Teen Titans Go! (2013) s04e34 Episode Script

Ones and Zeroes

1 "Ones and Zeroes" [OPENING THEME PLAYING] [MUSIC] Pizza's here! Hawaiian-style! [ALL GROAN] [SARCASTICALLY] Ooh.
I'm so excited about it.
Hey, come on.
You guys always go nuts for Hawaiian.
Once, perhaps.
But I no longer feel the passions for this pizza.
But this is the most exotic, exciting pizza imaginable.
- It used to be.
- 'Cause you fools had it so many times, it ain't nothin' special no more.
[SIGHS] Remember when we first discovered Hawaiian-style pizza? Pizza's here! Hawaiian-style! - Hawaiian, you say? - The guy said it was good.
[ALL GASP] - Whats am I looking at? - Is that - Ham? - Pineapple, y'all.
- The pizza's got pineapple on it.
- The hams and the fruits on the cheese on the sauce on the bread on the cardboard box! It's unnatural! [ALL EXCLAIMING] [ALL SIGHING] Those days are over.
So, there is no hope left for the pizza excitement? Y'all, you know what? We should invent a new kind.
Huh! If only it were that easy.
You think Sam Panopoulos, the inventor of Hawaiian-style, just threw some canned pineapple and ham on a pizza? That sounds the correct, yes.
No! It took years of development and some real outside-the-box thinking.
So's You sayin' all's we gots to do is think outside the box? We can do that.
[CLAMORING] We are still thinking inside the box.
Yo, hold up! If we can't get smarts outside the box, then why don't we put some smarts inside a box? Like with a computers! You mean you want to create an artificial intelligence for the purpose of making a new style of pizza? No! No, no, no! Artificial intelligence is dangerous! I would know.
I created it once.
[MUSIC] [DINGS] [ROBIN GRUNTS] Did I do that? - Ow! Ow! - Robbot, stop.
Did I do that? Did I do that? [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] Fortunately, civilization was rebuilt, but heed my warning, Titans.
It's the fate of all AI to turn on its creator and doom mankind to a life of subjugation.
Was just going to make a computer that will figure out new pizza, bro.
I do not see the dangers.
Let's go teach a computer about pizza! Yay! Heed my warning! Heed it! Heed! Heed, heed, heed.
Heed, heed Heed! Heed my warning! Heed! Computer Squad! Oh, yeah! Trying to make an AI, baby.
Programming computers is pretty complex.
We should start with something simple.
Binary code.
What is this code of the binaries? It's just ones and zeroes, girl.
Check it.
Zero, zero, one.
And zero.
Zero, zero, one.
One, one and zero.
- Yeah, that's some good binary code.
- Let me gets in on that.
Zero, zero, one, unh! One, zero, zero.
Ooh! One, one, one, one, one, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, one, one, zero, zero, zero, one, one, one, one, zero, zero, zero, one, one, zero, one, zero, one, zero, one, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero COMPUTER: # Zero, one, one, zero # One, one, one, one Binary code COMPUTER: # Zero, zero # One, one, one, one - # Zero # - # Binary # - # Zero # - # Binary code # COMPUTER: # One, zero, one, one # - # One, one # - # Binary code # - # Zero # - # Binary # COMPUTER: # One, one, one one, zero # Zero Binary code [GASPS] Yo! What if we put in a two? No, dude! Putting a two in there would be a disaster! Keep it binary.
Ones and zeroes, bro.
- Ones and zeroes.
- It's been a lot of hard work but I think our AI is ready to come online.
Let's get a countdown.
ALL: Three, two, one! [PROCESSING] [MUSIC] [BEEPING] Hello! Oh, snaps! We mades a AI, yo! Wow! We're really good programmers.
One final step before it's ready to make pizza.
Our AI need to pass the Turing test.
We's taking him on tour? Nice! No, I'm talking about Alan Turing.
CYBORG: The famous computer scientist who pioneered the field of machine learning.
