Tales of the City (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Next Level Sh*t

1 All right, I have to go.
Bye, now.
Your dad is looking for you.
Tell me you didn't know.
Tell me you would never lie to me.
You're not someone who lies.
And you know how much it matters to me! And like you always said, there is only the truth.
I mean, you, of all fucking people! Why is it so hard for you to lie to me now? My darling, we are family.
Regardless of blood.
Fuck blood! Family tells the truth.
I'm so sorry! Whoa.
Where are you off to? I just have to clear my head.
Affairs of the heart? My parents.
Been there.
Call me if you need anything.
- What the fuck did you tell her? - The truth.
That That Connie died in childbirth and that she asked us to take Shawna.
- Oh, my God! Oh, my fucking God.
- What was I supposed to say? Right, what did she do? What'd she say? Did she ask you anything? She just ran out and then So I-I-I-I-I tried to stop her.
I mean I mean I I said, "Stop.
" And, well, what? Was I supposed to tackle her? Okay, maybe I should've tackled her.
But look, it it's going to be okay.
We We'll You'll find her.
We'll We'll talk to her.
We'll We'll try to explain - You can try - It's Shawna.
Leave a message.
- Mary Ann, just stop.
- But what if we There's no we.
We're not a team.
I gotta go find my daughter.
You're back.
I How did I miss her? - She didn't stay long.
- Why didn't you stop her? And what does she mean, she needs space? And what is wrong with everybody? Why am I the only one who's freaking out? I mean, you didn't make her listen, you didn't make her wait for me, - you didn't - You've raised the kind of woman who doesn't listen to anyone, Brian.
Her mother and father are very similar in their own ways.
- You wanna sit down? - Uh No, I I'm sorry, I can't.
Did she Did she say anything to you? She reminded me that, uh the truth is something I said I prized.
And that perhaps I have not been living as if this were true.
And you know, I know, I know! He thinks it's my fault.
And you wanna know something? It is.
It is my fault.
I am so I am so mad at myself.
- Want a glass? - No.
I'm too upset.
I wanna hit something.
I want to see Shawna, I don't I I don't know what I want.
You are You are You're actually very kind to have listened to me.
I mean I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm just I'm saying everything all wrong.
I might have an idea.
Better? Hey.
I wasn't sure if you'd be home.
I - I texted that I was on my way.
- I saw.
My mom is driving me fucking crazy.
You know how she can be.
They named the baby Aiden.
Mom's furious.
She keep saying it's a fancy gringo name for people who want to be bankers.
And then Linda yells back, "I'm sorry I didn't name him fucking Jesús!" And then Mom cries.
I needed a break.
I'm moving out on Tuesday, so you'll have the place until you find another one.
I don't even know where you're moving to.
And you haven't even met Aiden.
So much life happened so quickly.
Doesn't that feel crazy? People break up.
Life keeps happening.
I know, but you should come meet him.
I'm going next week.
Come with me.
I think that would be kind of weird.
But thanks.
Listen, I'm sorry.
For not understanding your perspective.
Everything was changing so quickly, and I needed to believe that I was the same.
Because, then, maybe everything would be okay.
But I'm not the same, I'm different, just like you said.
I'm sorry I couldn't see that before, but I just I get it now.
It's in the past.
You don't need to be sorry.
Anna said that Shawna left a note.
And it said that she was staying with friends in New York.
- What friends in New York? - I don't know.
I I don't know.
I mean, do you even know anyone in New York? I mean, yeah, a lot of people.
Did she leave an address? No.
No No address.
I mean, and and what if we had to reach her? - What if something happened to her? - Yeah, exactly.
Exactly! Oh, God.
Oh, God, please, just don't don't say that.
Shawna is gonna be fine.
Look, I I I don't know.
I don't know how you can know that, Ben.
She was very upset.
She's an adult.
She's only three years younger than me.
Oh! I'm sorry.
But she's not a kid.
She's Ugh.
You both need to just trust that she's gonna be okay.
I know.
Aaah! I know.
- Babycakes, it's okay.
No, I'm I'm not crying, I just I I got Windex in my eyes.
Aww! We're gonna be at the river all weekend for that wedding, but call me if you hear anything or if you need to talk But actually, um my reception won't be great, so, like, I think, probably I can't do long phone calls, but [DOORBELL RINGS.]
