sorry about that, really.
Don't be sorry.
It's not even my best work.
Of course it's not.
You know, I find that an artist's best work is for the artist.
It's not for the masses.
You're just hard on yourself, that's good.
Yeah, I have high standards.
Yeah, you think that's why you like Jahseh so much? Yeah, I mean that's the goal, art that transcends time, powerful enough to inspire one or start a movement.
A revolution.
You know I see you on that bridge in the morning, snapping those photos? Yeah, I see you too, never in my shots, though.
Film is just imperfect like that, you know? You know, it just holds time, it doesn't do it infinitely, right? I got you something that does.
RUBY: Oh, my God.
Want to go? Mm hmm.
What are we doing out here? I want to show you something.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, listen sometimes things just last longer here to here, you know? Your generation is always trying to capture every moment for likes.
Come on.
- I really hate to break this to you.
- What? What? You're my generation.
Listen, what do you think about when you're up there sitting on that bridge? What's going through your head? Honestly? Yeah.
I think about being anywhere but here.
I've always been like kind of invisible.
My parents disappeared right when I was born.
I don't know if they're dead or alive or, it's wild.
I think they're still here.
That's what keeps me going every day.
I know they don't want me but, I need them more than ever.
It's hard.
It's like you have no roots so you don't really belong anywhere, you know? Yeah.
I think about like disappearing and then reappearing but someplace else as someone else, like somewhere where no one knows anything about me.
But you, Dario, you've been everywhere, I imagine, everybody knows you.
No, I completely understand you.
Sometimes I come here just so I can, I can just get away, you know, be invisible for a second.
Man, look at you.
I've traversed this whole continent, I've seen so much of this world, Ruby, but I've never seen anything as majestic as you.
You can do anything, you can be anything you want.
I haven't seen anybody.
You only live once, right? Something like that.
Kiss me.
- What is it? - Just stay behind me.
- Just stay behind me.
- Dario.
Just stay behind me and out of the way.
Understand? Stay.
Dario! Go! Now! [GROWLING.]
I knew it, I knew it, Nat, I knew it.
I knew they existed.
See, you were telling me I'm crazy and shit but I knew.
NAT: Rub, please, sit down, you're gonna pass out.
I want to pass out.
I want to pass out and wake up and realize this is just, it's some crazy dream.
But it's not, Nat.
I saw it.
I saw what they look like, I saw what they become.
Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.
Look at that.
- What the - Look at it, Nat.
I don't see shit.
He doesn't appear in my shots because my camera uses mirrors to take images.
It's not digital.
God, I don't even know why I'm being vampires.
- Vampire? - He could've killed someone.
Are you sure it's not the weed talking? Murder from a vampire sounds ridiculous.
I don't see what other choice he had.
They ain't like the cops out here trying to claim all these bodies.
Maybe he's doing a public service.
Public service? He acted as your protector, your bodyguard.
Shit, if that ain't being of service, I don't know what is 'cause he put it on the line for you.
I didn't ask for that.
That's what real love is.
Damn girl, if you got a G who straight up jumps in the shits for you, gets all up in the mix, where do I sign up for a program like that? Shit, I would forego France, London, damn near Wakanda for this type of dude.
I'm serious.
Damn, this shit is crazy, Nat.
You know they got sex robot brothels out there now? You know y'all kind of look fire together, right? - Nat, stop.
- I'm not playing.
Nothing holding you back here, sis.
You know, just in case y'all do hook up, protect your neck.
The one guy I actually have feelings for, he's a God damn vampire.
Dario? Hey what are you doing? - We got to get out of here.
- I'm not leaving, okay? Man, it was a good run but like, all good things, it must come to an end.
Plus, over time, she's gonna forget you.
I don't want her to.
Drinking blood from a flask? Weak.
You're starving yourself.
200 years and you still haven't learned your lesson? Man, they could never get close.
The minute they do, we exposed.
You know how we are.
I'm just trying to protect her, man.
