Tales of the City (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Happy, Now?

1 Can you hear me? Yeah, it's great.
Um So, how long have you lived here at 28 Barbary Lane? Oh, God.
Longer than you've been alive, I'll bet.
- Hey, Michael! - Hey.
What's kept you here so long, do you think? Uh Oh, I'm gonna have to blame the birthday girl over there.
You know, once you feel seen by someone, like Anna Madrigal makes you feel seen you don't wanna leave.
Oh, my God.
Why can't we just call the plumber? I prevailed over the plague.
I can prevail over a goddamn pipe.
- Hey.
- Huh? Huh! - Oh! - Oh, shit.
We need a plumber.
You know, it's easier to let Michael tire himself out than to fight his need to fight.
What's goin' on here? Becomin' a hoarder in your old age? Aah, it's mostly junk anyway.
Well, I can just go through it and No.
No, thank you, my Shawna.
Well, I am gonna schedule a plumber before we have to start calling this place 28 Barbary Lake.
Perhaps we could all become mermaids.
Ariel, my first crush.
Um Okay.
Well, I'm gonna come back later to make you deal with this mail.
- Don't boss me around, young lady.
- I can, and I will.
All right.
Love you, old lady.
Knock, knock.
Ginger-kale smoothie with shiitake mushroom frittata, anyone? You really You didn't need to do this - again.
- No, well, of course I did.
You've been so good, just welcoming me into your home.
It's the least I can do.
Happy to have you.
How long do you think you might be staying? You know, DeDe, I'm gonna I'm just gonna take things as they come.
No, I I'm gonna allow the coastal winds of San Francisco to guide me.
Good morning, Mateo.
What you got there? Oh.
Um Well, you know, the medicinal value of of the ginger's really moot if Thank you, darling.
Is she leaving soon, or should I leave the bottle? Bottle, please.
Oh! For me.
It's a plane ticket home.
Really? No, it was a wishful joke.
Everything all right? Mm.
It's from Robert.
You know, we could still bail.
I could easily come down with a case of food poisoning.
Never eat sushi from a grocery store.
That's what you could say at the end of the very sad phone call announcing that we can't make it.
It's just real enough, but delivered with a hint of humor.
Auntie Jake is here, hurry up! Auntie Jake is here! I think the bad sushi ship has sailed.
Auntie Jake, Auntie Margot! Marvin, it's Uncle Jake now, jeez! Uncle Jake, Uncle Margot! You made it! Come and give me a kiss.
- My boy's here! - Hi! I keep warning Anna about letting any old anyone meddle with those pipes.
Yeah, you're preaching to the choir.
Yeah, these old houses, you gotta treat them with respect.
I mean, I ain't complainin'.
Keeps me in business.
My calendar is packed.
Hey, um, I gotta run, but do you think you could find some space for us in there? Yeah, sure, I'll try to come over later on tonight.
Hey, but you tell Michael he owes me a six-pack.
- Yeah, will do.
I owe you one.
- Aight.
Just, uh just leave it.
You don't have to fuck with that.
So, is this your thing, breaking and entering? I mean, the last time I did it, I fucked a cute girl by the end of the night.
So, why stop now, you know? So, do you want me to, like, take this stuff back to the studio, and I'll just, like, catch you at the the archives? - Yep.
I'll text you.
- Okay.
- Cool.
- Cool.
Oh, do you do you want, like, a latte or something? - I could keep it warm this time.
- No.
No latte.
Just, uh You can go.
- Who's that? - Lucas.
He's cute.
He's free.
Interning for college credit.
Please don't fuck my intern.
So what were you doin' in there? Oh This was one of the first gay bars in the state.
Soon to be another fucking cryptocurrency company.
I wanted to get some footage before they razed down one of the oldest queer spaces in the country, but it's all boarded up, so all I got was the exterior.
- All that law breaking for nothing, huh? - Yeah.
Currently, I am making a documentary about the outside of buildings.
Outside an old bar, outside Barbary Lane.
It's It's riveting stuff.
Look, if you're If you're fishing to get in my apartment, you really don't have to try that hard.
Is it that obvious? We can walk over right now if you want.
