Teen Titans (2003) s04e07 Episode Script

The Prophecy

It has begun.
ROBIN: Freeze.
Dude, we've been looking at this thing all day.
- I'm telling you, there's nothing else there.
- There has to be.
Play it again.
Slade kicks butt, take 304.
Cyborg, anything? I cross-matched that symbol with every database on the planet.
ROBIN: And? - Nothing.
Whatever it is, it's not from Earth.
New powers cryptic threats targeting Raven.
Slade's playing a whole new game now.
ROBIN: And this symbol is the key.
We will find out what it means.
SLADE: Ticktock, Raven.
Time's running out.
I'm not afraid of you.
Silly girl, I'm not the one to be afraid of.
You know that.
TRIGON: What you have concealed, you shall become.
It's a lie.
I won't let this happen.
I'll find a way.
SLADE: Your optimism is really adorable.
But you're forgetting one thing, Raven this is what you were born to do.
You were sent here to destroy the Earth.
TRIGON: Your destiny will be fulfilled.
The portal must be open.
[GASPS] [PANTING] It's my destiny, there has to be a way to change it.
I know there is.
I just need a little help finding it.
This has to be wrong.
[KNOCKS ON DOOR] ROBIN: Uh, any luck finding the symbol? No.
It's not in any of my books.
Are you okay, Raven? You look a little Well, paler.
It's nothing.
I just haven't been able to meditate lately, that's all.
Look, I know Slade scared you, but we'll find out why he was after you.
Slade doesn't concern me.
]: Friends, come quickly.
Cyborg was correct.
This symbol is not of the Earth.
And what I have discovered is most disturbing.
Give your attention to this quadrant.
In the folklore of the Zargak nomads markings such as these were used as a prelude to the Goulding.
- Actually - A ritual that requires all Zargak warriors to consume vast quantities of bortha worms and It's tofu calzone.
My bad.
Never mind.
[EXPLOSIONS] I do love my job.
[GRUNTS] ROBIN: Vandalism? I'd say you hit an all-new low, Slade.
The Teen Titans.
Nice of you to drop by.
But as you can see, I'm in the middle of something.
I'll deal with you in a few minutes.
We'll deal with you now.
You can't always have what you want, Robin.
Titans, split up and take him down.
Doesn't Slade know this whole block is already slated for demolition? Since when did Slade need an excuse to wreck stuff? [GRUNTING] Why did you come back? ROBIN: Where did you get these powers? You want to know about this, don't you? How many sleepless nights have you had trying to uncover its secret? Well, let me put your mind at ease.
It's called "The mark of Scath.
" And it's about to become very popular.
What are you planning? I'm not planning anything.
I'm simply providing a valuable public service: Illumination.
Fire in the hole.
- Yeah, you better run.
- Rawr! What do you want? Only what any messenger wants, Raven: For their message to be heard.
It's time your friends learned the truth.
And if you don't tell them I will.
Leave them out of this.
I didn't bring them into this.
You did, the day you came into their lives.
Ticktock, Raven.
Time is running out.
- Titans, do you read me? - I read you, but I don't see you.
I see you all.
And something else.
ROBIN: Everything in a three-block radius has been destroyed except this.
Slade left it standing for a reason.
According to the city's master plan, this is the original town library.
But it's been abandoned for decades.
No wonder.
This place is a dump.
Aah! ROBIN: The mark of Scath.
Slade told me the name.
RAVEN: We shouldn't go in.
It's probably a trap.
It's also our only lead.
We'll just have to chance it.
[STRAINS] BEAST BOY: Dudes, even without the creepy librarians, I'm not digging this place.
It's a dead end.
There's nothing here.
Can we go now? [METALLIC SCRAPING] Aah! Uh, I mean, cool.
Secret passage.
You go first.
I did not realize your libraries housed such unpleasant sculptures.
They don't.
This part of the building is old.
I mean, "old" old.
CYBORG: Like before the city was built.
PHANTOMS: The gem was born of evil's fire.
The gem shall be his portal.
He comes to claim.
He comes to sire the end of all things mortal.
Raven? Raven! Are you okay? This place.
It's I shouldn't be here.
It's all wrong.
What's going on, Raven? What aren't you telling me? I can't explain.
I just need to leave.
I can't go back in there.
- The gem was born of evil's fire.
- It appears to be some kind of prophecy.
- The gem shall be - Whatever it is, it doesn't sound good.
