Tangled: The Series (2017) s02e21 Episode Script

Destinies Collide

1 I got the wind in my hair and a fire within 'Cause there's something beginning I got a mystery to solve and excitement to spare That beautiful breeze blowing through I'm ready to follow it who knows where And I'll get there, I swear With the wind in my hair Previously on Tangled Where is it taking us? To fulfill your destiny.
These rocks were looking for you, and you must follow them to the Dark Kingdom.
We've experienced some pretty heavy stuff out here.
These black rocks are leading me to my destiny.
I have never been more sure of anything in my life.
I have to follow them.
What if they lead to somewhere I'm never supposed to come back from? Adira's lying to you! She she might have you think she's helping you to find your destiny, but if you go to the Dark Kingdom, you're doomed! Everyone must leave now! Your Majesty I said everyone! May this place and the cursed power that lies within it be forever wiped from existence! Yah! We made it.
The Dark Kingdom.
We just need a way to get the ol' camper down there.
Whoa, whoa wait, wait, wait! No! Not again! It served us well.
Oh, no! All my clean clothes! Shorty, you didn't have any clean clothes.
Well, not with that attitude, I didn't.
Your destiny awaits, Princess.
You sure you're ready for this? I just wish I knew what this is.
I mean, Demanitus said if I don't grab the MoonStone, the black rocks will destroy everything.
But I have no idea what to expect to happen to me when I do.
I don't know.
But whatever happens, you won't be facing it alone.
Now, now more than ever We must stick together, united Now, it's now or never So let's face the future clear-sighted Somehow we've managed to make it this far It's been one heck of a ride There's nothing I couldn't do Not with you by my side Maybe tomorrow will find you Our sorrow or story has come to an ending Maybe we're fated to be separated Who knows where our paths might be bending? How I wish we could stay here forever this way But perhaps there's no point in pretending If we're destined to head in our own different ways Let's make the most of these sweet final days Why not go out in a glorious blaze? 'Cause now, now more than ever We're fitted together, united Now, it's now or never So let's stand as one, undivided When we look back at this moment we had Then shall we tremble with pride There's nothing I couldn't do Not with you by my side What in the world would I do Without you Without you Without you By my side Hey! "When Rapunzel enters the Dark Kingdom, one of her team will turn against her.
" I don't want to believe it either, Max, but Demanitus has been right about everything so far.
No, I won't tell her.
I am not going to argue with you.
Look, this is the last time I ever ask a horse's advice about an ancient monkey scientist's warning.
Do me a favor and let's just keep this whole thing to ourselves, all right? Hey, what's this? This is so much fun.
No one is gonna turn against me.
Demanitus has to be wrong.
Everyone's had my back this far.
They're not gonna stop now.
Unless they think they're protecting you.
After all, that's how Cass injured her hand.
You don't think that Cass Look, look, look, I love Cass.
She's become like a sister to me.
Granted, you know, an annoying sister you only put up with because you have to, but maybe we should, ya know, keep an eye on Ahh! What is that bird doing? Uh, maybe you should try asking his friends.
They're all following that bird.
Pascal, lead 'em back this way! Get away from me! Whose stupid plan was this? Aaack! Never more.
Even the birds in this kingdom are hostile.
It's gonna take a lot more than a bunch of birds to stop us! Uh, something like this, for example.
That is a long way down.
Long way down, long way down.
Help! Did you hear that? Someone needs help! Anybody have any idea how we get across this thing? The interlopers still approach? Then we've got work to do.
I found a way across! Ta-da! Come on.
Who's afraid of a little old gondola? Yeah, high-fives! I love these attitudes! Blondie, that thing's a good 50 yards out there.
I can get it.
I'll get across, then wheel it back here for the rest of you.
Um, I don't know, Cass.
Trust me.
I can do it.
Of course, I trust you um, we trust you, but your hand.
Even with my hand, I'm still the most agile of all of us.
I mean, you'd think she would've taken the heavy armor off before climbing on a flimsy cable over an endless chasm.
Uh, maybe she's making a fashion statement.
Honey, armor is so last fall.
