Teen Titans (2003) s01e08 Episode Script

Deep Six

Watch it! Any of that toxic junk goes into the bay, we’re all in deep trouble! Who…or what are you? I am excellence.
I am perfection.
I am Trident! Hey! He’s everywhere! Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Begin launch sequence.
Main power online.
Oxygen tanks at maximum.
Defensive systems active.
Twin-turbo hydrojet engine purring like a kitten.
And your secret weapon is ready to rock.
Only time you qualify as a secret weapon is after eating a tofu bean burrito.
Uh, ’scuse me, bud.
Can you breathe underwater? Uh-uh.
Can you be any fish in the sea? Didn’t think so.
Beast Boy’s right.
His skills are essential to our mission.
We have to find out what this Trident guy is planning.
If it takes forty barrels of toxic waste, I doubt it’s environmentally friendly.
Titans! Launch! Oooh, wondrous! If you think they’re cool, wait ’til you see me out there kicking butt.
First I’m going shark.
Hey! What just…is this thing on? Hey, cut it out! Goodness me.
I seem to have accidentally switched off Beast Boy’s microphone.
Could you go ahead and accidentally leave it off? Sonar contact.
Beast Boy! Ready to go? Dude, I was born ready.
Time to do what I do best.
Try not to be jealous.
He just put on three hundred thousand pounds.
I am so jealous.
There’s our ship - but where’s the cargo? If this dude’s bad enough to sink a whole ship, those barrels could be anywhere by now.
Looks like Beast Boy found Trident.
Looks like Trident found us! Cyborg! Bring us about! Raven! Get ready to fire! Where’d he go? He is there! No! That way! It’s him! He can’t be in three places at once! Head for that The engines are fried! We’re going down! Your friends are in danger.
My friends are in what? Whoa! How did you say that? Dude! How did I say that? Okay.
Hero time.
This is my big chance to prove I’m the- -best? Main power’s down! Hydrojets are toast and we’re leaking air! Tell me something I don’t know.
We’re all going to drown.
Hull’s starting to give.
We sink much deeper, the pressure’s gonna crush us.
Let Pretty Boy wrestle.
Only Beast Boy can save a whole submarine.
Titans! Brace for impact! Oh, man! I got it, I got it! They got it? How come they got it? Because I asked for their help.
You talk to fish? Yeah, right.
I’m talking to you, aren’t I? Well, I, uh…technically I’m a squid.
It’s called telepathy.
Follow me.
“It’s called telepathy.
” I heard that.
Who is this guy? Beautiful.
It’s not beautiful! It’s totaled! Aw, man, I never even got to use the seismic blasters! Where are we? My place.
I told the whales to bring you here.
Oh, yes, truly, truly, thank you so much for saving us.
He saved you? Hel-lo? I was there too, you know.
You stopped Trident from kebabbing us with that souped-up shrimp fork? Way to go! Well, I was gonna, but… I’m Aqualad.
Sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier.
We Atlanteans try to keep a low profile.
Good job.
Don’t think anybody even noticed you.
You’re from Atlantis? And so is Trident.
He’s the worst criminal in Atlantis, with an ego to match.
Trident claims he’s perfect in every way- -so he thinks he can do whatever he wants.
Any idea what he wants with all that toxic waste? Whatever it is, it’ll be bad for both our worlds.
He’s already gained some kind of new power.
It’s like he can be everywhere at once.
Noticed that.
As long as we’re after the same guy, maybe we can help each other.
Whoa, hey, no, we’re good.
Got the whole Trident thing under control.
’Sides, I’m sure there’s a school of minnows somewhere that need your- We’re at the bottom of the ocean.
Our sub’s Swiss cheese.
And we cannot breathe water.
We’ll take any help you can give us.
Hey, Tramm! Want to give these people a hand with their sub? Tramm’s good with tools.
Yo, careful! That’s my sub you’re messing with! And while he’s helping you, I’ll track down Trident.
