Tangled: The Series (2017) s01e15 Episode Script

The Way of the Willow

1 (THEME SONG PLAYING) I got the wind in my hair and a fire within 'Cause there's something beginning I got a mystery to solve and excitement to spare That beautiful breeze blowing through I'm ready to follow it who knows where I'll get there, I swear With the wind in my hair MAN: You're late! Did you find it? Remember, lass, abide the warnings.
Totally got it.
Pay heed! For once you open this box, your life will never be the same.
Sure thing.
It's not for me though.
It's for someone very special.
RAPUNZEL: Happy birthday, Mom.
Oh! A telescope.
Yeah! We can use it to watch all the falling stars during the Empyrean Shower tonight! (GASPS) Oh, such a good idea, dear! - Thank you.
- (LAUGHING) Open mine next, Mrs.
Lance, you didn't need to get me a (FLY BUZZING) tent.
Thank you so much.
It's for camping! Queens go camping, right? Uh, not usually.
(GASPS) Hey! Speaking of camping, Eugene and I are making a whole night out of watching the shower.
We're actually gonna camp out overnight.
It's kind of a tradition.
Hey! Think I can borrow your tent? Ahem! Lance! It's time we had a little discussion about royal appropriate conversation! And I better pack for our big night at Mount Saison, right, Mom? Come on, Pascal.
She's certainly excited for your trip.
Not as much as I am.
My first birthday with Rapunzel, and it just happens to coincide with a star shower that only comes once every nine years? It's too perfect.
But mostly, this is our first trip together.
Everything's been so hectic since she's come back, and I'm looking forward to some nice, quiet mother/daughter time.
WILLOW (LOUDLY): Where's the birthday girl?! (LAUGHING) (SIGHS) Nigel! Looking good as always.
See, Stan? I told you a mustache would look killer on you.
(SQUEALS) Freidborg! Radiant as always.
I hope you haven't been boring everyone with those crazy stories about all the trouble you and me used to get into! (LAUGHS, SIGHS) She's such a chatterbox.
(SQUEALS HAPPILY) There's my older sister.
(GROANING) Oh, Willow, I had no idea you were coming.
And miss your birthday? Well, you have missed the last six, but who's counting? Huh? Has it really been that many? Big Fred! You always gave the best bear hugs.
Willow! (CHUCKLES) KING FREDERIC: What a delightful surprise.
Uh, Your Majesty.
W-what gives? It's the queen's birthday.
WILLOW: These folks should have the day off to celebrate.
I suppose there is cause to roister.
(WHISPERS): Really, Fred.
There's no need to shut the whole kingdom down.
Did you hear that everyone? WILLOW: You get the rest of the day off! (CHEERING) Ari.
I got you something very special.
Oh, Wilhelmina, you shouldn't have - (EXCLAIMS) - (TRILLS) Uh, it's, uh It's an UUmlaut.
And she's extremely rare.
I found her on my travels through the Neserdnian Empire.
(RINGING) - And what's this? - Her rattle.
Oh, the guy who sold it to me said to make sure that she has it on her at all times.
I don't know.
Must be a comfort thing.
(COOING) - Well, this is very - (SPLAT) Oh! Thoughtful.
Now, where's my long lost niece? You never wear shoes either? I've always said, how can you know where you stand in the world if you can't feel the ground beneath your feet? - Oh, my.
These are ah-mazing! Aw, thanks, Aunt Willow.
Rapunzel is quite the artist.
Well, obviously, Ari.
I mean, this one says so much.
(PASCAL CHITTERS) Sometimes, when I paint, I tell myself I'm not painting a picture, - I am painting a story.
- Painting a story.
- Right?! - (GASPS) Oh, my gosh! - Yes! - I paint too! - Well, that's funny.
- You do? You two have so much in You know what my favorite thing to paint is? RAPUNZEL: If you say "dreams" right now WILLOW: I was totally gonna say dreams! (RINGING) I'm not angry.