Mary Ann? You there? Yeah I'm sorry.
Let me Let me call you back.
You're a hard woman to track down.
May I come in? I found this in my car.
It was in the envelope that Anna brought to the police station.
Does that man mean anything at all to you? "Anna Madrigal and Thomas Nelson, 1966.
" Uh I have no idea who this is.
Did Did you ask Anna? Anna's secret landed her in the hospital once already.
I'm afraid if I go to her now, this could be the thing that kills her.
I had a feeling about all this from the start.
I felt someone was bothering her.
Yes, except that your "someone" missed the mark by quite some distance.
I need your help.
Me? - Me - Why not you? I ruin everything I touch.
Believe me, if I had another choice There is only you.
I fear our Annie is in real trouble.
You know, I've been meaning to talk to you about that.
What? "Annie"? Hey.
Are you almost ready? We gotta go.
Watch this.
- Hallelujah.
- Huh? Hey, um before we go, I just wanted to run something by you.
You have a weird sexual thing for Angela Lansbury.
- I know.
I know, I get it.
- What? - Yes, but that's not it.
Uh You know the whole apartment thing hasn't been great.
You know, everything's either crazy expensive or crazy.
- Right.
- But the good news is - Surprise! I actually found a place.
- Oh! It's affordable and it's close to you.
Wait, if the bad news is that it had bed bugs within the last decade, the answer is no.
- What? Well, uh I wouldn't say this is bad news, exactly, but Harrison offered me a room at his place.
Yeah, he was gonna rent it anyway, and he hasn't found anyone yet, and it's a great room.
- Friends and fam discount - Mm.
Obviously, if you hate the idea, I won't take it.
But it seems like it makes sense for us.
- Look - Mm.
It is not my favorite option in the world.
It's not Sausalito, it's not a bathtub.
Or bed bugs.
So you feel okay about this? I trust you.
My God.
You look just like her.
Can I We couldn't believe it when you called.
I'm so glad you're here.
Please, come in.
Maura and the kids are out.
They wanted to give us a moment.
I hope that's okay.
Yeah, sure.
What are their names? Uh, that's Edie, and that's Braden.
Braden is 11 this year, and Edie's nine.
- Who made this? - Uh, Braden.
I think.
Or Edie.
Oh, God! [LAUGHS.]
Don't tell them I didn't remember.
You must have a million questions.
Yeah, I'm not really sure where to start.
Well, I I want you to know that you can ask me anything about your mom or me Anything.
Did you know my real dad? No.
Um Connie was a real popular girl.
Made friends very easily.
Gentlemen friends.
I don't want you thinking my sister was cheap or anything like that.
Oh, no, no, no.
I get it.
She was sexually liberated and non-monogamous.
That's cool.
Yeah, that's nice.
Look at me jumping right into it.
You haven't even sat down.
Are you hungry? Hey, thanks for being so welcoming.
We're family.
What else would I be? [SIREN WAILS.]
Now, please let me do the talking, Mary Ann.
In cases such as these, there is a certain tactic best deployed by older gentlemen.
Are we agreed? And another thing, we have reason to believe that this this Officer Nelson might have some kind of knowledge or pertinent information Has this man bothered you in some way? Well, I've I've never met him.
How do you know him? Well, I I don't know him.
So, you don't know him and he hasn't bothered you, and I can help you how? What the young lady is trying and failing to communicate is that we're trying to locate a man who would have been a police officer in 1966 when this photograph was taken.
And we simply wondered if anyone here might recognize him.
Anybody work here in the '60s? Nope.
Nobody from the '60s.
Was it me? I mean, what what Was I not clear? It's a complete dead end.
Well, there is one more option.
I was hoping to avoid him, because he'll just ask me to join improv again.
In all my time there, I've never seen anyone take so many classes.
- Ballet, knitting, Russian! - Okay, but who are we talking about? Bill Schwartz at the Flamingo Arms.
He almost never talks about it, but he used to be a policeman - back in the day.
- Wait.
You You live at the Flamingo Arms? Of course.
Well, I I thought it was a gay retirement home.
You're British.
I Good Lord, Mary Ann.
