Teen Titans (2003) s02e08 Episode Script

Titan Rising

Azarath Metrion Zinthos Azarath Metrion Zinthos Azarath Metrion Zinthos Raven, heads up! Thanks, uh Good save.
Are you sure you don't want to play, Raven? Yes, please.
You must volley the ball with us.
Come on, I'll play with one hand behind my back.
I can't.
I have to meditate.
Heads up, again! Oh, No! I'll get it.
So, which team am I on? Terra! Terra! - Terra! - Terra! Terra! Terra! Terra! Oh, hello long lost friend.
You remember me, yes? Of course, Starfire.
I still have bruises from the last time you hugged me.
Terra, you're I mean I How's it Sup.
Well, if it isn't my favorite rock and roller? Cyborg.
What's shakin'? Good to see you again.
Good? Is he kidding? It's great to see you again! I didn't think I'd ever see you again! Raven, wake up! Terra's back, isn't that awesome? Super.
Just help yourself to anything in the fridge and don't forget to lock the door when you leave.
Actually, I kind of wasn't planning on leaving this time.
I'm ready to take you guys up on your offer.
I want to be a Teen Titan.
Got it, sorry.
Didn't realize the offer had an expiration date.
The offer didn't expire, we're just concerned.
Yeah It's cause last time when you kinda freaked out and ran away, you didn't exactly you weren't completely You couldn't control your powers.
Hello? That's why I left.
Robin said I needed practice, so I have been practicing.
Check it out! Glorious! Dude, she really has gotten better.
She learned a few tricks, doesn't mean she's any less dangerous.
Fantastic! See? I've got everything under control.
Wasn't me.
Earthquakes, small ones but they're happening all over the city.
- Too many to be natural.
- That's because there not earthquakes.
They're a trail.
Something is moving under the city.
We have to find out what.
Titans go! Are you coming or not? - Does this mean I'm on the team? - It means we can use your help.
Everything okay? Can't tell.
Are you sure it's safe to have her around? Not entirely, but everyone deserves a second chance.
- You missed the bus.
- Looks like you'll just have to take a cab.
- Azarath Metrion - I got it! Beast Boy! Good work, Terra! Now help me get in his face.
No! What are you doing? It's too dangerous, someone could get hurt.
I know what I'm doing, trust me.
Look out! - Way to go! - Way to go! Come on, he's getting away! Slade.
Robin, good to see you again.
- I do hope I haven't called at a bad time.
- The worm, what are you planning? Well now Robin, if you're so very curious why don't you come down here and find out? That evil worm has left a very long trail.
This tunnel continues for at least 2 more plinthorks.
And we're more than 300 meters below sea level.
What's it doing down here? Whatever Slade tells it to.
So, sorry about our little tug-o-war back there.
You know I wouldn't have let anyone get hurt.
- Whatever.
- Okay, look I don't know what your problem is, but get over it! If I'm going to be a part of this team, we have to get along.
You're not part of this team, not yet.
And if you endanger my friends again, you never will be.
The next time I tell you something's too dangerous take my word for it! Um, why does she hate me? She kind of hates everybody.
It'll be fine.
Raven just needs time to get used to you.
I think she's still getting used to me.
Dead end.
Not necessarily.
I'm picking up a signal from deep inside the rock.
Way deep, electronics and a heartbeat.
How about we dig down there and see what's up? Are you going to give me that look every time there's an earthquake? Titans ready! Hello? The good guys are over here! Dude, we got snubbed.
Because we are not their target.
Three of those worms together can wreck anything in the city.
- We have to stop 'em.
- We have to stop Slade.
Split up! Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy, go after the worms.
Terra and Raven, we're going after Slade.
Star, BB, let's move! I can make a tunnel on my own.
- Shouldn't she go with - No.
Raven's almost as good at moving earth as you are.
We're digging through solid rock.
I'm going to need you both.
Nice try.
I've got a fix on the signal.
40 degrees down, 600 meters deep.
- No problem.
- No problem.
- Is that as fast as you can go? - Not even close.
Careful, this rock isn't stable.
Just take it a little slow.
I'll take the ugly one.
Teen Titans, go! Guess I won't need to cut my fingernails for a few years.
BB, Star, we're getting close to the surface.
Whatever their target is, they're about to hit it with everything they've got Robin, it's the Tower.
They're attacking Titan's Tower! It's not just under attack, it's about to be underground.
- Our home! - Slade's trying to sink it.
One drill going up and another going down.
If either of them break through, we're gonna need a new place to live.
I like where we live.
Not even a scratch! If we can't break the drill, hacking this computer is our only shot at shutting it down.
Robin! Hang on! Forget about me! Shut down the drill! Good, Robin, now I have you all to myself.
Looks like it's just you and me.
We have to hack in.
Why hack, when you can smash? No! We don't know how this thing works destroy the controls and we might never be able to stop it.
Or we might stop it sooner and save our home.
Why can't you just trust me? Because you don't deserve it.
I have to meditate every day to keep my powers under control.
And I'm supposed to believe that you can suddenly controls yours? Trust is something that you have to earn.
- How? How do I earn it? - You can start by trusting me.
Okay, maybe smashing the computer was a bad idea.
The Tower! Going down.
Beast Boy, Go! Robin, we did it! We took out the drill! Robin? No! We have to go! - There's nothing we can do now! - Yes, there is, trust me.
Azarath Metrion Zinthos! - No way.
- Starfire, look! I can not, our home is - Saved! - But how? - Terra.
- And Raven.
Working together.
- So friends? - Close enough.
Sorry we kinda got off to a rocky start.
Actually, I thought things went pretty well.
Took me a year to stop hating Beast Boy.
- Where are we? - Your room.
Surprise! You guys did all this for me? Yeah, since you helped save our home and all, we thought you deserved your own room.
You also deserve one of these.
- So I'm - A Teen Titan! Glad to have you on the team.
Ah Yeah, very nice.
This is the best thing that's ever happened to me.
Welcome, new Titan! Congratulations, Terra.
You earned it.
There's only one way to commemorate such a momentous occasion, waffles.
- Perfect! - Can it be non-dairy waffles? Sounds good.
I will catch up in a minute, okay? I don't believe it.
They actually trust me.