Tales of the City (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Rainbow Warriors

- Hello.
- Hi.
How are you today? You know how we do.
- Mm.
- Take some socks.
- Thank you.
- Take a condom.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Goodbye, sweetie.
See you at the shelter tonight, lovebirds.
Hey, you.
You're gonna step over them and not gonna say nothing? Oh, sorry.
Mama, it happened again.
- Aww.
- I don't know what to do.
Who was bothering you? - The fat one with the mustache? - [MAN WHOOPING.]
I know him.
I'll talk to him.
You go to the shelter tonight, okay? Go, go.
Excuse me.
Pardon me.
I'm looking for a woman named Ysela.
Never heard of her.
Er I was told I might find her in these parts.
Which part you from, dandy? Are you sure you have no idea who she is? Who want to know? I have a message for her from a woman named Anna Madrigal.
Anna Madrigal? That bitch is still alive? Anybody want a drink? I could light a joint.
How about some food? Why don't we just feel our feelings? I'm not sure what to feel.
Uh I still can't believe any of this.
Anna's always been a mystery, but I never believed she actually had anything to hide.
No, the real mystery is why Anna would be willing to give up Barbary Lane just to hide something from 50 years ago.
Keep your voice down.
She's resting.
Well, why wouldn't she just tell us the truth? Because she was ashamed.
After all these years? - What has she got to be ashamed of? - Are you serious? So she took some shady money.
That was stolen from her community.
Anna was in an impossible situation that none of us can possibly understand.
She did what she felt that she had to do in order to survive.
That is exactly what I was trying to say.
Guys, she had an affair with a cop.
A trans woman in the '60s.
- So, she deserves to be blackmailed? - Of course not, but I get why she wanted to keep it a secret.
Okay, fine.
But here's the thing.
There would be no Barbary Lane, okay? We wouldn't know each other if Anna hadn't done what she did.
- Have you heard from Shawna? - She sent a text.
Said she was safe.
That's all.
I'm sure she's okay.
We're all going to be okay.
Anna's going to be okay.
The truth is painful, yes, but at least now the FBI can catch whoever did this, no one'll have to leave Barbary Lane and everything can go back to normal.
- Ugh! Maybe we should have that drink.
- Yeah.
- Thank God.
- Can we talk about how somebody just blackmailed Anna Madrigal? - I mean, what the fuck? - I know she swears it's not, - but don't - It's not that Ysela woman.
- How can you be so sure? - Well - Because she's 70 years old.
- So? Well, why'd she wait so long? Maybe she was waiting for the market to peak.
Okay, well, maybe it's not her, but when the FBI gets here Oh, yeah.
On that, they, uh they said it would be Thursday before they come around to take statements.
Thursday? Well, 24 hours ish.
See? Being blackmailed's just like getting your cable hooked up.
Did you explain that there is a crime in progress? - Um - [DOOR OPENS.]
Hi! I always know when you're talking about me.
We're just We're concerned.
How are you feeling? I want you all to know how much your kindness in this time has has meant.
We love you, Anna.
Your chariot awaits, madam.
Are you sure this is a good idea? I have no idea, darling.
But it's what I have to do.
Shit, fuck! Sweet Jesus, Mary Ann.
I mean, yeah, what Anna did, it's fucked up.
She was down to fuck No fret, no fight She had good luck, I stayed the night Saw her every night that week Dinner dates, had lots to eat But, like, it's super hard for trans people now.
How do you know what you would have done back then? You don't.
I don't.
This is exactly why she couldn't tell us, right? Because she knew we'd all just be sitting around, judging her.
You like us And we can be three We can be three It makes me sad.
I don't like being sad.
- Do you hear that noise, too? - [CLICKING CONTINUES.]
Or am I just really stoned? [CLICKING.]
What's going on? [WOMAN.]
Get on with it.
Let's go! Put the flyers Come on, guys What is it? It says Barbary Lane's being torn down.
Tomorrow! Excuse me.
Answer my question.
Lady, all I know is what's on the flyer.
But that's unacceptable! The deed to this property was signed over to a mystery owner under false and illegal pretenses.
And therefore, whoever you work for has no authority whatsoever to tear this place down.
I look like a lawyer to you? You see, I don't appreciate that.
I demand to know who hired you.
I do what the foreman tells me.
You got a problem? Take it up with the boss.
That must be her.
