Teen Titans Go! (2013) s01e46 Episode Script

Grandma Voice

Oh, man.
It's about to get crazy.
This is the best concert ever.
You know it.
Can you believe all those suckers in there paid for tickets? And ours only cost free-ninety-nine.
Those beats is mad sick, kid.
Know what would make tonight even better? ALL: Snack bar run.
Yee-haw! Score.
- Ooh, half a hot dog.
- Ha, ha! And you guys thought we needed money to have fun.
Man, being broke is so cool.
That's right.
Hey, Cyborg, hand me a wall napkin.
Guys, check it out.
Killer Moth put up a sign for Silkie.
Like we would ever return our beloved house pet to that villainous lunatic.
Yeah, that would just crush Starfire.
I'm not sure Killer Moth made this sign.
I think a snake wrote it.
Those are dollar signs, Beast Boy.
He's offering a cash reward for the return of Silkie.
- Cash? - Dinero? - Moola? - Buckaroos? You know, I bet Killer Moth really misses Silkie.
If I lost a pet I'd probably want him back too.
Perhaps selfishness blinded us and we should return him? It is the right thing to do.
ALL: The right thing to do.
And that is how the beautiful princess mercilessly killed all her enemies and became queen.
The end.
Now it is the bath time.
Ew! Do you not think the daily ritual of bathing is necessary? Not when you do it on the couch.
With your tongue.
I have found it is the best way to evacuate the most stubborn gunk.
For being such a good Silkie, I shall now share my zorkaberries.
Blah, ew, ew, ew! We are merely sharing our mutual affection.
Silkie's only affection is for that bowl of food.
Do not listen to her, Silkie.
Her insides are dark.
You, my darlings, will rise up and take over the world.
- Killer Moth.
- The Teen Titans.
You shall not defeat me.
For I have been D D D Save it.
We're here about the flyer.
Larva M3-19? I missed you so much.
My special little guy is back.
This is embarrassing, you guys seeing me like this.
Just look away.
Thank you so much for returning him.
ALL: It was the right thing to do.
Well, then, goodbye.
Okey-dokey, see you the next time I try to destroy the world.
- You're waiting for the reward, aren't you? - Huh! Oh, my gosh, there was a reward? - You didn't have to.
- We were just trying to do the right thing.
Oh, Silkie.
- Really? - The Silkie has gone missing.
I found this at the location of the criminal action.
It indicates that a snake has stolen the Silkie.
Uh, no.
I think someone just returned him to Killer Moth for a reward.
But who would do such a thing? The Killer Moth is a bad man.
What's there to worry about, he's a bug.
The Killer Moth will not lick behind his ears.
And he most definitely has horrible plans for the Silkie.
Let me tell you something, and this may sound harsh but Silkie is incapable of loving you the way you love him.
Huh! No, you are wrong, Raven.
I know the Silkie loved me more than anything.
More than anything.
Oh, Silkie! Oh, Silkie.
Whoa, I've never seen so many zeroes in a row.
I don't know how to spend this much money.
You're right.
What're we going to do? Wait, who's the richest person you know? BOTH: Scrooge McDuck.
That's right.
So how would he spend his money? CHORUS [SINGING.]
: We're rich, ooh-ooh This whole place is filled with money We're rich, ooh-ooh I never knew you could swim in money We're rich, ooh-ooh The gunk accumulates.
Oh, gross.
What are you doing? - Bathing you? - Okay, that's it.
You need to move on.
Silkie is gonzo.
How can I move on when he is surely suffering right now? Come with me.
I'm going to show you Silkie is perfectly happy with his rightful owner.
Now that you are back in my clutches, Larva M3-19 you will get exactly what you deserve [GASPS.]
tummy farts.
What did I say? He's fine.
He cannot be fine.
The Killer Moth has forgotten to bathe the Silkie.
KILLER MOTH: And now it is time for your bath.
Can we go now? KILLER MOTH: A bath in this tub of chemicals that will mutate you into a harbinger of destruction and death.
Killer Moth.
You will not lay another hand on the Silkie.
He belongs with Starfire.
- Too late.
- Huh! Wow, what a day.
Race cars.
- Lasers.
- Airplanes.
- We solved some mysteries.
- Rewrote history.
Man, it's all such a duck-blur.
So why do I feel so bad? Money was supposed to make everything better.
But we were happier eating out of that dumpster.
We made a terrible mistake returning Silkie.
I think we need to spend our last few dollars trying to make up for what we did to Star.
Yes, yes.
Now destroy them, my evil beast.
Oh, my gosh.
Look how big I am.
Whee! You can talk, Silkie? Oh, my gosh.
I can talk.
Kill them, Silkie.
No way.
I want to fly.
Aw, this could not have gone worse.
I spent all my savings to mutate you into something really horrible and I get this? Ugh.
I give up.
I'm going to bed.
- I want more tummy farts.
- No.
You are even more adorable at this size.
Thank you.
I love you.
- Huh! You love me? - I love you.
Oh, my little bumgorf.
I knew it.
Wow, I guess I was wrong about Silkie loving you, Star.
I'm sorry, guys.
That's okay.
I love you too.
Who wants to go for a ride? - A ride? - A ride.
- A ride? - A ride! Whee! Yay! Oh, Silkie, it is wonderful.
Look, it is the Tower.
- I sure hope Star likes these kitties.
- What the? [ALL GASPING.]
Star? Kitties! [ALL SCREAMING.]
NARRATOR: And Silkie and Starfire had many other amazing adventures.
But that is another story.