Teen Titans Go! (2013) s01e10 Episode Script

You're Fired

[opening theme playing] [roaring] We've got to stop Plasmus before he destroys this planet.
Titans go! [music] Hmm.
What to turn into? What to turn into? This is not the time for style, Beast Boy.
Hold your horses.
A horse.
Too obvious now.
[Raven groans] What about a pterodactyl? A pterodactyl would be great right now.
I was a pterodactyl last week.
[screams] Come on, Beasty! Turn into something! Ah! I know.
I'm gonna save the day as a Huh? Huh? I'm a llama.
Pretty fresh, right? [gulping] [sighs] - Beast Boy.
- [burps] Yes.
What's going on? Who's the lady? This is Gayle, from human resources.
- We have human resources? - There's no easy way to say this, but your employment with the Teen Titans is officially terminated.
What? You're joking.
[chuckles] Tell me you're joking.
- Right, guys? - Gayle? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Is this about that planet blowing up? Okay! I messed up.
But everyone messes up from time to time.
- To time, to time.
To time.
- To time.
- To time.
- To time.
And lately, you've seemed to have forgotten what being a hero is all about.
No fair! I never knew what it was about in the first place! [sobbing] Okay, then.
I guess this is goodbye.
- Yep.
- Sure.
Adios, champ.
Guess we need a new Titan.
One that has animal super powers.
And preferably doesn't drink straight from the milk carton.
[music] Vixon.
[chuckles] That's a nice name.
Uh, says here, you can mimic the abilities of nearby animals.
So what? You make bird sounds or something.
Tweet, tweet.
Next! Cyborg, be cool.
Excuse him, Vixon.
He's not happy with our recent personnel changes.
[beeps] [crying] [Robin clears throat] Let's see what you got, Vixon.
[pulsing sound] [squeaks] Cyborg: [in sing song] Lame! So lame! [pulsing sound] [eagle screaming] That was so lame.
Lamey, lamey, lamey.
[applauding] Boooooo! Boo.
Sorry Cyborg, but it looks like we've found our newest Titan.
[squeaks] [slurps] - I'm not living with her.
- Robin: Next! [buzzes] - Nice to meet you, B'wana Beast.
- Cyborg: B'wana Beast? [laughing] I bet you b'wanna new name? - Cyborg.
- If you b'wanna some pants I could get you some.
[chuckles] - Enough! - But I b'wanna no Cyborg! [chuckles] Okay.
Why don't you demonstrate your powers for us? Must you use the silky for the demonstration? I'm sure it's perfectly safe, Star.
[roaring] [all screaming] Oh! That's not right! Robin: Next! [buzzes] Yes.
My name is Detective Chimp.
Both: Next! [buzzes] My name is Beast Babe.
[giggles] Next! [buzzes] [splash] Worth a try.
Jayna: Excuse us.
We're the Wonder Twins.
We heard you're holding auditions today.
We are like such huge fans.
You have no idea.
Show us what you got.
Both: Wonder twin powers, activate.
Shape of tiger.
[roaring] That tiger is awesome! - Form of water! - That tiger is awesome.
I also transform into ice and gas.
[all murmuring] - Good news.
Jayna, you're hired.
- Yes! Zan, we decided to go another way.
[sighs] Wait.
We need each other to activate our powers.
So, it's either all or nothing with us.
That could be a problem.
[all murmuring] Good news.
A position just opened up.
As our receptionist.
[phone ringing] Titans tower.
Zan speaking.
[caller talking indistinctly] No.
He doesn't work here.
You want the bat cave.
I'm sorry.
I'm not at liberty to give that number out.
[crashing] [people screaming] Hey, Jayna.
How's the new job? No time to talk.
We're in the middle of a battle.
- Just need to activate my powers.
- Oh, right.
Both: Wonder twin powers, activate.
Shape of kangaroo.
Form of receptionist.
[phone ringing] Titans tower.
Zan speaking.
[caller talking indistinctly] No.
You want the bat cave.
[caller talking indistinctly] Bat cave! Thanks for coming, Cyborg.
Means a lot to me.
Hey, even though you're no longer a Titan, - we can still have lunch, right? - And of course, by "have lunch" you mean plot to get my old job back.
[chuckles] No.
I mean have lunch.
[slurping] - So, she's terrible, right? - Jayna? No way.
She's funny, knows how to cook, great in the garage.
Plus, I never knew how much I loved a woman with some pointy ears.
Ugh! What a real nightmare.
I bet she's a terrible hero, too.
Huh? When she turns into animals she's not green so we can use her powers in a lot more ways than we ever could with you.
To be frank, I never realized what a drag on the team you were until now.
So, if I'm reading between the lines correctly, you're saying, the best way to get my job back is to sabotage her.
I love it! I think you're misunderstanding me.
Can you pass the fries? - I said fries.
- Exactly.
Zan, my man.
Beast Boy? What are you doing here? I'm here to help.
We gonna get your sister fired.
[gasps] I do hate this job.
But I could never do that.
Well, if that's how you want things to be.
My soda could use some ice.
- Do you mind? [slurps] - Let's do it! Zan, emergency! Need to activate our powers.
Zan? Never mind.
From now on you are not leaving my side.
Titans, quick.
There's trouble on the other side of town.
We'll need to act fast.
Both: Wonder twin powers, activate.
- Shape of - [whispers] Sloth.
Sloth? Wait for me.
[all groan] Never mind.
[roaring] Both: Wonder twin powers, activate.
Shape of rhino.
[bellows] Form of ice.
[screaming] [thud] All: Never mind.
[exclaims] Hey, everyone.
The Beast is back.
What are you doing here? Figured you guys might be in the need of my heroic services.
Nah, we're good.
But what about her messing up all the time? The useless Wonder Twin confessed you were behind it all.
Hey! Who says Zan has no use? Not my dogs.
That's it! I quit! Hey! What about my dogs? Where are you going, Zan? Zan?! [all gasping] I can't be a receptionist any longer.
I'm great at one thing and that's being water.
That's why I've decided to join the ocean.
[flushing] Deep.
- This is terrible.
- Yeah, he left the seat up.
We have to stop him before he floats to sea or we'll never find him.
How? Without Zan, I can't transform into a fish to swim after him.
But I can.
- Yep.
- Well, what are you waiting for? Got to figure out what to turn into.
Octopus? Hmm.
Alligator? Have you learned nothing, man? Nope.
But it doesn't make me any less of a hero.
- Flush me.
- And a lifelong dream finally comes true.
[flushing toilet] [music] You can't stop me! - There's nothing to grab.
- Oh, yeah? [warbling] Got you.
Hey! [laughs] You tickle in there.
Ah! [spits] [chuckles] Stop it.
Ah! You know, Beast Boy, you're not perfect but today you reminded us you truly are a hero.
Farewell, wondrous twins.
Both: Wonder twin powers, activate.
Shape of octopus.
Form of ice-unicycle.
[splashing] [duck quacks] Since I'm a hero again, does that mean I can have my old job back? We have something else in mind for you, big guy.
[ringing] Yes.
This is the bat cave.
Batman speaking.