Whaa Wow, that takes a lot of guts.
I guess she really does have your back.
Unless she's planning on taking that car to the other side of the chasm and leaving it there.
Then you'd have no way of getting across.
Um, did you want me to get the door for you, too? Uh, that was pretty brave what you did back there.
I mean, I was gonna do it before you volunteered, but Thanks, Lance.
All in the name of fulfilling destiny.
You really buy all this destiny stuff? I believe everybody's got a destiny.
I told you Cass wouldn't let us down.
Okay, okay, I might have read too much into that monkey's warning.
It's just the thought of anything hurting you Look! Can we not go just one place without some weirdo jumping out of nowhere? Lance, Cass, you guys keep cranking! Get us across this as fast as possible.
Eugene, let's go see what our new friend wants.
Eugene! Eugene, watch out! Ahh! Ugh! Guys, uh, I'm not trying to rush you.
Go faster! Come on, Rapunzel! Yah! Where did she come from? Like an angel, she fell from heaven.
And now Adira's here.
Because, why wouldn't she be? - Adira! - No! Rapunzel, you and the others go.
- I'll hold off Mr.
- But I said, go! Now! Cassandra! Wait! All right, what do you say we call this one a draw? Eugene! No! No! Oh, that was thoroughly unpleasant.
Oh, thank heavens.
You're okay.
Well, what are you waiting for? I I won't fight you.
You are my son.
Father? You're my father? Well, of course! Of course, you are! I don't know why I didn't see it before.
I mean, the dark, soulless eyes, the unbridled aggression that drives one to attack total strangers! I am your father.
I'm I'm so sorry, Raps.
This is not how our story ends.
We're going back to get him.
No need.
He's fine.
He made it safely into the cave below.
I saw it.
Now, come.
Fish Skin didn't risk his life so that we could waste time looking for him.
Just a minute, Adira.
You knew that knight back there.
In fact, I'd bet you know a lot of things you're not telling us.
We're not going another step until you start giving us answers! You're right, Princess.
It's time you heard the whole story.
Don't worry.
It's actually quite an interesting story.
And it starts with the Moon.
Once upon a time, a single drop of moonlight fell from the heavens.
And from this small drop of moonlight, formed a single, seductive opal stone.
It had the ability to destroy any and all who would seek to possess it.
Centuries passed, this opal's defenses spread, and from that grew a kingdom.
A kingdom founded by our ancestors.
Generation after generation of our bloodline have stood guard here, helping to protect the world from the opal's limitless power.
But it was Edmund, the last of the Dark Kings, who tried to end this legacy and destroy the stone.
That didn't go so well.
In the fallout, I commanded my subjects to leave and never return.
Even my own son.
I sent my most trusted soldiers into the world to ensure this power be kept a secret.
For if it ever fell into the wrong hands, it would mean certain doom.
These knights called themselves The Brotherhood, which I always thought was a bit odd, because, well, one of us is a woman.
I refused to believe such darkness could exist without a light of equal power somewhere in this world.
As usual, I was right.
After years of searching, I found the Sun-drop.
Only you, Rapunzel, can restore balance to all things.
If you've known this all along, why have you been so cryptic? While I'm certain bringing the Sun-drop to the MoonStone will neutralize its threat, I'm not sure what will happen to you.
You mean if Rapunzel touches the MoonStone, she could I did not come this far to stop now.
Are we all friends again? - Sure.
- We never were.
This is the only safe way up.
Follow me.
Sorry, Max, it looks like you two will have to stay here.
Don't worry, m'lady! I'm great with children.
Ha, they're in good hands, Shorty! You're in charge.
And then there were four.
Welcome home.
Yeah, it's uh Wow, you really went all-in with the whole dark theme, didn't ya? Oh, he likes it.
So tell me this, Old Brooding Armor Guy.
What makes you think we're related, anyway? It's your eyes.
I can tell a lot by looking into a man's eyes.
Also my ravens have been following you ever since you left.
These don't do your nose any justice.
That's what I've been screaming! I think this reunion is off to a great start! We're finding common ground, exchanging stories.
