Teen Titans Go! (2013) s03e38 Episode Script

The Art of Ninjutsu

"The Art of Ninjutsu" [OPENING THEME PLAYING.]
ALL: Ninja! - BEAST BOY: Hey, guys! - Why are you dressed like that? I thought this was a slumber party.
This is not a slumber party, dude.
This is a mission.
So, how come you're all wearing those footie pajamas? We are not wearing the footy pajamas.
These are Shinobi Shozoku, the traditional garb of the ninja.
They are designed for stealth operations.
And without them, we'll never complete our mission.
Capture the McGuffin hidden inside this fortress.
What's a McGuffin? - It's what we're after.
- But what is it? That's not important.
What's important is we move [WHISPERING.]
Oh, snap! A penny! [LAUGHS.]
Guys, look! A penny! [ALARM BLARING.]
My bad.
Behold! Inside that box is the McGuffin.
- You still have not told us what it is.
- It is what we've come here for.
- But why? - When you see it, you'll understand.
The McGuffin needs no explanation.
- BEAST BOY: Well, let's open it up, yo.
- CYBORG: Stop! [BLOWS.]
Whoa Cool.
Touching those lasers will trigger the alarm and this mission will be a failure.
Go! - Dude! - The lasers! Please, I'm so cool, these lasers ain't even going to feel me.
My bad.
My bad! My bad! [ALL SCREAMING.]
We may have failed to acquire the McGuffin, but we're not giving up.
It must be acquired at all costs.
You still haven't told us what this McGuffin is exactly.
Yeah, I haven't heard of a McGuffin and I've heard of a lot of things.
Let's just say that it's a desired object that for a long time has both motivated me and driven my actions.
That still does not inform us of what it is.
- I think it's Scotch.
- I've never heard of it.
- He's saying it wrong.
- Whatevs! Being a ninja is lame.
Lame? What about all that cool stuff we were doing on the mission? - I wasn't really paying attention, bro.
- Then is this lame? Wow! Whoa.
Sick! ALL: Ninja! So, what do you think now? You gots to teach me the art of the Ninjajitsu! Very well.
But you must swear to follow my instructions to the letter.
- And call me Master.
- How abouts I call you Tiny Face? - No.
Uh, Fish Lips? - No.
- Iron Buns? Hmm, no.
Call me Master or forget learning the Art of the Ninja.
- Can't do it, Iron buns.
- Then I cannot teach you.
- Ninjas, we go.
- See you, bro.
Uh, I'm not comfortable by myself.
I'll call you Master! I'll call you Master! Then your training begins now.
Disguises let the ninja hide in plain sight.
Huh? Where did he go? Ninja! Ninja.
- So ninja trippy! - I know, right? Ninja! [GASPS.]
You fools are blowing my mind! [ROBIN READING.]
Ninjas are masters of both hand-to-hand and thrown weapons.
Most notably, the shuriken.
Oh, is that why Robin's so short? - He was shurikened? - He was born that way.
If he was the shurikened, he would be even smaller.
Actually, shuriken is another name for the throwing star.
Oh, yeah.
That's what I'm talking about.
- Ow! - Careful.
Ow, it's so pointy.
Ha-ha, how are you supposed to hold it? You take it.
I will test your stealth by seeing if you can walk across that bubble wrap without popping any bubbles.
Now, you.
Aw, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
The pops are so satisfying.
I cannot stop.
Enough! Take your training seriously.
We have to capture that McGuffin.
Everything depends on it.
Now, train! [UPBEAT MUSIC.]
Argh! Has anyone seen Beast Boy? - Nah, I bet he's being all stealthy.
- Excellent.
Then I was able to get him to embrace the ninja life.
Oh, Robin.
You truly are the Ninja Master.
I have been the wrong to dismiss your affections.
I have the in loveness with you.
I I knew it.
I knew we would end up together.
You've been ninjaed, fool! Ah-a! [ALL MUMBLING.]
I am very much the impressed.
Well done, well done - I guess, I'm the master now.
ALL: Ooh! Enough! The student can't become the master.
- Whoever heard of that? - Then, I'll prove I'm the master.
How? I'm going to get that McGuffin first.
You can't.
It's too important.
Then you won't mind if a little ninja race goes down.
BEAST BOY: First one to get the McGuffin is the Master Ninja.
You're on.
Man, you're totally right about that McGuffin.
I don't even know what it is and I still want to get it so bad.
May the best ninja win.
You see a real ninja [ROCK MUSIC.]
You can't beat me, bro.
I got the quickness.
Yeah, but I got - Ooh, look a penny.
- Where? Oh, my gosh.
A lucky penny.
Your skills are impressive - but you are no match for the us.
- Oh, yeah? [FARTING.]
Ugh, silent but deadly.
Really? Definition of a ninja, yo.
Got to do this quick.
CYBORG: The McGuffin! You got it? Guess Beast Boy isn't the master.
Where is he anyway? Haven't seen him since he gassed us.
I guess it doesn't matter now.
The McGuffin is mine! - That is the McGuffin? - This whole thing was about a sandwich?! Yes, a delicious egg sandwich.
We did all this for an Egg McGuffin? I know Beast Boy couldn't beat me 'cause there's only one master.
And that's me.
No way! You got ninjaed, son! [LAUGHS.]
ALL: Ninja!