Who? - The foreman Forewoman.
Oh, my God, I I've seen her before.
Where have I [DEBRA YELLING.]
I don't know It was at Harrison's.
She works for him, or he hires her, or something.
Oh, don't even.
- No, but what if it's Harrison? - No.
- Just think about it.
- It's impossible.
Who knew about Barbary Lane this whole time? Mary Ann, wash your mouth out with soap right now.
Who just came back into town recently to flip properties? Stop talking.
I called the police.
They said this is actually an FBI matter, so I'm back on hold.
Brian, we have a theory.
No, you have a theory.
I want no part in this.
Do I even wanna know? [DOOR OPENS.]
- [MAN 1.]
Flight to Florence, the whole time she reads a book.
I said, "You can do that in Connecticut.
" [MAN 2.]
I always wanted to get to Italy, but we just never made it.
[MAN 1.]
It's not too late.
Now is the moment, and then you think, "What?" [ROBERT.]
Aah! There we go.
The stone is made out of imported burgundy clay.
It makes the crust perfetto.
Hey there, Rip Van Winkle.
I see you found the Bloodies.
I feel like I just slept for, like, six years.
No, I'm glad you got some rest.
Let me introduce you.
- These are guys from the club.
- Oh! - The club, yeah.
- [ALL.]
This is Shawna.
She's Mary Ann's, um Casualty? [ALL LAUGHING.]
Well, it's really nice to meet you fellas, but ah, I forgot my boat shoes.
- Long as you drink bourbon.
- Maybe I'm into this club.
So, which one is the foreman woman? - The scary lesbian.
- [DEBRA.]
Yo! We got a problem.
How do you know she's gay? Because look at her.
Then you should talk to her.
Why, because I know the secret handshake? No.
What if she recognizes me? Someone has to.
The person who hired this crew is the person who's blackmailing Anna.
We can't wait for the FBI.
We have to find out who's responsible before it's too late.
- [GASPS.]
- What? That was so Jessica Fletcher, like, to the T.
All right, I'll talk to her.
Lesbians like me.
Hi there.
My name's Brian.
We have to find a way to stall this crew.
Can you give us any information I have an idea.
Yeah, let's see them bulldoze us now.
Wait, that's too tight.
Are you sure you wanna do this? Uh, hell, yes.
This is for Anna.
And our 300,000 followers.
I guess the revolution will be livestreamed.
Here we go.
You're, like, really skilled with tying people up.
I went through a phase, in the '90s.
Okay, I got the info.
It was easier than I thought.
Turns out she's not a lesbian.
Oh, well Good for you, Brian.
I'm kidding.
Of course she's a lesbian.
What did she say? Were you a little jealous just now? Brian, please.
- Just, let's hear it.
- Okay.
Here's where it gets weird.
It was weird long before now.
Fair enough, but here's where it gets weirder.
She was hired by a company called Four Meditations on Darkness LLC.
- Four What? - I know.
She said she never talked to an actual human.
They did everything through email.
- I need your computer.
- Okay.
- See? - [MAN.]
Oh, boy.
Look, look.
- What's the tattoo? - Exactly.
Yeah, apparently it's a beetle, and it's her entire arm.
Well, what'd you say back? What am I supposed to say? It's terrible.
- Look if your 25-year-old daughter is sending you a picture of her first tattoo, she wants your approval.
She wants me to be horrified.
- [MAN.]
- Mission accomplished.
Okay, here's what you say.
I'm dictating, Doug.
- Ohh! - [CHUCKLING.]
Okay, okay.
"Very cool, exclamation.
I love it, exclamation.
" That's it.
Hit send.
Would you come translate for all of our kids? Seriously, your dad must be lucky if he can just talk to you and not feel like he's stumbling around in the dark.
- Yeah.
- Like us.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's always different with your own family, you know.
You know, most of us who are parents, no idea what the hell we're doin', just doin' the best we can.
- Mm-hmm.
- Sometimes the absolute best is total shit, but most of us are trying.
- [ALL.]
- Mm.
You want another? Uh No, you know what? I think I'm good, but thanks for letting me crash the party, really.
- Oh! Oh, hey, hey.
Here we go, here we go.
She wrote back.
She says, "Who stole my dad's phone?" [RAUCOUS LAUGHTER.]
The first thing we have to do is we have to figure out what this Four Meditations thing - really means.
- Oh, my God.