I'm irritated.
I love Willow.
She's fun, she's silly.
She's really outgoing.
But she can also be loud, inconsiderate, and a little - (LOUD SQUEAKING) - (EXCLAIMS) (TRILLS) (COOING) - Obnoxious.
- (TRILLING) I just wish I knew she was coming.
I-I could have mentally prepared.
At least I'll get a little break from her tonight.
Willow will just have to understand that Rapunzel and I made these plans to watch the Empyrean Shower together a long time ago.
(TRILLS) Besides, she won't even know we're going, unless Mom! Guess who wants to come to Mount Saison with us? (RINGING) (BIRDS CHIRPING) So, the best place to see the shower is the southern ridge at the peak of Mount Saison.
Then the southern ridge it is! - (COOING) - Who's a good UUmlaut? Who's a good UUmlaut? You are! - WILLOW: Yes, you are.
- I thought we'd take this trail.
Rapunzel, oh my goodness, the view is breathtaking! Who's fancy? You're so fancy.
- Now, I timed it out, so we should - I love you! - Yes, I do! - get there just before the shower begins.
(BABY TALK) (IRRITATED): Willow! - Are you ready to go? - Always.
Uh, Ari, look who you left behind.
- Our little UUmmy-wuumy peanut! - (TRILLS) (RINGING) Thank you, Willow.
I almost forgot.
Oh, my gosh! I didn't realize we were so close! - To where? - One of my favorite places in the world! - (RINGING) - (GROWLS) (SIGHS) Pascal, you're gonna love this camping trip with the guys! Yep! It's gonna be just like old times.
Out in the woods.
No need to worry about rules, or manners, or anything! I'm sorry, were those concerns of yours before? (CHUCKLING) Oh! Your Majesty.
Ah! Uh, hello, Your Majesty.
Ah, getting ready for the big trip, I see.
Yeah! Seeing the Empyrean Showers.
It's just this little thing we do.
Little thing?! It marks the first job we ever pulled as kids, your majestic one.
You know how easy it is to pick someone's pocket when their eyes are on the sky? Lance! Remember our discussion about king appropriate stories? - (PASCAL SQUEAKING) - Looks like fun.
A lot of fun.
(SIGHS) Everyone's having fun.
Hey! How 'bout you come with us? What? Me? No, no, no, no.
I mean, well, sure, I could use the fresh air.
I'll get my things.
What? I thought you liked the king.
Oh, I love the king, Lance, but he's the king.
And if I'm lucky, my future father-in-law, so if he's coming with us, we have to be on our best behavior.
And by "we," I mean "you.
" And by "our best behavior," I mean "your best behavior," because you cannot be a total slob in front of the king! - Relax, buddy.
- (GLASS SHATTERS) King or no king, it'll just be a bunch of guys camping, but if it makes you feel better, I'll be a paragon of eti (BELCHES) - quette.
- I'm sure you will.
WILLOW: So, I looked at Arianna, and said to the guy, "You keep the monkey.
I'll keep the fez.
" (LAUGHTER) But the most ridiculous thing that ever happened to Ari and me? Ooh! "Ari!" When we were kids, I had this idea for this giant cape slash kite, I could use to fly.
Oh, Willow! We should probably be on our way.
I was 98% sure it was gonna work.
Uh, what about the other four percent? That's what big sisters are for.
Am I right? Back then, (CHUCKLES) I called her "Dare-ianna.
" Because she was so eager to impress, she'd do anything I dared.
Long story, short.
Dare-ianna tried it, but crashed into our dad's carriage.
(ALL LAUGHING) So much for my cape/kite.
(FORCED LAUGHTER) Just another one of Willow's hare-brained failures, huh? (LAUGHTER STOPS) Awkward.
(RINGING) Uh, we should get going.
We don't want to miss that shower.
Bye, Dare-ianna.
We'll see ya.
(OWL HOOTING) I mean, don't get me wrong.
