Teen Titans Go! (2013) s02e19 Episode Script


2x19 - "Halloween" It is time.
I must don the ceremonial garb.
Tonight, darkness shall creep over the land, terror will walk the streets, and children will shriek in fear, for tonight we will face our greatest demons.
Happy Halloween! Yay, you're a purple bunny.
I'm a Pretty Pegasus.
Come on, guys.
Halloween! Look, a scary ghost.
Your paper ghost is well made, Raven, but far from the frightening.
I am a Jack-o'-lantern.
Boo! What a waste of good produce.
Who wants candy? We can get bags of it tonight.
If we want candy we'll go buy some.
Beast Boy, I know for a fact you love costumes.
We wear costumes every day, mama.
What's going on, guys? Halloween is our favorite holiday.
It was our favorite holiday.
Now it's president's day.
Do you not remember last year, Raven? Oh, why did we eat all the candy? I don't feel so good.
Me too, bro.
I think I'm gonna - Thunder! - Thunder! Thunder cats! That's what happens when you eat candy with the - wrapper still on.
- Why do you care so much anyways? Because I'm half demon and, you know, I like doing scary stuff with you guys.
We did too, Ray, but the best part of Halloween was being scared and now that we're older it just isn't scary anymore.
Yeah, I'm a grown man now, doin' grown man business.
I don't have time to be scurred.
Halloween hasn't been scary since I was a little gillnart.
What are you talking about? It's totally still scary.
Yep, not scary, trying to watch.
Oh, you guys are so lame.
So Halloween isn't scary anymore.
I've got just the thing for that.
A witch's eye a dragon scale, a mummy's hand, a goblin's tail, and three candy corn.
Two candy corn.
Who summons my might on this old hallows night? Oh, great Halloween spirit, I totally need a solid.
My friends aren't into Halloween anymore.
Not into Halloween? Whatever do you mean? Well, they say it's not scary anymore because they're too old.
Too old they say? Well now they'll pay, for my boos and ghosts, we'll plot and scheme to make your friends all run and scream.
Why are we suddenly scared of everything? Ahh, we're kids again! - Whoa, you made them kids?! - You did say they were too old.
That's not what I meant.
- Whoa, Rave, why are you so big? - Why are we so little? - And why am I so adorable? - I pee-pee'd myself.
What was that? - Monsters! - Don't let 'em in, don't let 'em in! Code red, I repeat code red! Go into lockdown, now, now, now! Guys, they're just trick-or-treaters.
Phew! - Scary, huh? - Yeah.
That was a close one.
Boo! No! Oh, it feels so good to be out.
Time to make some kiddies shout! - Who was that? - And why am I so adorable? Uh, that was the Halloween spirit who I guess you made mad by saying you were too old for Halloween, so he turned you into little kids or something.
- The hallo-what-spit? - The Halloween spirit.
Behold! "Since the dawn of time, Halloween spirit terrorized the land, bringing nightmares to life, feeding on the fear of all children.
As their screams grew stronger, so did his power.
Finally the people had enough.
On the full moon of all hallows' eve, they fought their fears and banished the Halloween spirit.
from their victory our Halloween traditions were born.
" We can banish him again, but we need to do it before the full moon sets, or you'll be trapped as kids forever.
What do we do? We fight.
In order to return the Halloween spirit to his realm, we're gonna need a few things.
What were we thinking? My quirltrap has never quivered so violently.
Guys, I know it's scary, but this is what Halloween's all about.
Braving your worst fears for the one thing we need most.
- What's that? - Candy and lots of it.
Candy? Lead the way, purple bear.
I'm a Pretty Pegasus.
Now, let's trick-or-treat! Uh, Rave? Now that you kids have had your fun, it's time to make you scream and run.
- It is not working.
- Must be because we're afraid.
As long as he's feeding off our fear, we can't beat him.
What do we do? Run! What now? I'm sorry, guys, it's all my fault.
I summoned the Halloween spirit.
- Why did you do that? - Because Halloween was the one day of the year we all looked forward to.
Carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating, haunted houses, I was just trying to get all that back.
- Instead I ruined Halloween.
- Are you kidding, Raven? Even though I've had to change my pants three times, this has been the best Halloween ever! I hope my quirltrap never stops quivering.
Yeah, being scared is so much fun! It's like being an adorable little kid again.
Really? Then let's power up with some Halloween candy and take these guys down! Halloween spirit, I command you to restore my friends and return to your realm.
Don't make me laugh, purple giraffe.
I'm a Pretty Pegasus! And the name is Sparkle Face! Jack-o'-lanterns.
Light 'em up.
Keep it up, guys.
We did it.
Best Halloween ever! - Whoo! Whoo! - Let's do it again next year! Thanks for spending Halloween with me, guys.
And thanks for reminding us how fun Halloween can be.
- There's just one last thing.
- What? Boo! I love Halloween.