Is it so strange I'd think you're straight? I preferred it when you thought I was trying to kill Anna.
- Oh, man.
- Don't say anything.
Got it.
Did I break it? The wall or your hand? [CHUCKLES.]
No, you didn't break everything.
Thank you for coming over.
Hippocratic oath.
I guess, technically, the nurse version is called the Nightingale pledge.
Which sounds much gayer, thankfully.
This is so embarrassing.
What is? To be this angry.
Maybe you have good reason to be.
I did.
Long time ago, I did.
Then [SCOFFS.]
over time, I, uh You just get used to feeling It's like a background hum.
Just all the time.
Seems normal.
Does it ever get easier? I don't think so.
I was 22 when you were born, and on my way to med school.
I was grieving my sister, and nothing made sense.
Least of all a baby.
I thought you'd be better off with a pair of adults.
Mary Ann and Connie were thick as thieves since high school.
It stood to reason she wanted Mary Ann to raise you.
Your mom, she was the prettiest girl, wasn't she, Buzz? I thought I wasn't ready to raise a kid, and I didn't wanna confuse you by staying in your life.
But now that I have two of my own watching them grow up - There's no manual, you know? - Sweetheart.
You did what Connie asked.
I know, but I [SHAWNA.]
Look, I get it.
You were 22.
I'm 25.
If someone handed me a kid right now, I'd be like, "No, I do not want that.
I don't think so, honey.
Women are more maternal.
I don't think it's a gender thing, Maura.
I think people have places to go and things to Shawna! Look at me! Look at me! [BRADEN.]
You fell.
No, she meant to do that.
That's an anti-cartwheel.
That's not a thing.
- It's a San Francisco thing.
- Yeah, I meant to.
You know, I've never been to San Francisco.
But you hear the craziest things.
I mean, it's special.
I I wouldn't say it's crazy.
So what do you do for work? I work at a place called Body Politic.
- In politics? - Um Well, no, it's it's a bar.
But it's sort of like a It's a co-op.
Oh, a co-op, like groceries.
It's a queer burlesque bar.
I don't think we're supposed to use that word, honey.
Oh, no, no, it's okay.
We've reclaimed it.
Who did? We Queer people did.
I'm, um I'm queer.
Well We think gay people should marry.
Or could marry Could marry if they if they wanted to marry.
Maura, honey, you remember my cousin Tanya from Worcester? She brought her partner to John's wedding, that girl with the big arms.
- What was her name? - [CHUCKLES.]
No, it wasn't Tammy.
- Ah, this is gonna kill me.
Uh - Edie! Uh, she was a nice girl.
Oh, I remember him.
He went by Tommy.
He, uh He worked the Tenderloin beat.
So you knew him? Well, not well.
He, uh He was the quiet kind of guy, you know? But I I don't remember he had a lot of friends.
But then again, neither did I.
- I find that hard to believe.
- Eh [SIGHS.]
Look, the '60s may have been peace and love for some people, but it was no time for a gay cop.
Not even here.
Oh, God.
I was so deep in the closet, it might have been a grave.
Do you have any idea how he might know our friend Anna? Well Mm No, no idea.
I wish I had more for you two.
But you know, I tried to keep my head down till I couldn't anymore, and then I quit.
You You wouldn't happen to know where Thomas Tommy lives, would you? Well, I heard he was living in the Outer Sunset before he retired, but that was a long time ago.
I'm not sure he'd still be there.
- Thank you.
- [SIGHS.]
Yes, well you've been quite a help, Bill.
We appreciate it.
Listen, I got my costume design class in 20.
You should see what I can do with a sequin, Sam.
Oh, come on! You promised you'd give it a try! I'm too old to give things a try, Bill.
I've explained this to you.
I either do them or I do not do them, and in this case I don't see how you put up with this guy.
- He's a real handful.
- Mm.
Yeah, well, so am I, so it works out.
Oh! Good luck, you two.
Here we are.
I can't believe Mary Ann never showed you this.
Look at that smile.
"Head majorette, class treasurer.
Ray of sunshine.
" Connie was always popular.
Everyone loved her.
I bet you were just like that, too, as a kid, huh? Um No, I was a pretty weird kid, actually.
So she liked to travel, you said? She was an airline stewardess.
