Teen Titans (2003) s03e05 Episode Script


[SNORING] [DOOR OPENS] [YAWNS] You still up? I've got work to do.
Well, whatever you're looking for is probably asleep, like you should be.
Lockdown initiated.
Good night.
[LIGHTS BUZZING] [COUGHING] CYBORG: He's not coming back, you know.
That's all that's left of him: Nothing but dust.
We can't be sure.
He was never captured, never found.
It's over, Robin.
Slade's gone.
[ALARM RINGING] Trouble! # When there's trouble You know who to call # # Teen Titans! # # From their tower They can see it all # # Teen Titans! # # When there's evil On the attack # # You can rest knowing They got your back # # 'Cause when the world Needs heroes on patrol # # Teen Titans go! # # With their superpowers They unite # # Teen Titans! # # Never met a villain That they liked # # Teen Titans! # # They've got the bad guys On the run # # They never stop till Their job gets done # # 'Cause when the world Is losing all control # # Teen Titans go! # # One, two, three, four, go! # Teen Titans! [MEN SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY] [ALL GRUNTING] [ROARS] ROBIN: Drop it, Cinderblock, before we drop you.
You always were.
I knew you'd come back.
[GRUNTING] [PANTING] Already out of breath? Don't tell me you've gotten soft.
Save your energy.
You're going to need it.
I merely freed Cinderblock to get your attention, and now that I have it What are you planning? Seismic generators, Robin.
Three of them, placed on fault lines all over the city, and in three short hours, they'll trigger an earthquake so magnificent, it will break your city in two.
Not if I break you first.
[GROWLING] Yahh! [THUNDER CRACKS] BEAST BOY: Uh, sorry to interrupt your little nature hike, but where were you? We had to finish off Cinderblock by ourselves, in the rain, and [SNEEZES, THEN TRUMPETS] Great.
Now I've got a cold.
He's back.
You sure it was him? [SNIFFLES] You kind of had Slade on the brain lately.
Maybe It was him.
He's going to create a massive earthquake, and we have three hours to stop it.
I don't get it.
The dude fell into a pit of lava.
Who lives through something like that? Apparently Slade.
Yeah, he's pretty Pretty [SNEEZES] Slippery.
We'll worry about how Slade survived later.
Right now, all that matters is how we stop him.
Cyborg, check out the bridge.
Raven, take the park.
Beast Boy, the pier.
Starfire, we're going after Slade.
[THUNDER CRASHES] Fear not, Robin.
We will stop him.
We have no other choice.
[COMMUNICATOR BEEPING] CYBORG: Robin, I'm at the bridge.
Did you find the generator? Man, I can't find diddly.
No signs of anything unusual.
Nothing here either.
BEAST BOY: I got bupkis.
[SNEEZES] ROBIN: They're there.
Keep searching.
[SNEEZES] [SNEEZES, THEN BLEATS] [SNEEZES, THEN ROARS] I told them exactly where Slade put the generators.
I should have gone myself.
They will be found, Robin.
You must have faith in your [THUNDER CRASHES] Robin? Tick tock, Robin.
This is going to be easier than I thought.
You've gotten sloppy while I was away.
[GRUNTING] [GROANS] Hi-yah! [THUNDER CRACKS] Ugh! STARFIRE: Robin! Starfire, stop him.
[THUNDER CRACKS] [PANTING] What happened? [SIGHS] You are hurting me.
Slade ran right by you.
How could you let him get away? But, Robin, there was no one there.
I think Slade sent us on a [SNEEZES REPEATEDLY] Wild-goose chase? Can I please go lie down now? I've run a sweep of the city's seismic faults.
They're all clean.
I'm thinking all this seismic generator stuff is just another one of Slade's tricks.
I am not so certain that Slade is behind this.
What happened? Where's Robin? Robin has elected to search on his own.
Huh? Why? He said he saw Slade.
I tried to see him, I truly did, but I could not.
I have never seen Robin so angry.
So angry at me.
Let's go find Robin.
SLADE: So here we are again.
The old haunt.
Just the two of us.
Slade, show yourself.
Come out and fight.
Relax, Robin.
I'm not going anywhere.
[PANTING] Ugh! [GRUNTING] [PANTING] Brings back memories, doesn't it? All I remember is how much I hated you.
What I remember is that you couldn't defeat me.
At least not all alone.
[BUZZING] [EXPLOSION] Pity your friends are of no use to you.
Why couldn't Starfire see you? I believe you are familiar with cloaking technology? I'm familiar with all your tricks.
That's why you're not going to get away with it.
[YELLING] Our time apart may have made you soft, but it's only made me stronger.
[GRUNTING] [GROWLING] Your friends won't find the generators, and they can't see me.
They can't see the truth, Robin, even when it's right in front of them.
Then I'll have to take care of you myself.
I've stopped you before.
Robin, if you've stopped me, then why am I still here? [YELLING] [GRUNTING] [BONES CRACK] ROBIN: Aagh! [YELLING] [PANTING] You can't even touch me.
[YELLING] How can you save a city, Robin, when you can't save yourself? [GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] [YELLS] [PANTING] [TRANSPONDER BEEPING] Robin's locator signal.
He's nearby.