- What? It's a text from Harrison.
- Here.
Uh, you read it.
- Mm-mm.
What's wrong with you? It's a text.
Uh, "Hey, bud, all set for you to move in here.
- You deserve to be out of that drama.
" - Yeah.
Then one of those emojis, like - [IN UNISON.]
Oh, God.
What if it is him? Hey, here's something.
Uh Four Meditations LLC - It's a shell company.
- Damn it.
What if Okay, what if What if I just went to Harrison? What if I was like, "Harrison, I know it's you!" - [CHUCKLES.]
- What? Too butch? [BRIAN.]
We can't just accuse him.
We don't have any actual evidence Harrison's involved.
- Oh, shit.
- What, is it Harrison? No.
It's Ben.
Oh! He's reaching out.
That's good.
Don't talk to him.
Unless you're ready.
Hello? No, no, I'm not busy.
Sorry to bug you out of the blue, but I got a box of your stuff here.
I can just drop it off if you want.
I'm outside.
I dunno if you wanna come out and get it or [MICHAEL.]
Outside where? Hey.
Thank you.
I thought you were still angry with me.
I thought I'd be angry with myself for a while, you know, try somethin' new.
Are you sleeping? Not much.
Not since she left.
You know, I think I I might have an Ambien in here.
I got a new prescription before I left, so I think You don't have to try and fix everything, you know? Guys, he's at Harrison's.
Ben's at Harrison's right now.
Hello? - I I'm here.
I'm here.
- You You cut out.
I I I could leave the stuff here if you wanted.
No, no.
I I mean, I I'm not there.
I never actually moved in, but that's not what I Okay, this is, uh This is really hard to explain, but, like Remember that part in Murder, She Wrote when the python is in the closet? I'm in that part, in real life, right now.
What? This is gonna sound bonkers.
"How to practice darkness meditation.
" - [SCOFFS.]
- No.
How about this? Four Meditations on Darkness.
What is it? Well, it looks like an art piece, was part of a show of young artists.
Well, does it list the name of the artist? Not that I could see.
It says the show was funded by the San Francisco Arts Foundation.
I'm gonna call DeDe.
So you're saying that Harrison could be a psycho criminal mastermind? I know.
So, I was right.
It's just a theory.
I mean, just like evolution is a theory, but [DOOR CLOSES.]
- Ben? - Shit, shit, shit Ben! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm here.
I'm here.
Harrison just came outside.
- He's going somewhere.
I'm gonna follow this bastard.
No, babe I mean, Ben.
Just uh Please be careful.
I will.
- You've reached DeDe Halcyon.
- Oh, she's not answering.
- Please leave a message.
- Shit.
Shit, shit, shit.
This is your official warning.
Vacate the premises with your property, or you will be removed.
- Oh.
- Motherfucker.
- [DEBRA.]
Whether you like it or not - Ugh.
If there's one thing I hate, it's an evil lesbian.
It's such a trope.
- We have to go.
- What? Where are we going? [MOANING.]
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! [BANGING AT DOOR.]
- Oh, my God.
- [SIGHS.]
Mary Ann, what do you want? I tried to stop her.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry to bother.
If If I remember correctly, you sit on the board of the San Francisco Arts Foundation? There's a time and a place for philanthropy.
I need a list of all the art the foundation's funded.
I promise I wouldn't be asking if it wasn't urgent.
Hi, Mary Ann.
Oh, my God.
Oh! I am so sorry.
Too late, Mary Ann.
Let's find what you need and get you on your way.
Ben says Harrison just stopped to get coffee.
We're gonna blow this case wide open.
I accidentally called him "babe" on the phone.
Well, at least you're talking.
Do I tell him I fucked somebody after we broke up? God, no.
It wasn't cheating.
Ah, you know what? I don't know.
So don't So don't listen to me, man.
I have no more advice to give.
- I have fucked enough up already.
- No, don't say that.
You gotta give yourself a break.
I know.
She'll be okay.
It's just that I can't stop thinking it's never going to be the same with us.
- That's what I can't let go of.
- [SIGHS.]
Here we go.
This is It's every art show, project, and artist that the that the foundation funded last year, so something in here must lead us to the artist.
- What's the latest on Harrison? He got a cranberry scone with his coffee.
We should go.
I can't believe this is actually working.
People are showing up.