Best one they ever had.
She loved being in a new town every night.
Well, I'm going to make sure the kids haven't murdered each other upstairs.
Buzz, honey? Can you go set up the daybed for Shawna? Um, it's okay, really.
You're welcome to stay, kiddo.
You know that.
- Of course she's staying.
- No, I'm sorry.
I I promised friends in the city that I'd stay with them tonight.
So, um But thank you for everything.
I really I really appreciate everything.
- It's a whole thing.
- Whole thing.
It's cool.
- Hey, wait.
- Hey.
You're here? [LAUGHS.]
You're the ones with the drag queen.
- Yeah, she wasn't really - It was just a It was kind of a misunderstanding.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm.
I'll see you boys later.
Michael, Ben! - Hey! - Hey! - Hey, handsome! - Oh, my God! Hi.
- Baby boy! - Oh! [BOTH.]
Mm! - Thank you.
- Good to see you, too.
- Hey, cutie.
- How you doing? - Aaah! - You look great.
- This place is incredible.
- Oh, yeah.
We did an ayahuasca retreat here a few years ago.
Turns out they rent to weddings, too.
He had this life-changing revelation about all the resentment he had for his mom.
It was so inspiring.
Just trying to be my best self for you, baby.
- Aww.
Oh, here you go.
Front is the itinerary for the weekend.
Back is rules for the sex tent.
The what? Uh [LAUGHS.]
But the, uh, sex tent doesn't start until tomorrow night.
We didn't want anybody choosing cock over cocktails.
- Okay, see y'all later.
- Have fun, guys.
- Yeah, thank you.
- Bye.
Hey, bud.
Sex tent? - Aww, it's sweet.
- Yeah.
I mean, I was thinking of a word.
It definitely was not that.
"Please keep your shoes on while in the sex tent.
" - Please.
- Good.
- "Leave all breakable objects outside.
" - I mean "If you're too drunk to look good in photos, you're too drunk to be sure you're getting any.
" Yes! - Yes! - Ya-yes! [LAUGHS.]
Hi, babe.
- How you doing? - I'm good.
- Good to see you.
Hey, Ben.
- You, too.
How are you? - Okay, we kissed.
- Mm! Great to see you.
- Cool.
- Can you believe all this? - It is so Donahue, is it not? - Right? - The calligraphy.
- Oh, my God.
That queen took one class with a visiting artist, and now she's all, "Handwriting is the window to the soul.
What is that about? - [MICHAEL.]
I know.
Crazy! Uh, babe, I'm I'm really beat from the ride.
Why don't we head back to the hotel, take a nap, you know? - Oh.
- Yeah.
Hey, look, Ben, before you go.
I've been meaning to apologize about dinner.
I should have served a light rosé.
When those bitches drink a heavy red, they can get contentious.
- Yeah - So It was, uh contentious.
Well, look, when this guy moves in, we can try again, okay? No Bordeaux, I promise.
- Sound good? - Yeah.
It was good seeing you.
I'll see you guys later.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Got your text.
Not particularly coherent, Hawkins.
You know, I don't mind the cactus emoji, but I definitely prefer the Wow, you look like shit.
Shawna's gone.
- [SIGHS.]
- Come on.
I just I can't stop thinking that she's in danger somewhere, that she's never comin' back.
Well, she left most of her shit behind, so she's coming back.
All right, well, let's say she comes back, she never forgives me.
What if I get the Mary Ann treatment for the next 20 years? - Speaking of which - Oh, my God, my favorite topic.
I said some things.
After Shawna left, I kind of lost it.
Look, I even punched I punched the wall.
Which is about the most stupid, humiliating thing I've done to date.
Well, apart from the way I acted toward you, so [COUGHS.]
You were right, like pretty much everything you said about me.
And I'm sorry.
I don't need no drunk man sobbin' on my titties, okay? You could sob by yourself.
And keep hydrating.
Come on.
Don't you wanna revel, having someone tell you you're right? - Mm-mm.
- Really? I'm used to being right.
I'm right all the time.
- Hm.
- No, really.
My batting average is pretty phenomenal.
- I'm just saying.
And every blue moon, when I'm not right, I just kind of take a deep breath and I'm like, "Girl you better remember this, 'cause it might not ever happen again.
