Tales from the Crypt (1989) s07e10 Episode Script

About Face

My ghoul thinks I'm a vampire So she eats garlic just in case Man, she smells Yeah, my ghoul thinks I'm a vampire Laughs at me when we embrace I said, "Babe, I'm no bloodsucker" Wiped that smile right off her face Yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Now, I'd like to play for you another little rhythm and booze decomposition of mine.
It's about a man who's about to make a gored progression of his own in a nasty five-singer hack-cercise I call "About Face".
Lucy! Where's that water! Coming! Push, Emma, push.
I've got the water.
Go to the doctor's house.
Get him round here straightaway.
I can't do this meself.
But the doctor's already here.
He's with Adena! You have sinned.
I've sinned, I've sinned! But, in sinning, you have made it possible for God to truly love you! Look here, I want to know who did this to you.
I know when I took you in I said I didn't care, but I want to know who did this.
Accept his love, feel it coursing through you! Was it the man you worked for, love? It must remain sacred.
It must remain between us.
Oh, God! It's coming.
I can feel God smiling on us.
I can see the baby's head, Emma.
Push! And he is smiling! "So that the question that we should be asking ourselves "is not what is good or evil, but rather how do they appear.
"For it is the appearance of evil rather than its actual presence "which causes us to fear it the most.
" Yes.
Well, it does possess a certain poetry, does it not? Yes, indeed.
Let's hope it sells as well as my first book.
You did say it's doing quite well down at the bookseller's, Gordon? - Selling quite well, Reverend.
- Good, good.
Well, we shall have to go over all those lecture bookings once more.
- I'm not disturbing you, I hope.
- Not at all.
Gordon was just telling me that my book is finding its readers.
How nice.
Jonathan, there's someone here to see you.
Well, you know very well I never see anyone without an appointment, Sarah, so tell them to come back another day.
I think you ought to see this person now.
It's quite all right, Reverend.
I've got a lot of work to do.
Do you still want me to arrange for you to see Miss Pilchard, today? The new secretary.
Another one? So soon? Sometime this afternoon might be convenient, Gordon.
Thank you.
I shall not even dignify what you're implying with an answer other than this: If I am to complete yet another book and keep pace with my lecture tours, I need another secretary.
Another secretary like the last one and you won't have any more books or lectures.
I told you, nothing happened.
Now what is all this? Who is this that wants to see me? You tell me.
She says she's your daughter.
Angelica, sir.
Well, now, what a pretty name.
- Do sit down.
- Thank you.
Now, what on earth makes you think that I could possibly be your father? The woman who took care of us always said you were.
Our mother told her.
Our mother? I'm sorry, I don't understand.
- I have a twin sister, sir.
- Oh, two of you? How charming.
I appreciate, Miss, you may well have been told certain things, but the fact of the matter is Our mother used to work here, sir.
As a maid.
When she was with child, she was forced to leave.
A maid? Yes, I remember her.
She was called Emma.
Surely you haven't forgotten her, Jonathan? Where is your mother now? What happened to her? She died after giving birth to us.
Until now we've been looked after by the woman who took her in.
But she's not been well herself and said the time had come to seek our father's love and assistance.
Don't you think it's time we stopped beating about the bush? What is it you really want? Come on.
Out with it.
I want nothing except to know my father and to love him.
And your sister? Well, I cannot speak for her, but the truth of the matter is, we have nowhere else to go.
Would you mind waiting outside just for a moment? You have done it now.
We are finished.
Don't be ridiculous.
Who's going to believe them? A couple of whores brought up by some charwoman? I wasn't talking about them, I was talking about me.
I have had quite enough.
Really, Sarah, I should have thought that by now my dalliances meant absolutely nothing to you.
They do mean nothing.
To be honest, I have never missed sleeping with you.
But I cannot bear waiting for the inevitable while you put everything we have at risk.
Nothing is at risk, provided we're together on this.
All my life I've worked to cultivate an image so that I might use that image to spread the word of the Lord.
Really, Jonathan, I am not interested.
The word of the Lord has done perfectly well for you, my dear.
You bring me down now and we lose everything.
Are you prepared for that? I say that we send this girl away.
What does it matter what she says? What's important is what my readers see in me.
And all those congregations throughout the land.
All of whom yearn for a voice to lead them.
I am that voice.
That's what matters.
Unless What? There's another way.
Would you come in, please? Angelica.
My beloved daughter.
I want you to go and get your sister and bring her here.
From this moment, my house is yours.
Jonathan? - Do you mean it, sir? - "Papa.
" To you, I am Papa.
I shall bring my sister back immediately, Papa.
What in God's name have you just done? A family.
It's the perfect image.
And where shall we say they came from? I don't know.
Let's say that we adopted them.
What greater act of goodness is there? So, do you like it? - I love it, Papa.
- Good.
I'm glad.
Well, I think it's time I met your sister.
Do you know, I don't even know her name.
- Leah.
- Leah! How interesting.
Well, where is she? Is she in the room next door? Yes, but she's locked herself in the bathroom.
Well, why on earth would she do that? What's wrong? Leah's different.
- She's troubled.
- About what? She believes that you abandoned us.