I love Corona.
Yeah, what's not to love? It's just once you've seen so much of the world, it's hard to settle down in a place like this.
It's too not fun.
(WHISPERS): I don't see how anyone could.
Okay, looks like we're coming up on the southern ridge.
Woo-hoo! The Empyrean Shower, here we come! I'm gonna go scope us out a good spot.
Southern ridge, huh? Yes.
Why? Well, if you really want Rapunzel to see the shower, - you ought to go - I ought to what, Wilhelmina? Please, enlighten us.
How can we best view the shower? Should we travel to the Mystic Cliffs of Gushombai? Ari, is something wrong? You know what, yes.
As a matter of fact, something is wrong, Willow.
You roll in like a cyclone, appropriate my birthday.
You embarrassed me in front of my family and subjects.
- (RINGING) - (GROANING) And give me this Oo UUmm It's a UUmlaut.
- (GROANS) - (RINGING) And I thought you'd like it.
No! No, no, no, you didn't, Willow.
You just like what giving me a cute, little exotic thing in front of everybody says about you! Did it ever occur to you that maybe a pet isn't the best gift? I found a great spot! I'm guessing not, because not only would that take forethought and restraint, but it would also require a grasp of what having an actual responsibility means! I need a minute.
Um, let's hope Lance and Eugene are having more fun.
- LANCE: Pork chop? - (FLY BUZZING) - (PASCAL CHITTERS) - I kept it warm in my boot.
Lance, I thought we agreed that because we were in front of certain company, that we going to be on our, meaning "your," best behavior.
- Uh, what do you mean? - Excellent question.
Just remember, before you say or do anything, take a second and ask yourself, "Is what I'm about to do or say inappropriate?" (SWALLOWS) I'm on it.
(CLEARS THROAT) So, Your Majesty, let me ask you.
How much does a king pull down a year? After taxes.
(EUGENE YELLING, GRUNTING) LANCE: Come on, man, be mature! (GRUNTING) (EXCLAIMING) LANCE: See what you did to the queen's tent? (EUGENE YELLS) (SIGHS) I'm sorry, Aunt Willow, but I really think I should go talk to my mom.
You heard her, 'Punzel.
She needs a minute.
Trust me, she'll be fine.
Don't let it ruin our night.
But it's not "our" night.
(EXHALES) 'Punzel.
(WHOOSHING) (TRILLS) (SIGHS) You're right, little guy.
This is silly.
We can still salvage the night.
(WHOOSHING) (TRILLS) (RINGING) (GROANS) Would you give it a rest? (TINKLING) (SQUEAKS) (GROWLING) Mom! I'm so sorry you missed the shower! And me too.
If it's any consolation, Ari, you were right about the southern ridge.
It was beautiful! Rapunzel, may I please have a moment alone with my sister? I said "sorry.
" What else do you want? Willow, our whole lives, you've done whatever you could to show me up, and honestly, I've come to accept that.
But you know what? Not when it comes to my daughter.
(GROWLING) Tonight was supposed to be special! Uh, it was special.
I'm not the one who stormed off seconds before the shower.
I didn't storm off, Wilhelmina! - (GROWLING) - What's wrong? - Where's your rattle? - (SNARLS) (SNARLING, GROWLING) Oh! I had a specific plan for tonight! Of course, you did.
You've got a plan for everything! You know, you think just because you've always got it so together, that everyone has to do whatever you say! (GROWLING) Oh! First of all, I never tell you what to do, and even if I did, you'd ignore it and do whatever you feel like anyway! (EXCLAIMING) You don't think I would love to have that kind of freedom? RAPUNZEL: Mom? Uh, Aunt Willow? - BOTH: What? - We have a problem.
Willow, what is happening? RAPUNZEL: I guess now we know what happens when she doesn't have her rattle.
You know what? I'm gonna take the blame on this one.
I'm the one that threw the rattle.
I can't let you take all the blame.
