Teen Titans (2003) s02e04 Episode Script

Only Human

Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Just a little more - C'mon Cyborg, push! - What's it look like I'm doing Punch it, Cy! Straight through the roof! Yes, Inform that large mass of metal who is the boss Go Cyborg.
Alright Cyborg, C'mon It's no good.
Shut it down! No way Cyborg.
I won't let you quit.
C'mon push! - I can't! - Yes you can! No, I can't! I give you a nine for the dive, but a two for landing.
Nobody asked you.
Cyborg, what happened back there? - Get off my back.
- I'm on your side, remember? - I was just trying to get you to kick it up a notch.
- I don't have another notch! I'm not like you, OK? When I say I can't, I can't! When I was an athlete, when I was human, I loved pushing my limits.
Getting stronger, faster, better.
Just by trying harder than I ever had before.
My coaches would always tell me to give 110%.
- And I always did.
- You still can.
My muscles are mechanical now.
Limits are built in.
No matter how hard I try, - I didn't know.
- Well, now you do.
Whoa! And I thought Raven looked grumpy.
Our friend is more dysmal than the swamp moons of Mulwark.
Measures must be taken.
To replenish your heart with warmness and cheer I offer a traditional tamaranean folk song.
Starfire! Cut it out! OK dude, keep your eye on the cookie.
You supposed to laugh.
What do I have to do? Make it fly out my Let me try.
I don't want to talk about it.
I tried.
Tamaranean folk songs are even more cheerful when accompanied by the Gorka pipes.
Uh, Starfire.
Maybe he just needs some time alone.
C'mon guys.
You picked the wrong day to come online and mess with Cyborg.
At least I can still push myself in cyberspace.
Booyah! I don't know who you are or where you're from, but Atlas I just kicked your virtual butt.
Go Cyborg! Go Cy! No one defeats Atlas.
I demand a rematch.
- Anytime, anywhere.
- How about here and now? Atlas is ready.
Let the rematch begin.
You do not want to start with me man, especially not over a stupid video game.
- Atlas never loses.
- First time for everything.
- Cyborg? - Looks like he went out for some air.
Titans, go! Sorry folks, can't let you interrupt the Master.
This match is one on Goodbye, loser.
I hope you came looking for a fight 'cause you defintely found one.
Human provide no challenge.
Mechanic refit.
Looking sharp out there Atlas.
Keep up the good No challenge at all.
But you will make amusing trophies.
Let 'em go.
Hold, Atlas will defeat you, but later, in a fair fight.
No weapons and no friends.
- No! We finish this now! - As you wish.
Cyborg, we'll be alright.
Get your strength back, then get Atlas.
The old stadium, sunset.
Come if you dare, and I will let you have your friends back.
You can't hold us here forever! Now don't be a sore loser.
Atlas is just better than you.
Better than all of us.
Your Atlas is nothing but a zalward tubacplicson zorbarker! Yeah! What she said.
You watch your tone.
Atlas is the greatest.
He deserves your respect.
So do we get bathroom breaks? ATLAS: Mechanic! - Buff me.
- You got it, champ! Now remember, that Cyborg has a decent left hook so keep an eye out for - Never tell me what to do.
- Yeah, uh, sure thing chief.
Yo, Goldilocks! Let's do this! I did not think you would come.
- Humans scare so easily.
- I'm only half human.
And half of nothing is still nothing.
Mechanic! I want a fair fight human, so I shall willingly forgo my arsenal.
Say Tool Boy, while you're at it, why don't you shut off his big fat mouth? Nobody talks that way to You respect Atlas.
Does he respect you? Quiet, human! - Alright Cy! - Kick the butt! Go Atlas! Take him down! It seems you have reached your limit, but Atlas has power to spare.
Atlas! No one defeats Atlas! Fine, you win.
Now let my friends go.
No But, boss, you said Your friends will remain as my trophies.
And there is nothing you can do about it.
- Cyborg! - Please! Get up, Cyborg! Get up and fight! You can still beat him! No, I can't.
Fool! Did you actually believe you could defeat Atlas? I'm all robot, and you are only human.
Atlas wins again.
Derek Wyatt of East Gotham City I dominate you.
Give it a rest.
You're starting to repeat yourself.
But we must discover a way out.
There is no way out.
Now be quiet humans, Master's trying to relax.
- I am not human.
- But you are.
You should be on our side.
I'm on the winning side.
Atlas is the greatest.
No one can defeat him, no one! If Atlas is so great, why what does he treat you like a loser? - Mechanic! Oil! - Coming right up, boss! How could I? They were counting on me I just couldn't do it.
Atlas was right.
I am a loser.
- So that's it man? You just going to give up? - What else can I do? - I gave everything I had.
- Give more! Your friends are in trouble.
You have to go back.
You have to win! I can't win.
Atlas is stronger, Atlas is faster - He's just a better robot.
- But you arn't all robot half of you is human, and that is the half that can beat it.
Time to take it up a notch! Mechanic! More oil! This is cold, human! Give me warm oil! Get it yourself! What was that? No human tells Atlas what to do.
You sure about that? I'm human.
And I'm telling you let my friends go.
- Cyborg! - Yes! He doesn't respect you.
He doesn't even like you.
- Why do you serve him? - I have no choice.
- Atlas is stronger than me.
- No he isn't, Atlas needs you.
Your the one who fixes him.
You're his strength.
Without you, he's nothing.
And he knows it.
That's why he pushes you around.
Atlas is afraid of you.
Still got power to spare? Plenty.
Mechanic! Concussion blaster.
Heat cannon, now! No! Then stay out of my way! Let's see how far you get without my help! No! Titans, go! You wanted a fair fight? That's what you're going to get.
Five against one? This is a fair fight? - Oh, We're not fighting.
- Think of us as referees.
It's just you and me.
- Come on, Cyborg! - Get him, Cyborg! - You can do it, Cyborg! - Yeah, Cyborg, take him down! What's the matter? Running out of steam? Push, Cyborg! You can do it! You have reached your limit.
You can not win.
Yes, I can! Yeah, Cyborg! Alright! Nice! No more! I am defeated.
You are a better robot.
No, I'm a better person.
Mechanic, refit.
Ha, do it yourself.
And the winner by technological knockout, the mechanical manic, the bionic bruiser the one and only, Cyborg! I shall express my gratitude with a tamaranean folk song.
Way to go, champ.
Guess we better get you a new one of those.
Don't need it anymore.
My body may have its limitations, but if I put my mind to it there's no limit to what I can do.
After all I'm only human.