Is it bad that I sort of loathe these people? Hey! Hate them all you want, right now they're the only thing keeping the demo crew from cutting us loose.
- Hashtag #savebarbarylane.
Save Barbary Lane.
- Save Barbary Lane.
- Lane.
Save Barbary Lane! - [CROWD CHANT.]
Save Barbary Lane! - Come on! Where's the second light kit? Hm You You wanted two? Yeah, remember when I asked you for two? No.
Copy that.
- Hey.
- Didn't expect to hear from you.
- Yeah.
I I mean, I didn't, uh expect you to pick up.
I was gonna leave a voicemail.
- Want me to hang up? - No.
Heard you left town.
Yeah, things kind of, uh fell apart.
Sorry to hear that.
Look I owe you an apology.
I sh I shouldn't have said what I said.
It was cruel.
I was hurt.
I I mean, I don't I don't believe what I said.
I mean, I guess we're all broken, but I mean, I don't think we're unfixable.
Well, an anyway, I just wanted to call and say that.
How's the documentary going? Uh, it's it's coming together.
Listen, I gotta go, but, um Yeah, okay.
Take care.
Yeah, you, too.
- [LUCAS.]
Oh, shit.
Two light kits.
Let's fucking go.
Can I just tell you? This is the best day I've had in a while.
Oh, sorry, I'm not supposed to move.
It's fine, it's just a sketch.
Not yet.
It's the third time he's called.
Maybe you should take it? [SIGHS.]
What is it, Jake? [DEBRA.]
Get! Go! Let's go, out.
Out! I know you don't really wanna hear from me right now, but I kind of need a favor.
You need a favor? Not for me, for Anna.
Take your selfies and get out! [MARGOT.]
Where are you? At Barbary Lane.
Shit's going down, Margot.
It's fucking crazy here.
What's going on? I'll explain everything.
I just need you to call Body Politic.
I don't get it.
This is the gallery where they showed Four Meditations? According to the foundation's research.
Maybe it's avant-garde? That's, uh, French for "bullshit.
" This cube of trash costs $12,000.
Ahem! The artist of Four Meditations on Darkness is called Von Trapp.
Von Trapp? Like The Sound of Music? I don't know what that is.
Just to be clear, "Von Trapp" is a is a fake name.
Like Banksy.
Yeah, like Banksy.
Do you have any information about the artist's real identity? Identity? Isn't that what art's supposed to grapple with? [WHISPERS.]
Just one sec.
I'm about to grapple her.
Guys, I just remembered, Harrison loves Sound of Music.
Oh, yeah? Does he also love puppies and frozen yogurt? - I'm just saying - Doesn't mean anything.
Well, we have very little to go on.
Can you tell us anything at all? About the artist, about the artwork? Anything at all? [SCOFFS.]
Uh Von Trapp's pieces sold to one buyer before the show even opened.
So, guess they have a fan.
Maybe the buyer knows something.
Wo Wonderful.
Can you tell us who the buyer is? Depends.
Would you like to purchase something? [CLICKS TONGUE.]
Do you take American Express? You sure you're okay? Thank you, Sam.
For everything.
You just call me when you're ready to come home.
I will.
Anna Madrigal.
The great lady of Barbary Lane.
Blackmailed at 90 years old.
I suppose you only blackmail someone who's afraid to lose her dignity.
That's always what you craved.
Isn't it, Anna? Dignity? What a price you were willing to pay.
Our dignity for yours.
That's why I'm here.
I waited too long.
Much too long.
But here I am to ask your forgiveness.
Can you forgive me? I carried bitterness in my heart for you, Anna.
I did.
For a time.
But my life went on.
And I had love, too.
And pain, and sorrow, and heartbreak.
And none of it had to do with you.
But sometimes, yes, I would think of you.
Up there, in that house on the hill.
But you made your choices.
And I made mine.
You want forgiveness? Not mine to give.
Not anymore.
Whatever you carry, this shame, this pain is yours alone.
What should I do, Ysela? I've made a mess of everything.
Everything I've tried to do to make up for what I've done Everything seems to be coming undone.
You haven't changed, Anna.
Still willing to run from the fight.
If you believe in the life you've lived then don't let someone else take it away.
Take back your story before it's too late.
Look, all I can promise is that I'll ask the children.
All right, listen up, queers.
Just got off the phone with Margot.
Apparently there's some shady shit goin' on up at Barbary Lane.