I didn't peg you for being easy, Shawna Hawkins.
I'm not.
Is this enough light? Yeah, it's great.
Um Actually, maybe can I just grab that lamp? Of course.
Holy fuck, where did you get this? Um, from Anna.
- Are you okay? - Huh.
Did she say what this was? Um Well, not really, just It's from when she first got to San Francisco.
There's Anna.
Oh, my God.
You don't know.
Know what? This is Compton's Cafeteria.
Sorry, I don't Compton's was basically the Rosa Parks bus of trans history.
She really didn't tell you anything about it? No, Anna's like that about all the awesome shit in her past.
Um "Oh, that beautiful silk caftan? That was a gift from dear Janis.
" - Like, as in Joplin.
- Hah! No way.
Then you just never hear about it ever again.
That's wild.
Look, I love her more than I love myself, and Yeah, there's still a lot I don't know about her, you know? Well, we gotta fix that.
You free tomorrow? Maybe.
Why? I'm taking you there.
To Compton's? Yeah.
Oh, fuck.
It's Lucas.
Um I have to go.
But tomorrow Taylor and Turk, two p.
? Okay, cool.
N-N-No, no.
Uh, this is pepper.
Goes with the P-P's.
P, P P? - With the paprika.
- Cayenne pepper.
It goes with C's.
By the cinnamon.
Well, you know, that's that's not the way I would do it Miss Mary Ann go for a walk.
- Go! - Oh.
- Right now.
- Okay, going.
Hello? Anna Madrigal? Uh Who is this? Someone who knows more about you than most.
What do you want? I want you to go back to your desk and sign the transfer.
Barbary Lane belongs to me now.
What? In exchange, I'll keep your little secret.
And I'll be watching.
Instructions are we pop them when we pop the question, - not a second before, okay? - Uh-huh.
Don't ruin the surprise, or your sister might murder me and possibly everyone else here.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Do I wanna know? Hmm Mom took down Linda's wedding pictures from the family room.
Couldn't deal with the hot pink taffeta dresses either, huh? No, because it was before I transitioned.
I know.
I'm kidding.
Everything okay? It's fine.
Linda's just being Linda.
She begs for a party, you throw her a party, and then she melts down at the party.
I've never been to, um a gender reveal party before.
When I was young, it was called giving birth.
The baby comes out, it's a boy, it's a girl.
Surprise! Pero no, not with Linda.
She has to find out in front of everybody.
For my daughter, as dramatic as possible.
So? When are you two having the babies? - Hopefully soon.
- Mom, stop.
Oh, my Jake! What's wrong, Mom? Oh! I just I'm so happy to think that your baby will have a mommy and daddy, just like a normal child.
A whole proper family.
God works in mysterious ways.
Mom? Come on.
We're all waiting.
Okay, here, Margot.
Grab one.
Okay, is everyone ready? - Please be a girl.
- Everyone together.
- Please be a girl.
- Uno, dos, tres.
It's a boy.
It's a boy.
All right, Michael, looks like your numbers are good.
Viral load still undetectable.
All good.
All good.
So, I'll send the same prescription to the same place on Polk? That sounds great.
And I will see you again in three months.
Unless you have some questions? Um Uh Ben and I have started talking about some options, not using condoms, I mean.
Ben? As in the same Ben-from-our-last-checkup three-months-ago Ben? - Same Ben.
- Ah-ha! So, how do you feel? Ecstatic.
So, let's talk options.
Uh, is Ben on PrEP? He is.
He just started three weeks ago.
That's great, Michael.
If he's on medication and your viral load stays where it is, then there's virtually no risk of transmitting the virus.
Yes, I know, I'm just worried, still.
I don't know if I'll be okay enough to really relax.
- Hm.
- To To enjoy it, I mean.
You know, it's been "use a condom every time," so to just stop feels Scary? - Terrifying.
- Mm.
Do you have any way to help that? The truth is it's up to you, Michael, and not medicine, whether or not it's okay enough, and for many people, you can throw a thousand stats at them, but it's still never gonna be okay.
So I guess I would ask you a question in response to yours, which I know is a very annoying thing to do, but nonetheless Are you okay enough? I really wanna be.