- This is evil, even for Slade.
- He comes to claim, he comes to sire - the end of - Not Slade.
Whoever he's working for.
"The gem shall be his portal.
" Scath is coming.
And this gem is how he gets here.
If we're going to stop him, we need to find it and destroy it.
Unh! Robin where is Raven? She's not coming.
You might be able to stop me from meditating but you can't stop me from leaving.
Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos.
Karazon, Racashos, Endareth.
Vasirix, Zendrien, Azarath.
Azarath, Azarath.
So how far down do you think it goes? Only one way to find out.
Then we better get started.
I'm willing to bet that gem is down there.
Yeah, but what else is down there with it? [GASPS] PHANTOMS: Woo - Sounds like we've got company.
[ALL SCREAM] [GASPS] [GRUNTING] I can't hit them.
[GRUNTS LOUDLY] But they can hit us.
[SCREAMS] - Oops.
- Uh-oh.
Follow me.
Uh, maybe you didn't get the memo, Robin? You and me can't fly.
Unh! Hmm [GASPS] Another passage.
This way.
Uh Which way is the gem? Follow the mark.
There's no mark.
What do we do? Pick one.
Uh, eeny, meeny, miny moe.
Not moe.
Not moe.
This way.
Let me in.
It appears we cannot get out.
But at least those things didn't follow us in.
BEAST BOY: Uh, guys? You kind of need to see this.
I'm getting a serious déjà vu vibe here.
Not only that, but something about this place seems really familiar.
It looks like Raven.
The gem, it's gone.
SLADE: You must be disappointed.
Where's the gem? Not here.
But much closer to you than you think.
Who is Scath? Tell me who you're working for? Hmm I'd love to introduce you but unfortunately, you won't be around that long.
RAVEN: Azarath.
My last hope.
[SCREAMING] Now, Titans, you're just delaying the inevitable.
We're not leaving without that gem.
You don't understand.
You're not leaving at all.
[GASPS] [MOANS] [GRUNTS] You know, I actually like working for someone else.
It lets me be a little more hands-on.
[VOICE ECHOING] Hello? [FOOTSTEPS ECHOING] Not like I expected a parade, but Arella.
RAVEN: No, wait.
I've come back.
Mother, please, help me.
You always had a home here, my child.
But help we could not give.
The prophecy, it's happening.
You have to tell me how to stop it.
Nothing could be done.
The promise of your birth was absolute.
I don't believe you.
There has to be a way.
I don't wanna be this.
I don't wanna help him.
Mother, I'm afraid.
You forever had the love of your people, Raven even knowing what you would become.
And what that would bring.
It was too late for Earth.
Just as it was too late for Azarath.
[TRIGON LAUGHING EVILLY] [ALL STRAINING] SLADE: Struggling only makes it worse.
And how I hate to see you suffer.
This won't hurt a bit.
RAVEN: Wanna bet? I told you to leave them out of this.
How sweet.
You've come back to save your friends.
But you're only delaying their pain, and yours.
Well, what are you waiting for? Aren't you gonna attack? Reduce me to ashes.
Or did your master forbid you from hurting me? Did he order you to keep his gem safe? - So Raven has the gem? - No.
ROBIN: Raven is the gem.
I'll be sure to give him your regards.
I'm not finished yet.
[GRUNTS] This time, I have a message for you.
[BOTH GRUNTING] You tell him that he'll have to destroy me before I help him.
You can tell him yourself.
The hour is near.
[YELLS] I'm not afraid of you anymore.
You might not fear me, but look who's afraid of you.
Raven? The ancient order used the name Scath to protect the true identity of their master.
We know him as Trigon.
Are you serious? That's who we're up against? Oh, man.
His cruelty is legendary.
Even on my world.
So, what makes you go all glowy in the dark? It's a warning.
It means Trigon is coming.
And the way he gets here is through me.
I'm not just a person.
I'm a portal.
But Raven, why you? Because Trigon is my father.
Bad things are going to happen soon.
Really bad things.
And it's gonna be my fault.
I thought I could handle this alone.
I tried, but I was wrong.
For confiding in us, we are most humbled.
I only have one question: How do we stop him? We don't.
But that doesn't mean we still can't try.
SLADE: The prophecy has been revealed.
The portal has accepted her fate.
TRIGON: You served me well, Slade.
Continue to please me and I shall honor our deal.
I shall return what you have lost.
SLADE: I am depending on it.