People threatenin' to tear the whole place down.
Margot wants us to come up there and raise our voices, but if we go we all go together.
Well, fuck, yeah, we're goin'! [ALL.]
Yeah! [IDA.]
All right, then.
Put on your marchin' boots, bitches.
We got some walkin' to do.
Quand tu me dis Que tu n'as pas d'autre fille Je sais parfaitement que tu mens Tout le monde sait Que tu me trompes souvent Alors, méfie-toi Je t'avertis maintenant Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher Et tu vas l'regretter Car je mettrai ces bottes Un jour ou l'autre pour te quitter [CHEERING AND WHISTLING.]
Last warning.
Get your stuff and get out.
What do you think we should do? They'll have to cut us down if they want us to leave.
That's really bad-ass.
No, I mean literally.
Michael didn't leave a key to unlock us.
- Et maintenant - Oh, fuck.
Do you hear that? [IDA CHANTING.]
We're here! We're queer! [ALL.]
We won't disappear! We're here! We're queer! We won't disappear! We're here! We're queer! We won't disappear! We're here! We're queer! We won't disappear! Do you think maybe we should try a chant that's more, I don't know, appropriate to the occasion? - Do you know any others? - We're here! - Can't say I do.
- Me neither.
- Queer it is.
- [CROWD.]
Yeah! We're here! We're queer! We won't disappear! We're here! We're queer! We won't disappear! Fuck.
Uh, you go up top.
I'm gonna stay down here.
Hey! Who is in the mood for a little bit of civil disobedience? [CHEERING.]
'Cause if there's one thing I know about queers, it's that we're not too keen on obedience.
We're here! We're queer! [ALL.]
We won't disappear! We're here! We're queer! We won't disappear! We're here! We're queer! - We won't disappear! - Come on! It was really cool of you to let me stay.
I hope that wasn't too weird.
No, I'm glad you came.
I guess I just wanted to see where Mary Ann ended up.
What she left me for.
Where are you gonna go now? Uh, honestly, I don't know.
I'm, uh Maybe I'll stay in the city for a bit, but I'm not even sure I like New York yet, so You and Mary Ann never had kids.
- How come? - Ah, well I don't know.
I guess Well, it was Mary Ann's decision.
Most things ended up being Mary Ann's decision.
I don't know if this is right, but I think, deep down, she felt she failed the first time around.
With you.
I mean, that she failed you.
I think some part of her resolved that she didn't have it in her.
That's probably true.
No, it's not.
Mary Ann could have been a good mother, you know.
If she'd given it a chance.
Train approaching track one.
Boarding train to Grand Central.
Please have your tickets ready to show at the ticket desk.
Can I have a hug? Holy shit, you guys.
Ben just followed Harrison to Barbary Lane.
- See? - Well, should we go there? Well, we just got here.
The people who bought Four Meditations - live here? - [BRIAN.]
All right, how should we do this? Well, how about we knock on the door and we ask them what they can tell us about the art? Yeah, see if they wanna trade.
We can't just roll up in a pickup truck and explain everything.
- Why not? - Because it's insane.
- Oh.
- We We need a credible cover story.
Oh! I see, this is how you and Shawna - ended up in bad drag that day.
Uh, well, I I don't mean disguises.
I mean, who are we? Why are we here? I agree with Brian.
But I also like role play, so I'm torn.
How about How about this? Brian and I are a wealthy, art-collecting couple.
- Yes, from Utah.
- Yeah.
- No.
- You're supposed to "Yes, and.
" All right, look.
We can be a couple, but who's Michael gonna be? I'll be your art consultant! There's gotta be something in here I can repurpose.
Yeah, I was gonna say, you can just stay in the truck.
Excuse me? Nobody puts Baby in the corner.
Honey You know nothing about art.
Not true.
I know three phrases in Italian.
We'll be fine.
When my days were sweeter And my life completer And the music sent me Love was never-ending Ooh, take me back to happiness Ooh, take me back to happiness - Ooh, ooh - Son of a bitch.
Ooh, take me back to happiness [CHEERING.]
Take me back to happiness Take me back to happiness - Hey.
- Ben, hey.
What's going on? Is Is Michael here? This is - This is crazy.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it is crazy that you're the one that's been fucking with Barbary Lane this whole time.
I'm so Uh, what? Michael told me.