Oh, thank goodness.
You want to split it? Fifty-fifty? Sixty-forty? Like you said, you threw the rattle.
(SNARLING INTENSIFIES) - We have to get her rattle back to her.
- Where is it? - I see it! - Great! - Can we get it? - Shouldn't be a problem.
(WIND WHISTLING) Are you sure this doesn't hurt? I'm okay, I'm okay.
Just hurry! (GRUNTS) Eugene and Lance are down there.
Wow! The view from down here is amazing! It reminds me of the Mystic Cliffs of Gushombai.
- Just not as - Willow! Oh! Right! The rattle.
Got it! (TINKLING) (RINGING) (RINGING) - (RINGING) - It's not working! We have a Plan B, right? - (TRILLING) - (YELPS) (COOS) Well, hello there! Look at you! - (LOW RUMBLING) - Little cute - (SPLAT) - (EXCLAIMS) (SCREAMS) (RUMBLING) (SCREAMS) Your Majesty, this way! Come on! (RUMBLING) Eugene, I just want you to know, I will stop being so over-overwhelmingly ill-mannered.
No, no! I need to yell at you less when you think you're being endearing! And I will try not to be upset with you, when you are yelling at me for thinking I'm being endearing.
(QUIETLY): This trip was a mistake.
- (PASCAL SQUEAKS) - This way! Quickly! Up here! Whoa! EUGENE: Yeah.
I think this is the worst camping trip ever.
Eugene! Thank goodness, you're okay! Arianna, what is going on? The UUmlaut! I I took her rattle away.
Mom, uh, we might not have time for explanations right now.
(RUMBLING) What do we do? We tried to give her the rattle back.
No, we tried to give her copy the rattle back.
I think we have to find the original.
How are we gonna find that cute, little fuzzy thing? It could be anywhere! Come on, guys.
- (ARIANNA GASPS) - There's gotta be something we can do.
Actually there might be.
Hand me that rope.
We don't have much time.
(FABRIC TEARING) (WOOD SPLINTERING) (PASCAL SQUEAKS) LANCE: I don't know what this is but I know I'm not getting on it.
(RINGING) I just hope we can get her to hear it! Here! I made this! (RINGING AMPLIFIED) - That'll work.
- (CHUCKLE) I owe you one birthday gift.
Okay, Will.
It's a two-person job.
- One to steer, and one to shake.
- (TINKLING) You'd better let me do the flying this time.
- You ready? - Let's go.
(CHEERING) Oh, come on.
Where are you? There! (RUMBLING) (RINGING LOUDLY) - (RINGING CONTINUES) - (TRILLS) There she is! Take us in low! Okay, sis, now it's all on you.
- No pressure.
- Thanks.
(RINGING) (TRILLS EXCITEDLY) (RINGING) (TRILLS) (RINGING CONTINUES) (TRILLS LOUDER) (TRILLS) Did she catch it? (SQUEAKS TRIUMPHANTLY) - (CHEERING) - Whoo! Way to go, Mom! WILLOW: Nice one, Dare-ianna! Would you look at that? (RUMBLING) (WHOOSHING) (WHOOSHING) - (TRILLS) - (RINGING) (COOS) Bye, Aunt Willow! Please come back soon.
That was a heck of a plan, Dare-ianna.
It wouldn't have worked without your hare-brained cape/kite.
Love you, sis.
- I love you too.
- (RINGING) - Goodbye, my fancy pants.
- (COOING) Now off to explore new lands.
Tackle new adventures! And see new sights! And then, maybe I'll have a little lunch.
- Ta-ta for now! - (HORSE WHINNIES) I'm sorry your birthday didn't happen the way you wanted it to.
Well, when am I ever gonna get a chance to fly a cape/kite again? Willow can be a bit of a handful but if was really nice to get to know Dare-ianna.
And who knows? Maybe Willow will change! I mean, she did promise to take care of that UUmlaut.