Ohh Hah! Seven levels in 15 minutes.
That's impressive.
I didn't know I had an audience.
Oh, come on.
Lookin' like you? You gotta know you always have an audience.
Thank you.
You, too.
What the hell are you doing here? Huh? I told you I would wait.
Michael? - Harrison? - Oh, my God.
Jesus Christ.
This is crazy! It's so good to see you, man.
- Wow.
- You look great.
Look at you.
Oh, my God! - I can't believe you're here.
- I know, this is It's so wild, right? Wow.
I'm Ben.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Ben.
- Sorry.
This is Ben.
The boyfriend.
Of course you are.
Hi, hi.
I'm, uh I'm I'm Harrison, Michael's ex-boyfriend.
Harrison and I used to date about a million years ago.
Where have you been? I haven't seen you in ages.
Uh, Detroit, actually.
I was, uh dippin' a hand in the real estate biz.
- No.
- Yeah.
Yeah, renovating historical buildings, - a.
flipping houses.
- Oh! - No way.
- Yeah, I know.
I got old and tired and sold out.
But my God, you wouldn't know a thing about that, would you? These biceps, so big! - Jeez! - You're crazy.
Harrison Ellis? Uh That's me.
I I I should go, but here, um, take one of these.
Call me.
Okay? - Ben.
Nice to meet you.
- Ben! - You, too.
You, too.
- Yeah.
You take care of this one, okay? Bye.
I like his vest.
- Hi.
- Hey.
What are you still doing here? I I wanted you to know that despite my misgivings, I did not tell Shawna the truth.
So you can stop worrying about me blowing your cover.
If you were ever worried about that.
Is that it? I don't know, I guess I thought maybe we could talk a little? Catch up, maybe? Look, if now's not a good time, maybe later? Drinks later? Mary Ann, why are you still here? Look, it's good that you finally found some time, and you were able to get to Anna's 90th and do your thing, but the birthday's over, so you're free to go home to your bright, shiny life.
You should just go.
I can't.
I can't go home.
Robert sent divorce papers.
He didn't even, you know I don't know, give me a warning that they might come in the mail this morning.
So, that's my bright, shiny life waiting for me at home.
Happy now? I just needed a friend.
I thought maybe maybe you could be one.
I love what you and Mouse have done with the place.
No, it's it's hip, and it's modern, but it still has that old-school San Francisco-y green groove.
And I love sunflowers.
You know what I read about sunflowers once? That when they were first introduced in Kansas, nobody wanted them, because they were a weed.
But they couldn't stop them from growing, so you know what they did? - They named them the state flower.
- Mary Ann.
Those aren't sunflowers.
They're black-eyed Susans.
Oh All right, fine.
Butler's, tonight, 7:30? Sure.
If you want.
Oh! Can you believe Uncle Mando is still convinced I'm in med school? Dementia or denial? Hard to tell.
Mando's in denial? Try your mom.
- When we were lesbians - You mean, when I was pre-transition.
Fine, when I was a lesbian, she barely knew my name.
Now she's like, "Where's the straight-couple wedding and straight-couple babies?" It's like, "Marisol, do you even know how queer babies are made?" She breaks a hundred trans rules every time she texts me.
You know better than to be upset about what my mom said.
I'm not upset.
It's just the idea of being one half of a mom and dad.
So gross.
I think you're overthinking it.
- Or are you underthinking it? - Margot You can't seriously expect me to be a mommy in Lululemon yoga gear with her gender-revealed baby, waiting for Daddy to drive us to straight-people glitter parties, right? Of course not.
Daddy would drive you to gay-people glitter parties.
Come on, it was a joke.
Why are you so spiky? Oh, I don't know.
Maybe it's that I put my whole life on pause for you.
I've been supportive, understanding, said yes to this verbal straitjacket when it comes to having kids.
Why is it crazy to ask for a second to figure out my body - before we make a person - Why is it about your body? - who'll take over our lives? - Why not my body and the words I wanna use and how you can't give a shit about how shitty it makes me feel? My God, if I didn't care, why would I still be here? Are you still here, Jake? Didn't you just go on a date with some dude last week? I'd like to be alone for a bit, if that's okay.