I just might win him over yet! You know, I can hear what you're saying.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I must be speaking my thoughts out loud.
I have been alone a long time.
How's this? You are unaware of what I'm thinking now, yes? Yeah, no, you're saying everything that you're thinking out loud, and I can still hear all of it.
Drat! I will work on this skill.
Over time, my ravens lost track of you.
Oy, you see what I have to work with? Right.
Look, I've got to find my friends, you see.
I need to make sure Rapunzel is okay.
So long as she stays away from the MoonStone, she will be.
But she can't; she's the Sun-drop.
You don't know that she is, son.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You do not get to call me son! All right, listen.
I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice.
Here comes "The Glower.
" Wow, okay, yeah.
You can stop that.
This is kind of an off day for me.
This doesn't usually happen.
A quarter of a century ago, I had you taken as far away as possible.
Yet, after all that time and all those miles, you wind up here in front of me with this.
A weapon that could actually have the power to destroy the MoonStone! We shall destroy the MoonStone together! We? No, listen.
The black rocks made a path for Rapunzel, leading her here Leading you here to put an end to the MoonStone.
It can get into your head, fill it with thoughts.
That's what it's doing to your friend.
That's what it did to me, and I nearly destroyed my own kingdom.
I barely survived, but not everyone was so fortunate.
Your mother.
Perhaps it isn't Rapunzel's destiny to grab the MoonStone, but yours to save her from doing so.
Don't allow the same fate to befall the love of your life.
We're here.
Be on your guard.
This path is lined with lethal, inescapable traps.
Watch out! Great traps! Okay, so I oversold the traps a little.
They're old.
Whoa! Uh, what was that? The MoonStone.
It must know the Sun-drop is close.
Then we'd better get on with this.
Eugene! Oh! Thank goodness you're okay! I was so Eugene? What is it? I'm sorry, Rapunzel.
But I won't let you in.
Eugene, let me in! Eugene! "One of her company will turn against her.
" I can't believe this.
Princess, listen to me.
I've known Eugene my entire life, and he has never, and I mean never, loved anyone as much as he loves you.
Yeah, Raps.
Whatever he thinks he's doing, he must be doing it for you.
You guys are probably right, but I need to hear it from him.
We have to hurry.
The king has my Shadow Blade, which has the power to cut these rocks.
I know exactly what he's going to do with it.
Destroy the MoonStone.
Pascal, find a way inside, get to Eugene, and don't let him anywhere near that stone.
The rest of us need to look for a back entrance or something.
This can't be the only way into the castle.
I am afraid the King has sealed all the entrances to the If I know Rapunzel, she's gonna find a way in here.
Then we must get to the MoonStone first! These statues, are these my They're our ancestors.
Generation after generation have sacrificed to keep this stone from the world.
And now, you're here to help me destroy it once and for all, and take your place among them.
There it is, son.
The MoonStone.
No longer shall its burden fall upon us, for all that stands between us and our destiny is this bridge.
I'll go get a rope.
I thought I was an outcast I thought I stood alone A rogue, a thief, a joker No place to call my own I thought no one could love me And how could I have known I was wrong Oh so wrong And then I thought I found it A dream that I could share I thought I was so lucky It almost wasn't fair I thought I knew my purpose I thought that I knew where I belong But I was wrong Everything I ever thought I knew Where I've been, where I'm going Everything I counted on turned out to be untrue Could've guessed, should've known Now I do Everything I've yearned for, everything I planned All my sweetest memories were castles made of sand Now that it's all crumbling, help me understand If none of it was really me, then who am I supposed to be? And everything I ever thought I knew Every hope, every feeling Love and trust and happiness, They're done, they're gone, they're through And what's left? Me alone Once again, should have known Now I do I guess my life meant nothing I guess it was a sham I guess I'm someone else now I wonder who I am - Raps, are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
I think we'll be okay.
Great! A sewer full of lava.
Well, good news: this will lead us into the castle.
Lava sewer it is, then.
You heard the Princess.
I'm in charge.
I think you'll find me tough but fair.