I didn't even know that you existed.
Yes, I know that, but Leah hasn't forgiven you yet.
I tried to convince her otherwise.
I tried to explain to her that a man of your importance has many pressures to keep us apart.
But she's quite adamant about her feelings.
You're just gonna have to give her more time.
She thinks that you're gonna let us down again.
Well, do you believe that? No, Papa.
I love you.
And although today is the first time we've ever met, I've always loved you.
So, sleep well.
And tomorrow, we'll get to know each other even better.
- Talk to your sister for me, will you? - I will, Papa.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Good night, Leah.
Angelica? Is that you? - What in God's name? - Silence, blasphemer! Who I'm called Leah.
I'm the other one.
But You Your sister said you were twins.
Yes, but as you can see, we're not exactly identical.
Unfortunately for you.
Cure thyself of the affliction of caring how you appear to others.
Concern yourself only with how you appear to God.
I don't I don't recognize the verse.
Speak the truth, woman.
You find me hideous, don't you? No, I wouldn't say hideous.
Well, what would you say? Foul? Ugly? Horrid? Exactly! Judge not, lest ye be judged.
When was the last time you lay with your husband? Has he not cast you aside for the company of harlots? Who told you that? No one.
It's in my blood.
It's my heritage.
Our marriage is about other things.
A man like him, he's married to the church, really.
Do not defend him! He is demon seed.
What did you expect? He is a man, isn't he? A man who abandoned his children.
Behold my sword, which strikes with quick and powerful vengeance.
So sayeth the Lord! Well, and then what? Well, there's not much more to tell.
You may be able to convince the rest of the world of your virtues, but I don't think you'll have much luck with her.
- Did you defend me? - No.
And even if I had wanted to, I could hardly get a word in.
She's worse than you when it comes to spouting scripture and damnation.
Well, I can't have this in my house, a child who says such terrible things about me.
- Is she really that ugly? - Trust me.
I didn't do her justice.
- Well, where are you going? - I'm going out.
Papa, I don't think it would be wise.
Leah will face you soon enough.
She just needs more time.
Well, I appreciate that, but a lot of important people come and see me here and I can't possibly have some odd-looking being casting aspersions on my character.
Aspersions? I did no such thing.
Last night, I convinced Leah to seek you out and to talk to you.
But instead of finding you, she found your wife.
And your wife treated her very cruelly.
Cruelly? What on earth do you mean? Well, she said things about you and about Leah Terrible things.
Papa, you must understand, Leah is trying to love you.
She wants to desperately.
And if she says that that is what happened, then I believe her.
Apart from you, she's the only person I've ever really been close to.
You're a good sister, and please tell Leah that I'm sorry and I will make it up to her.
Well, thank you, Papa.
I heard what you said to him.
Are you angry with me? I don't want to love him.
He's a sinner and sinners deserve perdition.
Yes, but you must try and forgive him his sins, Leah.
He's our father.
- Please, try and love him.
- I love you.
Yes, I know.
I want you to promise me that we'll always be together.
Of course we will.
I don't trust him.
Promise me.
Okay, I promise.
Now I must finish getting ready.
We've got a long day ahead of us.
There are few things worth dying for except one's honor and, of course, the greater glory of God.
Did you manage to get all that, Miss Pilchard? Yes, Reverend.
It was very eloquent.
Oh, thank you.
If you won't be needing me anymore, I'll be on my way, Reverend.
No No.
Thank you, Gordon.
I don't think I do need you anymore this evening.
Has Mrs.
Nevin returned yet? Not yet.
Good night, Reverend.
Good night.
That was a good day's work.
Perhaps, I should go, too.
Oh, I thought perhaps I might offer you a glass of sherry.
Why, yes, I think I should like that.
It must remain between us.
You understand? This is what God wanted, you see.
This is what God wanted.
Reverend? And the Lord commandeth that thou shalt smite the harlot and all those who lie with her.
You little demon, what have you done? I was the messenger.
I delivered the sign.
What on earth is going Dear God! - What have you done? - I didn't do this! That She's gone.
You've ruined us! I didn't kill her! Are you mad? I don't even know who she is.
Your wretched little hell spawn did this! How dare you? - You murderer! - Jonathan, I swear.
You're not gonna explain this away! We're never gonna save face now! Maybe, maybe I don't have to! What are you doing? What you want.
What we both want.
I'm giving you a way out.
Sweetheart! My precious.
Please listen to me.
Something has happened.
I I need to go away for a while, I Perhaps America, I want to start all over again, I I want you to come with me.
Just the two of us.
Would you like that? Angelica? What's wrong? I knew if we came here this would happen.
Leah! I knew you'd try to take her away from me.
- No.
- And look what your sins have created.
Repent, sinner! The great day of wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand? And then shall the wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth! Adulterer! Falsifier! Desecrater! God is my protector! He is the Word! And the Word shall set you free! Father, what have you done? Oh, God, no! No! Poor Jonathan invites his daughters to stay with him and ends up aghast in his own home.
I guess he knows now, he'll never terror them apart.
As for me, I think I'll do one more number then call it a night.
Now that's a sick-string guitar.
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