" That's how right I am all the time.
I just can't believe she's gone.
Look, Hawkins, we fuck up and we forgive.
That's the cycle.
Fuckin' up and forgiving.
And forgiveness doesn't always happen when we're ready to be forgiven, but it will.
Shawna's not gonna hate you forever.
She just kinda hates you right now.
Okay, come on.
Sit up.
- Enough moping.
Now tell me all the reasons why your baby girl gonna be all right.
- She is resilient.
- Mm.
- She is resourceful.
- Mm-hmm.
- She doesn't take anybody's bullshit.
- Truth.
Thank you so much for letting me stay so last minute.
No, of course.
It's a lovely surprise.
I'll make you a plate.
You sounded upset on the phone.
What happened? Well, uh a crazy thing.
The guy who I thought was my dad for 25 years is not my dad.
And then I I find out that my biological mother is a stranger dead and a flight attendant.
Basically, in that order.
And I I went to meet her brother, and he's great.
His whole family is great.
But we have absolutely nothing in common.
And, I mean, they were showing me my mother's yearbook, and I kept saying in my head, like, "This this is your family.
" But no matter what, it's just two people I don't know talking about someone that I don't know that I'll never know.
- So here I am.
Your feelings are so beautiful.
We're so proud of you.
We want you to continue to feel safe with us.
And to express all of these really beautiful feelings.
But I really I think that we need to mention [DOOR BUZZER SOUNDS.]
Um, right before you called, we invited a friend over.
So nice to meet you.
- Jonah is an actor.
- He's in Three Sisters right now.
He's playing all the sisters.
- It's just downtown.
- You're very good.
He's very good.
The director also adapted the text, which is, like You know how it goes.
It's really convincing.
I mean, I have sisters, so [LAUGHS.]
- I I said this to Eli, didn't I, babe? - Mm-hmm.
You just like those tight pants they make me wear.
The director is also the costume designer.
Really cool, yeah.
Shawna was really special to us in San Francisco.
Oh, cool.
I actually did a clowning intensive at Berkeley Rep a few summers ago.
So, I love San Fran.
We don't call it that.
Jonah, we just opened a nice bottle of Beaujolais.
Can we interest you? We're trying to give Jonah a palate that isn't Smirnoff.
Off-Broadway salary, off-Broadway palate.
I think I I need to just maybe lay down.
- Yeah? - Sorry.
No, of course.
You wanna jump in the bed? Or if you wanna sleep, the couch is all yours.
- [JONAH.]
I'll be right back, okay? - [ELI.]
Oh! [INKA.]
Oh, fuck.
Ah, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, fuck.
Oh! You wanna join us? [INKA.]
Oh, yeah.
- Oh! - No.
Oh! I'm coming! [SCREAMS.]
Oh! Oh! [LAUGHS.]
Excuse me.
Can't sleep here.
The sooner these sexy grooms tie the knot, the sooner the rest of us can tie each other up.
Now, boys, what do you have to say for yourselves? [BRYCE.]
I vow to listen to you, to respect you, to trust you, to age gracefully, and to love you when we're old.
- Babe - As wholeheartedly - Um - As embarrassingly and as completely as I do now.
I know.
I vow to keep learning about you instead of thinking after 20 years that I know it all.
What if I'm having second thoughts? To rethink my stance on Well, I ordered the fish.
We can switch halfway through.
- No.
- Which I have always felt is I'm talking about you moving in with Harrison.
You wanna talk about this right now? Fine, no.
And most of all, I vow to be on this journey with you.
You You said you trust me.
I do trust you, I do trust you.
I just I don't trust him, so Now, put a ring on it, boys.
This is crazy, you know? There's nothing between us.
How many times do I have to tell you that? Look, you asked me how I felt and I I thought that meant you wanted to know how I feel.
The way I feel is that I hate it.
Well, su suggest a better option.
Or just learn to fucking like it.
You may kiss each other, and then, hopefully, me.
Yeah! [WOMAN.]
Do I know you? - Uh, I don't think so.
- Oh.
Yeah, my brain's fried.
It's all the drugs I did in high school.
- You come here often? - First time.
Oh! Okay, uh let me guess.
You're a traveling piano man and you play soulful songs at hotel bars.