[CRASH] [ROBIN SCREAMS] Very nearby.
[ROBIN GRUNTING] Robin! [ROBIN GRUNTING] Um, since when is Robin into mime? Slade! [BOTH GASP] What are you doing here? You're supposed to find the generators.
I don't think there are any generators, man.
We looked everywhere.
Slade must be cloaking them, just like he's cloaking himself.
That's why you couldn't see him.
But if I could not see him, why could you? What are you trying to say? Robin, are you sure you really saw Slade? Saw him? I fought him.
You think I did this to myself? Dude, this is the only way out, and we were standing here the whole time.
No one got past us.
No one was in here but us.
I don't have time for this.
I have to find those generators.
There are no generators.
There is no Slade! I know what I saw! I have to stop him.
I'm the only one who can, and I'll take down anyone who gets in my way! [GROANING] [MOANING] ROBIN [MOANING]: Huh? Huh? [GRUNTING] STARFIRE: But must we keep him restrained? CYBORG: He threatened us, Star.
He's dangerous.
BEAST BOY: Dangerous? Try totally flipped out, cuckoo, labonza.
[SNEEZES] [GLASS SHATTERS] RAVEN: We've gotta run some tests on him, figure out what's going on.
SLADE: Alone again, Robin? As long as I'm around, you are never alone.
[ROBIN GRUNTING] Relax, Robin.
I promise you won't feel a thing.
[THUNDER CRASHES] STARFIRE: Please, you have uncovered the cause of his strange behavior? So far everything looks normal.
But he is not normal.
Robin would not do these things.
He would not threaten his friends.
He would not shout at me or There is a cause! And you must find it! Star, I'm sure there's a good explanation, okay? Maybe Slade really is invisible.
We just can't No! He still woulda shown up on my radar.
I'm telling you, he wasn't [BEEPING RAPIDLY] His heart rate is off the charts.
Blood pressure.
Most people can't survive this kind of stress.
Robin! [GASPS] Wow.
BEAST BOY: And I thought I didn't like going to the doctor.
But where is Robin? [FOOTSTEPS] There! [GASPS] [ALARM BLARING] Whoa! [GRUNTS] Robin's activated the quarantine protocol.
Nothing can get in or out.
We shall see about that! Careful, Star! [STARFIRE GRUNTS] We must find Robin.
What are you doing? Finding Robin.
Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos.
RAVEN: Robin, I'm here to help you.
ROBIN: Raven, what are you? You have to get out! Slade.
He'll destroy you.
RAVEN: Robin, your heart.
You're in danger.
You have to trust me.
Slade isn't here.
He's not in the tower.
No, he's here.
He's real.
I've seen him.
Then let me see through your eyes.
See, Robin? There's no one here.
There never was.
[SLADE GRUNTS] [SCREAMS] [GASPS] Slade! You saw him? [SIGHS] I don't know if he's real or not, but he's real to Robin and that's all that matters.
The stress on his brain is destroying his body.
Robin truly believes he's fighting Slade.
And Slade is winning.
I can feel him.
He's not gonna make it.
Then let us end this battle now! [GRUNTING] [GROANING] Oh, Slade, stop.
[GRUNTING] No, Robin, I won't stop.
Not now, not ever.
I am the thing that keeps you up at night, the evil that haunts every dark corner of your mind.
I will never rest.
And neither will you.
My friends say you're not real.
Oh, I'm very real.
[GRUNTS] Could you have gotten all those bruises from someone who wasn't there? You can't even touch me.
All these bruises But you don't have a scratch.
[THUNDER CRASHES] There was no one there.
There are no generators.
[BEEPING] There is no Slade.
SLADE: I am the thing that keeps you up at night, the evil that haunts every dark corner of your mind.
[GROANING] Every dark corner.
You're only in my mind.
Only in the dark.
My friends are right.
You aren't real.
I'm real enough to finish you! Lights out, Slade.
Robin! It's okay, Starfire.
[SIGHING] It's okay.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] Looks like Slade pulled off one last trick.
His mask contained a chemical reagent that infiltrated your nervous system.
The dust, it made me see, hear and feel Slade, even though he wasn't there.
And the more you fought, the more harm it did to you.
And anybody else who got in the way.
Scan says you're all clear now though.
Yeah? Well, just to be sure [SIGHS] I've been fighting Slade for so long, I guess it's hard to just let it go.
But sometimes I feel like I'm the only one still looking for him.
The only one who can stop him.
Robin, you are never alone.
And if Slade really does ever return, we'll be ready.
We've got things covered here.
Why don't you get some rest? Sounds like a good idea.
BEAST BOY: Okay, he's better.
Now what about me? I'm dying over here.
[SNEEZES] [SNEEZES, THEN CROAKS] [CROAKS] [BOTH LAUGH, THEN SIGH] What is it? The reagent in Slade's mask didn't trigger itself.
There was a signal.
Somebody triggered it from outside the tower.
# T-E-E-N # # T-I-T-A-N-S # # Teen Titans # # Let's go! # # T-E-E-N # # T-I-T-A-N-S # # Teen Titans # # Let's go! # # T-E-E-N # # T-I-T-A-N-S # # Teen Titans # # Let's go! #