Well great, I'm shrinking.
Oh, look, I can see my house from here.
How much further? Another couple hundred yards and we'll be directly below the throne room.
We'd better get to that MoonStone soon.
I don't know how much longer we can survive down here.
I'm gonna go with not much longer.
We must turn back and find another way.
Ooh! - We're trapped! - No! No, we're not trapped.
The rocks are working with us.
They're pushing us toward the MoonStone.
Huh! I'd say that's a pretty good theory.
Pascal? What are you doing here? Are you okay, frog? Yeah, yeah, I know I know you're mad at me, but I didn't have a choice.
Look, this is gonna sound crazy, but this place is where I come from.
I know we brought Rapunzel here to grab the stone, but everything everything is different now.
Look, the last time someone tried to destroy the MoonStone, I lost my mother.
I mean, what if we lost Rapunzel, Pascal? "One of her company will turn against her.
" It's me! I'm the one who turned against Rapunzel.
I should've known better.
All right, Pascal.
Let's go find Rapunzel.
Hey guys! I think I see a light ahead.
At long last, my son has returned.
Yes, he has come to answer his birthright.
What? What do you see? Is it Eugene? I think creepy guy's talking to himself.
This is good.
It means he doesn't suspect we're here.
He has come to embrace his destiny just as we all have.
The MoonStone chamber is just through those doors.
Okay, I'll need a distraction before I can slip in there.
No way.
You're not going in alone.
Who knows what's in there? Rapunzel should go in alone.
Only the Sun-drop can access the MoonStone's great power.
Since when did you stop trusting my judgement? Cass and I will go.
Adira, you're with Lance.
You two run interference against the king so we can slip by.
Okay, on my count.
One, two My next throw will find its target.
You were warned to stay away.
- Edmund - I have nothing to say to you, Adira! Your majesty, please.
The MoonStone knows I'm close.
I have to go.
No! No one may enter that room.
I'm going in, and you don't want to get in my way! You're not getting past me.
Yes, she is! Let her in! She's the Sun-drop! - Eugene! - Rapunzel, I am so sorry! - I just thought - There's no time for that.
We have to get to that stone! This place is coming down around us! But the MoonStone must be destroyed, son! - Son? - Son? You finally got adopted! - Look, I'll fill you all in later.
- Oh! I'm a prince.
What's goin' on? It can't be What is it? For centuries, my ancestors have sworn to protect this threshold.
And now, their spirits have arisen to uphold that oath.
Not necessarily how I imagined meeting your family.
Adira, catch me! Love hurts.
So, you have a dad? Yeah, turns out you weren't the only one who had a destiny waiting here.
No! She mustn't be let in! Listen, Your Majesty Father I I don't know what to call you, but you have to stop these spirits! Even if I could, she must never enter that room! Watch out! - Are you okay? - I had it under control! Lance, thank you.
They keep coming back! Then we got here just in time! You know, maybe you're right.
Maybe me coming back here is fulfilling my destiny.
But what if my destiny is not to join you in this place, but rather it is to rescue you from it! You don't have to fight anymore.
She's come to put an end to all of this.
Trust me.
How how can you be sure? You said you can tell a lot by looking into somebody's eyes, right? Well, look into mine, because I have faith in Rapunzel.
And you should, too.
Couldn't get through those ghosts, huh? Believe it or not, they are surprisingly stubborn.
Go figure.
Lance, don't give up.
Okay, Lance, buddy.
I think we learned something today: everyone has a destiny.
We have no idea what that fate is, but we do know one thing: we are not gonna meet it today! Lance, you're a genius! And that's the first and last time, I'll ever say that! Guys! Cover for Lance! Max! Heads up! Going down.
Our family is just awful.
It's all up to you now.
No, it's up to us.
We made it, guys.
Look, I know these last few months haven't been easy for us.
I wanna thank you for everything.
Okay, Rapunzel.
It's time.
This is it, Rapunzel.
Now go get your destiny.
I love you.
Cassandra? What are you doing? I'm fulfilling my destiny! I tried to warn you, Rapunzel.
You have to be careful who you trust.