Teen Titans Go! (2013) s03e13 Episode Script

Scary Figure Dance

"Scary Figure Dance" Titans, it's time to commence Operation Halloween.
- Cyborg, carve that pumpkin.
- Yes, sir.
- Spin some spooky spider webs, Beast Boy.
- On it.
Star, we need apples for bobbing.
I have the apples, but I cannot find the Bob.
And, Raven, skeletons! Straight from your closet, hey, Raven? No, these are from dead people.
Great, Titans, everything's in place for our best Halloween ever.
Now, let's get things started with that old holiday favorite, "The Scary Figure Dance.
" We really have to fight crime tonight? On any other Halloween I'd say no, but the H.
is trying to blow up the Jump City candy factory.
Titans Go! - We got the treats.
- Now for the trick.
Trick or treat, H.
Whoa, whoa, we already made a trick or treat pun.
Sounds like a trick, but I've got a treat for you.
Stop that.
Once a variation of trick or treat has already been used, - you can't use it again.
- Fine.
The puns are yours, H.
, but justice will be ours.
- We won't let you destroy that candy factory.
- Too late.
No! All that candy, gone.
The hallow has been un-weened You interrupted our Scary Figure Dance and destroyed the candy supply.
You've ruined Halloween for the Titans! Now, we're going to ruin yours.
Ruin our Halloween, ha! You don't have a ghost of a chance.
"Ghost" That's it! - So, what's the plan? - All eyes on me, Titans.
Bring it in a little bit closer.
- Closer, perfect.
- Now, what? This seems like a terrible plan.
- That was easy.
- We finally destroyed the Titans! - Woo-hoo! - Yeah.
Now, let's enjoy the rest of our Halloween.
- What was that? - I don't know.
Must have been the storm.
Ow! Hey, who did that? - What? - Wasn't me.
This is getting weird, yo! Everyone stay calm.
It's probably just H.
Tower is haunted.
You mean, ghosts? Um, maybe I should call those guys.
- Who? - Um, I forget their name, but they're good at busting ghosts.
- We're not busting any ghosts.
- Aw, but busting I know, it makes you feel good, but I have a better idea.
The only way to get rid of a ghost is to find out what it wants by conducting a seance.
Now, everybody join hands, close your eyes and be very, very quiet Hey, ghost, we wanna talk to you! Get out here! What, you've never been to a seance before? No, no! What up, fools? The Titans? Nice try, but thanks to you we're ghosts.
Consider yourself haunted.
Why are you talking like that? Because this is how the ghosts talk.
It's really annoying! We know.
Then stop it! No.
- Please.
- Okay.
Phew! Thank you.
Just kidding.
What do you want? We want to enjoy our Halloween, by ruining yours as scary ghosts.
So, you let us destroy you so your ghosts could haunt us on Halloween? In retrospect, it was a mistake.
But, hey, what are you gonna do? You make decisions.
And - We get it.
- Besides, you're not very scary.
Oh, yeah - Ahh! - Going down? What do you want? To show you the true meaning of fear, Jinx.
Prepare yourself for an awkward elevator ride.
No! Youse just got hit with the slime, yo.
It's a long way down.
I see, you've noticed my coffee breath.
Hard to ignore, isn't it? Excuse me.
Apologies, our intent was not to frighten you.
Yeah, sorry about that.
We are here to possess you! Whoa, check me out.
Hey, bro.
- Where is all the chicks at? - Who gives the care? My only interests are the good times and the sports.
That's what I'm talking about, dawg.
- Yeah, check out my new kicks.
- Yeah, yeah.
- You, you are the dawg.
- Yeah, I know, right.
Check out my pants.
- Let us go eat the pizza.
- Yeah.
With shirts on.
Slimy, slimy, slimy Slimy, slimy, slimy Get that good slime all over your face Your resistance to social awkwardness is impressive, but tell me, how do you feel about eye contact?! No! No more! You awkward Muh-ha.
Hey, I know how to get rid of the Titan ghosts.
- So do it already.
- You won't like it.
What What? What happened? The doctors fixed you up, good as new.
- We are the living.
- So, we can't talk like this anymore.
- Nah, man, it's inappropriate.
- Ah, well.
- At least we ruined your Halloween.
- You were annoying, but our Halloween actually ended up kind of awesome.
- We had a real haunted house.
- And being a ghost was super awesome.
Whoa, wait, we all had a good time? In that case, there's only one thing left to do.
The Scary Figure Dance.
I was literally in my workshop one night When my see-alls saw a curious sight For my scary figure from his bed began to rise And suddenly to my surprise - # He did the dance # - # The scary figure dance # - # A scary dance # - # I was stuck in a trance # - # He did the dance # - # The scary figure dance # - # A scary dance # - # It scared me out of my pants #