Teen Titans Go! (2013) s04e29 Episode Script

The Day the Night Stopped... - Chapter 3 - Playing Hard to Get

1 "The Day the Night Stopped Chapter 3: Playing Hard to Get" [OPENING THEME PLAYING] [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Beast Boy! - Oh, Beast Boy, you have returned.
- I really, really missed you.
- So, I take it you found yourself? - That's right, I did.
I found myself at Tri-State Auto Repair.
That's cool, I guess.
I found lots of things actually.
- Come on, fools.
It's Billy! Ain't you listening? This is Billy! [GUITAR NOTE PLAYS] Uh, this isn't gonna be like that time you brought a drifter named Brian home, is it? Sup? Guys, this is Billy! AKA William J.
Check it.
[MUSIC] - [ALL GASP] Incredible.
- That hair magnificent.
No way.
It is you.
William J.
The "R" in B.
That's right.
I was a sweet, sweet 20% of something special.
- So, why did you give it all up? - It wasn't an easy choice.
But we realized, if the song was powerful enough to create worlds, it could also destroy them.
So, we swore an oath to seal it away, hide it, and never speak of it again.
Well, you can't keep greatness hidden forever.
I understand that now.
Billy, will you help us save our friend? Yes, but we're going to have to get the band back together.
So, there's still 80% out there.
Until you find Carl Burnett and Franklin Enea, - there's no band.
- So, where do you think they are? No idea, these guys are ghosts, man.
If they don't want to be found, they won't be.
After all the things we saw, I wouldn't be surprised if they disappeared for good.
- Found them.
- You did? Yeah, the Internet makes it really easy to find people.
Well, you may have found them, but I'm not sure they want anything to do with B.
I just texted them.
[PHONE BEEPING] - They're coming over now.
- Oh.
- Carl.
- Frank.
- Billy.
- Raven, Starfire Ow! - You are not part of this reunion.
Oh, I thought we was just playing - the "say two names" game.
- Oh, I adore the two name game.
Jasper, Cornelia, Dagmar, Donald.
[GIGGLING] - I can't believe B.
is back together.
- After all the things we saw.
Frank, Carl, so many years have gone by.
Tell me about all the things you saw.
- Uh, nothing special.
- I saw some things.
They weren't that interesting.
All right, yo.
Let's get to business.
Sing "The Night Begins to Shine," so we can save my dude.
You really expect us to sing this song after all Yeah, yeah.
After all you saw.
We know.
What Billy's trying to tell you is we can't.
We swore a galactic oath to never sing it again - until the prophecy is fulfilled.
- Prophecy? [ALL CHANTING] When the night shines no more, and the glory of the land has fallen, only then will the song be heard again.
So, you can't help us get into that other dimension where Cyborg is trapped? - Afraid not.
- Well Unless we can come up with a new song.
- That's great, then do it.
- Easier said than done.
It's hard recreating that kind of magic.
Not to mention dangerous.
- But we must rescue our friend.
- He's gonna be trapped in that - dimension with that dragon forever.
- Forever! - Forever.
- Forever.
- Forever.
- # Forever # Forever! [MUSIC PLAYING] Whoa.
Yes, it's working! [MUSIC CONTINUES] It's hard to sleep 'Cause your mind is playing tricks on me I'm trying to keep My hope-filled heart from missing a beat And I'm trying to let you know How your love makes me want to go, go, go And I'm trying to make you see How much you mean to me, me, me Forever, forever Forever My, my, my [CHUCKLES] You did it! [MUSIC] REGAN: We've been away so long.
I was starting to wonder if maybe I dreamed it all.
- It's no dream, Billy.
- I never thought we'd come back.
And you'll wish you never had.
You were fools to return.
And now, with your help, I will take over this land once again! [CHITTERING] [MUSIC] [GROWLING] Cyborg! Beast Boy! How'd you guys get here? - We had a little help.
- Who are you? - Burnett.
- Enea.
You're real.
I can't believe it.
If you're here, we still have a chance.
You made a big mistake bringing them to me.
I'm afraid, they're the ones who made the mistake.
With their help, I will get that song.
When will you realize? I'll never give it up! [LAUGHING] Don't you remember what I said? That I would pull the music from your metal bones.
[ROARING] [RUMBLING] [MUSIC] [MUSIC PLAYING] [ALL GROANING] DRAGON: The essence of the song still resides in B.
It's power will forever be a part of them.
So, by tapping into their harmonic aura, it would allow me to pull the music out of you.
[CHORDS PLAYING] [ZAPPING] [CHORDS PLAYING] [SCREAMS] The night begins to shine The night begins to shine Had my mind made up [GROANS] What? What happened? I have taken the song as I said I would.
And now, I will bend the music to my purpose.
Finally, I shall once again control this land! When I look at you [MUSIC] I see the story in your eyes When we're dancing The night begins to shine Night begins to shine The night begins to shine The night begins to shine - # When we're dancing # - [GROANS] No.
The Teen Titans and B.
, it is time to face punishment for your crimes against this land.
You are sentenced to righteous termination.
- [ALL EXCLAIM] Wait, what? - No! Do you believe in the power of music? - ALL: Huh? - I said, "Do you believe in the power of music?" ALL: Yes.
I'm going to ask you one more time.
Do you believe in the power of music?! ALL: Yes! Then this is only the beginning! [ZAPPING] [EXPLODES] [MUSIC PLAYING] Talk 'til dawn What? Why am I singing that? My heart was racing [EXCLAIMS] I'm doing it, too.
- What's going on? - I don't even know that song.
- Guys, I think this is a magic song.
- Are you serious? When I look at you I see the story in your eyes When we're dancing The night begins to shine Holy moly.
[WHOOPING] Whoa, oh, wow.
Oh, wow.
[WHOOPING] Are you serious? [EXCLAIMING] This is insane! [WHOOPING] [VOCALIZING] I saw you dance From the corner I caught your name In a conversation Playing hard to get I can't understand [HOWLING MUSICALLY] I see the story in your eyes [CONTINUES HOWLING MUSICALLY] The night begins to shine Wow, the song is speaking to me.
This is crazy.