Teen Titans Go! (2013) s01e26 Episode Script

Power Moves

1x30 - Power Moves [opening theme playing] [sirens blaring] [man screaming in distance] Time to put the hive in their place again.
- Titans, go! - Whoa.
Slow your roll, dude.
Me and Cyborg got this.
Yeah, we have some new power moves we wanna try out.
- Power moves? - What is the power move? They don't know what a power move is! [laughs] Surely they're joshing.
- We better take them to school.
- Then ring that bell, dude.
[ringing] [electrical whirring] Cyborg: It's when one superhero takes his powers Beast Boy: And combines it with the powers of a second superhero.
Cyborg: And form a totally brand new Both: Power move! Example.
The power ball shuffle.
Power ball shuffle? - I saw no shuffling.
- And I did not see the ball.
Perhaps you'll like our next move better.
Both: Thunder alley knockout! That's what's up.
Are all these moves just going to be some dumb combination that starts with you throwing each other? Just wait until you see [neighing] Both: Centaur kick! [whinnying] - Yay! - All right! - Yay! - Huh! Whoo! Guys, watch out! I got it! [explosion] Whoa.
Both: Power move.
[playing video game] [tittering] So anyone need any [laughing] refreshments? - No.
- I'm all good, bro.
- No, thank you.
- One tasty beverage coming right up.
Both: Flying soda grab.
Well, this has been truly awful.
Dude, you're doing power moves with Robin, now? Don't take it personally, we just make a better team.
'Cause you're lame! Whatever, dude.
You want in on the next round, Cy? - You know I do! - Sorry.
Cyborg and I need to see what other kinds of power moves we can come up with.
[beep] [mechanical whirring] [ceiling cracking] [mumbling] So great for you.
[wind howling] [whimpers] Ooh! Hey, there you are, Raven.
You wanna maybe work on some power moves together? No.
Aww! - But I need a partner.
- Don't care.
It's super easy.
All you gotta do is pick me up and throw me.
[gasps] Oh! [groaning] That was surprisingly fun, let's do it again sometime.
Since merging our powers worked so well, I think we should try merging other aspects of ourselves.
Sounds like a plan, bro.
My staff and your boom-box! [whirring] [clicks] Uh-oh! Now we have done it! [pop music playing] Your super sweet birdarang and my hi-tech motherboard.
- What's up, fellas? - Love it! Our munches! [music stops] Now that was just messy.
[slurping] That was fun, but I'm gonna see what Beast Boy's up to.
What? [glass shattering] We need to find more ways to merge ourselves.
I think I'm done merging for today.
Oh, but there's one more thing we can merge.
[laughing manically] Dude! What's wrong with you? And that creepy laugh.
- Are you ready for this? - I'm ready, Beast Boy.
[laughs] Then here it goes.
The new Beast Boy-Starfire power move.
Both: The flaming spiked ball of the death! [whooshing] Ooh.
Aah! Ow! Ow, ow, ow! I'm on fire, I'm on fire! [screaming] [groaning] What happened to you? Working on my new power moves without you! Speaking of where's Robin anyways? I thought he was "merge obsessed.
" - Well - Who cares.
I'm just glad that he's not around for once.
Hey, Beast Boy.
[screaming] What are you doing in there? I moved in.
It's the ultimate merging of our powers.
I don't know, Robin.
Do you really think this is a good idea for for for [sneezes] Gesundheit.
Power sneeze! Huh? Huh? Power sneeze! That just ain't right.
That's disgusting.
A little.
But together we can stop every threat that comes our way.
[clanging] [screaming] Both: Snack combo! Eat.
[gulping] - Ugh.
- Now, that's a mouthful.
Both: Fashion combo.
[laughing goofily] Now, that's a fashion no-no.
Smooth move, bro.
[disco music playing] [music playing loudly] - [music stops] Robin.
- What's up, buddy? Moving in was a big step.
And it was an awful step.
You need to get out of my body! No way! Together we're the ultimate superhero! We can't give this up.
Yes, we can! You're getting out! Now! [Cyborg struggling] - What are you doing? - Cyborg: Ow! Ow! Oh, now it's on! [siren blaring] [blowing smoke] Ow! [electrical malfunctioning] [groans] Quit punching yourself.
Why are you punching yourself? Quit punching yourself.
Ow! Ow! How are you doing that? Oh! Wait, is that you? Is that you? Oh, I'm so confused.
Ah! Ow! Ow! Ow! - All right, break it up.
- Please, Robin, this is not the normal.
You have to stop.
We need you both back.
Not going to happen.
Dude, get him out of me! Please! - Out you go.
- Starfire: Robin.
[struggling] [all crashing] Time for some power moves! Birdarang barrage.
What are you doing, Cy? He's making me do power moves against my will.
- Just knock him out already! - And there's only one way to do that.
All: Ultimate Titans power move! [striking] [Cyborg crashing] You did it, Beast Boy.
You saved me.
Well, Robin, do you have anything to say for yourself? That was an amazing power move! - You really liked it? - I loved it! It was so much fun combining powers with my friends.
Yeah, it was pretty epic.
Is there any way to add me in? Dude! Yeah, sure.
Bring some of those birdarangs on board and we can make it the ultimate extreme Titan power move.
I like the sound of that.
A little help.
Anyone? Little help.
Could you maybe put on the TV.