Margot, come on.
I just don't like his vibe.
Let's talk about why we're still talking about Harrison.
He just showed up at the clinic.
That doesn't seem like a weird coincidence to you? Are you seriously trying to say that he, what, followed us there? No, all I'm saying is that I don't trust him.
Benjamin Marshall are you threatened? I will neither confirm nor deny that statement.
But in the event that I was, would it be sexy, my my jealousy? Jealousy is never sexy.
Sexier than men who hand out, I don't know, leather business cards? - You're funny.
- Oh Wait, wait, wait.
Are you really into leather? Maybe one day you'll find out.
- That could not have gone well.
- Of course not.
I basically told her, "Hey, you sounded like a dying cow when you were two.
I thought it was hilarious.
You like me now?" - And what did she say? - Well Nothing.
I mean, what would she say? "Th-Thanks for the insult, person I haven't seen most of my life.
" I gotta crow She's beautiful.
Oh, my God, I don't think I'll ever be as cool in my lifetime.
Oh, don't sell yourself short.
You had some cool moments back in the day.
Uh I was never cool.
I know.
I'm just trying to be nice.
You did a great job with her.
Yeah, she's the best thing I've done with my life.
She really is.
I mean, obviously she's not the only thing I've done with my life, just the best, that's what I mean.
I wish I could get to know her better.
Well, you could have if you didn't leave.
I didn't leave.
Excuse me? I didn't leave.
- You didn't come.
- I wasn't invited.
Brian, I I was trying to break into the most cutthroat industry in the most cutthroat city.
Obviously, I just I needed some adjustment time.
Yeah, don't bring the baggage.
Oh, no, this is what I'm talking about.
It's It's It's all this negativity.
- You can't be serious.
- No, it's like you you you keep yourself small, and want me to stay small right along with you.
It It's like you wanted me to fail, so you didn't have to succeed.
No, you've always wanted me to fail.
You're never gonna change, are you? - Hey, honey.
- Gogo! Lookin' like a looker in the glitter.
Is it for your act at Body Politic? No.
But, lovey, it should be.
You shine like a diamond.
Shine like a diamond.
Anyway, super unus' and majorly last-minute, but low and low, live, flash, pop-up performance extravaganza.
You are being summoned as part of the Twintering crew.
Jen, what the hell are you doing? I'm trying out stuff for my Twintertainment character.
It's like Rihanna meets Taylor Mac, meets millennial cokehead.
Thoughts? Hard pass.
I'll work on it.
No, like, literally, what are you doing? Oh! Um, we thought up this flash event and we put it on our Insta story, and now it's, like, blowing up.
Like, someone from the Arts Council's coming, and now we're like, "What? Yay!" But also like, "What the fuck? Like, how is this happening?" And also It Everything's fine.
- It's gonna be great.
Um - Mm-hmm? I'm definitely not freaking out.
So you'll be there? Of course.
Only if you never call me Gogo again.
That is real.
You'll tell Jake, right? Thank you, you guys are the best.
You play with fire, expect to get burned.
Yeah, but there was no fire.
Not between us, anyway.
And I wasn't burned.
It's just that I am sick and tired of the same dance over and over and over again with her.
- You know? - Mm-hmm.
Then stop showing up to the ball, Cinderella.
- You're right.
- Mm-hmm.
- You know what? You're right.
- I'm always right.
I know, and I'm now done.
Fuck Mary Ann and her sad whatever.
This guy is done.
No more balls.
Oh, I can't commit to no more balls, but please, you do you.
Just once, for me.
No more balls.
God, what I do for you.
You got a little foam right there.
We should fuck.
Oh, I'm I'm sorry, but do you think you can handle this? I don't know.
I say you're wrong Sure as the day is long Baby, I gotta move on How'd it go, babycakes? Tell me everything.
Everyone kissed and made up? Not quite.
Oh, boy.
What happened? Wow, that bad.
How was the doctor's? Hm? - That was yesterday, right? - Oh, it was great, yeah.
Ben came with, we bumped into Harrison.
Just, you know, routine, routine stuff.
- Harrison? - That is correct.
And And Ben was there? That is correct.
