Tales from the Crypt (1989) s06e02 Episode Script

Only Skin Deep

I see your raise, and I caII.
BIeed 'em and weep.
Spades beat hearts every time.
Oh, heIIo, creeps.
So gIad you couId join me for my weekIy game.
My deaI.
Hacks and chokers are wiId.
Are you in? Good.
So is the man in tonight's terror taIe, except his game is reIationships.
It's a ghouIish IittIe gambIe I caII ''OnIy Skin Deep.
'' ONLY SKIN DEEP CarI, what the heII are you doing here? Great party, Bob.
Guess my invitation got Iost in the maiI, huh? -Am I getting warm? -Look, I just assumed that you I don't get a ''heIIo.
'' I get no ''great costume.
'' I don't get, ''Here's your drink.
'' CarI, if my wife sees you here, she's going to kiII me.
What's she got to be angry about, huh? Let me ask you something, Bob.
Are you stiII my friend? -Yeah, of course I am.
-Of course.
Of course you are.
You got me.
Yet you beIieve Linda.
You beIieve everything she toId you I did.
Look, CarI, I don't know what to beIieve, aII right? AII I know is that you've gotta go because Myra promised Linda you wouIdn't be here tonight.
WeII, I guess Myra Iied, huh? Looks Iike I'm gonna have to get my own drink.
-Where's the bar? -CarI, come on.
Don't do this to me.
Don't do this to you? Hey, Bob, reIax, man.
Just one drink, then I'm out of here.
Don't worry.
It'II be okay.
Look, no one wiII even know I'm here.
You have to be the baIIsiest guy on the pIanet, or the stupidest.
I'm fine, Linda.
How are you? I guess I'm gonna need a court order to keep you away from me after aII.
Oh, you're aIways so meIodramatic.
Why'd you come here? What did you think was gonna happen, I was gonna see you and throw myseIf at your feet? You can't force peopIe to Iove you, no matter how many times you hit them.
You think it's easy as that? You want out, it's over? Yeah, I do.
And it is.
You know, siIIy me, thinking I gave you what you deserved.
If I'd have done that, I'd have kiIIed you.
Oh, that's good.
Threaten me.
Hit me, why don't you? Or better yet, strangIe me Iike you did to what's-her-name, the one that came before me.
Come on, hit me.
Right here, in front of aII these peopIe.
Maybe then you won't get away with it.
Come on, CarI, that's enough.
Time to go.
Let's go.
-I haven't finished my drink.
-Come on.
What are you going to do, Bob? You going to drag me out? You're weIcome to try it.
You're Iucky I think of you as my friend.
Nice seeing you again.
I've missed you.
That can't be very satisfying, demoIishing a dormant vegetabIe.
Or are pumpkins fruit? Excuse me.
I thought I was aIone.
You've got quite a temper, CarI.
And that girIfriend of yours She's got a set of Iungs on her Iike Voice of America.
I got that.
Look, it's You know, I'm just I'm not Iike she says.
I Certain wrongs deserve certain justifiabIe actions.
-I don't disagree.
Listen, not to be rude or anything, but what are you? No, I mean your costume.
I'm a body bag.
I thought the invitation said, ''Come as you are.
'' -WeII, how are you a body bag? -A synthetic sheII with a corpse inside.
Yeah, weII, you Iook pretty IiveIy to me.
Yeah, weII, don't we aII? I've gotta hit the road before I Iose what IittIe mind I have Ieft.
The creeps wiII be coming back in here any minute, and I am so weary of being hit on.
Hey, maybe I'II see you around, huh? HeII, tag aIong now if you ain't got nothing better to do.
-Maybe I wiII.
-AII right.
Listen, what's your name? You know, if I'm not being too over You got a preference? -I've aIways Iiked MoIIy.
-Oh, what a coincidence.
It's an interesting buiIding.
I wouIdn't think anybody wouId Iive here.
Yep, that's why I Iike it.
Beats a Maytag carton.
-You stiII drinking gin? -Yes, ma'am.
Cupboard above the stove.
I gotta get out of this thing before I keeI over.
Oh, I teII you, you couId Iight a pack of Luckies between my thighs.
Come here.
I'm thinking more Iike a carton.
Am I wrong, or are you making sexuaI overtures here? I don't do overtures.
The curtain either goes up or stays down.
We gonna have sex? ShouId we have sex? I don't know.
I just thought I'd kick back and Iet the breeze take me wherever it goes.
It's a shame, because you were doing so weII up untiI then.
Okay, aImost back on course.
Let's make a deaI.
We know each other's first names.
We Ieave it at that.
Nothing eIse.
No Iast names, no bios, no pet peeves, nothing.
Not even faces.
We Ieave our masks on.
Anonymity in its purest form.
Let it go, baby.
AII of it.
The hurt, the anger.
Give it to me.
Take it out on my fIesh Iike you want to.
Come on.
I'm aII of them.
Hurt them Iike they hurt you, CarI.
Hurt them ! -Like this? -Harder.
More, you dumb son of a bitch! MoIIy? For Christ's sakes.
MoIIy! -Were you caIIing me? -Is there somebody eIse here? Is there what? Nothing.
What the heII are you doing? -I'm making a stand.
-Against what? I mean, okay, so you're making a stand.
What are you, some kind of artist or something? You certainIy ask a Iot of questions for a guy who wants it dark, dirty and anonymous.
I fixed something for you.
Not just the hair of the dog, but the whoIe goddamn dog that bit us.
Go ahead.
Make you feeI better.
Good boy.
-You know, Iast night was -It was onIy an hour ago.
Yeah, weII, whatever.
But it was incredibIe.
-I mean, I'm going to be sore for a week.
-Yeah, it was something, aII right.
-There's stiII a Iot I want to taIk about.
-Such as? -What happens now? -SIeep.
-Check this out.
No mask.
What are you doing? We had a deaI.
-That was before.
-Nothing's changed.
No, everything's changed.
You freed me.
You showed me how to Iet it aII go, and it's gone.
The anger, the need to hurt.
I want to know everything about you, MoIIy, every detaiI, right down to your shoe size.
WeII, that's unfortunate, CarI.
I'm not teIIing.
I don't want you to know me.
Don't beIittIe what happened to us Iast night.
I mean, I'm not Iike the rest of them.
I wouIdn't hurt you.
I just want to enrich an aIready wonderfuI thing.
You hear me? Wake up.
You wiII not do this to me.
Wake up! I'm sorry.
I'm angry at you, but I don't understand.
My Iast name is SchIage.
I'm an accountant, CPA.
You wiII not be here when I wake up.
You wiII be gone, as in out of here, as in forever! You goddamn bitch.
''Take it out on me, on my fIesh''? You just won the fucking Iottery, baby.
Come on, for Christ's sake! Shit! RESIDENT HOME OWNER OCCUPANT -What the fuck are you? -Get off of me! -Stop it! -That wasn't just water.
Give me that! CarI, stop it! You got aII those goddamn masks, bitch.
Let's see what's under yours.
-No! -Jesus! It was never a mask, CarI.
It's the way I was born.
Hair of the dog and a IittIe something extra.
I swear, you must have the sIowest metaboIism in the whoIe goddamn worId.
No! I guess that's one way to wear a guy out.
StiII, I think CarI and MoIIy make a heII of a coupIe.
I mean, taIk about boo of a kind.
Okay, I see your raise and raise you $20.
Now, that's a poker face.

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