Teen Titans Go! (2013) s02e26 Episode Script

Hot Garbage

2x26 - "Hot Garbage" [OPENING THEME PLAYING] [MUSIC] What up, my mans and womans? [ALL EXCLAIM] Ugh! [EXCLAIMS IN DISGUST] What is this horrible odor? [SNIFFING] I don't smell anything.
Don't smell it? I can see it! It's thick enough to cut through! [WHIRRING] It's really not that bad.
We're not going down without a fight.
Titans, go! [ALL GRUNTING] [ALL EXCLAIMING] [SNIFFS] I don't smell it.
[TWITCHING] [BUZZING] [STRUGGLING] [MECHANICAL WHIRRING] [INHALES] Finally! Relief! This is indeed preferable to breathing that into my nose.
I refuse to be killed by a malicious odor.
We are going to live! - [SIGHS] Do we have to? - Yes! Yeah! - Resurrection punch! - Ah! Kick of life! [YELLS] Spirit slam! [GRUNTING] Huh, I thought you were really dead forever this time.
Why is not Beast Boy affected by this noxious aroma.
[FLIES BUZZING] Because the smell is coming from his room.
[FLIES BUZZING] Son, that's disgusting.
Someone could get lost in this mess.
This place is a pigsty, Beast Boy.
Well, where else are the pigs supposed to go? [OINKING] Oh! Piggies! Piggie, piggie, piggie, pigs.
[OINKING] It may look messy, but I know where everything is.
That's the garbage tree where the possums live.
That's where I keep my mold collection.
And that's Sticky Joe.
Hey, Sticky Joe.
Howdy! Unacceptable, Beast Boy! ROBIN: Garbage trees, mold, Sticky Joe? - Howdy.
- This is no way to live.
You are way too comfortable in this mess.
Why do you not discard the garbage? Garbage? You're talking about my favorite pile of dirt! [MUSIC PLAYS] [DENTURES CHATTER] [MUSIC STOPS] Each stain, each sticky lump in this room is a memory to be cherished.
As your best bro, I have to tell you [WHISPERS] You need help.
Maybe I do.
But no one has ever taught me how to clean! Then while we deal with this, Raven can help you.
I'll try it then.
But please don't throw away my scab collection.
[ALL SCREAMING] [SHUDDERS] Understood, Beast Boy.
Begin with the scabs.
_ Let's start simple.
Here's some garbage, here's a trashcan.
What do you do? No problem, mama! Easy-peasy! [GIBBERING] No! What am I doing? That was a perfectly good banana peel! There you are! [SIGHS] Hey! Who threw away this greasy napkin? Oh, man! Look at all this good stuff in here.
CYBORG: Shoo! Scat! [ALL SQUAWKING] [SCREAMING] The garbage, the garbage, the garbage, and the garbage.
[SPITS] _ Okay, you can only keep one of these items.
- Which one is it? - Oh, this one is easy.
This No, this! Wait, no, this! No Wait, they're all so great.
[CRIES] I can't decide! [YELLS] I can't decide! [ROBIN GRUNTING] [CLANKING] [GRUNTS] Beat it, Sticky Joe! And don't come back! [GROWLS] You are a trash magnet! Where did you learn it was okay to live in garbage? From my hero! Another cool green dude who liked to break the rules.
Now remember, kids, always be filthy.
Love your garbage and it will love you back! [TOY SQUEAKS] Now, let's sing "The Dookie in a Jar" song.
[CHUCKLING] He was the best! You know what? I love my mess.
And I'm not gonna let anyone take it from me! Stop throwing my stuff away! I know all you see is junk, but these are my most prized possessions.
I love my garbage and my garbage loves me back! I'm never cleaning this mess! Ever! Beast Boy, if you don't clean this room, we will make you.
You're forgetting this is my room, bro.
[LAUGHS] You think we can't find you under there? - I do not see him anywhere.
- Out of the way! [GASPS] Whoa! You guys have got to see this.
[ALL GASPING] Whoa! CYBORG: This is a lot of garbage! [ECHOES] How will we find the Beast Boy in here? Old fashioned tracking.
We pick up a scent! Now come on, smell! [SNIFFING] Oh! [GAGGING] Ugh, all I smell is butt and fish! You're not smelling hard enough! Somewhere under all that butt and fish is Beast Boy's scent! Now, smell! [STRAINED GRUNTS] Guys, I found some footprints.
Forget the footprints! Smell! [SNIFFING] They lead in this direction.
I think I have something.
[SNIFFS] [RETCHES] Somewhere in between these notes of rancid milk and wet dog, I found his scent Guys? [SIGHS] I cannot take this heat.
This is some hot garbage.
Guys, do you feel that? It's raining.
[CHUCKLES] It's raining! [ALL CHEERING] This feels so good! Ah! So very refreshing.
- Whoo! - Oh, yeah! [CHUCKLES] Wait! How is it raining in Beast Boy's room? Aren't we under his pile of sweaty shirts? ROBIN: No It's a sweaty rain! It's a sweaty rain! [CRIES] [ALL EXCLAIM IN DISGUST] Ugh! Let me under that umbrella! Let me under that umbrella! - There is not enough room.
- Just do the squeezing in! [ALL GASP] [EXCLAIMING IN DISGUST] We can't track him in here.
Our only chance is to clean the room ourselves.
[CHUCKLES IN DISTANCE] What was that? [CHUCKLING CONTINUES] I think we're being tracked.
[ALL SCREAMING] It's the garbage monster! Hey, guys! You've really lost it, Beast Boy.
Living in this filth has driven you mad! You're the crazy ones.
You can't see the beauty in this mess.
[MUSIC] Beauty? Are you serious? I wanna show you something.
[SNAPS FINGERS] Let me take you all on a magical carpet ride.
Where did you acquire the magic carpet? I told you, I have everything in here and you guys wanna throw it away! Come on.
[MUSIC] Let me show you my world! Glistening! - Glimmering.
- Gorgeous! A great new world! [SNIFFING] [CARPET SQUEALING] [CRASHING] Now do you understand why I can't throw all this away? No.
This is trash and I'm going to take it out.
[GRUNTING] [RUMBLING] Dude! That was a structural support bearing apple core.
- We're gonna be buried alive! - Don't worry, I've got this.
All I need are possums, socks and Sticky Joe.
Uh, I already threw that stuff out.
[SHRIEKS] You did what? Why would you throw away garbage? Through that hole! [SCREAMING] [HEROIC MUSIC] Howdy! CHILDREN: Sticky Joe! [SCREECHING] I was wrong about you, Sticky Joe.
[SNIFFLES] I'll never forget you.
Now do you understand why I keep my room like this? Garbage isn't just a bunch of garbage to be thrown away.
Love your garbage and it will love you back.
You have enlightened us on the ways of the filth.
- Thank you, Beast Boy.
- That's right, I'm the dirtiest.
Now let's sing "The Dookie in a Jar" song.