Does Ben know about Harrison? Sort of.
Not really.
God, talk about double vision.
Here I am, I'm leaving the doc's.
I'm thinking, "I'm hot, I'm healthy, I'm gonna chuck the rubber tonight.
" And then boom, my hot young boyfriend and my hot old ex stand up simultaneously.
And then, suddenly I I can't even figure out what year it is.
I thought Harrison left town.
He did.
Then he came back.
To flip houses in the Bay.
I don't believe it.
- It's leather.
- Yep.
You gonna call him? I don't know.
Do you want to? Maybe, yeah.
- What, you think I shouldn't? - It depends.
I mean, if it's a friendly "I'm not mad at you anymore and I wanna catch up" kind of way, or if it's a more angry "Look at this amazing life that I built for myself while you left me to go feed your soul to your ambition and now I'm gonna rub your face in it" kind of way Are we still talking about Harrison? Just to be clear, I I was never mad at you.
A lot.
But never mad.
Do you wanna hear something ridiculous? Ah, always.
I'm getting divorced.
- Again.
- Oh, babycakes - Are you okay? - I'm fine.
It's not surprising.
What's surprising is that it still feels so shitty.
When did it all get so hard, Mouse? Stuff was hard back then, too.
We were just too young to notice.
No more sad things.
All right? We are going out tonight.
- What is this? - I have no idea.
The twins are doing a show, and the whole crew's been summoned.
I don't know if I'm included in the crew anymore.
Sure you are.
I think you might be the one person in this city that still feels that way.
But maybe one's enough for now.
It's so scrappy looking.
It's sad, isn't it? I mean, it's basically Stonewall before Stonewall, but nobody ever talks about it because all the police reports disappeared.
It's so fucked up.
If it ain't in print, it ain't real.
That's the world we're livin' in.
But it was real.
And Anna was there.
We never think of old people as people that, like, did real things, like knocked back shots with their friends, or well, conspired against oppression.
What you doin'? Feeling the vibes of fiery resistance seeping into my skin.
You sure that's not just dog pee? I'm sure some of it's dog pee.
Lie down.
I'm good.
You ever seen the city from this vantage point? You're seriously gonna miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience? It's cool, right? Come on, say it.
Tell me I was right.
- You're very bossy.
- But? Yeah, okay.
It's dope.
You were right.
This was nice.
You taught me something about Anna that I didn't know.
Yeah, you're welcome.
Do you wanna come with me to this thing later? Yeah.
What? Ugh! Fuck you, Linda.
Here's the thing, Claire.
We're sitting on top of layers and layers of queer people sediment.
- Of years.
- No, decades.
And you know how, like, every minute, 30,000 dead skin cells shed off a person and seep into their living space? That's, like, 1.
8 million an hour.
So this place is probably more Anna and Michael than Anna and Michael are.
Use these hashtags, guys.
Just keep your phones on.
On? You may only view the performance through the lens of your web-centric device.
Artists' request.
Please upload your footage with these hashtags.
Thanks, Rory.
Full house, huh? The twins really blew this shit up.
What's up, Marlowe? Night off from BP? Got roped in.
Charity, be a good person, et cetera.
Oh, no, thanks.
I'm good.
Gotta stay alive for the art.
- So, how'd it go yesterday? - It's a boy.
Where's Jake? Welcome to Twintertainment! Please be sure to turn on your electronic devices in order to fully enjoy the experience.
I feel like I'm in an episode of Black Mirror.
Those raincoats are fabulous.
- Mary Ann? - DeDe.
What are you doing here? I'm here on behalf of some art grant board thing.
Artistic jury duty for the rich.
You'd think making large contributions would exempt you from having to sit through the art.
- But no.
- Are you serious? Honey, you don't get to join this club unless you're dead serious.
This is a twinvocation to the stars of Gemini.
We press an urgent question.
Who am I? Who am I? Identity, oh! It's itchy and sticky, what? Be heard, be seen Unstick your sticky - "Unstick your sticky"? - Identity, oh! - It's itchy and sticky - These kids are onto something.
Unstick your sticky, hey! Should I go talk to her? I mean, she's been playing your record day and night.