How chivalrous of her last memory.
Now pack, homie.
We out before sunrise.
You know, you're the one who was reckless.
You're the one who had to kill that couple.
You got us exposed.
There's eight billion of them on this Earth.
Who cares if a few die just to protect us? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
You fine, Nattie.
Fucking gross, Glen.
Bye, girl.
Guess no work tomorrow.
You know that fire really ruined my future.
You don't have a future, Glen.
This is your future.
Oh, you want to talk small? At least somebody in this God damn house can.
Your last check came.
No need for you to stay around here, unless you can think of something.
Mmm, mmm.
You're a big girl now.
You'll land on your feet, or your knees.
Look, you piece of shit, that's the last time you touch me.
You touch me again, I'm gonna have the cops come pick your ass up.
Whoever burnt your store down did me the biggest favor of my life, you stupid piece of shit.
What are you doing here? Listen, I know this whole thing is overwhelming.
And I fully understand that.
So you can ask me any question you want.
How 'bout I just do this? That does not work.
Don't believe everything you read, okay? It's old mythology.
RUBY: Tell me something that's real.
We need blood to survive, that's real.
RUBY: I know that.
A bite from a new vampire can't revive us.
We don't shapeshift into bats and fly away.
Garlic, it might be good on pizza but it does not deter us in any way.
Go on.
We don't sleep in coffins or upside down in caves, holy word does not work but a wooden stake through my heart, that'll kill me.
For months, I've been targeted by a vampire killer, Xander.
Contrary to popular belief, there is not as many of us as you think.
Our population has been rapidly declining since the beginning of this century.
Yeah, I've seen that online.
Someone's been getting to you.
Yeah, we've been targeted.
We're constantly on the run.
We're still susceptible to being attacked.
We don't have complete immortality, Ruby.
But if injured, we can heal underneath the moonlight.
I just want you to know what you saw over there, that was not me.
You know the real me, Ruby.
That looked pretty real to me.
He was gonna hurt you.
I could let nothing happen to you.
I don't regret that I turned.
I only regret that you saw it.
You hear me? There's one question you asked that's more important than all of them.
You asked me why I didn't kiss you yet, right? And? It's because I should've never let you get this close to me to begin with, ever.
Well, thank you for deciding that for me.
I'm so sick of everybody trying to decide for me.
- What about what I want? - You don't want this.
You don't want this.
This is a curse.
Okay? Listen to me, Ruby, we can never, ever be together, you understand me? Huh? RUBY: You don't know shit.
What I know is that to spend eternity without you would be more than my heart could bear.
So I'm gonna end this now.
I'm sorry, Ruby.
Dario! [GROWLING.]
MAN: You can't get us all, Xander.
You can't win, Xander.
WOMAN: We own the night.
MAN: We'll outlive you all.
There's no way to escape.
You're weak right now, I know.
I've been tracking you.
I thought it'd feel better.
I stand corrected.
Here's the only guarantee with time, Dario, it eventually ends for all of us.
Goodbye, Dario.
My time, my time, has yet to come.
Dario! What can I do? Tell me.
Dario, please, you got to get up.
Look up.
It's finished.
I don't have much longer.
Dario, I don't have anybody else.
I've been running away from love my whole life but now I'm not because of you.
No one ever understood me until I met you.
You made me realize what true love was, for eternity.
That's it, eternity.
You know the one way we can live together forever.
- Listen to me, I would never do that.
- Let me heal you.
It's not that simple, Ruby.
Dario, I want to, I need to.
DARIO: Listen, I can't.
- I love you.
- I can't.
I just can't.
The only thing that can save you right now is a bite from a new vampire, one who has yet to taste the blood of the tainted.
Let me save you.
Let me give you life.
Do you know what this means? You're the only thing I have left in this world.
Take me to yours.
Bite me, it'll save you.
I want to be with you.
We only live once, right? Something like that.
Look at you, saving me.
So beautiful.
I love you.
Forever? DARIO: Forever.

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