You mean I’ll track down Trident.
That’s okay, I can handle it.
Thanks, but I think I should do this.
Seriously, I’ll take care of it! Would you just get out of my- Let me go! Guys! Why don’t you both go track him down together? I usually work alone.
Me too.
You do not! You’re part of a team! And you hang out with Tramm the fish-boy! What’s your point? Hey! Arguing isn’t going to stop Trident.
Now get out and search - both of you.
I searched that region yesterday.
We’ll start over- Look.
I’m sure you’re some kind of local hero, but I’m a real hero from the big city.
So just let me call the shots- -and try to keep up.
I’m picking something up on my sonar! Come on! Congratulations.
You found other dolphins.
I knew that.
They told me where to find Trident.
Try to keep up.
Oh, I’ll do better than that.
Beast Boy! Stop! What’s the matter? Am I too fast for y- Heh…how’s it going?? Keep your thoughts to yourself, inferior foo! Oh, no, you don’t! This time he’s mine! INCOMING!! I said, “Incoming.
” He’s getting away! Where were you back there? Where was I? Fighting Trident by myself! You barely laid a tentacle on him! At least I managed to break his weapon! Dude, that’s just wrong.
I so broke that fork thing! There he goes! I saw him! He’s that way! I’m right, you’re wrong! End of story! If you don’t believe me, see you later! I’m telling you, he’s this way! If you want to go that way, be my guest - but I’m going to catch Trident! Pretty-boy know-it-all showoff.
Thinks he’s so- Worthless scum! You cannot defeat perfection! How many of those fork thingies do you have? I will win! I always win! I am superior! And I thought Aqualad had a big ego.
I just saw Trident!…No, you didn’t!…Yes, I did! Cut it out! I don’t care what you saw! I fought Trident! That’s impossible! Okay, dude.
What is your problem? What is your problem? We’re supposed to be on the same side, but you treat me like an enemy! I don’t need you on my side! This was my mission until you showed up! You think you’re so cool, but I’ve got a news flash for you.
You’re not better than me! I don’t think I’m better than you! You don’t? Maybe you’re better than me.
Who cares? I just want to catch Trident.
And to do that, we need to stop fighting and start working together.
Working together… Aqualad, what if there’s more than one Trident? Don’t be ridiculous.
How could there be- I know, but what if there is? If he found a way to copy himself? He could be in two places at once.
There wouldn’t be just one Trident.
There’d be… …thousands.
One Trident is bad… …but this is… …an army! Great.
My brilliant plan is already a success.
If one of me was perfect… …why not make more? You can never have too much of a good thing.
Once my army conquers Atlantis… …I will declare war on the surface world! Everyone on the planet will bow down before me… …and praise my perfection! Any bright ideas? Just one.
Try to keep up.
So, if you’re all perfect, which one of you is the best? I am! Come on.
You can’t all be the best.
One of you must be better than the others.
I am the original! I am the best! You are not the original! I am! Nonsense, you inferior fools! I am perfection! I am Trident! Great idea.
Kinda got it from you.
Now we just have to stop those clones from hatching.
Too late! We can’t let them escape! We have to find some way of sealing the exit! Right now, I’m just worried about getting to the exit.
Yes! Cool! Victory! Boo-yah! Seismic blasters worked like a charm! Nice repair job, Tramm.
Good thing Trident likes himself so much, ’cause I’m thinking he won’t see anybody else for a looong time.
Consider yourself an honorary Teen Titan.
We couldn’t have done it without you.
Right back at you.
It’s good to know there’s people up here I can trust.
And it’s good to know there’s folks down there who can fix a hyperjet.
Bye, Raven…Starfire.
It was…nice to meet you.
Oh, very, very, very nice! What can I say, dude? You’re the best.
You’re the best.
Yeah, you’re right.
And if you ever want me to prove it, I’m always up for a race.
Just try and keep up.