She has? Old house, thin walls.
Either you hit something, or the girl has intense Peter Pan issues.
I say go for it.
Who am I? Who am I? Who's that? What? Nice-looking lady that's fucking with your mojo.
She's, uh I don't know.
Hey, you okay in there? You know what, I I think I wanna leave, actually.
Yeah, okay.
Oh, uh I'm gonna stay, if that's okay.
For the show.
The footage is just too good to miss.
But you should totally do what you have to do.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, for sure.
Freedom - See ya.
- See ya.
Freedom Ow! Freedom Freedom Ow! Freedom Freedom Ow! Freedom Freedom Ow! We're AniRave, saying, "Be brave!" Bravo! Bravo! Inka? Eli? Shawna! What a lovely surprise.
We're just making some red sauce.
Would you like to Oh, hey.
- Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
- What? I should've I should've fucking called.
- Sorry.
I'll I'll let you guys - No.
- Shawna - Shawna? Come back here.
- Sorry.
- Hey.
Would you like to stay for dinner? Dinner? Yeah.
It doesn't always have to be about sex.
I mean, it often ends up with sex.
But there is room for other stuff in between, you know, like white wine and red sauce.
And talking.
Everything okay? Wanna talk about it? Not really.
You know, if you wanna watch us talk you can.
Yeah, sure.
No, no! I am saying it is a partial truth of who I am.
Right? Like Okay, there are the factual memories of Inka.
And then there are your personal memories of things I have said and done, like Like "Eli's a dumb fuck.
" I don't Sorry.
I'm a little drunk.
The sum of which becomes your truth of who I am.
But that is my idea of you, not the truth of you.
Your idea of me is your truth of me.
But my truth will not always coincide with a factual Inka Gisladottir.
Who wants to fuck the factual Inka Gisladottir? Obviously, everybody wants to fuck Inka Gisladottir, factual or not, and so I share.
You should stay the night.
I can't.
But you want to.
I can't.
I'm in a relationship.
She doesn't know I'm here.
I'm sorry.
I like you.
And I'm down with just sex or whatever, but you act real complicated.
I'm not complicated, I'm a fucking mess.
It's like a crazy swirl or something, and it's scary.
And Margot she's my only anchor in all of this, and it's like I'm determined to fuck it up, or worse, fuck her up.
And I'm starting to fucking hate myself.
I'm sorry, I'll I'll go.
I don't know you, man, but I do know what it feels like to be desired.
And it feels incredible to be desired by you.
Relax a little, huh? It's all crazy, and everything's changing.
I get it.
But you wanted this, right? You changed 'cause you wanted it.
The swirl, the change.
Chill out.
Let yourself want it.
I just want to love who I've always loved.
Even if it makes you hate yourself? Aah! Shut the fuck up.
Ah, you know Got a little tip-off about your sexual interests.
- Wow.
- You approve? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Just What? What is it? I just, um Uh I just need a minute, is all.
You don't have to rush into this for anybody but yourself.
You just, you know let me know when you're ready, uh We can try again.
Whenever you want.
Are you sure? If we use a condom, can we still keep the harness? - If you want to? - Yeah.
Someone a little tipsy? Maybe.
How were the twins? There was a lot of paint.
There was not a lot of Jake.
Sorry, I got held up.
By what? By, um thoughts.
I know I'm not allowed to but I miss her.
That really fucking hurts.
What's happening between us? You tell me.
Who were you with tonight? - Margot, you are the love of my life - Please don't.
If we both love each other, we should try.
Don't you want to try? Uh I do, but I can't.
Yeah, it's a little like, "Aaah! Get out of my face," sometimes, with how we're all in each other's business, but it's more than just an apartment, obviously.
For everyone, but especially for us.
It's our first apartment.
It's where we grew into us.
And where Jake grew into Jake.
That, too.
Was that weird? Um Sorry.
Um I don't know.
Should we not kiss? She called you, too? Anyone know what this is about? There is no better reward in a person's life than to see a building turn from walls of brick to a nest of warm stories and warm hearts.
But beautiful things should come with beautiful endings.
I do hope you will understand my decision.
I am selling Barbary Lane.

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