I'm a nurse, actually.
I love nurses.
Oh! I am a total hypochondriac.
I always think I'm dying.
Yeah, one time, I went a whole year dating no one but med students, and my pickup line was, "You wanna hear my symptoms?" Are you always like this? - Oh, yeah.
Best in small doses.
- Mm! Can I get you another beer? Uh You know what? That would be great.
All right, let's try this again.
- If you'll kindly just let me lead - Okay.
Good cop, bad cop.
I'll be bad cop.
First of all, you're clearly the good cop.
I am not clearly.
Why am I clearly? You're Midwestern by origin.
I'm British by origin.
That clearly makes me the villain.
I can be Midwestern and still be a villain.
There is no significant precedent.
Al Capone! Any historical reenactment involving mad kings and bloodthirsty generals, even ones not technically set in England.
So, what, we're just supposed to talk to him? Greeting, uh introduction, - some small talk - [SIGHS.]
- A A friendly question? - Huh.
You sure we don't need a gun? The man would be nearly 90, Mary Ann.
Here we go.
Wait, wait, wait.
Would you please put that down? [DOOR OPENS.]
Tommy? Yes Do I know you? - We're looking for your grandfather.
- Yes.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Yes, of course we are.
Um We would like to speak to him.
My grandfather died 15 years ago.
Can I help you? Would you like to come in? - I'm doing this for you.
- Oh! You are moving in with your ex-boyfriend for me? Wow, that is so generous.
No! You didn't want me to live with you.
- And that's fine.
- [SIGHS.]
- So So - You feel rejected.
- So now you're punishing me.
- No, I feel like I need some fucking housing.
- God! - Tell me what you fucking want, because I have no idea.
I want you to figure out how to live on your own.
I I don't want you to switch out Anna for some guy who throws bitchy dinner parties and has a last name for his first name.
Oh, my God, you're being a child.
You are a 54-year-old man who can't afford his own apartment.
Don't talk to me about childish.
You know, if that's how you see me then we're done here.
Then we're done.
Okay, right, that's a Botox queen.
Her forehead hasn't moved since 1997.
Oh! Look down, just look down.
Keep your eyes on your beer until the angel of death passes over.
That's the most Jewish I've ever been, and my last name is Goldberg.
Who were we avoiding? Okay, phew.
You see You see that skinny bitch with the great ass? Uh Tom, in the fuck-me jeans.
He's a bigger thirst trap than the Sahara.
Your ex? Oh, honey.
No, I could never.
He's been fucking Jordan.
Jordan? He's a trans guy, he's also a regular around here.
Have you met him yet? Uh No, I guess I haven't.
Oh, hey, look.
If you're into them, no shade.
I'm cool with trans guys.
Ah, but, I mean, I don't date them.
I'm dick-gay.
Excuse me a sec.
I just gotta Live for the moment I live for the moment Losin' my focus I can't lose my focus Wait for the longest Waitin' for the longest Just for this moment Livin' for the moment Give me love Give me more love More Hey, Daddy.
Than I deserve And never mind.
Pour it in Into my bones Not your type? Whenever anybody calls me Daddy, I wanna be like, "I'm sure as shit not paying your college tuition.
So where's your other half? I'm flying solo.
Where's yours? No dogs in the tent.
No, that was that was a joke.
Not here.
Let's go in the tent.
No, not there.
Baby It's still days till I see you Go through the motions, baby [WHINES.]
Oh, my God, I woke you up.
I'm so sorry.
It's all good.
Come here.
What do you need? I don't know.
Thank you.
Sometimes you just don't wanna sleep alone.
You sure you're okay? Well, I'm not gonna throw up in your car, if that's what you mean.
That's not what I mean.
Well, I may have gotten left, but at least it wasn't at the altar.
How shitty would it have been if that was my wedding? Michael Thanks for the lift.
I know things are super shitty right now.
And I'm really sorry about what you're going through.
But the room's ready when you are.
You know, and for what it's worth, maybe all of this will be a good new beginning.
- I see you haven't lost your key.
- No.
Coffee? Please.
You hungover? - Oh, yeah.
- [SIGHS.]
- You? - Yep.
I think I really fucked up.
Me, too.
You ready to tell us the truth?
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