About the blackmail? Your hiring of your crew to knock this whole place down? Wh You're like a real-life evil fucking genius, aren't you? I mean, I I mean, honestly, man, I knew.
I knew from the moment that I met you you were bad news, but blackmailing an old lady bad? Whoa! [CHUCKLES.]
I mean, those leather business cards, man.
How much more on the nose can you get? [LAUGHS.]
Jesus Christ.
Look, I don't know what Michael said to you, but whatever shit is going on between you guys, - I promise you - No, no.
Whatever shit is going on between us started when you got here.
Let me show you something.
Hashtag #savebarbarylane starts trending this morning.
- Yeah? Then I see an Instagram post.
With that woman in the background.
Her name's Debra.
- She does work for me sometimes.
- Huh! So I'm like, "What the fuck's going on?" Michael's not answering texts.
So I come down here to see if I could help.
I swear.
That's why I'm here.
Piece of advice, man.
From someone who screwed up with Michael way before you did.
Nobody else fucked up your relationship.
You did that all by yourself.
Ooh, take me back to happiness Ooh, take me back to happiness Ooh, ooh Ooh, take me back to happiness I am so sorry.
I'm not finding record of an appointment.
We We underst We understand that there there must be There must be some kind of misunderstanding.
No, no, my husband and I are are deeply devoted to art, and this piece in particular, and we would so we would so love to speak with the people who bought it.
We We come a long-a way to see the art-a, capisce? My wife and I are from Utah.
Uh, I'd love to help, but unfortunately [SPEAKING ITALIAN.]
Usually, I prefer to get fucked, but I can fuck you if you'd like.
Okay, if you could just wait right here for a second, um I'll see if someone can help you out.
Wow, that was amazing.
Do I even wanna know what you just said? You do not.
Get them down this second! [CHEERING.]
It is so lovely to meet you.
Thank you so much for taking the time.
Oh, not at all.
- Happy to meet with fellow art lovers.
Sì, sì.
- Our art consultant.
- Stefano.
Stefano is the one who spoke so highly of Four Meditations.
Indeed? [IN ITALIAN.]
Can I lick your asshole? Hm? - Aah! - [BOTH LAUGHING.]
Well, if you'll just follow me, I'll show you the piece.
Easy does it, principessa.
This is Four Meditations on Darkness.
You know, I gotta say, I'm kind of shocked that you've even heard of it.
Personally, I think it's abysmal.
- You do? - Yeah.
That's why I keep the rest of it in the closet.
You wanna see that, too? Have them bring up the rest of it.
This shit's ridiculous.
You're gonna let us in.
You ain't gonna stop us from getting into this courtyard.
- Back it up.
Back it up right now! - Watch it! You wanna watch something, bitch? Watch this.
Hey, hey, hey! - Hey! - [CROWD.]
Hey, hey! [CLAIRE.]
Anna! Hey, Anna.
Excuse me.
Anna! Excuse me.
Anna! - Anna, what do you think about all this? - Oh! The queer community rallying together to save your home from destruction? What I think, dear, is that, uh it's finally time I gave you that interview.
I have a story to tell.
Can you hear me, darling? Oh, my God, yes.
Yes! Tell me how you want me [MARY ANN.]
Could you tell us more about the artist? Well, I certainly could.
- Not sure what you want to know.
Ben? What's happening? It It's not Harrison.
What do you mean? How do you know? 'Cause he told me and I believe him.
You asked him? - Yeah, like a fucking idiot.
- Are you sure? I'm sure.
I'm sure, Michael.
Then if it's not him, who is it? No, I I don't know, man.
Look This whole thing, it it just Ah, it's reminding me of why this wasn't working.
- Good luck.
- Ben, wait.
I'm I'm sorry.
I didn't think that anyone outside of the family - was aware that she'd even tried painting.
- [SIGHS.]
She's tried so many things.
So, she has a lot of hobbies, then, other than painting? [IN ITALIAN.]
Holy shit! [IN ITALIAN.]
Attention, please.
No way.
- Who is - [OWNER.]
It's a self-portrait.
The artist is my daughter.
Claire Duncan.
Time after time You don't get what you need Time after time This all right, dear? Yeah, it's perfect, Anna.
Everything's perfect.
- Come on - [CROWD CHEERING.]
Just one second.
It's not so hard - Come on, be proud - [LOCK CLICKS.]
Of who you are Shout it out You'll see it's not so hard
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