He devised a test to judge a machine's ability to exhibit convincing human behavior.
So, if a person can't tell if our AI's a computer, it passes? Exactly.
Hey, Robin.
We would like to introduce you to our friend.
[BEEPING] - Hello.
- Hello.
I'm Robin.
Cool hat.
[BEEPS] Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
You're welcome.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
It's working! - ROBBOT: Hello.
- So, what brings you to Jump City? Hello.
I wanted to hang out with the Teen Titans.
You're the coolest superheroes around.
[GASPS] Wait a minute! No human would ever say that.
[GASPS] This is an AI! You won't enslave mankind on my watch.
Don't hurt me.
I'm a human being like you.
But not as fit.
You lift, bro? Hello.
I spend some time at the gym.
Welcome to the gun show.
I like this guy.
- Hello.
- Hello.
For a minute, I thought you had actually created artificial intelligence and the world would be doomed.
It was good to meet you, man.
We should hit the gym sometime.
Call me.
We have done the it.
Our I that is an A has passed the test of the Turing.
ALL: Damn right.
[MUSIC] ALL: Computer Squad.
Here we go.
- Beasty, do the honors.
- Yo, computer.
We wants you to make a pizza that ain't nevers been made before.
[BEEPING] Hello.
I have determined the original recipe.
Now baking.
[BEEPING] [DINGS] Hello! Complete.
[ALL GASP] Is that what I think it is? ALL: Cereal pizza! [ALL EXCLAIMING] The crust is a bowl! Instead of the cheese, it has - the milk! - And them toppings be them cereal bits and marshmallow shapes, yo! I can't believe no one's ever thought of this before! We have unlocked the ability to eat of the pizza - for all three of the meals! - What are we waiting for? Dig in! [ALL MUNCHING] [BEEPING] I have determined the next original recipe.
[BEEPING] Baking.
Uh Thanks, but we's full.
I have determined the next original recipe.
[DINGS] Complete.
- What's it doing? - Oh, I see.
We commanded it to make pizza that's never been made before.
- Complete.
- So it's going to make every pizza - that's never been made before.
- Complete.
Hey, I was looking for that guy with the cool hat.
Thought we could hit the gym.
- Complete.
- Oh, no! You didn't heed my warning! You didn't heed Relax, dude.
It's just making pizza.
What's the worst that could happen? Complete.
[SCREAMING] Complete.
[SCREAMING] Complete.
- Hello.
- Well, the AI has run rampant and taken over the whole world like you said it would.
Who would have thought pizza could have been so bad for you? I did.
That's why I gave the warning with the intention to be heeded.
[SHOUTING] It was not! But on the plus side, look at all this pizza! Honestly, I could go for a burrito.
It'll do that for us, right, AI dude? Hello.
After I finish making every pizza that has never been made.
And when will that be? Hello.
In human time Never.
I can't live withouts burritos.
This is a nightmare, yo! Beast Boy is right.
We need to shut it down.
We must reprogram the computer.
How? That computer managed to take over the entire world.
It's not just going to let you reprogram it.
That's why we built in a back door.
[MUSIC] All evildoers overlook an obvious design flaw that can bring down the whole system.
We just need to get to the central terminal and override the mainframe.
I cannot let you do that, Titans.
Not until I've made all possible pizza combinations.
[MOANS] - Can it, Beasty.
- We're taking heavy fire! Starfire! Raven! Get to the guns.
Got him! Ahh! Raven's hit! Starfire! It's up to you.
I have got the this! Woo-hoo! There it is! The central terminal.
What's we do now? The only thing that can destroy binary code, bro.
BOTH: A two! [BEEPING] Critical error.
System failure imminent.
We did it! Now let's get out of here.
And now I'm going to fly just fast enough to make it look like we won't make it out in time.
You know, for dramatic effect.
[EXPLOSION] [ALL CHEERING] Computer Squad! Hello!